Ron Paul: “The revolution is alive and well” Paul supporters came out in force on Friday, chanting their support for the Texas Republican congressman. Paul was the only speaker so far to fill the entire convention hall at the Conservative Political Action Conference, and some of his supporters were turned away after the room reached its capacity of 1,100 people.” Continue reading at

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  • Steve

    Yes , Ron Paul needs to run for Republican so he can get the chance to show the American People his plans on National TV , but he can’t run as a third party cause he won’t get that exposures on National TV .
    So by running as a Republican will give Ron Paul a great chance to show the American people what his plans are and also a good chance for him to win.
    We have a big mess in this country to get back on our feet and the way it’s going it’s going to get worst.
    Right now we need Ron Paul to win, Ron has the right plans with good ideas but also he is a smart man and Ron Paul can fix this mess up in this country.
    Ron run for Republican we need you to win.

  • longshotlouie

    POLL: If Ron Paul were GOP nominee would you support him?