Ron Paul Wins CPAC Presidential Straw Poll

Ron Paul wins this year’s straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), overtaking Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin as conservatives’ favorite for the 2012 presidential nomination.

Results: Ron Paul 31%, Mitt Romney 22%, Sarah Palin 7%, Tim Pawlenty 6%, Mike Pence 5%, Newt Gingrich 4%, Mike Huckabee 4%, Mitch Daniels 2%, Rick Santorum 2%, John Thune 2%, Haley Barbour 1%

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  • UNF

    Does anyone know what Ron Paul’s stance is on US-American Genocide recognition, for example in Iraq, Vietnam or Korea, for example?

    (i.e. use a genocide-mirror to first take the plank out of your own eye before preaching the sins of lesser criminals, Thanks Sean Hypocrite @ Feb 23, 7:45 pm)

    • Pete

      Korea was blatant communist agression and Vietnam was not that simple, it would be a mess even without american intervention…quit parroting the left…

  • Anthony Chesnik

    I voted above as, “It depends”, instead of yes. The reason being, the trick will be to get him through the primaries as a “Independent”, or Republican. I think he ran as a Repub. the last time and I voted for him in the primaries. Then the word was out that he dropped out, he didn’t drop out ,he did, didn’t, ( Media Lies) and many forgot about him.The main party will line up their “Darling’s”, the media will help get them elected, and he’ll have wasted another run for naught. I’m a Independent, belonging to the Libertarian Party. The people aren’t responsive enough to the Libs and many I talk to think they are “liberals” and know nothing about, or care about their history or what they stand for. Because of being a third party, by law, they end up behind the 8 ball when it comes to media coverage, debates, etc. This is a two party citizenry for the most part because history repeats itself. The laws have to be changed to stop the unbalances when it comes to third part news coverage and the media has to be held to reporting the news instead of making it. When that happens he, or any other, will have an equal chance. If he runs, I’d advise him to take advantage of the so called Tea Partiers/ Constitutionalists, to get his message out and probably save him money also. Bypass the media. He should start now and not wait any longer.

  • Jennie Walsh

    With their communist/socialist governmental tyranny legislation disguised as a “health care bill”, America’s enemies in congress are pursuing relentlessly another evil scheme to tax (STEAL) America into oblivion.
    Why would any sane American want to trust lying and thieving bureaucrats with their health care? Perhaps because the head honcho of the international bankers (America’s worst enemies), David Rockefeller, instituted the National Education Association for the purpose of dumbing down and indoctrinating America’s children into communism. David Rockefeller stated, “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers”. Non-thinkers make good slaves for the power-elite megalomaniacs who plan to own and control, enslave, the world and everyone and everything in it. These indoctrinated children are now grown and do NOT seem to have a clue about what the very evil, lying and scheming politicians are doing to destroy America.
    It is very grievous to me to know that many American servicemen/women are fighting and dying in ILLEGAL, UNDECLARED WARS in foreign nations thinking that they are fighting for FREEDOM while back home in congress, America’s worst and most evil enemies disguised as congressional “representatives” are working feverishly to pass a communist/socialist/governmental tyranny HELLth care bill that will most likely tax every business and industry that is left in America into oblivion!
    Where have all the jobs gone? Into non-existence along with all the businesses and industries that have been taxed and regulated by governmental bureaucrats into extinction.
    Wake up, people of America! America’s worst and most cunning enemies, organized criminals and organized crime; murderers, war-mongers, liars and thieves are running and destroying America!
    Communism (socialism) is a tool of those evil, power-hungry individuals and groups who want to get control of the money and resources of nations. They will use any excuse to tax (steal) the money of citizens to impoverish the people and destroy businesses and industries. THE POWER TO TAX IS THE POWER TO DESTROY!
    America is not being conquered by bombs and bullets, AMERICA IS BEING STOLEN BY CUNNING LIARS AND THIEVES AND SCAM ARTISTS.
    I wonder how much money taxed (stolen) for various governmental programs actually gets used in those programs and how much gets pocketed into the pockets of the very evil bureaucrats and their buddies on the kick-back take.
    In a nutshell, the health care scam is a communist/socialist SCHEME. COMMUNISM CREATES POVERTY AND SUFFERING FOR THE PEOPLE AND WEALTH AND POWER FOR EVIL RULERS. That is an absolute truth that you will not learn in any government controlled school or on the mainstream propaganda media that is owned and controlled by the international power-elite bankers (America’s worst enemies!).
    Recommended web-sites: tenth amendment,,,,

  • Dave Fernandez

    I voted for Dr.Paul last time and I’ll do it again. And just maybe after three more years of the “change” that President Obama has given us, people wont vote based on trivial reasons such as verbal proclamations of their faith or skin color or even political affiliation, but on the values that governmental power should be limited and regulated by the people and that all are free to pursue their happiness.

  • Jim

    Let us not forget what Ron Paul has been saying all along, we are the ones responsible for change, not only him… if by some miracle he does get elected! Which I certainly hope he does.

  • ocsike

    I hope those Tea Party members go after every democrat and republican who belongs to the CFR, and the Progressive movement. We have good dem. and rep. in congress and senate, they just to chicken to stand up for our Constitution, and for the future of our country. I would like to see all of those so called Blue dog democrat to step away from the democratic party. Mr. Paul can’t do nothing alone. God Bless him.

  • Sean

    Does anyone know what Ron Paul’s stance is on Armenian Genocide recognition?

    Congrats on winning the Straw Poll.

  • Steven

    Guys, I hate to rain on your parade, but even Reagan wasn’t able to get everything done wanted to do, and had to play politics even to get those things done. Until we get a libertarian / constitutionalist controlled Congress, the best we could hope for with President Paul would be that he vetoes every unconstitutional bill that crosses his desk, just like how he votes in Congress .. which would be a GREAT improvement, but its no where near a libertarian pipe-dream.