Ron Paul: America Is With Me On Foreign Policy

In the second part of his appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning, Ron Paul asserted that the world would be a lot safer if the US government didn’t start so many wars and continually tried to meddle in the affairs of other countries.

He explained that Iran poses no credible threat to America and that Obama’s policy of assassinating US citizens on secret charges demonstrates that something has gone terribly wrong with American foreign policy.

Ron Paul supports regaining US security through diplomatic and economic engagement backed by military deterrence instead of aggression, murder and perpetual warfare.

Show: Squawk Box
Channel: CNBC
Date: 02/22/2010

Transcript coming soon

  • JLM

    Well I am all for ending american imperialism but this “free trade” bullshit is a joke. The economic policies of Reagan and his republican cronies have helped destroy our economy. Helped China out alot. All free trade does is benefit our enemies and supports communism. Free trade is just another way to keep the slaves in the fields.

    • Dfens

      You got that right. Ron Paul’s version of “free trade” is the worst of all of them because he pretends to be for American “sovereignty” while selling us lock, stock, and barrel to his Communist Chinese masters. How “sovereign” will we be when we can no longer produce the steel to make our guns or the aluminum with which to build our airplanes? I guess Ron is too busy trying to figure out how to pay back the Chinese in gold for all the paper money we borrowed from them to think far ahead. He’s against the NAFTA super-highway because we need free trade with Mexico, but only via ship, not by truck? WTF?


      • Whitey

        I think he might be against the NAFTA super-highway because that’s the next step for the Elitist Agenda for the North American Union and the New World Order, thus completly ending U.S. Sovereignty.

    • ???

      How exactly does free trade hurt us? Maybe a lesson from Hazlitt would do you some good.

    • Walt Williams

      I think all of you are missing the point. I have been reading Ron’s > The Revelation, A Manifesto. After reading his ideas on free trade it actually makes sense.

      An observation: I remember when NAFTA was started. It was originally called > North American Fair Trade Agreement. In a short while it was very subtly changed to the > North American Free Trade Agreement. Apparently no one in any position of authority noticed as no one dis-agreed with the change. Since then it has evolved into the > North American Free-For-All Trade Agreement, where anything goes.


  • Mike Vaupel

    Dr. Paul really delivers the most honest and least complicated solutions for our domestic problems and I really stand behind his statements and actions. He truly has an idea of what this great nation was founded upon.

  • Sumsanity

    I like Rep. Ron Paul’s views. He is a realist and an objective conservative. He is also more wise than the interviewers or that left wing, big government, anti capitalist in the White House.

  • Phil

    Well, you can see who wants to get ahead on CNBC. I am a democrat who will vote for Ron Paul since he is the only honest politician out there who sticks to his principles. I wish you luck because FOX, MSNBC and CNN don’t like what the majority of us want… more wars, no more spending, no more attacks on personal freedoms. America first, no Iran, not Israel, not Iraq and not Afganistan!

  • F

    If you want to increase your ratings, stop being a bully.

    Time to make a sticker for that.

  • Fem

    I like president Obama, most people do wish him well precisely because we know he is in a difficult situation, perhaps the most difficult ever for many reasons obvious to the public.

    SO I appreciate Dr Paul’s good and sound advice to president Obama: he is doing it in the open and without being a BULLY.

  • Female

    From the public side:

    it’s a much better idea to stay cool and it’s a MUST to get rid off the bully type of attitude to confront crime and aggression. You just don’t go around looking for trouble and provoking people just to try your new weapons, which ever they would be. The fact that there’s military superiority should show exactly that: CALM, COOL, EFFECTIVENESS and regain of RESPECT without mass killing.

    A BULLY attitude is an unpleasant and risky display of manhood and it will always be, matter of fact it’s a sure way to generate terror and terrorism. And the benefit is only for those that profit of it.

    If the economy of war and terror is the only resource for the future it will mean that humanity in the past failed to generate the correct basis for the present, and the present generations (OF ALL GENERATIONS ALIVE) are failing the leaders of the future.

    The civilian population that have children younger that the two younger newspeople shown are TIRED of bullies and wars: We don’t want to have our kids under leaders like that, so obviously you will have no audience to lead, and your kids will plainly start rejecting the same mentality.

    CHANGE HAS INDEED COME: we don’t want to live our lives under terror and economy based on it!

    Now, change the tone on the news to that.

  • Dfens

    Rated 76% by CATO, indicating a pro-free trade voting record.

    Paul scores 76% by CATO on senior issues.

    The mission of the Cato Institute Center for Trade Policy Studies is to increase public understanding of the benefits of free trade and the costs of protectionism.

    The Cato Trade Center focuses not only on U.S. protectionism, but also on trade barriers around the world. Cato scholars examine how the negotiation of multilateral, regional, and bilateral trade agreements can reduce trade barriers and provide institutional support for open markets. Not all trade agreements, however, lead to genuine liberalization. In this regard, Trade Center studies scrutinize whether purportedly market-opening accords actually seek to dictate marketplace results, or increase bureaucratic interference in the economy as a condition of market access.

    Studies by Cato Trade Center scholars show that the United States is most effective in encouraging open markets abroad when it leads by example. The relative openness and consequent strength of the U.S. economy already lend powerful support to the worldwide trend toward embracing open markets. Consistent adherence by the United States to free trade principles would give this trend even greater momentum. Thus, Cato scholars have found that unilateral liberalization supports rather than undermines productive trade negotiations.

    Scholars at the Cato Trade Center aim at nothing less than changing the terms of the trade policy debate: away from the current mercantilist preoccupation with trade balances, and toward a recognition that open markets are their own reward.

    The following ratings are based on the votes the organization considered most important; the numbers reflect the percentage of time the representative voted the organization’s preferred position. – On the Issues

    This is Ron Paul’s foreign policy, to throw open the doors to “free trade” so he can export all our jobs overseas. If you’re for that, then by all means vote for Ron Paul. If you’re an American, find someone else.

    • longshotlouie

      Still swinging that dull sword, I see.

      Ron Paul does not support ‘Free Trade’, he supports free trade.

    • Mike Vaupel

      Are you shittin me!! what has the american indusrty done for the past 5 decades? exported jobs. Next time please do not post some instituionalized political garbage trying to smear a campaign that hasn’t even started yet.

  • Carrie

    These people interviewing are very rude.