Ron Paul: Suspend The Income Tax For 3-4 Years!

In his appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning, Ron Paul talked briefly about his CPAC Presidential Straw Poll victory, his intentions for 2012, and his growing support among young people.

The Congressman offered an affordable alternative to the government’s wasteful bailouts and stimulus plans: simply suspend the income tax for 3 or 4 years and let the people decide how the money is spent.

He explained that monetary policy and foreign policy can’t be separated because the Federal Reserve is the chief enabler of foreign adventures and aggressive wars.

Show: Squawk Box
Channel: CNBC
Date: 02/22/2010

Transcript coming soon


  • maid in America

    If Ron Paul doesn’t run we will really have lost The United States of America. Our Government is so corrupt,both parties, that we really need to clean house and vote our own tea party people in to take the place of these socialistic,communistic leftists, and return to the Constitution of this Once Great Nation.

  • Ron Paul seems to be the best answer I have for a representitive of the people. I’ve studied his record and continue to do so presently. Since that is probably the only real way you can judge a politician, RonPaul’s record is pretty solid for following the US Constitution. So far, so good.
    Now, if we could just get him to represent the whole country, I think we would be on the right track in restoring our Republic. Suspending the income tax is also a great start.

  • Hill Copeland

    I voted for Ron Paul (write in ballot) in the last election and intend to do the same in the next election. If you want to know what is going on with our broken government, just listen to Ron Paul’s podcasts. Run Ron run!