Ron Paul: No Plans to Run for President in 2012!

Ron Paul said on Fox & Friends this morning that he has no plans to run for President in 2012. Help us change Ron Paul’s mind! Post a comment and then vote in this poll.

Show: Fox and Friends
Channel: Fox News
Date: 02/23/2010

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  • Michelle Kinzel

    Ron Paul 2012! America needs you, please answer the call.

  • JR

    I actually tried to contact Ron Paul on his site, and kept getting the message that I had not filled everything out correctly, even thought I did. I was unable to, so I decided to post here. This site has been an eye opener for me and my family. I did not know of the many things happening with our country. For example, the patriot act, which I never even questioned until I read that it is being used the wrong way and not what it was intened for. We live in the best country in the world, and it is the constitution and bill of rigthts that enabled us to become who we are today. With everything happening now I am becoming a Ron Paul supporter. We voted for Obama, but I will vote for Ron Paul if he runs for president in 2012. He seems to be the only one talking about the tought issues we are facing. Although I give credit to Obama for fighting for healthcare.

    When we become informed about the issues then we can make the right choice for elections. That is what this website is doing. We do need to audit the fed and with the patriot act, I only support it, if used what it was intended for.

    So to answer your question, I say YES, I sure hope Ron Paul runs for president in 2012 as he will have my vote.

  • bill

    Ron, Sometimes its not about what you want to,but its something you need to do.Run for the highest office.You will have all the backing and money you will need.Get a good team together.You have my vote and alot of other people Ive talked to feels the sameway.And these are all new fans of yours including me. regards, william hulbert

  • Joyce

    Dear Sir: I don’t think I can find the words to describe the hope that flooded this weary heart when I discovered a man of integrity in the government! Republican or Democrat – independent or tea party patriot – you would win the votes and the hearts of the American people with ease, dor you are speaking the language of the common people – the average American citizen who wants a simple life based on the simple and decent foundations upon which this country was built!
    I have never been involved in campaigning for anything, but I would be willing to work toward that end if you chose to run for President in 2012.

  • Brad

    Ron Paul,

    Please consider running for election in 2012. Our country desperately needs you to help pick up the pieces. Believe me when I say this ; if you ran for President, unless the voting was rigged against you, you would win for sure. The citizens of the United States need a President who would actually uphold the constitution, instead of trying to destroy it. The President we need is you Dr. Paul! Please run for President and help save our country!

  • Laura

    This country has never had a greater need for the wisdom and common sense of Ron Paul as it does now. With the health care reform debacle taking center stage amidst the crumbling of America’s foundation- I think the climate’s getting close to the right temperature too.

  • There were many attacks on Obama for “lack of experience” BUT the voters did not
    heed ! I am 78 going on 98 and KNOW from experience how VERY VERY important
    is the WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE that comes from that EXPERIENCE!

    Those of you who say “He will be too old in 2012 DON’T have the KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM to see that AGE is our friend! What did Ronald Reagen say to Walter Mondale?
    I won’t hold YOUR AGE against you — ha ha

    I voted “it depends” because 3 years is a lifetime in politics. Also, we MUST bow to the
    JUDGEMENT of RON PAUL. We revere his WISDOM and EXPERIENCE sooo RESPECT his judgement.

  • Ross

    Ron Paul ,you can be more influential in planning and organising in the background.The oligarchs who have the power now,use presidents as their puppets to distract the public from the real issues.

    Play the game.Find a Hollywood contender who has integrity,and then you will the have time to deal with the issues that matter.

    Our system is stuffed.We have no productivity,trillions in worthless derivatives and an oligarchy trying to subdue China via aggression.All they are doing is counterfeiting more currency to delay an inevitable crash.

    They are destroying the real economy in order to prop up their pyramid ponsy schemes.It is debt based upon debt with no productivity. The general public still don’t get it and that is the travesty.

  • Rick

    Dr. Paul

    I hope and pray that you re-consider your decision. After the latest CPAC poll the Republican Party and the national media can no longer ignore you. The changes you propose are so powerful and correct that once your name gets out so will your message. So may true Patriots and Americans will agree. So many in fact that if you can win the Republican primary you may be able to fix this mess before it falls. Stay the course Dr. Paul Americans and the Constitution need you.

  • Dan B.

    We need you Ron, this country needs you. I did not vote in the last election because I did not feel any candidate felt the way I do about the issues. Unfortunately, in my ignorance I did not notice Dr. Ron Paul!

    What a burst of energy you have given to me!

    You are the hope that this country needs. You are the voice of real change.

    For a long time the wool has been pulled over our eyes. If you run I will vote for you.

    If you run I will work tirelessly to make sure everyone I know is aware of what you offer us Americans. Then I will go to those I do not know. I will knock on every door in my state. I love what this country represents. I hate what this country has become. We can do this but not without you!

    Elect Paul 2012!!!!!!

  • Ross

    The idiot masses led by the corporate media have failed time and time again to elect a person of substance to the Presidency.I think that Ron would better spend his energy on a younger candidate on the rise who also has integrity and substance.

    If the Corp Media can get an idiot George Bush and a criminal Richard Nixon into power,that does not say much for this office.

    Unfortunately the quest for presidency is still a Hollywood event,and the mindless masses still prefer image over substance. Thus we get the politicians we deserve.

  • Ron,

    Don’t run. Let the castle made of cards fall to the ground. Then take over, just like John Galt did.

    Hank Rearden

    • Ron,

      Listen to Hank. He’s a wise man.

      John Galt

    • Ron,

      Don’t listen to these two half-wits. We need your help bad. Jim Taggart told me he feels the same. Please run.

      Orren Boyle

  • Michael Adrian Hernandez

    Ron Paul 2012! please congressman, you are our hope!

  • Don Meach Jr

    Dr Ron Paul, Myself as well as many of my friends were going to vote for you the last time.We would all be there for you if you run again.The thing i think happened last time is -first we all know the media shunned you *any time somebody runs who is going to make the changes this country needs(AND I BELIEVE YOU WOULD) some people *not saying our government LOL*make sure that person doe,s not get on the ballot.Our government fears you,Why? you are somebody who would make many changes for the better of the people not the better of the government.I believe you should run again you would have the backing of the TEA PARTY-THE CONTININTAL CONGRESS-ECT and that is all the media you would need,And so many people like myself have links to you on our facebook profiles and i get many comments of support for you.HOPE TO CAST MY VOTE FOR YOU IN 2012 VOTE FOR A REAL CHANGE!!!!!!!!!

  • William Getty

    Please Mr. Paul. The country, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights need you, badly.

  • Victoria

    Ron Paul! we need you as a country. nothing will ever change for the better unless you are president. please run again! much love for all your hard work

  • Clinton

    Ron, if you are listening/reading, your country needs you… The CONSTITUTION needs you…

    Sometimes one must answer the call from it’s country. Your CALL is now.


  • Laura

    I hope Ron Paul will re-consider running for president in 2012. He is the ONLY candidate who can save this country from a hyperinflationary depression, if it’s not too late. He knows this, and the American people know this. The National Inflation Association ( believes if Ron Paul gets elected to president, he will be remembered as the George Washington of our generation because he is the only candidate who will run America according to the ideals set forth in the U.S. Constitution.