Ron Paul 2012 Poll Attracts 18,154 Votes

By late Thursday evening, 18,154 people had participated in’s ongoing Ron Paul 2012 Poll.

  • 16,677 voters, or 92%, said that Ron Paul should run for President in 2012.
  • 782 voters, or 4%, said that he should stay out of the race.
  • 285 voters (2%) weren’t sure, and
  • 408 (2%) said that “it depends”.

The poll, which attracted 436 comments, remains open until the end of February.

Ron Paul recently said that he has “no plans” to run for President in 2012. We hope to get him 20,000+ “yes” votes to change his mind!

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  • Ron Paul

    I have been following you for years donated to your race in Texas because I believed in you. I voted for you in 08 and will vote for you again. They say you can’t win but if all of us will just get out and vote and let everyone know about you. We can win the election. I was not proud any more to be an American. I will be again when you get voted in as our President. Every one Obama is suppose to have a Billion dollars for his campaign. If we all pool together and send what we can I bet we can beat it. We need to get rid of the electoral college. Come on all of us little guys can put him in office cause we are the people!!!! Go Ron Paul the only candidate speaking for the people. Help give us our pride back. I love your voting record check it out you won’t be disappointed.


  • dan

    I pray that all those who pledge support online will register to vote in the republican primaries and actually show up and vote. The people who think ron paul is nuts are the people actively participating in destroying our country

  • nskipper

    Mr. Ron Paul, my daughter wanted to vote for you when you ran last and I thought that you were a little extreme at the time. Well since then I have become a member of the tea party and realize we are loosing our country. I will vote for you, I will help you run, I will be behind you 100%. Our country is failing and I think you are the only one who can pull her back to the surface. God Bless our Country because she needs you now!