3 responses to “Ron Paul on the Origin of “Moral Hazard””

  1. Dfens

    I’m not surprised you or Ron Paul might find the destruction of a young Chinese child’s life humorous. You are both real class acts. Here’s a podcast where Ron Paul stands against President Obama’s application of retaliatory tariffs against Chinese tire manufacturers who dump their cheap, and in my opinion, unsafe tires on our markets to destroy what’s left of our tire industry. You can read the text here on this very site at “Free Trade With All, Entangling Alliances With None”. Please feel free to laugh at the US tire workers who would have lost their jobs had Ron Paul’s policies prevailed. Feel free to laugh at your fellow citizens who have had their loved one’s killed by the crappy tires these companies are dumping on our markets.

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  2. longshotlouie

    Will you be writing one of these comedy skits daily?

    Funny stuff

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  3. Dfens

    Funny, Ron Paul sees a “moral hazard” in our monetary fund, but no “moral hazard” in our trade policies with China. Here’s an article about child labor being used to manufacture your iPod, that Ron Paul promotes with his podcasts:

    The report also found 35 per cent of staff were paying incorrect wages, with 24 factories in China paying less than the national minimum wage of £76 [$115 US] a month.

    Three facilities were stopped from disposing of hazardous waste after they were found to have employed non-certified disposal companies.

    And 20 facilities were found to be conducting pregnancy tests on workers before employing them.

    Apple has not stopped using those factories to make components.

    Last year, the company found a total of 25 child workers had been employed to make iPods and iPhones. – Daily Mail

    So this is what Ron Paul considers a “level playing field”? We should have “free trade” with countries that use child labor and pay less than $115/month? We have a level playing field and need to have “free trade” with a country that uses it’s land as an open sewer? I believe I’ve found the real “moral hazard” to this country.

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