20,000+ Say “Yes” to Ron Paul 2012

We asked the question that’s on everyone’s mind: “Should Ron Paul should run for President in 2012?”

Our readers submitted 21,796 votes and 490 comments while the poll was open from Feb. 18 – March 1. The results are displayed below.

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (92%, 20,060 Votes)
  • No. (4%, 912 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (2%, 346 Votes)
  • It depends. (2%, 475 Votes)

Total Voters: 21,796

The percentage results are virtually unchanged from our three 2009 polls (February 2009, June 2009, November 2009):

  • 92% (down from 94%) of our readers want Ron Paul to run for President in 2012.
  • 4% (up from 3%) want him to stay out of the race.
  • And 4% (up from 3%) are undecided or said “it depends”.

Participation surged dramatically. In February 2009, our first Ron Paul 2012 poll attracted 6,337 votes. 6,617 voters participated in our June 2009 poll, and the November 2009 poll drew 9,312 votes. With 21,796 votes, the most recent poll received almost as many votes as the first three polls combined.

In light of these exciting numbers it is important to emphasize that Ron Paul recently said that he hasn’t come to a decision yet. We hope he considers the results of this poll when he makes his choice for 2012!

  • Jim Gillen

    I’m with Ken, even if he doesn’t run, I’ll sign him in. Would have during the last election but for having to travel to attend my mother’s passing.

    • Geode

      I second Ken’s conviction of writing him in. WE THE PEOPLE need to stick to the plan that is the origin of of our collective. Justice, domestic tranquillity, common defence and general welfare, are not mentioned much these days. Greece had its day, Rome had hers, and if WE do not reboot this thoughtful Creed, my fear is that much of the sacrifice of our fathers will have been in vain, and that our government of the people, by the people and for the people shall perish from the earth.

  • ken

    Even if he doesnt run I am writing him in. Ron Pual woot!

  • Diane

    Lyn –
    Thank you so much for your kind response.

  • Diane

    Citizen – Thank you for responding to my comment. If nothing else, it makes me feel as though I am not alone in this fight.

    I agree with everything you said 100%. I do my best to educate and inform myself as well as others. Quite frankly, I was appalled at my own ignorance and how much I didn’t know and understand when I began self-educating myself about 2 years ago.

    I find it far more difficult to inform, educate and encourage others to inform and educate themselves as to their responsibility to know the constitution, the bill of rights, the fundamentals and the outright crimminality currently run amok in our government. The MAJORITY of people do not care and don’t want to discuss it, research it or learn about it. Do you find this as well? How do you handle this part?

    • Lyn

      Diane, you are not alone by any means. Unfortunately it often feels that way when you are trying to educate others. The majority are simply apathetic. While they could tell you the scores from the latest sports page they are wholly unequipped to even name their state senators even though they voted for one. The other part of the problem is that they are only politically oriented at election time. They fail to follow the legislation that followed in their last vote and often re-elect the same person, or one like him/her, again and again and again. They also seem to be inclined towards deciding on who to vote for based on what the media tells them, never questioning the media nor the “experts”. That’s pretty much the extent of involvement the majority expend in governing those they elect. I am 59 years old, have been at this re-education attempt since I was 27 and while it has made some inroads, clearly from the last election (and especially considering Bush’s fascist legacy as well), I was really not surprised that Obama was elected. They always fail to see that both the Democrats and the Republicans are one and the same, one moving along on the Left leg, one moving along on the Right leg. They just never seem to see that both represent ONE party. Totalitarianism.

      There has to be a desire to want to know why beforehand. When a person questions nothing and believes everything he’s told at face value, why nevers enters into the equation. Don’t spend too much time when you come up against such a wall. Move on, because sometimes, maybe not often, but sometimes you meet someone who is ready to hear the why. Thank you for your efforts. Godspeed.

  • Jamie

    I support the Revolution!!!

  • Diane

    I watched a video the other day where someone was explaining the devasting financial trajectory our country is on … at the end of the video the song Hero was playing and unexpectly a picture of Ron Paul came onto the screen. I found myself starting to cry because in that moment I realized that Ron Paul is one of the few true American heroes that exists.

    His message has been simple, consistent and unyielding for roughly 30 years.

    There are many of us ready to do our part as We The People. We need a leader to support to take us there.

    I pray Ron Paul finds the strength and energy that will be required to run again. I pray for his safety as his message has finally broken through and resonates with many Americans. I pray that people begin to educate and inform themselves on the real issues we are facing and not base their “knowledge” on 30 second main stream media sound bytes.

    We The People need Ron Paul and more like him. Unfortunately, there are too few like him.

    • Citizen

      It is encumbent upon We The People to educate our fellow Americans of citizen’s RESPONSIBILITIES.

      When the people fail to act responsibly, we become gultons of Government welfare and no longer self reliant, a very dangerous condition.

      The fundamentals remain important, starting with Sound Money… End The Fed’s exploytative powers that cater to the Banking Elites.


  • We must ACT. ..and ACT now.

  • Hey you have my last name..I met you at Port Oconner Texas..thanks for being on our side against this big gonernment..I really appreciate your work for this country

  • Siegfried

    Fred “the Protectionist” is partially correct in his perspective. The US will have to employ some measure of protective Tariffs to stem the flood of cheap Chi-Com produced and made for Wal-Mart products. But that is a minor issue compared to the profligate Big Government spending campaign that both the Dems and Reps are pursuing.

    Fred sounds like a Big Government cool-aid drinker, Government can’t solve squat Fred! Wake up, Government is only offering more of the same, bureaucracy, regulation, tax and spending to solve government caused problems.

    Dr Paul’s real claim to fame is his exposure of the FED Reserve’s part in the scandalous debasing of our currency. Auditing the FED is just the 1st step in exposing the fraud, requiring 100% reserves on Demand Deposits would be a good 2nd and finally a complete restructuring of our massive upside down federal budget, starting with SS and Medicare. Maybe then…

  • Fred the Protectionist

    I noticed there is no “international trade” tab under “issues” here on this sight. Libertarians are open-border free-traders. State-less Anarcho-Capitalists who would sell Yellowstone Park to the Communist Chinese if it would personally make them a buck, they’d sell their children for organs. “We wouldn’t want no government regulatin’ nothin’, yall.” MMhhhmm, indeed.

    • Geode

      WOW! I think Fred needs to take a pill or something. Not only are his bigoted generalisations inaccurate, it seems his perception of reality is a bit distorted

  • Fred the Protectionist

    It’s 2007 all over again where Ronulans spammed every online straw poll and ending up getting less than 1/3rd of what Pat Buchanan got.

    • longshotlouie

      Yeah, for some reason only those Ronulans know how to spam a poll.

      Don’t that just twist your panties, Fred?

      • Fred the Protectionist

        Ballot stuffers.

        Pat Buchanan got 3 times more votes than Ron Paul got. Ross Perot got 20 times more, and he didn’t have a political party or political experience. You Libertarians will never get above 1 million, you are forever a minority. The real Conservatives are with the protectionists, you Libertarians go back to your Confederate bretheren and leave the real Americans alone. Go back to the Democrats you slavers.

        • longshotlouie

          What a joke.

          Those that kiss that leftist ass want to come here and project their own weakness onto real conservatives?

          What a joke.

          • Fred the Protectionist


            This time you won’t manipulate the populace with Confederate propaganda. You can never win or contest to win.

          • Susan Harkins

            longshot, is this another site clown? I think its the same guy with the “black man” issues. I notice that he stopped posting under Forest…now he thinks that Libertarians are civil war era racists…again, Forest’s same ole tired: “plight of the black man” arguments showing up. No doubt, if you are a white conservative in his eyes, then you are a racist. It’s a simple trick that he is using. He tries to get white people to feel guilty for being white, and help his cause, lest they be branded as ‘Racist’. Of course this has little effect on me — I just turn the tables on him. Afterall, I am a proud white conservative woman, and he will just have to get over his lowly self. It aint workin’!

            HERE YOU GO FRED: I AM WHITE! I AM PROUD! (Don’t you hate when I say that?)

            I am also Libertarian, but I am not a Libertarian because I am white; or because you are black (or wish to be). I am not Libertarian because I wish to have a civil war. I am not Libertarian because I wish to live in the past.

            I am Libertarian because I am NOT an extremist (like Dems and Repubs) — I am Libertarian because my Founding Fathers were Libertarians. Small non-invasive government is desired by many in this country who don’t mind providing for themselves. However, those in this county who have always known a government hand-out, would certainly fear this type of system — it means that they would really have to get off their fat, government-stuffed, EBT ass, loose some weight, go to work, and provide for their family. 😉

        • Lyn

          Your arrogance is only exceeded by your ignorance, Fred.

    • That’s right Susan be proud of who you are!

  • I knew that Foxwhole news was in charge of turning the Tea Party movement into a Neo-Con movement and using the American people as guinea pigs to claim that they are pro-liberty! Dr. Paul was robbed by the mainstream media! It was originally to protest the growth of big government and big business! It’s another Ponzi scheme that Bernie Madoff would be proud of!

  • betsy ross

    The cat is out of the bag, the truth has finally emerged that this faux freedom movement ripped off the rpr, and their only intention is to get another goper back in office. If you haven’t seen this video, it’s pretty clear evidence of a coordinated effort by fox to discredit Dr. Paul and his recent cpac win:

    Spread the word that Ron Paul is the genuine article and should have been given the nomination in the last election. The very party (and news channel) that are now screaming ‘liberty’ and ‘founding fathers’ were nowhere to be found until obama got elected. The left has a very valid complaint with this.

    Ron Paul’s campaign for liberty is much more inclusive than this tea party movement. It has a real message of constitutional governance and individual liberties, not just some “get the bums out” effort – I hope as we promote Ron the campaign can grow and we will start having marches of our own – to include people of color, liberals and anti-war protesters. All who want freedom, peace and prosperity. No one would be able to discredit that.

  • As much as I love Dr. Paul – and have loved him, since he “cured my apathy” at the end of 2007 – I don’t want him to run for President again. Ron Paul has himself admitted that he’s not Mr. Personality, and his political ideology needs a face that is more charismatic and can give better speeches than does Dr. Paul. Someone who can really rally voters together with his message. Too many people just ignore him and in so doing they ignore the message – the message needs a strong candidate to carry itself. And while ideologically I don’t think you’d find someone better than Ron Paul, I think we need someone who can make it more concise and who can better sell it to the masses.

    The man’s message needs to be heard, and I would fully support him if he did decide to run again, make no mistake – but does anyone honestly think it will be any different this time around? Does anyone really believe that Dr. Paul trying to enter into another race will turn out differently? He’ll be marginalized and laughed at again by his own party and the political commentators. Those who already support him will, and maybe he’ll get a few more people to rally to his cause, but in the end, it’ll end up as a meaningless gesture. The only real “conservative” among the Republican party will again be laughed at by these big-government, big-spending neo-cons who have hijacked the Republican party and now the Tea party along with them. Ron Paul is getting tons of press time right now making the rounds NOT being a candidate. I say keep him at that level – I don’t want to see him laughed at and marginalized again.

    What needs to happen – what really needs to happen, is freedom-loving candidates with similar ideologies to Dr. Paul that run in and win elections at the state and local level. Start building a base at the lower levels that can start translating real votes into real wins for Paul-like candidates. And then, hopefully sooner than later, this nation could be ready for a president the likes of Dr. Paul. While many of us are ready for it now (and were in 2008), a lot of the nation is still being led blindly along by the MSM and major party (because there are not two parties). It takes time to wake people up. The tea party might’ve been a nice start, but it was pretty instantly hijacked by mainstream Republicanism and neo-conservatism as a way to blame all of the country’s problems on Obama and get the ‘R’ flag waving, to win at any cost, no matter what. It’s like Brown in Massachusetts – the man is as neo-conservative as they come, but tea partiers and Republicans celebrate his victory as some kind of a sign. It’s not a sign of anything, it’s an indication that the public is still snowballed and that nothing will change. If a Republican like Mitt Romney wins in 2012 we’ll have the same kind of government we have now. The President will just have a different letter after his name. More big government, more war, more spending. It’ll just be called something else, but it’ll still be the same thing.

    I don’t really know what more to do. I feel so estranged politically and I feel like nothing I do to try to change anything does any good. I long for an end to big government and big spending and war, but I don’t see them on the horizon. People are so bitterly partisan that you can’t start a conversation anymore about the mess. People are too willing to blame the side they don’t vote for and ignore the facts and comparisons between the sides that shows there isn’t really a “side” at all. Even though all the facts about how the Bush administration lied us into war in Iraq have now come to light and none of the “reasons” we went to war were valid or justifiable, and people still wave the war flag and say we have to do it, even though it’s been admitted that all the reasons we supposedly “had” to do it before weren’t true. People still refuse to listen. You can provide people with proof that something isn’t true and they’re so stubbornly partisan that they just refuse to believe it. How much countless evidence is there about the severity of blowback and the reality of it? Yet people still refuse to listen to the idea that terrorists hate us because of continued intervention.

    I just feel frustrated, isolated, and alone politically. I am surrounded by people who close their ears and turn their head, and point their finger at the party they didn’t vote for. I wish there was more I could do to spread Dr. Paul’s message. I wish there was more I could do to get people to listen and start understanding that we’ll never find a solution until people realize that the government is the problem.

    • Susan Harkins

      I believe that I can sum it all up for you and would have Ron Paul’s full blessings on it. Seems you have a lot to say, and a lot of concerns to air, judging by the length of your post. Here goes:

      “Run for Office”

      I am quite sure that we would all back you. Personally, I am amazed at what Ron Paul has thusfar accomplished. At this point, it wouldn’t matter if he ran for the office again or not — he has already secured his name in the history books; and his name will be pronounced from elementary to college history classes, hundreds of years from now. Not bad for a man who “needs a face that is more charismatic.”

      By the way, how would your face match our ideology? (Just kidding, of course!)

    • Lyn

      I wanted to thank you personally for your comments. I could not have defined mine own feelings any clearer had I been posting them myself. I feel strongly that if the Federal Reserve were abolished first we might have a fighting chance. But then there’s the problem with getting a statesman with testicular fortitude in office to accomplish this. Currently our legislation is designed to always preclude a third party candidate. Not that they can’t run, but rather that the deck will always be stacked against them. The fact that some feel Dr. Paul “doesn’t have a charismatic face or a charismatic approach to his speeches” as a cause for his inability to reach the masses only shows how much people put on appearances. Regrettably, I saw the same phenomenon in California. Though I certainly didn’t vote for Arnie, I did expect that many would simply because of his appearance. I’m afraid I’m not one of those people who need the carnival barker approach to discussion from a more handsome and virile looking man. The sexiest men on the face of the earth are those who think with their brains first. A person of character with an honest message does not need to swoon his audience with old cliches and over-blown rhethoric. The intelligent will hear and heed him. The rest are voting on persona.

      I wish I could leave with you some more optimistic words but I think America is going to learn the hard way what the Russians learned in 1917. There are just too many that have no eyes and have no ears. Please prepare you and your family for that eventuality.

      Thanks again for you thoughts. You have made me feel less alone in stating them.

  • Siegfried

    I’ve been a supporter of Ron Raul since the mid 80’s but realized that neither his nor my “libertarian” politics would ever attract much of a following.

    Most Americans don’t (more accurately can’t) think outside of the status quo box. Most just vote the party line mantra and both the Dems and Repubs have been promoting BIG government spending policies for decades. Regan was likewise shunned by the mainstream GOP because Ronald kept saying that “Government WAS the Problem, not the solution” Just like Ron Paul is saying today.

    This generation is supporting Paul because they are looking for a higher moral equivalency, truth and political accountability, something sorely lacking in this age of constant deceit. Ron Paul speaks the plain truth, but most Americans are simply ignorant of the Constitution and don’t know what Liberty is, much less on how to defend it

  • William D McDonald

    I finally woke up politically, how I missed him in 2008 I don’t know. I must have listened to the media. Ron makes so much sense to me now…….. I hope he runs in 2012.

    • Susan Harkins

      I have a strong feeling that there are many who would say the same thing. The internet is slowly circumventing MSM (main stream media) and those that have controlled media outlets for so long are now loosing their ability to include/exclude, play up/play down issues in order to influence the mainstream. FOX news did this just recently, playing to the GOPers, at the expense of Ron Paul (and us, of course). You will see many attempts to regulate the internet in the coming months, and these will be by last minute item additions to bills during the wee hours of the morning. They will be inserted by politicians who are in the pockets of the media giants, who want to keep their monopoly on information distribution. The GOPers will be our greatest threat, in the media arena, I feel certain.

  • Daniel

    This looks like emergent behavior stemming from the financial collapse, bank bailouts, and proposed government takeover of the health care system. The attitude of Americans in general is now anti-incumbent.

    Ron Paul does not always say what Americans and their politicians would like to hear, but he has always said what was needed to be said. It has been tragic that many people rejected his concerns based on what they felt. However, a lot of people now see that he was correct about damn near everything, therefore people are naturally prone to organize in support of him.

    Also, as you can see, the GOP has been making moves against Ron Paul by trying to unseat him. This is welcome news, because they now see him as enough of a threat to take action. The existence of action, in this case, shows the existence of fear, because Ron Paul has done nothing new to provoke them than what he normally does.

    This is going to be an interesting political year. I think I will be sure to save newspapers and videos, because I am sure to be reflecting on this time period when I am an old man telling my grand kids about it.

    If this truly is emergence, the exponential growth that was shown in your poll should continue. In fact, using your numbers with the growth formula shows that if the rate of growth stays constant, you would have 74959 responses this time next year, and then 257815 responses during election year.

    • Daniel Smith

      In fact, reflecting on that, it looks like the GOP’s actions were made to lower the rate of growth. This is obvious, because they must know that there is no way that Ron Paul will not win in his home district. The only significance of other GOP candidates in the primary is that it can be used as an anecdotal talking point to discredit him.

      However, the proper response would not be to debate it, because that would be impossible to win, and furthermore, once it is said it can not be unsaid. It would be a much better strategy to ignore it and focus on increasing the growth rate(Like Warren Harding did when Cox supporters claimed Harding had “negro blood”).

  • Blake Veinotte

    Even if the establishment keeps Ron Paul from winning in 2012, it is essential that he at least continue to get the message of freedom out there. Now that he is widely recognized (as opposed to at the beginning of the 2008 campaign) I believe the message will get vastly more momentum this time. This could be the swing in the right direction that we need to change this country.

  • Justin

    Ron please run in 2012. We need to get rid of the Fed and all the illegal taxation currently stealing worker’s incomes. The currency is currently on the brink of ruins, and we need someone, like yourself, who understands the issues to take over and fix them; and restore the government to the powers it enjoyed when the United States was debt free / had limited inflation.


    Please run in 2012! I tried to vote for you in 08 but I didnt have the option to write you in.It is time that COMMON SENCE came back to Washington. It hasnt been there in a very long time. Start campaining NOW! Take every opportunity to get on TV,radio everything. Preach your values and stand on them. Tell the American people that they deserve an honest person running this country that cannot be bought. I am in the south and in 08, the only time that I really saw you on TV you didnt have nowhere near enough airtime, not even half of Obsama/McCains. GOD BLESS!!