Ron Paul to Congress: Don’t “Stir the Pot” with Armenian Genocide Resolution

Ron Paul spoke out in opposition to a resolution in the House Foreign Affairs Committee that would recognize as “genocide” the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Empire forces during World War I.

The Congressman argued that America should remain neutral on the subject and let the involved countries work it out themselves. He then encouraged other opponents of the resolution to apply their non-interventionist position not just to the past, but also to the present and the future.

The resolution was later approved 23-22.

Location: House Foreign Affairs Committee
Date: 03/04/2010


Ron Paul: I thank you, Mr. Chairman. I find this vote difficult because voting yes or no would not represent my position. It has been mentioned by other speakers already that this does not serve American interests by even bringing this subject up. That would be what I would consider the best position: by not having issues like these come up.

The votes who spoke against it spoke eloquently about why neutrality on this issue serves American interests the best. I only wish that that same principle would be applied to our foreign policy. This is almost a compulsion on our part to always be involved in the internal affairs and the conflicts of other nations when it’s not necessary for us to do this. And this is more or less a reflection of this.

I don’t see there’s going to be any advantage to us to pass this, matter of fact I see a lot of disadvantages. It won’t resolve anything. There were a lot of tragedies in the 20th century. There were 262 million people killed by their own governments in the 20th century. There were 34 million people killed in armed conflict. So much tragedy, and our […] to solve these problems and decide who gets the most blame, and governments that don’t exist any longer. I see no purpose in that, it doesn’t serve our benefit. It’s also disappointing to me that how these issues come up when the conflicts come.

One of my goals, long term goals, has always been to strive for eliminating hyphenated Americans. I don’t like the idea that we have so many groups that are hyphenated. They have lobbyist groups to serve the idea of this group of Americans against another group of Americans. Then we have foreign lobbyists come in, and foreign governments and represents one government over the other. Truly, if we had a republic, we wouldn’t be dealing with this kind of a problem being brought up constantly over many, many years. Decades we have been dealing with this.

The purpose that I see for this, is doing nothing, is the consequence will be nothing more than stirring the pot. We’re going to stir the pot and nothing is going to be settled, and it will come up again. And yet the evidence is rather clear. So many have spoken already that the two countries that are involved have been working and trying to work this out. That’s the way it should be.

And my argument for less intervention around the world, really fits into this argument. But those who are arguing, for the non-intervention and staying out of this and see so clearly how this does not serve our special interests, I would just suggest to them to look at our foreign policy as well. Because getting involved in the military conflicts of the world has an immediate consequence much worse than us getting involved in this.

Circumstances like this, I think we as congressmen have a perfect right to have personal opinions and historic opinions. But to try to solve the emotional conflicts that have gone on by legislation and taking one side over another, and having one hyphenated American group against another hyphenated American group, one country against another country, this does not serve our interest. It doesn’t serve the cause of peace, and it would be much better if we look forward rather than backwards. I think a resolution like this looks backwards. So I will be voting no. Not because I’m taking a position, but precisely because my position is that hopefully someday in the future we will have a lot less of this discussion and these resolutions coming up, not only dealing with the past, but also the current events that we have today as well as our future around the world.

I think the position that we look after our own interest and follow a policy where we don’t get involved in the internal affairs of other nations or the conflicts of other nations would serve our interests well. And that is not dropping out, that is not ignoring the world. Because there’s no reason why we can’t pursue a foreign policy where we talk with people, have diplomacy with people, trade with people, and friendship with people, without picking sides.

The squabbles should be dealt with by governments themselves and the people themselves within the country. At the same time, if there’s border disputes or disputes between countries, it should involve them rather than us believing that we can come in and settle the dispute and make the world better. I think if we take a position of neutrality and independence away from making these decisions, the better off the world would be.


  • ak24

    I really respect Ron Paul’s movement revolution and the whole liberty movement, but this blog entry is a very naive approach to the situation. It is tantamount to saying had the Nazis survived, that we should not get involved in acknowledging the events of the Holocaust. The Ottoman Empire does not exist anymore, neither does Hitler’s Nazi party. However many members of the Young Turk movement in the Ottoman Empire that carried out the Armenian Genocide became the founding fathers of the modern republic of Turkey. That’s like Goebbels and Goering not getting caught and forming their own post-Nazi party and setting up a political structure based on their ideals. Ron Paul really needs to revise his thoughts on the situation.

  • Damla

    How politicians work as far as armenian genocide and other things are concerned:

  • Damla

    I wanna know how many people on here know why armenians are coming up with this BS genocide claim. How many of you know crap about history?

    I’ll briefly tell you fools why armenians are screaming “genocide”…because they want the eastern part of Turkey! The part of Turkey that they could not get by fighting almost a century ago! Because armenia has been a 3rd world country since the day it’s been found and has horrible relations with its neighbors, it’s dirt poor! Whenever armenia is about to collapse, russia is the only nation that comes to its rescue since armenians helped russians end the Ottoman Empire. Armenians attacked their own government by allying with russia. Imagine the US is collapsing, and other nations are invading your land. Instead of protecting the land, imagine Latin-Americans allying with the enemy of the US and start killing Amerians because they want to form their own nation within the US. That is called “treason”! and if americans take precautions and fight back, it means they would be committing genocide???????

    East of Turkey is ridiculously oil-rich. Armenia has no army so it can’t invade Turkey to get that region. After armenia saw that jews got reparations from Germany, they started with their genocide claims in order to get land over the table! The reason why armenians spend millions on politicians and are trying to get major countries to pass this genocide bill is because armenians are trying to get those countries to blackmail Turkey so Turkey gives up eastern part of Turkey. For ex: because the US recognized the so called genocide claim (guess who got ridiculously rich along the way – US politicians), the US, now, can pressure and blackmail Turkey. It can say, “unless you give eastern part of Turkey to armenia, i will stop trading goods with you, and if i stop trading with you, the economy of your entire nation will collapse ” etc. Countries have countless arguments among each other, and they use them to get what they want. American politicians are getting rich while you are actually getting harmed along the way because Turkey is an important ally of the US and maybe the only Muslim ally in the middle east!

    This is just to give you fools some idea; there is much more to this. You know nothing. There was no genocide so shut the hell up.

    • SS

      How did everyone become a fool when only one person disagreed with you?

      • Damla

        Look at the comments. They all think a genocide happened, and their comments are based on that assumption. That does make them fools. I write a comment and then i have to write a follow up comment in order to explain my initial comment. Ridiculous.

    • Fred the Protectionist

      You a Muslim or something?

      • Damla

        How is my being Muslim (and no, i am agnostic) have anything to do with what i am saying, huh?

    • Damla

      countless AGREEMENTS*, not arguments

      p.s. the ones who clicked “thumbs down”, come and reply to me, pathetic armos. Let’s see how much you know about the so called genocide.

  • Well I am sorry to hear what they have to go through! & I wish them well! However we are so involved helping other countries that we can’t help ourselves at home. & I don’t Libertarians just care about money! They want this country to not be a debtor nation! I agree with most of their philosophy!

    • All of the commentors on here are idiots and have no knowledge or any idea about how politics work. I literally LOL ed especially at the first comment. Yes, the US is the savior of the world, right? That is why the world hates the US right?

      • SS

        Thanks 4 stopping by

  • I am sorry to hear about that and I do wish them well! I think other countries should help the Armenians! We help other countries, but we don’t even help out our country so that people can get back to work! & Libertarians aren’t always about the money! Although I do agree with them on many things!

  • Fred the Protectionist

    Between 1 and 1.5 million Armenian Christians were murdered, it was when the term “Genocide” was first coined. The Free Trade Libertarians don’t want to anger their Muslim Oil Masters. Money money money money.

    Money is everything to the Libertarians. They eat money, they bathe in money, they floss their teeth with money, they breath money, nothing is more important. Nation, family, health; doesn’t mean anything when there is MONEY to be made.

    • ?

      @ Fred the Protectionist:

      Really? is that why they have not gone to the international court for the past century? Is that why armenia refuses to open its historical archives, refuses to discuss the matter with historians but buys politicians instead and spends millions to bribe one nation after another? You have no idea what you’re talking about. You might think you do just because you heard something here and there but you do not. Protectionist huh? oh man, this is hilarious

      • Fred the Protectionist

        Go figure, the conspiracy theorists also attracts the muslims.

        Hey, you’re a jew lover. hahaha.

    • SS

      Could you connect all of those random thoughts, please?


      • Fred the Protectionist

        Elaborate on your name “SS” so I can mock you.

        See Kyle?

  • This is another reason why we shouldn’t continue to be a nanny state for other countries!