Life, Liberty, Working Hard and Keeping What You Earn

You have a right to your life, your liberty, working hard and keeping what you earn. People who believe they also have a “right” to a job, healthcare, welfare, etc. tend to overlook that in order to deliver such services, the government has to violate someone else’s rights.

Date: 03/19/2010


Ron Paul: I don’t think government is very good at delivering anything; the mail or any services. I don’t think they’re good at fighting wars, I don’t think they’re good at delivering welfare. And so I don’t agree with the system at all. And I basically don’t believe there’s a proper understanding of what rights are. Because this whole argument – Republicans and Democrats assume people have a right to stuff, they have a right to care and they have a right to a house and a right to a job. And as a constitutionalist and a believer in individual liberty, I don’t approach it that way.

You have a right to your life and your liberty, you have a right to work hard and keep what you earn. But once you say you have a right to something and government’s going to give it to you, they never ask the next question: from where does the government give it? They have to violate somebody else’s right. Government is supposed to be established in a free society to protect rights, not to divvy up the loot and shift things around. So this demonstrates a complete different understanding of what rights are and what the Constitution says.

Anderson Cooper: You are a living example of an anti-establishment, sometimes contrarian libertarian streak you have in you, not always in agreement with your own Republican leadership in the House of Representatives. And yet in this anti-establishment climate in the country, even you have some Tea Party primary opponents perhaps running against you back in Texas. Is that a good thing for the Republican Party and the conservative movement?

Ron Paul: Sure, I think so. We’ve already had our primary, and I think people see opportunities. Of course, I got 80% of the vote in my primary. But no, I think it’s an expression. And people might make misjudgments politically, but I think that it’s very healthy that there is another party and the party is the party of people. It’s not truly a party. But what they’re seeing is there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Democrats are elected for one thing, and they don’t do it. Republicans are supposed to be other, and they don’t do it either, and the people get pretty upset.

Anderson Cooper: And yet someone else who’s tried to tap this sentiment – as you have already noted, you have succeeded even despite somebody who is running against you – is Sarah Palin, the former vice presidential nominee. And she has gone to the Tea Party Convention, she think it’s a good thing, as you do, to have some energy in this democracy. But she also says that if the primary candidate, as in your case, loses, that they have to make a choice. And she put it this way: “Which party reflects how that smaller, smarter government steps to be taken? Which party will best fit you? And then because the Tea Party Movement is not a party, and we have a two-party system, they’re going to have to pick a party and run on one or the other: ‘R’ or ‘D’.” Is she right? Do we have a two-party system, or should they look to do more?

Ron Paul: Well, she fits my answer to that question, because I tell people to do what they want to do. If that’s what she things, fine. People ask me that all the time, “What should I do, what should I do? Should I be a Republican, Independent or Libertarian?” I say just do what you want to do, and that’s sort of a libertarian answer. But, unfortunately, the laws are so biased against competition. If you come to the conclusion that Republicans and Democrats aren’t too much different from each other, then there are no choices. We don’t have really good democracy in this country, because if I want to run as the third party, you know, I wouldn’t have been in those debates.

Anderson Cooper: In 1988 you were the Libertarian candidate for president.

Ron Paul: Yeah, who remembers that?

Anderson Cooper: I do. That was my first presidential campaign I covered. In 2008 you ran as a Republican in the primaries. What about next time? Will Ron Paul run for president again and would you, in this climate, do you sense the disconnect with both parties? Would you say, “You know what, let’s try to do the third people thing. I’m going to run as a Libertarian.”

Ron Paul: I dread that thought, and I get asked that question all the time, because it’s a gruesome thing. And yet I have a lot of people who have… and my big surprise has been that the momentum of what we were doing in the presidential campaign, I thought the next day it would be over and done with and nobody would ever ask me another question. But, you know, the campus rallies that we have now are bigger than ever, more enthusiastic, people are looking for answers. And I’m sort of in between this thing.

Anderson Cooper: You say you dread the thought, but it wasn’t a ‘no’?

Ron Paul: No, it isn’t a ‘no’. Because there are so many people who ask me and they get enthusiastic. It’s more like, how do I do it without offending them. But no, I wouldn’t look forward to it, I haven’t said yes. That would be a tough decision under these conditions.

Anderson Cooper: Let me ask you in closing: your 74 years old, I think? Is that right?

Ron Paul: Something like that. But I feel younger.

Anderson Cooper: Something like that? I stopped counting, too. You feel younger, and you act younger. And yet you are one of these innovative people in this world. We’re launching the show today in the online community. You’re one of the innovators in online politics. You have, and I’m going to show our viewers this, nearly 4,000 followers on Twitter, that’s not enormous, but it’s a good number. On Facebook, more than 183,000 friends on Facebook. And in the Internet fund raising community back in 2008 you were wildly successful – some 35 million dollars, maybe a little bit more than. In closing let’s talk a little bit about that. How has the world changed in your time in politics and how important and what’s the next generation of this online internet politics?

Ron Paul: It’s all been positive. Unbelievable. I’d like to take the credit that I was the organizer. But no, it’s the spontaneity of what we have and that’s the Internet. And those individuals who like the message, who just get together. Like the fund raising where we had 6 or 7 million dollars raised in one day and broke all records; that wasn’t because we had central economic planning. It was because people got enthusiastic.

I say it’s the message. I just happen to be at the place delivering that message. But people are looking for something, and they see that I talk about personal liberty, personal responsibility, free markets, sound money. People are very interested in the Fed. I’m shocked that there is so much interest. And I talk about a different foreign policy. When you talk to especially the young people, it makes a lot of sense when you talk about personal liberty.

And when you talk about, “I’m not going to go up there and I’m not planning to give you a lot of stuff”, they don’t care because they know the government can’t deliver. The government’s bankrupt. That’s what the problem is on the Hill: nobody admits the bankruptcy. That’s why this whole debate on medical care; the people think it’s so foolish. And endless war and endless welfare. And we’re going to raise the national debt this year; 2 trillion dollars. The people understand that, but there’s very, very few on the Hill that have the vaguest notion what that means; and that means trouble for this country if we don’t straighten up our act.


  • bill

    This all has to do with individual liberty to do what you want with your life—-and to reap what you sow. That is the reason this country was founded.

    I dont even know if this country is savable anymore. When this health care thing goes—people will officially be entitled to something by birth (not just think they are) and have a government that knows that they can just force its citizens to do its bidding…. (its not like most of the sheep don’t think this already)

    I’m getting pretty discouraged since its starting to look like its all but finished that our great countries lucky “haves” and “made it”s will get to work full time for the “have not”s and “wont”s…

  • Citizen

    I have a great deal of respect for RP, but he’s 74 now and he would be 77 when he would take office in 2013. I wouldn’t wish that office on anyone in that stage in life. Maybe the Tea Party will generate a candidate, Pray Hard…

    • Ryan

      His son, Rand Paul, is running for Senator in Kentucky. He’ll have two years under his belt by then. Admittedly not much time, but then again in this political climate a fresh face is just what the doctor ordered. Let’s not forget that Obama was practically a no-name Democrat and he won out against Hillary and McCain.
      Anyway, there are new Libertarian Conservatives moving in, slowly, to the Republican party. I’d vote for Rand Paul if Ron Paul decides not to run.
      …(Thinking aloud) Maybe Ron can run and Rand can be his running mate and then if Ron dies or decides to retire midstream Rand can take over.


    I have discovered the way to take back our country without a single assembly or protest.

    Since our Government has become a corporation, we too can collectively act as a corporation.

    If we form a social network (not a company but just a membership association), we can collectively publish a RFPs (Request for Proposal) for services.

    The instrument of the RFP is used on a daily basis as a means for corporations to solicit purchasing requirements and conditions to suppliers.

    As a first ‘peoples RFP’, I recommend we collectively publish an RFP for banking services.

    1.) Bank shall not charge more than 5% interest on credit card

    2.) Zero dollar ATM fees

    3.) Bear interest on savings equal to or better than best rates available internationally

    4.) Offer true multi-currency accounts.

    If no Bank is willing to respond to the people’s RFP, then the we the people shall USE CASH.

    In this way, our wallet will become our collective lobby.

    The USE CASH movement has begun!

    Game on bureaucrats!

    • Citizen

      You may be on to something…
      RP has already thought of this “cash” option in the form of HR 4842 (ref ?) in the Competing Currency bill that would allow Americans to use Silver, Gold specie coin or other currency and not be forced to use fiat Fed Reserve Notes as payment for Debt both public and private. In theory, this competing sound money would drive out bad Federal Reserve Note money, the antithesis of Gresham’s law. The goal being to encourage the use of Hard Money without government tax penalty as the law currently stands, if you buy or sell bullion, you pay tax on its appreciation. Of course the Gov would resist since tax collection would become difficult, Oh my! Great Idea!!

    • Bill

      sorry I haven’t read all the posts… but I don’t understand the comments on ATM fees and limiting the credit card interest!?

      Somebody has to pay for that ATM machine (and the network it runs on) why should they not get a fee for your usage of their property?

      and as far as credit cards…. CREDIT is the whole problem in this country… they don’t want you to pay it off—-because that is how they make money!!!

      There needs to be nothing but REAL money. —the main problem is that the cash in your wallet isn’t real money either… Its just paper backed by nothing… that is why credit is the problem.

  • The government is going to force you to buy health care that you don’t like and cannot afford! This bill is not about real health care reform! If you don’t get healthcare then you must pay a fine which is outrageuos.

    • Libertarian777

      we need to force all members of Congress to buy their own health insurance.

      • Citizen

        Well they sort of kinda do, they have that Rolls Royce health plan at bargain basement discount prices that WE pay for.

        • Libertarian777

          I meant the healthcare plans that they are saying will be available in 2014 via this new ‘competitive’ marketplace.

    • Congress have the best form of health care and they don’t have to worry about losing their health care nor their jobs. Unless we vote them out.

      • Fred the Protectionist

        Actually even if they lose their jobs they still keep their life-time health insurance benefits.

  • TheTruth


    If you want a damn job, you must respect private property rights. You can not make bills against capital because the capital is the only thing that can create jobs.

  • Dfens

    You can keep what you earn, if you can find a damn job. “Free traitor” Ron wants all the decent jobs exported to his comrades in Communist China. Of course, once you’re a “student” in one of his “re-education” camps he’ll find you a job — as slave labor, just like his buddies in China use.

    • SS

      Is it a conspiracy?

    • Van Wilder

      There will always be jobs… The free market must get to work thats all. Ask yourself why are all the jobs overseas? Is it because unions demand outrageous pay for small tasks? If americans woke up and understood thatif they worked for less they would have a job. The illegals seemed to have figured this out pretty well. Then if companies want to sell things thier prices will have to become more reasonable or people will have to…gulp…SAVE

      • Joan

        There won’t always be jobs. Unemployment is about 10 percent, in some states unemployment is as high as 20 percent. Now, this new health care bill will force companies to layoff many more people. The estimate is 5 million more people will be laid off. When the government takes over industries and the only jobs are government jobs, and the government adds new taxes on companies and individuals, eventually there are no more jobs.

        But, capitalism is half the problem too. CEOs make millions of dollars. The people who own Walmart or 7-11 or McDonalds live in 10 million dollar mansions by paying millions of American citizens a minimum wage that is so low, it’s worth half of what it was worth in the 1970s due to inflation. Homes cost 5,000 in my grandparent’s day, today the same homes cost 500,000 to one million dollars (in big cities). No one gets rich working for wages, business owners make all of the money. Illegals make more than you and I do because they don’t pay any taxes on their income and they apply for welfare because the welfare dept. has no way of proving they are working. Unions were a good idea in the beginning. They told wealthy business owners they had to pay workers enough money so that a person who is willing to work could have a car and make enough to live. They fought to end companies forcing people to work 7 days a week. Employers used to work people 12-16 hours, 7 days a week, no days off. They used to work women and children as slaves. People should be paid a living wage. Why should a man work the graveyard shift at 7-11 for minimum wage, put his life in danger of being robbed, deal with drunks at night, and have to stay up all night so the owner of 7-11 and shareholders can get rich? It is slave labor.

        • Fred the Protectionist

          pssst, buddy, Libertarians are the biggest Confederate apologists around. Just a little heads up, I don’t think that bothers them.

          • longshotlouie

            More Leftist style argument to avoid the discussion at hand.

            mega fail

          • Fred the Protectionist

            Leftists don’t argue like me. Leftists never bring up the CSA in an argument; they may whine about “Da Man” and say some offhand comment about slavery and how whitey is the devil corporate polluters.

            Don’t lie to yourself.

    • Libertarian777

      Dfens, stop making bland accusations.

      Where has Ron Paul stated that he wants to export all US jobs to China? If you want to keep up this line of accusations please provide a point of reference.

      Ron Paul believes in free markets and open competition.

      Do you believe in that or not?

      Or do you expect the government to provide everything for you (healthcare, a job and social security)? That’s known as socialism.

      The US still has Boeing, which is one of only 2 countries in the world that can build large passenger aircraft (even Russia can’t do that anymore). China’s starting to build smaller passenger aircraft… so the US needs to step up its game. I believe safety regulations, US innovation and experience will trump the Chinese in aircraft building, but it does not make it a RIGHT for US workers to have a job building aircraft. If the US does it better than China (and I believe they do and will) then other countries will buy US made aircraft, rather than Chinese made.

      But look what’s happened. Boeing got saddled with high union labour costs in Puget Sound and tried (largely unsuccessfully) to move the 787 production overseas.
      Fortunately they’ve woken up and are going to build a second 787 production line…in South Carolina… no unions, so lower labour costs.

      Now ask yourself, how much government involvement there is in Puget Sound due to the unions (ALOT). So is more government creating or destroying jobs?

      • Citizen

        Frankly I’d like to Export Dfens and Fred the Protectionist.

        They’ve both been whining for months about job exports, but they sure won’t do the work we’ve been exporting either.

        More likely they CAN’T do the jobs because the don’t have the brain power..

    • Citizen

      What? I for one want the “un-document workers” to LEAVE and then Dfens would have a job, that’s if Dfens is willing to pick strawberries and/or squash etc. But absent that, we can re-open new garment factories here in the States and pay union workers $35/hr and our shirts will then cost $75 -$100 each. Great Plan!

      • Fred the Protectionist

        T-shirts were cheaper before you free traitors destroyed our economy.

        • gander

          that was a silly comment to make fred. if you try to say that a shirt in 1860 cost 10 cents as your arguement, i’ve got one word for you. inflation. there is a difference between nominal and real price.

          • Fred the Protectionist

            Gee I thought you free traders said the price of goods would go DOWN, but the opposite happened. Are…you…lying?

            OMG! *palms face* You did lie.

          • longshotlouie

            Keep palming that face until we actually get free trade.

            It is obvious that your heroes sold you out with their version of ‘Free NAFTA Trade’.
            Maybe you should direct your anger to them.

          • Fred the Protectionist

            NAFTA is your baby, and you will take the blame. I won’t let you disown it.

          • longshotlouie

            Fled, you reek of desperation.

          • Fred the Protectionist

            Why do you hate America?

  • johnnyring

    This voter is MAD AS HELL!

  • Fred the Protectionist

    “Life, Liberty, Working Hard and Keeping What You Earn”

    Whoah, whoah, that’s not very Libertarian of you to say I have to “work hard”. It’s my body.

    • Van Wilder

      No need to work hard… If you can be happy not working hard then be my guest. Just dont expect anything you did not earn. I fully believe you can be successful while being effecient. You just cant take from one man to give to another… who is the person that is given the authority to do this? I know i personally never agreed to any of it.

      • Joan

        But, can you pay this person a minimum wage of $16.00 an hour? That is what the minimum wage would have to be to be equal to the purchasing power it had in the 1970s. People make 2-3 times that much on welfare or social security. Is the 7.00 an hour job this guy takes going to give him health care or paid sick leave or paid vacation, or, does he have to get food stamps and Medicaid because the wealthy corporation he works for won’t give him any of those things? The greedy corporations like Walmart tell their workers to go get food stamps and government health care. They have it all typed up on sheets of paper and hand the information out to new employees.

        And, the government did tax my generation 6.5 perent for social security and 1.5 percent for Medicare. The government taxed the 70 million baby boomers, and gave the World War II generation all free medical care, big raises in Social Security every year. Now that the government has handed all our tax money out to people who didn’t pay anything into those programs in order to get their votes, the money is all gone, too bad for us. Many people have paid upwards of 200,000 into Social Security by working for over 30 years and paying the high tax. They will get nothing out of it. When the government starts handing people 3,000 a month in social security for the payee and their spouse, that tells you the system will go broke and be trillions of dollars in debt within a few years. That’s where we are now.

    • Libertarian777


      As a Libertarian, I’ll say you don’t HAVE to work hard.

      Just don’t come asking the government to tax me to pay for your welfare.

    • Citizen

      Don’t worry Fred, I’ll work hard and be your personal cash cow slave so you can live your miserable life is blissful happiness.

    • Citizen

      Fred… Get a Job!
      Better yet create some jobs and hire some Americans!
      Or should we re-name you Deadbeat Fred

      • Fred the Protectionist

        Why do Libertarians hate Liberty, they want to force everyone to ‘work hard’.

        • longshotlouie

          The whaaaaaaaambulance is on the way, freddie. Hang on.

          • Fred the Protectionist

            Maybe you Libertarians can open a labor camp up somewhere so everyone can “work hard”. eh.

  • Ryan

    Ron Paul is right to say we need to organize. I believe if we do we will win overwhelmingly. But one thing is, every time we have a surge of support the wackos join in and make a mockery of the movement; similiar to what happened to Perot and his fruitloop running mate in 1992. We need to make clear exactly what we stand for right up front across the board, as a movement. This is what Ron Paul has been doing for us so far. But we still need to stay on the gaurd for the Palin types and other faux Libertarians and phony Constitutionalists. We need to organize early and concisely. Or it may be another 4 years of criminal government.
    Organize and participate!
    Ron Paul in 2012!

    • Joan

      Exactly. I talk to people in some of the political chat boards. I came across the Glenn Beck followers. Him and Palin hijacked the Libertarian movement. I voted for Ron Paul in the primary, then I was forced to vote for Palin to try and keep Obama from getting elected. Glenn Beck has dragged religion into the Tea Party movement. His latest stunt is blaming the baby boomer generation for all the problems in this country. He glorifies the World War II generation and teaches the younger generations to dislike and blame the baby boomers and blame them for all the problems in the country. He tells them people who protested in the 60s are the problem and all those people are now with Obama. All made up crazy talk. He’s now telling people to ask their churches if they believe in social justice and to ask their churches if they teach children to take care of the environment, and if they do, leave their churches. His followers are actually going around asking their pastors these questions and quitting their churches because Glenn Beck told them to. I keep reminding everyone that Ron Paul is the person we need to get behind. Palin is making money from her book, she’s doing a TV show now, and then another book. Unfortunately, many people follow anyone, if they don’t have any education other than Glenn Beck, they believe whatever he tells them.