National Bankruptcy will Repeal Obamacare

Ron Paul tells it like it is: There is no “right” to healthcare. Obamacare will be repealed by a national bankruptcy. The IRS is hiring new agents to steal more money. Central economic planning has failed. A much bigger economic crisis is coming. And, every country in the world is technically bankrupt.

Channel: Fox Business
Date: 03/21/2010


Stuart Varney: Let’s bring in Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul, joining us from Washington. Congressman, always a pleasure to have you with us.

Ron Paul: Thank you.

Stuart Varney: I know you oppose this deal, this healthcare reform bill. We’re assuming that it is going to pass, by all the vote count looks like it is there. Could you tell us what is your biggest single objection to this healthcare bill?

Ron Paul: Well, there’s too many. It is just wrong policy, it’s bad economic policy, it’s bad moral policy, it’s bad constitutional law. But the process is just outrageous. I mean we’re voting on a rule and we’re gonna pass a bill and then the bill will be doctored up a little bit after it. But this idea of an executive order amending the bill, just is such an outrage.
I mean, the process on the floor is such an outrage; at least they are talking about the outrage. But to think that we’ve gotten to the point where we allow our President just to write an executive order, it’s the law of the land. There’s nothing conceivable about that being constitutional.

Stuart Varney: You mentioned some moral problems that you have with this. You see, you talked about the legal problems, political problems, financial problems, all the rest of it. Okay, spell out the moral problem that you have with healthcare reform.

Ron Paul: Well, we’ve been involved in medical care for more than 50 years, which I object to because it’s created this monster: managed care. But all these interventions by the Republicans and Democrats is based on the assumption that people have a right to medical care. And you don’t have a right to medical care.

You have a right to your life, you have a right to your liberty, and you have a right to take care of yourself. But any way, any time a government tries to give you a service or something of substance, they have to steal it from somebody else. So, the whole process is immoral because it is based on government theft. That’s why they’re hiring 16,000 more new IRS agents, so because they have to steal more money.

Stuart Varney: Okay, when we passed it today and I believe it will pass, looks like the votes are there, what does it take to repeal it or roll it back? Surely, it would take 60 Senate Republican votes, a Republican in the White House and a very significant Republican majority in the House. And that sir, looks like an awful long way off.

Ron Paul: Now, the bankruptcy of this country is gonna repeal it because we march onward with whether it’s the endless spending overseas, or the endless spending on welfare, no concern about the deficit. The national debt is going up $2 trillion this year and nobody takes any concern. They don’t realize how serious this is. They’re oblivious to the seriousness of our economic crisis.
We’re not getting out of this crisis, we’re just on the verge of getting in to a much deeper one. And this will precipitate that, and so it will be the bankruptcy of the country and it will be defined by the destruction of the dollar, and government won’t be able to pay any anything out. This is why the people are so upset. It’s because even the liberals realize the government can’t deliver the goods anymore.

Stuart Varney: We talked about this before. And I’ve asked your time horizon on this economic catastrophe, the point at which the markets bring us all up short and stop this spending and debt accumulation. Your time frame last time we talked was over the horizon. It was 2 or 3 years away. Have you brought it up closer because of healthcare reform passage?

Ron Paul: Well, tonight when this passes it will be a major step closer to it. But the events are predictable that are coming. Just like the financial crisis was predictable, but nobody knew that was in September 2008 that that was going to hit us or that the NASDAQ bubble was going to crash in March of 2000.

We don’t know those days but we do know events will come and we have embarked on a course that is unsustainable. You cannot spend this kind of money, borrow this money and create new credit to finance this debt. It will end, it will end badly and it will hurt the people that… many people are very seriously trying to help the people who are suffering and help with medical care. But they’re doing it exactly the wrong thing. Medical care will get worse and this country will go into bankruptcy.

Stuart Varney: The executive order which the President will issue on the subject of abortion, that’s not – is it unconstitutional in some way? Can that be repealed and rejected?

Ron Paul: No, not in today’s circumstances. They’ve been doing this, you know, “stroke of the pen, law of the land, kinda cool”. They’ve been doing it for a long, long time. But you know this whole idea and argument over abortion is not in reality a sincere argument. It’s sincere but it doesn’t accomplish anything. The Hyde amendment doesn’t accomplish anything because we would deny funds going to pregnancy centers and say don’t use any money for abortion.

But all funds are fungible, so this idea that we say don’t use any money. […] money pours in the hospitals and the clinics. If they do, they just shift it around. This idea of fungibility is so clear that this whole argument on the abortion issue is really not touching the right point and that is, why is the government involve in delivering healthcare, why is the government involve in pretending that this is a viable way of delivering anything?

Central economic planning, if anything the 20th century proved, central economic planning fails. Every country in the world today is on the verge of bankruptcy. People brag about other countries having cheaper medical care and all. But every country in the world is technically bankrupt and we’re marching on to a really worldwide economic catastrophe if we’re not careful.

Stuart Varney: So, another dark day for America. Congressman Ron Paul, telling it how he sees it. We appreciate you being with us again, sir. Good to have you.

Ron Paul: Thank you.

  • Todd

    In “Common Sense” by Thomas Pain he talks about all the rejected petitions to King George III. They had to wait as long 5 months to get their rejection. We have it as quick as we can click the remote. Could we possibly imagine having to wait months for an answer?!? However, our founding fathers gave the “King” all the time in the world to let us know that we are his subjects. We have it real time. Countrymen, understand Who grants us our rights, and who grants us bondage. November is coming! Be ready! Washington is not our “King”!!!!

  • Marionette Hicks

    This is not an issue of Health Care. Nor is it an issue of Racism that the deceivers have tried to make it. This is an issue concerning the very foundation upon which this Nation was built. Anyone who believes that the people who oppose this Idiotic Agenda, do so to deny health care to those who do not have insurance, is nothing short of Moronic.
    This is a Constitutional issue…This is an issue of Democracy, the majority of Americans have spoken, and this Administration has sent a resounding answer in response.
    SCREW YOUR DEMOCRACY…The Liberal Nazis Fascist rule this Nation Now.
    Your rights are now what we tell you they are.
    To those who believe the Federal Government is the supreme law, I say this…
    Only a Liberal Nazi or a Conservative Fascist (to be fair) would not know that the Federal Government is not the supreme law of this land. It is the Constitution, which guarantees the protections of the people as the supreme power, not the Government.
    The majority rules, if Obama and his fellow Democrats’ have not noticed the polls clearly reflect the Nays nearly have it 3 to 1. The people have spoken, and the Government chooses not to listen. This clearly and irrefutably says one thing; the Government of America has been over thrown. The Government of this nation has always been by the grace of the people’s majority, and these protections are insured by the supreme law of the land, our Constitution and not the courts. No court, not even the almighty Supreme Court has the authority to rewrite the Constitution. The only way for this bill to become a just law is by amending the Constitution, then three quarters of the States must ratify that amendment, and that will never happen. If this process is not followed, then lower you’re American Flags to half mask, for our nation has been conquered from with-in.
    To force the will of the minority upon the majority is only done in a Fascist system. Here again the supreme law affords the people…not a right, but a duty to remove such an illegal government. We must by mandate of our Constitution, enforce the will of the majority by way of the vote. If this process is hindered in any way, it calls upon us to remove such a Government by the force of arms, but only if all democratic means have failed.
    If the latter comes to pass, a whole lot of folks are going to really need health care.
    When the nation that claims to champion freedom, imprisons per capita more of its citizens than any other nation in the world, cries first for Judicial Reform, not laws that will allow this Illegal Fascist Government to imprison even more.
    Economic / Financial Reform, and most assuredly Political Reform, are needed long before a Trojan Horse called Health Care Reform.
    Health care reform began as nothing more than a decoy, to take our attention off of “The FED”, and the issue of big money Wall Street reform.
    Of this illegal government I ask…
    The majority of those opposing this law being forced upon them, are willing to die for their freedoms, are you as willing to die trying to deny us those freedoms?
    The Supreme law in this country is, and always will be the will of the majority, not the will of the Federal Government, not the will of the Democratic or Republican Parties, and most assuredly not the will of the self anointed “Almighty Obama”, our leader…our dictator… Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!!!
    Oh my God, what have we done…? May god have mercy on our doomed Nation?
    For today the Democratic Republic known as America has been overthrown.

  • liberty55

    Ed, here is part 2 of the Reverend Manning trial, stating that there is no proof

    that obama ever attended Columbia University.

  • liberty 55

    This is a reply to Ed, who posted on this site at 3:12 this afternoon.

    I live in Texas, and respect Dr. Paul, very much.

    I have viewed this website a few times in the past, but have never written on it

    Ed, I don’t know if you have ever heard of Reverend Manning in Harlem NY,
    but I am going to try and post a YouTube video for you to view.

    I hate what is going on in our nation, and am even having trouble totally
    believing the people I have deemed “good”.

    Here is the video:

  • Funny thing…it’s not actually “health care” at all, but what I’ve termed the “illness manipulation and control system.”

    Not a single penny of the new hundreds of billions (let’s face it, it’ll be well over a trillion a year extra once we hear the full (publically released) ramifications…it always is!) is going to actually go towards “health” but it will almost all go to pharmaceutical companies, corporate hospitals, multinational insurance companies, and a fair portion of what’s left over will go towards bribing those who willmake things worse for the people, and more profitable to kill them off.

    If there ever is a “health care system” developed–we do NOT have one now, despite the wilfully ignorant claims that we do!–it will consist of natural foods first, natural remedies second (where applicable, of course), and pharmaceutical and surgical procedures last. In an emergency, there is simply no substitute for anasthesia and surgery to rebuild a shattered body…but even there, nature is still the original source of ideas and raw materials for all of the drugs in the toxic pharmacopea!

    I have heard various scentific treatises on what was used for anaesthetic during ancient brain surgeries (they have found numerous mummies and skeletons around the world with evidence of healed skulls which were obviously skillfully (for their time) opened and resealed), and the prime theories consist of opium and cannabis as the only available compounds during those periods.

    Long-n-short: There is only MONEY in Barry’s “health care” package…there will be NO NET BENEFITS in public health, with the exception of illegal immigrants, and the financial health of the big money players that have effectively gutted what could have developed into a true health care system…were it not deliberately destroyed in the name of government and corporate greed.

    Just wait until you see what Codex Alimentarius and Monsanto have planned! It’s going to be even more fun when all the parties get together out in the open!

  • I am saddened by the events of the last few days. Our country will go bankrupt. This is what they want. They want America to become a welfare state and there is nothing that we can do short of an armed response or military coup, which has it’s own set of problems. I would love to see Ron in the white house but I am sad to say that it will never happen because he doesn’t have the support of the people who are really in power. What else are we supposed to do? Washington has proven that they do not listen to us or even care for that matter. They are doing whatever they want and trying to divide and conquer us at the same time and it is working. I pray that we the people will come together and take this county back before it is too late.

    • Citizen

      I too would like to see Dr Paul in the White House, BUT it would take that AND a 67% majority of both Dem and Rep CONSERVATIVES voting to reverse the Socialist trend.

      Given the gerrymandered district that keep Dems like Barny Frank in a permanent seat, its not likely that the pendulum will ever swing that far right again. Its doubtful that ObamaCare will ever be reversed once a few million more begin getting Free Health care.

      Sadly but I do believe Dr Paul is again correct… “National Bankruptcy will ultimately Repeal ObamaCare”


  • tim brennan

    I am not a conspiracy nut but bankruptcy is coming so clearly the reason they dont care what it costs is not that it will be repealed in bankruptcy, but expanded to complete socialism. ….no good crisis goes to waste

  • loudman70

    It is time for Americans to stand up against the Socialist Democratic Gov.and not give up any more of our Liberties!

    • Ray

      That’s an easy thing to say but , it is my opinion that this government is not going to stop destroying our freedoms and the only way, as a free people, that we are going to stop them is to either push for several of our states to seceed from the union and go our separate way , and if they force us to defend our right to remain free, then it may be time once again to go head to head with this god damnnned socialist government .
      It is also my opinion that These socialists pr!cks are going to push this nation into civil war.
      The republicans and the democrats who are in charge of this government are Socialists. They were elected by people who want socialism. Unfortunately, freedom loving Americans are out numbered by these socialists, so the only way that we are going to remain free is through the secession of several states from the union.

      • Libertarian777

        Ray, as I’d mentioned on an earlier post, the grasshoppers will always vote for any senator/congressman that supports a bill that takes from the ants and gives to the grasshopper, until everyone has nothing.

        google search “ant and grasshopper the modern version”

    • Citizen

      what would you propose we do?
      TEA party Tax Revolt?
      Refuse to file Tax Returns and Claim 12 Exemptions?

      I’m not sure what our options are?
      Just like the original Colonists, King Obama has us by the short hairs!
      He owns all the money, therefore he makes all the rules.

  • Paul Schnake

    Keep up the good work. This is a year of just restricting bill approvals as much as possible. As soon as conservatives have control of congress a lot needs to be reversed. Also future budgets must be restricted to 50 or 60 per cent of the request. This will squeeze things so that changes are forced.

  • dear america,
    you are the new mexico, raised on robbery, aka oil robber barons fostering war for the profit of industrial capitalists. how can we help?

  • Ed

    It is quite obvious House of Representatives is going to do what ever they decide is best for the country, ignoring the WILL OF THE PEOPLE! As far as the Senate, we may have a chance with Scott Brown but this is not written in concrete either. Look what happened in the House, several Democrats stated they where going to vote NO to the Healthcare Bill but due to bribery and Sweet Heart deals, they betrayed the American Citizens and voted for it. Is there no Honor now days?

    But what really bothers me is how Obama could run for the highist Office in the United States of America without displaying the legitiment Birth Certificate? All other canidates had to display their Birth Certificate. I know he has sealed his files but doesn’t but if he has nothing to hide, why not display them, there is something fishy here.

    I have been doing alot of researching into the matter of the “Missing Birth Certificate”. I have seen a copy of certificate from Hawaii which was determined to be a fake. I have seen a video in which “His grandmother stated that her grandson is about to be the President of the United States, and is so proud because she was present DURING HIS BIRTH IN KENYA, in the delivery room.” There was also a copy of the “CERTIFICATE COPY OF REGISTRATION OF BIRTH” for Coast Province of Kenya, No. 495 and signed by the Deputy Registrar.

    Could this be why Obama sealed his records?

    God Bless America and I hope this can all be resolved soon so America can once again get back on track to the wonderful country we once had.

    The Vedio also displayed a Kenya Birth Certificate

    • Citizen

      Dear Ed,
      Just maybe we could trick Berry into a game of pickup B-ball and get him to step on a piece of rice paper to capture his footprint?
      Then we could compare it to the Kenyan hospital birth certificate for irrefutable evidence. But the Fox now owns the Hen House and there’s simply going to be a lot of missing chickens!

  • John

    Do you mean Dr. Paul doesn’t know that the US corporate government has been bankrupt since 1933? Besides how can we be in debt when they just take money out of thin air? Just take more money out of thin air. It’s all a freakin’ fraud.

    • Chan

      China don’ wan’ yo money from tin air nomo.

    • Mad Dog

      Ron Paul is acutely aware of the history of this country’s debt. He knows and has talked publicly and written frequently about this debt. The difference, John, is the size of the 1933 debt compared to today’s – specifically as a percentage of our GDP. But even more critical is who holds that debt. In 1933, the federal debt was covered by US banks, corporations, and bonds. Today, a vast share of our debt is held by foreign entities.

      Why is that important? Because until we can reverse our trade deficit (particularly with China) we can never pay off this foreign debt. And the only jobs that Obama’s stimulus package has created (or saved) are government jobs and academic grants. Guess what? Neither China nor any other country is going to import either.

  • Aging Bull

    In the presidential debate, Dr. Paul said he would get rid of the IRS his first day in office.
    Having studied the federal tax code for more than 10 years, I have found that the words such as: Taxpayer, Income, U.S. Citizen, and other terms have defined meanings in the tax code that are not what we think they are. I would urge Dr. Paul to turn his staff loose to investigate the fraudulent application of the income tax on ordinary Americans. A good place to start would be and read the book “Cracking the Code.” Also, if the media would investigate the fraud and publicise it, it would create public awareness of the truth and would put an end to the scheme.
    The pathetic consequence of the tax code is impoverishing the people of this country and empowering a bloated government.
    Please Dr. Paul, look into this and spread the word to our fellow Americans.
    The truth will strengthen your augument to dump the jack-booted thugs aka IRS and free the people.

    • Citizen

      To Aging Bull,
      The solution may be a peaceful civil disobedience movement to withhold taxes for Constitutional Legal Cause.

      But with Obama hiring 16,500 new IRS agents, (new jobs stimulus program) we will likely loose all of our earthly possessions but that’s what many of the original Colonists had to do.

      But what might work…
      – Start SAVING by buying and holding Silver or Gold coins.
      – Stop using Credit Cards, just stop.
      -Use CASH only.
      -Barter and Trade using Silver or Gold. when ever possible
      -But likely within 5 years the Beast (Government) will launch and force a new national ID card on everyone to control the rampant Tax Evasion.
      Then finally “no man may buy or sell lest he has the mark…”

  • MAB

    The way I have seen it, we do have two party system that do have the same agenda. Only thing is they have their personal way of getting there.
    Between the G.H.W Bush 2 terms, Willie Clinton 2 terms and G. W. Bush 2 terms, this country has been chopped down to “life support level”.
    Obama on the other hand has been placed to “PULL THE PLUG”
    Good Night America DOA March 23rd 2010

  • Michaael martin

    Under this philosophy we don’t have the right to roads, schools, law enforcement, a military security. All the acts of derugalation have helped create health problems in the country. I think you’re great man, Dr Paul. But the military budget is what’s destrying America, not health care.

    • David Demoise

      Actually, if you’ve listened to any constitutional thinker, as Paul appears to be, they probably know that the military industrial complex is what’s destroying our country along with other things such as health care. They’ve said that all along when talking about foreign policy and entangling alliances. But this kind of health care reform package, coming from whatever party, would probably be endorsed by that party whether it was the best policy or not. i.e., if Bush endorsed this type of Obama care policy, the Republicans would most likely follow but now they reject it because their party is not in power. These regulations on insurance companies will only exasperate the debt, and hurt health care. Medicare had to be cut to accommodate Obamacare or what ever the term is. And taxes on hospital equipment and the like, such as wheel chairs are going to pay for it. Unfortunately the ugly reality is that insurance is based on risk, even when we get ill with cancer which is out of our control. If you believe that each individual has a right to health care, then that is another form of entitlement. Rights and privileges are two different things. To really help poor working people and middle class working people to be able to deal with escalating costs of anything, it has to be determined what causes prices to rise. The biggest culprit as to why health care costs, and other costs continue to rise, is inflation. Who inflates the money supply? The Fed does. Who takes your earnings out of your pay check throughout the year? The IRS does. If we don’t address the inflation problem and the wage tax issue by abolishing the IRS, and the Fed, the government dole is going to continue to be an alternative. Government can’t handle all these things that some people feel we as individuals have a right to. Even though the founders and the constitution are flawed as everything is, the logic behind the constitution still and will always hold true: Government is supposed to stay, as Judge Napolitano always open his show with, “within the confines of the constitution.” Health care in the US has been getting progressively worse, along with the welfare state, including corporate welfare, the war fare state, and all these entitlements that many people feel they deserve. As for Federal tax, just like the bailouts, it is another form of redistribution of wealth, transferring our earned dollars to individuals and corporations who didn’t produce to earn, or who made irresponsible business decisions, and expect the entitlement of a safety net from government borrowing, printing and taxing.

  • Write this down

    There moral understanding is darkened and their reasoning is clouded. They live in their vanity and the emptiness of their souls and the futility of their minds.They are self-banished from their creator because of their ignorance that is deep seated in them due to the hardness of their heart and the insensitiveness of their moral nature. In their spiritual apathy they have become callous, past feeling, reckless and have abandoned themselves to unbridled sensuality, eager and greedy to indulge in every form of impurity.
    Dear reader,
    Don’t let this happen to you !!!

  • Asteroid

    Although I am disappointed with the health care reform bill, I believe it is very short sighted to blame its passage for the financial ruin of this country . The financial mess we (and the rest of the world) are in has taken decades to reach this point. The erosion of financial regulations have placed all the power i.e. money into the hands of a very few at the expense and ultimate demise of the people of the world; Greece being the latest example and continuation of Haiti. Our capital system is a hugh Ponzi scheme. The US is already bankrupt and propped up artificially by the Fed and the Plunge Protection Team. But the bubble will burst eventually and we, the taxpayers will pay for it (again)while the people who made it happen will ….. I don’t know, its like they are sawing off the limb they are sitting on or like a flea sucking all the blood from a dog, which is now dead. I don’t get it. Will they take their worthless dollars or Euros and go to their secluded island somewhere or perhaps back to their original planet? Greedy bankers, speculators and corporations are responsible for worldwide financial collapse and the privatization of the world. Fair Trade is not fair and the Free Market is not free. I truly believe that the government doesn’t run the show, it only gets the blame for whatever goes wrong – good cover. The media is totally controlled and perpetuates the spin. The hand full of people controlling the money game are calling the shots. We need serious financial and election reform NOW. As far as health care, it is far from perfect but is at least a first step. In a nut shell, I think a huge asteroid is what the Earth needs to straighten it out.

  • Dr. David Arpie

    We need Ron Paul in the oval office. He understands the issues and realizes that the present congress and administration is driven by a socialist agenda.
    Clearly this country is now run by left wing ideologues who have demonstrated that they are not concerned about the needs of the american people.
    When will our people wake up and see thru the malevolent machinations of this current administration.

  • Maria

    Here is the real problem………we have ONE PARTY SYSTEM!!!

    All this divide and conquer. People need to realize that BOTH parties have expanded govt like there is no tomorrow. People on the left AND right HAVE to come together and realize this. Until this happens nothing……….nothing will change…..ever!
    The right does not get that ‘socialism’ did not arrive under Obama. We have ‘socialist’ or ‘corporatist ‘warfare for crying out loud.
    We live in a corptocracy…………a govt bought up by corporations.

    Congress for the Lobbyists by the Lobbyists.

    All problems trace back to the Federal Reserve!

    • Libertarian777

      Maria… ne’er a truer word has been spoken.

      Ron Paul re-iterates this many times over, how both parties say the same thing, just with different words.

      A good book to read is “Grand Illusion: The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny” by Teresa Amato.

      • Fred the Protectionist

        blah blah…Ron Paul….blah blah…Ron Paul. I haven’t seen this much blind devotion since the Muslims conquered Mecca.

        • Cynthia

          What a stupid comment. This is a Ron Paul forum. What did you expect to find here?

        • Libertarian777

          Teresa Amato has nothing to do with Ron Paul.

          Do you even read Fred?

  • Kathie

    Talk is cheap. The bottom line is, “we the people” need to DO something. Obviously our leaders are totally oblivious to the will of the people. They are like abusive parents who tell their children “it”s for your own good and you will thank us someday”. The president and other leaders have shown total disregard for those they serve. It is degrading and demoralizing. Regardless of party affiliation, we all need to join the Tea Party movement and show up to vote on election day. We need to keep the heat on by writing letters, making phone calls and sending e-mails once a week. We need to show up at the Town Hall meetings and at our representatives’ offices. We need to make them all miserable and then boot them out of office asap. Don’t let your anger wane. Turn up the heat.

    • There are many things that can be done and are being done. One of the easiest and most effective is to get politically involved. Regardless of your party, join the National Precinct Alliance -=, become a Precinct Chairman and help drive the parties back to the right on the political spectrum. That and identifying/voting for Constitutional conservative candidates are the only effective way to reclaim our heritage.