National Bankruptcy will Repeal Obamacare

Ron Paul tells it like it is: There is no “right” to healthcare. Obamacare will be repealed by a national bankruptcy. The IRS is hiring new agents to steal more money. Central economic planning has failed. A much bigger economic crisis is coming. And, every country in the world is technically bankrupt.

Channel: Fox Business
Date: 03/21/2010


Stuart Varney: Let’s bring in Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul, joining us from Washington. Congressman, always a pleasure to have you with us.

Ron Paul: Thank you.

Stuart Varney: I know you oppose this deal, this healthcare reform bill. We’re assuming that it is going to pass, by all the vote count looks like it is there. Could you tell us what is your biggest single objection to this healthcare bill?

Ron Paul: Well, there’s too many. It is just wrong policy, it’s bad economic policy, it’s bad moral policy, it’s bad constitutional law. But the process is just outrageous. I mean we’re voting on a rule and we’re gonna pass a bill and then the bill will be doctored up a little bit after it. But this idea of an executive order amending the bill, just is such an outrage.
I mean, the process on the floor is such an outrage; at least they are talking about the outrage. But to think that we’ve gotten to the point where we allow our President just to write an executive order, it’s the law of the land. There’s nothing conceivable about that being constitutional.

Stuart Varney: You mentioned some moral problems that you have with this. You see, you talked about the legal problems, political problems, financial problems, all the rest of it. Okay, spell out the moral problem that you have with healthcare reform.

Ron Paul: Well, we’ve been involved in medical care for more than 50 years, which I object to because it’s created this monster: managed care. But all these interventions by the Republicans and Democrats is based on the assumption that people have a right to medical care. And you don’t have a right to medical care.

You have a right to your life, you have a right to your liberty, and you have a right to take care of yourself. But any way, any time a government tries to give you a service or something of substance, they have to steal it from somebody else. So, the whole process is immoral because it is based on government theft. That’s why they’re hiring 16,000 more new IRS agents, so because they have to steal more money.

Stuart Varney: Okay, when we passed it today and I believe it will pass, looks like the votes are there, what does it take to repeal it or roll it back? Surely, it would take 60 Senate Republican votes, a Republican in the White House and a very significant Republican majority in the House. And that sir, looks like an awful long way off.

Ron Paul: Now, the bankruptcy of this country is gonna repeal it because we march onward with whether it’s the endless spending overseas, or the endless spending on welfare, no concern about the deficit. The national debt is going up $2 trillion this year and nobody takes any concern. They don’t realize how serious this is. They’re oblivious to the seriousness of our economic crisis.
We’re not getting out of this crisis, we’re just on the verge of getting in to a much deeper one. And this will precipitate that, and so it will be the bankruptcy of the country and it will be defined by the destruction of the dollar, and government won’t be able to pay any anything out. This is why the people are so upset. It’s because even the liberals realize the government can’t deliver the goods anymore.

Stuart Varney: We talked about this before. And I’ve asked your time horizon on this economic catastrophe, the point at which the markets bring us all up short and stop this spending and debt accumulation. Your time frame last time we talked was over the horizon. It was 2 or 3 years away. Have you brought it up closer because of healthcare reform passage?

Ron Paul: Well, tonight when this passes it will be a major step closer to it. But the events are predictable that are coming. Just like the financial crisis was predictable, but nobody knew that was in September 2008 that that was going to hit us or that the NASDAQ bubble was going to crash in March of 2000.

We don’t know those days but we do know events will come and we have embarked on a course that is unsustainable. You cannot spend this kind of money, borrow this money and create new credit to finance this debt. It will end, it will end badly and it will hurt the people that… many people are very seriously trying to help the people who are suffering and help with medical care. But they’re doing it exactly the wrong thing. Medical care will get worse and this country will go into bankruptcy.

Stuart Varney: The executive order which the President will issue on the subject of abortion, that’s not – is it unconstitutional in some way? Can that be repealed and rejected?

Ron Paul: No, not in today’s circumstances. They’ve been doing this, you know, “stroke of the pen, law of the land, kinda cool”. They’ve been doing it for a long, long time. But you know this whole idea and argument over abortion is not in reality a sincere argument. It’s sincere but it doesn’t accomplish anything. The Hyde amendment doesn’t accomplish anything because we would deny funds going to pregnancy centers and say don’t use any money for abortion.

But all funds are fungible, so this idea that we say don’t use any money. […] money pours in the hospitals and the clinics. If they do, they just shift it around. This idea of fungibility is so clear that this whole argument on the abortion issue is really not touching the right point and that is, why is the government involve in delivering healthcare, why is the government involve in pretending that this is a viable way of delivering anything?

Central economic planning, if anything the 20th century proved, central economic planning fails. Every country in the world today is on the verge of bankruptcy. People brag about other countries having cheaper medical care and all. But every country in the world is technically bankrupt and we’re marching on to a really worldwide economic catastrophe if we’re not careful.

Stuart Varney: So, another dark day for America. Congressman Ron Paul, telling it how he sees it. We appreciate you being with us again, sir. Good to have you.

Ron Paul: Thank you.

  • There is really only one hope for America and that hope is based on II Chron. 7:14 which says, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” This country was founded on Christ Jesus and he is our only hope now as he was then. It is not greener on the other side, they are making a one world order and there will be no place to run. We must stand fast in the Lord of glory to overcome.

    • Ryan

      This country was founded on a Constitution.

      • Paul Smith

        The Constitution is certainly a foundational document but the principles and values on which it was written were Christian. At the time of its writing, we were very much a Christian nation. That we have fallen away from our Christian principles and values is clearly shown in the sad state of our Nation and, in my opinion, will be our ultimate downfall.

        • Ryan

          The Constitution grants us freedom of religion; a right I fully support.
          I do not, however, support an agenda to rewrite history.

          The number of Christians at the time of it’s inception is not pertinent. There were many people of varying beliefs involved in it’s writing, and certainly Christians were among them. But the document was a secular (by man) attempt to establish a nation with an equal playing field for all people, of all values, for all time. Just read the preamble for confirmation…

          “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

          The Constitution defines the rights of “We The People”, and it’s the framework from which our laws are made.
          The laws of this country are not derived by the values of Christianity, let alone the central figurehead of Christianity, as Ekkman suggested.

          I support the right to practice religion as people see fit. But I will speak out when I see something that is clearly a contradiction from the known historical facts. And will not accept any suggestion that Christians, and Christian values, are somehow more relevant to the rights of “We The People”. Christians are no more, or less, rightfully endowed by the Constitution than anyone else.

          Freedom and Liberty is the main principal. Another way of saying that is, “Equality of rights.”.

    • Machine

      Nice passage. However, this country was founded on spilling the blood of youth , stealing from the neive, enslaving the black and poor…FRAUD!!! All in the intrest of the elitiest christian white rich man. And it is still happening today.

      • Fred the Protectionist

        Welcome my son
        Welcome to the machine
        Where have you been?
        It’s alright we know where you’ve been
        You’ve been in the pipeline
        Filling in time
        Provided with toys and scouting for boys
        You brought a guitar to punish your ma
        And you didn’t like school
        And you know you’re nobody’s fool
        So welcome to the machine

      • Of course it’s the evil white Christians like my family who came from Holland after the 2nd world war after half our relatives where killed by the Germains.
        My relatives died trying to hide the the Jews who where thier neighbours.
        They where white Christians.
        My parents where under 10 when they watched executions in front of their homes…of their neighbours.
        My great uncle was executed in front of my Dad for helping a Dutch Jew.
        He was a white Christian.
        My Gramps came over from Holland with 6 kids ,no job and no money and started a business building homes.
        Employed ALL COLOURS AND ETHNIC GROUPS. He was a white Christian.
        He did not see colours…ever. I know I worked with many ethnic groups in his company and I saw Gramps give folks jobs just so they could eat.
        He was a white Christain.
        Most of my family does not see a person’s colour .
        Somehow though we as white Christisna who built N.A. by the way are according to you… elitiest christian white rich men.
        I can’t think of a single person in my really large white Christian family who thinks about a persons skin colour.
        We got past that a long time ago.
        Maybe you should try to do the same.

        Folks like you and I don’t know what your back ground is…but you seem to want to remind my family and folks like us that we are racists when in fact as I said we don’t think much about it.
        That’s until I see some thing like this and I have to say…oh ya that’s right we must be racists since some entitiy wants to keep this racists crap ongoing.
        Grow up and get over yourself.

        • Machine

          So than who do you hold responsable? Should I have been Politically Correct? and just sad “man” is to blame; so not ot offend those certain”groups”. Groups as in White, Elite, Rich, and Christian. I mean I do know we have a black president…Progress right!? But all he has done is resuffled the same marked deck that we have been delt over and over.

          Look I do appologize for offending you. And of coarse I know that there are just as many good and humain white christians – rich or poor – that are not the cause of fraud, I am one of them..except for the christian part. However, I was making a point to the blogg by EKKMAN.

          • Thanks for the communictaion.
            Ist… please don’t be PC with me.
            PC makes me vomit.
            2nd …your president is half black in case anyone cares.
            He had a white Mother.
            3rd you can’t offend me..I have a thick skin.
            I don’t know you and don’t care really what you say about me.
            I’m a truth teller and tell it like it is.

            To me one of the biggest prblems we have is simply EGO.
            On all sides.
            Not enough of us are evolving as the world should.

            Who do we hold repsonsible ?
            To me it’s the elite as you said but not just white elites.

            I see scarcity mind set continually preached which is not true.
            By the media of course,the banks and the governments.
            Lastly and most powerful is the government run school systems indoctrinating our kids with complete scarcity mind set.

            Why don’t they teach what Buckminster Fuller spoke of often which was that we have enough resourcse on our planet that everyone can be a billionaire.
            Yes with a “b”.

            So we need to change our thinking 180 dgrees.

            How do we help the folks in Africa and such?

            We have the technology to do it with the internet…but will we?

        • gander

          my grandma hid a jew in her closet during the war but she was smarter than your uncle and didn’t get caught or shot.

          stop being such an apologist.

      • gander

        read a history book you brain washed robot, or should i say Machine. Murder and rape is how every country in the history of earth was founded. no new country gets founded on peace and love. if all that theft and murder hadn’t occurred you wouldn’t have been born. the only reason that white people are losing everything is because they have turned into self-hating uneducated losers like yourself.


        • SS

          Why would you deny Machine his right to self-loathing?

          Machine reminds me of the Stars and Bars argument.

        • Machine

          Absolutly! Which is why I shared my perspective;based on history books, many books, as well as some extended world travel resulting in residing in other countries and the many friendships that came from it.
          When WHEN will we learn that war begot war begot…War is an utter loss of humanity. Are you willing to kill, (or as you stated…RAPE and MURDER)? War is the hostle and violent take over by one group over another, and its means to an end is through acts of evil…than being the end result is evil it will always lead to more evil; this is what history has taught us. The fact that I am here (born) does not mean staying the course of a history that may or may not have brought me here; just as a child born from rape dosen’t mean he must become a rapist. My survival dosen’t have to be by my shedding the blood of another or my own. My excistence dosen’t mean domination over anyother race or culture. White man isn’t loosing becuse of me or those who protest a continuence of destruction through murder and rape…Everyone loses when we take rather than give. No I don’t feel directly responsable for the atrocities of our past, and yes I am very aware of the few today who are extreme fundamentalist, they exist in EVERY culture and every race and EVERY religion, however killing off a race or proving dominance over another culture doesn’t improve the world…It weakens it, causing greater problems, which economics is the least…War begot war…As Gandhi once stated, “…an eye for an eye and soon the whole world is blind.”

  • machine

    “Right to take care of yourself…”
    I do not associate myself with the republican or democrat party…I simple choose to (hmm) think outside both those boxes. History shows that both parties – over the past 100 plus years – does not have “the peoples intest”. The Obama Party is no different. If national health care is “for the people” than it should be voted on by the people…Not elected greedy liars who are pressured by their party and baught out by corporate lobbiest.
    I – like many of my family and friends – work hard…which enables me to take care of my needs. However, I cannot afford to pay for medical insurance; and if the company I work for ( a local mom and pop buisness) is FORCED to provide health insurance they WILL go belly up. Todays health insurance policies are for BIG corporations, the rich and elite…It will be no different with a socialized system; it will continue to rob Peter to pay Paul.
    So what I am saying is that YES we need to do something to change the way health insurance works/costs in America. However we MUST Not allow government to CHEAT us from our individual rights as Americans…We have already suffered enough at the hands of government swine.

    • James Smith

      I didn’t agree with all your comments, but I very much agree with this one. The “Elitist Christian” does not exist in reality. There is no such thing. They are only Christain by profession of the word and do so for socio-political gain. Real Christians surrender selfishness and pride.

      Nevertheless, I feel the left and the right are merely two sides of the same box. If one argues, or is a proponent, of either side: one is still in the box. Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews on the Left…Bill O’Rielly and Glenn Beck on the Right: Could they actually be doing a dis-service to the American Patriot by providing a venue in which the left/right agruement may be “vented”?

      I proclaim that the box should be kicked to the curb. We have a relatively simple Constitution and 50 unique states. These States are 50 unique nations. Our system was designed so that we could live after our own fashion in our own States.

      Ron Paul expresses this point to the point of utter exaspiration. The Federal Government does not hold power of the States outside the specific and enumerated powers of the US Constitution. It is time for them to shut-up, go home, and allow us the freedom that was “endowed upon us by our creator.”

      Our rights are unalienable, and endowned in such a manner; they were given us by GOD himself. They were not graciously afforded us by any man. Therefore, they can be taken by no man. If the elitist do not agree, then I have a rifle that says it is so.

      Forgive me, I do not want violence…but I have decided that I will no longer run from them…

      • Machine

        Thumbs up.

        Thank you for commenting and sharing your perspective.

        The dis-service I see comming from those you mention is that they tend to be nothing more than BLAH BLAH BLAH,constantly spouting off…simmilar to the Y2K rhetoric…Of course the Right agrees with the Right and the Left agrees with the Left; to a degree. Personally I can’t stand any of the (so called political) network commentators…none of them ever seem to say anything worth listening to…except for Jon Stewart and that other commedian! Ho ho!!
        Yes it very much seems like it is going to be a blood bath. And I am not one for violence and murder either. I hear the cry over the hills…”The Patriots are coming,The Patriots are coming “! We American need to be prepaired to either take a life or give ones life…

        Kingdom of Fear (excellent read ) by Hunter S. Thompson

        Say do you know of any other political blog sites worth checking out???

  • Matt R

    Ron, I love you dude. I don’t tell you enough.

  • Mark

    We can discuss this and every other issue until we are blue in the face. Until we figure a way to get Ron Paul into the Whithouse, everything is moot. My opinion is there is not a chance that he can make it as a Republican. Any suggestions?

    • Ryan

      The Liberty & Fiscal Responsibility (or, Tea Party) movement is growing daily. If this country-wide movement keeps exposing the hypocrisy of the liberal-neoconservative candidates he’ll be facing in 2012, he can get the Republican nomination. We won CPAC!
      My suggestion, don’t give up hope now, 2+ years before the fact. Likely, the economy will be far worse at that time. And Ron Paul will only gain more support with every passing day. Especially since he is the only consistently Fiscal Conservative in the GOP.

    • Libertarian777

      did you ever see that one interview where they asked Ron Paul why he’s Republican if he doesn’t follow most of the party line.

      He quipped : “if I wasn’t Republican I wouldn’t be in the Senate”.

      That hits the nail on the head. If you’re not republican or democrat you can’t get a seat in congress (well maybe 5 seats out of 400 if you lucky, no real voice).

      That being said, I’m not a blind adherent to Ron Paul. I call myself a libertarian in the sense of believing in the constitution, limited government and true freedom. We should be careful ourselves of becoming non-thinking sheep followers of any new party.

      E.g. my roommate voted Democrat and was a major democrat supporter in the last election. Yet she couldn’t tell me WHY she was, couldn’t explain any of their policies etc.

      • Fred the Protectionist

        Libertarians don’t believe in the Constitution or liberty, but they sure do believe in “true freedom”.

        Everyone loves freedom. Terrorists want freedom to kill you. The rich want the freedom to hire slaves. China wants the freedom to invade Taiwan. North Korea wants the freedom to invade South Korea. Indeed Libertarians are for “true freedom”, but they are not for Liberty.

        • Machine

          Hmmm. I agree that goverNment (the big and powerful ones) want to strategically position themselves (millitarilly and economically) for their own personal gain. The U.S. is no different; remember those Natives that were labled SAVAGES…Slaughtered, swindled, and pushed out of the land they had lived on for centuries. Lets not forget the entire South West which was Mexico until we decided to just take it. As well, our history with the black man…Something white folks want to just forget about as if it never happened.
          What goes around comes around! Which is why we spend trillions of dollars on the millitary…The U.S. either gets in bed with other powers (i.e. Saudi Arabia), hedges bets (Isreal) – like a GODFATHER (as in mafia) – or we just invade/ become military active ( China ’45-46/ ’50-’53, Korea ’50-’53,Vietnam61-73, Laos ’64-’73, Nicaragua’80, Panama ’89, Afghanistan’98/ present, Iraq91-99/01-present), all catapulted by some demagog propaganda that insightes the jingoes…Non of the formentioned military actions lead to a democratic government being put in place, just the murder of houndreds of thousands young men and women. The latest band wagon rhetoric: If you are not with America…You’re with the terrorist.

  • Mark

    Mike B is right on!

  • Mark

    Citizen, you are WACKED!!

    • Citizen

      To Mark,
      My apology, I think your correct, I’ve been “whacked” by Obama Care and I’m not thinking clearly.
      I’m heading to the med cabinet to find a pain reliever.
      Again… Sorry

  • saturnx311

    Marionette Hicks– You are mistaken when you say that Clinton would have let us know about Obama’s B.C. You see, these people are all in bed with one another, and they are all on the same team– even though they may bicker and fight in the limelight; behind closed doors you can be sure they are snuggled up tight to each other. It’s like watching pro wrestling. They are all paid the same way, and it’s all a dog and pony show; a distraction designed to keep people occupied while the one they want is placed in the presidency. Now, it’s true: Obama was NOT supposed to win the primary; the plan was for Hillary. But she’s got sooo much doggone CHARISMA, that it was Barry that prevailed. But believe me, all the horses in the race are owned by the EXACT SAME interests. The same steamroller that sent this damn bill down our throats would have done the same thing had Hillary won in the primary. When you own all the horses in the race, you win no matter what.

    • Machine

      Soooo…Do you think IF Ron Paul were to get elected this would change?

  • DEC

    Hi, I have Perfect Credit, Valuable Home, Excellent Income, Retired, Much Cash on Hand and protected by the Homestead Exemption (cannot be touch no mortgage). Yes, I am now amassing all the Unsecured Credit Lines I can get (visa etc). I have been laying the ground work for several years to take the Banks Down for as much as I can obtain. I am buying 1/10 th oz gold coins and bags of silver coins. I purchase a small but nice place in North Western Canada to flee too! Enjoying Freedom again will be as it was in the good old days; getting away from Large Cities, Pollution, Taxes, Crime, Corruption and the galloping crud of mass human civilization. My fourth trip is planned and I have buried much of the funds like Jessie James. Fought in Nam and believed in the good old USA. For the last 10 years I wanted and hoped this country would wake up and correct its course of action but to no avail. I see the Mongrels, Free Martins and a One World Government taking over our country before my very eyes for our Government is a Cesspool of Legalized Criminals and Financial Terrorists.
    I have never been so excited about any project in my life, knowing I will be able to screw these Jew Bastards that control our Banking Systems and Financial Centers. I am going to walk away with gold and cash and the government can consider the gift to me as a real Bailout and add it to the National Debt with its Trillions. As I get 5 to 20 Gold Coins a month and watching the Cash piling up makes me feel like D. B. COOPER or WILLIE SUTTON getting ready to pull off a bank job. Americans had better get ready because the Chaos and Anarchy coming down to its citizens will be a patch on there asses of what Hitler did to Europe. Know your Enemy and fear him well because you are in his sites. Come out of the Either and quite worrying about voting and hoping for a better world, Freedom has VAPORIZED.
    Wake and prepare your families before its to late. GET SMART, PLEASE PREPARE YOUR FAMILIES NOW. THANKS, DEC

    • conservitarian

      Be careful….you can’t eat gold

      • longshotlouie

        Gold and silver purchases the eats.

        • Machine

          Gold and silver purchases the guns and ammo to hunt and protect with!

    • Machine

      Amen! Get free

  • Field McConnell and his team has discovered that Paul Pelosi stands to make a fortune from his company in the insurance industry and Paul is positioned to make money hand over fist. Nancy had a vested interest in getting the bill passed.

  • The date March 21st 2010 is similar to December 24, 1913 (Federal Research Act) – dates that initiated the dismemberment of the USA. Both dates have/will lead to the emergence of the neo global Dark Age, that is similar to that which culminated in the genocidal condition in the 14th century Western Europe. In both cases – 700 years apart – the same parties played out and resulted in similar events.

    I am aware of the ObamaCare package details, which was passed and signed into law on May 21-23. In spite of this tragedy, too many Americans today are optimistic and hopeful that a possible solution can be found, and that the package can be reversed. These hopeful people design tactical steps (e.g., issue legal action against the unconstitutionality of ObamaCare implementation signature; hope that the November elections will help adjust some power balance in the House and Senate; emphasize distinctions between State and Federal authority, etc.) and in the process hope that this tactical approach will reverse the strategy.

    We should note however that as of today the USA is officially governed under a non-USA constitutional authority – specifically a World Banking schedule. Under such conditions, each and every American citizen is no longer an American citizen, but a categorized and graded world entity. This is also why the November elections may easily be ‘postponed’ or rendered void. Some threatening conditions may be created to justify such action. This, by default, will also place all elected officials in the same ‘suspended’ category. Also, one can anticipate that the 50 States of the United States will soon be re-designed.

    Why am I writing such dire predictions for the once much beloved and Christian United States of America? It is to encourage Americans to start thinking strategically and not tactfully only. Americans should not exclude the worst case scenario as the sanest possibility. We should consider March 21nd 2010 as the date that has marked the end of the existing Constitutional United States. We should work on a double plan – a) some tactical moves; as well as, b) establish networks with those who understand the strategic reality, and start planning logistics towards salvaging what still remains of the USA during the following 12 to 16 months.

    I hold a PhD in Russian Languages and Literatures, with minors in International Relations, Engineering. Today, I work as an Industrial Management Consultant and wrote books that address fundamental scientific methodological issues (see

    Also, with time being of the essence, I can direct the reader towards a 2009 Russian film entitled “Admiral.” When the Soviet Union fell, many Russian historians, politicians, military, etc. have critically re-examined why and how Russia fell under Bolshevik power. Now, similar circumstances and causalities are evident in the USA.

    George Grebens (PhD)

  • Marionette Hicks

    Fred the Protectionist

    Freddie, it’s good to see that the King of Imbecilic Morons is still among us. I thought someone might have offed you. I still see you are struggling to master the elusive skill of reading.
    Never fear Freddie Boy, all the good folks here are always willing to aid the afflicted. Let’s get started shall we? I’ll take it slow as usual, just for you Freddie Boy.

    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, is your subject of the day.
    These simple words are implied as a protected right for every American. I know for the afflicted that the term “Constitutional Rights” may be a little confusing. Let’s first clarify the Constitution does not, nor has it ever granted any American Rights. The Constitution clearly acknowledges that these are inherent rights of all people. Yes Freddie, that includes imbecilic self-illiterate morons as well.
    What the Constitution does mandate, is that our Government guarantees us that those inherent rights shall be Protected and Insured for every American under the law. The most essential word to pay attention to in regards to this lesson is “American”, in the legal vernacular. In this case it would be defined as an individual has the right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” which is protected for each of us. When someone forces another to submit to something against their will, they are denying those individuals the Liberty to make a decision they deem as best for their own life, therefore their own happiness. There is nothing that requires anyone to surrender their rights, for the sake of those to inept, or lazy to pay their way. You want to commit suicide in a Government Health Care System, that’s your right. What is not your right or your governments Freddie Boy, is forcing us to commit suicide with you.

    What is scary Freddie is that morons like you appear to support a government health care system, when you have no clue of how one works. If you think that Insurance companies deny a lot of treatment, then wait till you learn that the government today denies under Medicare nearly ten times the amount as private insurance companies. The fact that far more Americans die as a result of not meeting Government mandates that qualify, or disqualify one for treatment, than any other program, which also includes the indigent. Treatment for all Americans in need of it, is already required by existing laws, no one can be refused life saving treatment. No one dies in this country because they are denied treatment by Hospitals. If they do, someone is, or should be headed to prison…That’s already the law Freddie Boy. You want to end someone’s life early in this country, force them into Medicare. There is no law that says the Federal Government can’t deny you treatment, and believe it they do…allot. Just ask anyone who has been forced to enter this Government run program. Heck better yet, asked a Doctor who treats Medicare Patients, if you can find one who will.
    They are few and far between, and becoming fewer every day, because of the political red tape, but mainly because they are sworn to protect life, and the government restricts them from doing that with their strict guidelines. The Government takes from the Doctor, and the patient their rights to act in the best interest of their health, therefore their own life. The manner in which Medicare is mandated is in fact an unconstitutional program itself, and rapidly failing program at that.
    So you see Freddie Boy, I truly support all of the Liberal Nazis being given this government health care. There will be far less of you around to try and still the rights and money of hard working Americans, for yourself.
    No one I have heard supporting Mr. Paul or any who oppose this idiot law, denounces health care reform. To think that anyone who opposes this unjust law does so to deny those in need health care, is just preaching Liberal Nazis Propaganda Rhetoric.
    What most here are opposed to, is their right to chose being unjustly…and unconstitutionally taken from them. Anything that threatens our rights in any way, threatens us all Black, White, Brown, Red or Yellow. If you or this illegal government think that We The People are going to allow you to place our families in jeopardy without a fight, you are truly as delusional as you sound.

  • TedWa

    Sorry guys, just caught up with your comments. Here’s a link to the page. I actually read those comments somewhere else, businessweek not too long ago I believe.

  • TedWa

    I ran across this quote from a noted Harvard economist. We all need to understand this. Just now on CNBC they were talking about global economic integration in the consumer protection bill. This is the quote. “democracy, national sovereignty and global economic intergration are mutually incompatible” It’s possible to have any 2 but not all 3. “It’s the inexcapable trilemma of the world economy”
    Now if this is true & if our politicans aim is global economic integration we have to forego either national sovereignty or democracy. It’s quite obvious to me that democracy is being sacrificed for global economic integration & national sovereignty. How do you all feel about that? “Sovereignty is the quality of having supreme, independent authority over a territory. It can be found in a power to rule & make law that rests on a political fact for which no purely legal explanation can be provided.” Making laws that need no legal reason. It appears that Constitutional rule of law doesn’t matter. How does this make you feel? It gets me angry.

    • Milo, NC


      I am interested to know your source on the “trilemma” of the world economy. Can you provide a citation where I might be able to learn more about this topic? Thanks very much,


    • Citizen

      To TedWa

      It appears they are “channeling” these ideas from a Divine Spiritual entity who is trying to help them in creating a Utopia.
      You know… The New World Order thing!

      My concern is, its probably Lucifer!
      Just as Sal Alinski did when he wrote is “Rules for Radicals” and dedicated it to the First Social Radical, Lucifer

  • Michael Bojarski

    First thing is stop labeling every arguement as liberal and conservative. That divides the audience right off the bat. this is about a change of mindset, alot of years of indoctrination need to be relearned. Talk about liberty, the real meaning of our rights in the Constitution. Putting it under the above names will only fail the American public unless you want another civil war. May I ask first who out there know the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto, this country has been following this for over a hundred years. Follow the money.

    Don’t Tread on Me
    Michael Bojarski

  • Ron Paul is unfortunately right on.
    I’m Canadian and I’m very concerned for all of us because if the U.S. goes bankrupt we are going to be in a bad way to say the least.

    Our Country of Canada is doing much better than the U.S. financially but we still have FAR TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT.

    That’s why I like Ron Paul. He is the only coming out and saying we have too much government in our lives.

  • James Smith

    For the past 15 years, Congress, Democrats & Republicans, have sold American Industry to foreign shores. We currently have a 12 trillion dollar national debt, the majority of which is 2-year t-bills owed to foreign governments. Over the past two years we have quadrupled the US money supply. In 1945 millions of men came home from WWII. They married and had children around 1946. These children turn 65 in 2011.
    We have trillions of dollars of Social Security and Medicaid promises made to these children of the WWII veterans that we do not have the money to pay, the credit to borrow, the money supply to double, or the industry to tax to support it. It is simple mathmatics, don’t take my word for it…research it for yourselves.
    Big, little, short, tall, Left, Right, Gay, Straight, Rich, or Poor; Life for us all is about to change. Government can not help us. We must help ourselves. Prepare! Store food and take steps toward self-sufficiency. The real American Hero is he and she who provide for others by their own hand and of their own free will.

  • Marionette Hicks

    Eddy M
    “Unfortunately, the Ron Paul camp won’t drop their unconstitutional religious agenda, and so the young voters will keep them from winning, because to some people their freedom is worth more than their money.”

    It never ceases to amaze me, how some people can write, but have never mastered the ability to read.
    For starters the so called “Ron Paul Camp” has never tauted religion in its agenda. Because those who choose to embrace their religious faith support Ron Paul, does not mean everything he stands for is religion based. Just as everyone who supported Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton is not a Lying Lecherous Adulterer. The fact that Freedom of Religion is one of the most revered rights that this Nation was founded upon, leaves one to question if you ever graduated grade school. If you did, then your ignorance of the Constitution must be a matter of choice. However; fear not your right to choose ignorance over knowledge is protected under that Constitution.
    As for the youth of America not supporting Ron Paul, you must be kidding. College Students are among his most ardent and vocal supporters. To be ignorant is your right, to denounce that ignorance is mine.

  • John Ickes

    More laws to control the extent of how much our politicians power can reach. These jokers have overstepped their bounds and must be held accountable for the failure of their actions. We, their employers, must remove their elitist, self serving pay hikes, personal healthcare and pensions and take exactly what we say they will get….not what they say they will get. We are responsible for letting them get away with this outrageous behavior, now it’s our responsibility to take it away.

    • Machine

      I do agree…Tell me though, HOW!?!? I have my own perspective…it’s bloody arduous…Revolution is easier than reform! But are the American people ready!?!?

  • Richard Acosta

    The only way is to elect the bastards out! We have to find the right people running for office that are true conservative. Go to Liberty PAC, Ron Paul is the Honorary Chairman and their goal is to help fund and elect true conservatives, pro-constitution, pro-liberty, pro-American sovereignty candidates at the Federal and State levels. So stop the crying and whining and get involved NOW! He supports John Dennis who is going up against Nancy Pelosi in 8th district in California and supports many others liberty minded people. I threw fifty bucks to his campaign. Lord knows I want that HAG out she is has caused enough grief for America! Now GO get involved and spread the word!!! Thank you and long live liberty and America

    • James Smith

      Good job Richard! I am an everyday, average, working Joe with wife and kids. I am usually broke by Thursday of each week and I don’t blow money. I know what $50 bucks is worth.

      • Libertarian777

        unfortunately James, Congress doesn’t know what that $50 is worth.

        And if you save it, they will tax it away from you and spend it for the ‘greater good’ and ‘welfare’ of the state.

        Why should you be able to save $50 when there are poor people with no money in their bank account? (yes, that really is Congress’ viewpoint apparently)

        • James Smith

          I am saddened to say that I can not argue with that statement…

  • Marionette Hicks


    Although he has sealed and hidden access to his birth certificate, I don’t personally believe it is because it would show he is not a citizen. If that were the case, Slick Willie would have seen to it that was known in the primary.
    Which leaves one to question, what else might a birth certificate reveal, that the first proclaimed Black President of the United States not want anyone to see?