Join Ron Paul in New Orleans! (April 10)

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On April 8-11, Campaign for Liberty will build off of last month’s success at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) by bringing liberty-minded activists and supporters to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) in the grand city of New Orleans!

When CPAC ended, there was no doubt that our movement, our enthusiasm for the principles of liberty and our dedication to reclaiming our country are stronger than ever. While Congressman Ron Paul was a huge success at CPAC, he has also been invited to speak at the SRLC to promote liberty and defend the Constitution. We are proud to report that he has accepted the speaking invitation!

Thanks to the support of a generous C4L donor, Campaign for Liberty is also proud to announce a massively discounted rate on SRLC tickets for our supporters at $30 a ticket.

Please come out and join other liberty supporters and show that we are a force to be reckoned with and a strong presence at SRLC. Not only will you have the opportunity to see Congressman Paul speak in person on Saturday (April 10), but the conference shares the weekend with the French Quarter Festival where you can enjoy over 150 musical performances, cuisine and culture of the Big Easy.

Make a weekend of it. Come out with other friends of liberty and support Ron Paul.

Click here to purchase your ticket!

Click here for conference, lodging and transportation information.

  • Tom the Troll Killer

    Fred is a troll. Please don’t feed the trolls. Ignore them and they have no audience. Happy trails fred.

  • The Big Easy making way for RP! That has got to be interesting. Oh and Fred last time I check Ron Paul is nothing like G.W.


  • observor

    Oh come on Fred! You spend morning, noon and night with us on this site so why not join us? We can discuss our differences face to face like adults.

  • Fred the Protectionist

    Sorry, I don’t go to New Orleans, unless i’m forced to.

    The Deep South is perfectly suited for Ronulism.

    • longshotlouie

      Lucky New Orleans. They won’t have to worry about you dragging down the average IQ there.

      • Fred the Protectionist

        I drove truck for 9 years. Son (son in an insulting manner)….I’ve been to every corner of this country (except Alaska and Maine), and I can guarantee you that the Deep South sucks balls, and New Orleans was a hellhole even before Katrina was a twinkle in your eye.

    • Ryan

      I get it! I get it! Fred is GW Bush in disguise!

      • Fred the Protectionist

        Libertarians are GW Bush on steroids.

        • crack

          fred probably used steroids in his youth and now has an under developed genital region, hence the complex that he displays through out these pages

          • Fred the Protectionist

            You want to have a […] measuring contest? You send a link to yours first on these forums. Use

          • Fred is now the new George W. Bush! Congratulations!

          • Fred the Protectionist

            And that fits into the conversation, how?