2 responses to “Ron Paul to Ben Bernanke: Price Fixing Doesn’t Work, So Why Does The Fed Do It?”

  1. Bottomline

    It just goes to show you that Bernanke and the other fedheads aren’t looking at the big picture closely to our increasing debt and that we owe China and these other countries their money back. The Feds and Banksters are married to each other.

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  2. carol

    Mr Bernanke (shalom, shalom) is like a wily old fox. He, like Mr Greenscam before him gives little away when being asked these questions by the “great” Mr Paul (all bow in his favour). But, the pressure is on for these crafty bunch of Fedheads. They behave with an arrogance akin to an exclusive Palm Beach club that defies their PUBLIC positions as government slash working for the people employees, who should have been fired long ago for doing a thoroughly lousy job,

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