Poll: Ron Paul’s VP in 2012

If Ron Paul runs for President in 2012, who should be his running mate?

This poll was open from April 5 – 13, 2010. Voters could select up to 5 candidates.

Who should be Ron Paul's running mate? (choose up to 5 options)

  • Andrew Napolitano (17%, 4,184 Votes)
  • Jesse Ventura (11%, 2,683 Votes)
  • Peter Schiff (9%, 2,380 Votes)
  • Rand Paul (9%, 2,143 Votes)
  • Chuck Baldwin (8%, 1,949 Votes)
  • Sarah Palin (6%, 1,427 Votes)
  • Pat Buchanan (6%, 1,386 Votes)
  • Glenn Beck (5%, 1,368 Votes)
  • John Stossel (5%, 1,277 Votes)
  • Jim DeMint (5%, 1,211 Votes)
  • Lew Rockwell (4%, 1,079 Votes)
  • Alex Jones (4%, 982 Votes)
  • Tom Woods (3%, 746 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (2%, 559 Votes)
  • Joe Scarborough (2%, 521 Votes)
  • Adam Kokesh (2%, 407 Votes)
  • Wayne Allyn Root (1%, 257 Votes)
  • Mary Ruwart (1%, 232 Votes)
  • B.J. Lawson (1%, 196 Votes)
  • Bruce Fein (1%, 155 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,580

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Ron Paul had no input in creating the list. It is based purely on suggestions made by supporters here and on other sites over the past few months.

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  • Sue

    I’m all about some Ron Paul…I will support him all the way. I don’t know a lot about the VP nominees….but in a agreement Sara Palin may hurt his chances…

    Seriously…people are sick of the two choices we have had in the past..it is time to change! A real Change! Ventura…absolutely.

  • CAllenDoudna

    I don’t know enough about the philosophies of most of these guys to make an intelligent decision. Pat Buchanan, however, would be better as Secretary of State. Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, I think, are serving best in their current capacities.

  • ian

    andrew napolitano would be good BUT! he would be a better supreme court pick.
    i think pat Buchanan would be good. he has lots of name recognition

  • Friends, the next step is to go out into your community and begin an ongoing discussion with your friends and neighbors about the disastrous effects of the
    Republican Party, the corruption of party
    leaders and elected officials, and the
    effect on Faith organizations with the
    deceptive practices of such Party.

    There was a time when people believed in truth and regarded truth as an independent power and not as an auxiliary for government, class, race, ideological, personal, or financial interest.
    Today Americans are ruled by propaganda. Americans have little regard for truth, little access to it, and little ability to recognize it.

    Truth is an unwelcome entity. It is disturbing. It is off limits. Those who speak it run the risk of being branded “anti-American,” “anti-semite” or “conspiracy theorist.”

    Truth is an inconvenience for government and for the interest groups whose campaign contributions control government.

    Truth is an inconvenience for prosecutors who want convictions, not the discovery of innocence or guilt.

    Truth is inconvenient for ideologues.

    Today many whose goal once was the discovery of truth are now paid handsomely to hide it. “Free market economists” are paid to sell offshoring to the American people. High-productivity, high value-added American jobs are denigrated as dirty, old industrial jobs. Relicts from long ago, we are best shed of them. Their place has been taken by “the New Economy,” a mythical economy that allegedly consists of high-tech white collar jobs in which Americans innovate and finance activities that occur offshore. All Americans need in order to participate in this “new economy” are finance degrees from Ivy League universities, and then they will work on Wall Street at million dollar jobs.

    Economists who were once respectable took money to contribute to this myth of “the New Economy.”

    And not only economists sell their souls for filthy lucre. Recently we have had reports of medical doctors who, for money, have published in peer-reviewed journals concocted “studies” that hype this or that new medicine produced by pharmaceutical companies that paid for the “studies.”

    The Council of Europe is investigating the drug companies’ role in hyping a false swine flu pandemic in order to gain billions of dollars in sales of the vaccine.

    The media helped the US military hype its recent Marja offensive in Afghanistan, describing Marja as a city of 80,000 under Taliban control. It turns out that Marja is not urban but a collection of village farms.

    And there is global warming , in which NGOs. the UN, and the nuclear industry colluded in concocting a doomsday scenario in order to create profit in pollution.

    Wherever one looks, truth has fallen to money.

    Wherever money is insufficient to bury the truth, ignorance, propaganda, and short memories finish the job.

    In 2010 the US Congress was told by Dennis Blair, head of national intelligence, that the US now assassinates its own citizens in addition to foreign leaders.

    We need strong leaders with the courage to stop putting short-term political gain above the needs of the American people. Leadership that will never again be found with-in the Republican Party.

  • I’m interested in running with Ron Paul. I represent small business across this country and small businesses are ready for real change…

    Put Ken Barrick on the ticket… I’m ready to rock the vote

  • allen watkins

    Mike Pence would make a good vp

  • Matt

    Even though I absolutely love Judge Andrew Napolitano, I believe he would be a better fit for Dr. Paul’s first Supreme Court nomination.

  • I chose Rand Paul, Andrew Napolitano, Gary Johnson, Peter Schiff and Thomas Woods.

    Is there something about Gary that I should know that was the reason for his low poll numbers?

    Liberty For All and All For Liberty,

    • jody

      Yes. Gary Johnson is weak. I heard him last Friday at a meet and greet in CT. He has no problem with open borders and he made some very ambiguous statements about the governments responsibility to provide various social “safety nets” for the needy. When someone in the crowd pressed him on the issue and said it was none of the governments business, he had no answer. Literal silence. Also he is obsessed with legalizing drugs, seems he wants to make this his primary campaign issue. While I think that is a legitimate goal, it makes him seem unbalanced. Is legalizing drugs really the most important thing he can think of for America right now? I was disappointed in him as a potential candidate.

      Peter Schiff was there also. He seems solid.

  • Congressman Paul is awesome, but needs to step aside and become the ‘senior statesman’ for the movement.

    And forget about the nepotism.

  • Bob Mason

    We all laugh when our national financiers hold the view that the value of our currency is regulated by the federal reserve. Laying in the vaults of a chosen race, and, this is the joke, our dollars value is guaranteed.
    We must learn that the value of our dollar lies in the productivity of our nation.

  • gary

    I agree with Mingle. Walter Williams has got to be in the mix also.

  • Fred the Protectionist



  • Andreas

    Peter Schiff, Tom Woods, Adam Kokesh, Andrew Napolitano, Jesse Ventura

  • Angela

    A little disappointed the Sarah Palin is even on this list. Seriously??? I would have thought Paul was smarter than that….

    • admin

      Ron Paul had no input in creating the list. It is based purely on suggestions made by supporters here and on other sites over the past few months.

  • Chris

    Dennis Kucinich [D] OHIO

    I for one don’t vote for a party. I vote for an individual. Where does it say we can’t have a ‘R’ POTUS and ‘D’ VPOTUS?

    Combining Paul and Kucinich might be just what our government needs and sure as heck can not be worse than what I’ve been experiencig in decades of late.

    I abhor the thought of voting for the worst of two evils when a WINNING team is possible who really represent the people.

    Gooooooooooooooooo Team

  • Kyle

    Also Alex Jones would make a good vp, he’s one of the leaders for the 9/11 Truth Movement

    • ian

      hell naw

  • Kyle

    Hell yeah Jesse Ventura for V.P!!! He wants a new 9/11 investigation which over half of our country desperately wants, because we the people know it was a cover-up.

  • Mingle

    Walter Williams should be on the list

  • Nick

    Any third party that based on a constitutional government will start our new government.

    I pray that we do not have to come to arms to make this happen.

  • Jonathan Klyn

    25% of you said Jesse Ventura!?? WTF!?