If Ron Paul Wins Another Straw Poll Republicans May Stop Using Them!

Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll earlier this year. If he also wins the straw poll at this weekend’s Southern Republican Leadership Conference, “look for a big movement among the other Republicans to try to discourage other Republican organizations from even holding straw polls, because they don’t want to see Ron Paul continuing to be able to win these things.

Show: The Daily Rundown
Channel: MSNBC
Date: 4/8/2010


  • It kinda makes you wonder what they are trying to hide by attempting to sweep him under the carpet again. Even Mccain has recently said that people like Dr. Paul are the type that started WWII and the Hitler regime. http://libertymaven.com/2011/06/19/ron-paul-influence-in-2012-worries-john-mccain/11707/

    Why cant an honest person be president? maybe because he will uncover all of thier lies.

  • arthur gelinas

    Ron Pauls wisdom not only can awaken republicans and independents but also its great enough to awaken democrats. I am a democrat since birth and listening to Ron Paul stand being the same principles for 40 some what years has awaken me and has lit a fire in my heart to retake our country. Not only has he awaken me but through me pointing the way it also has awaken my entire family. And when Ron Paul makes it official i will campaign for him with my entire heart and soul. Ron Paul 2012.

  • arthur gelinas

    Ron Paul’ wisdom is not only sufficient enough to sway republicans and independents but it was enough to awake a democrat since birth. Along with my democratic family.

  • The Western CPAC has erroneously not included Dr. Paul on their straw poll list of potential 2012 candidates.


    I’ve already sent emails to the chairman and honorary chairman asking for a response. Please do the same if you are so inclined.

  • Gary C. Huggins

    I did not support Ron Paul in the 2008 Republican primary primarily due to a lack of knowledge on who he was and what he stood for. During the televised debates, I listened closely to all of the candidates and noted that Ron Paul stood out from the crowd of GOP establishment candidates sharing the stage with him. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time researching his positions and now stand ready to fully support Ron Paul for President in 2012. Its well past time to end the status quo.

    • Navy Veteran

      I am in the same boat, Gary. Ron Paul has my full support and the USA will know of his existence in 2012!

  • 1111CB

    has anyone started to flood the RNC with demands to allow him to be a candidate??

    have we started to blog the media with why he is ignored despite every poll since 2008??

    The time is now to reform the Republican way of selecting a candidate. It deliberately avoids listening to the will of most Republicans by choosing early in just a few states.

  • Dr. Paul is the only Republican who I see that can win the hearts and minds of both Conservatives and Independent voters. These other GOP nominees are a joke to the American people. Ron Paul can and will defeat Obama in 2012.

    • Ryan

      I’ll second that. It also appears that Ron Paul is attracting liberals too, based on some of the comments in the VP thread. I’m glad to see that he has a broad appeal, while maintaining his steadfast libertarian principals.
      I think the people like that he says what he means and means what he says. The other politicians in both parties speak what the polls say the people want to hear but then do whatever they please. They are born liars. Unprincipled. Treacherous. The people want principals, honesty, and integrity. And that’s what Ron Paul has.

      • That is what we are lacking! People like Ron Paul to say what he wants and not always say what we want to hear. Also indirectly to reaching out not only to Conservatives, and Independents, but You also said some Liberals as well. I’m sorry Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and all of the others just know how to attack without backing up their criticisms with solutions unlike Dr. Paul who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk.

        • Ryan

          Exactly. The people are willing to vote for someone they don’t always agree with as long as they know exactly what they are going to get once the candidate gets elected. With the last several presidents we’ve been fed a pack of lies and we never know what they really stand for until they get elected… And then we see the truth… And they would have never been elected on the truth.
          In fact with both Obama and GW Bush every promise was a lie “compassionate conservatism” and “change we can believe in” has been proven to be exactly the opposite of their claims.
          The people just want honesty, integrity, and principals from our politicians, for those are the qualities of a good leader.

          Ron Paul in 2012!

          • I couldn’t agree more, we keep voting for the same fools to go to congress and the white house just to serve their lobbyist friends who help them get elected. Also they become fiscally irresponsible with our hard earned money. So I hope that the rest of the country is more knowledgeable about who they are voting for.

  • Boozie

    Great Romney = Obama lite. If the talk radio pinheads were true conservatives they would support Ron Paul and then all the Republican sheep would follow. They do not think Ron Paul can win maybe he can’t BUT his idea’s would! If only the american sheeple could hear Dr.Paul’s message.

  • Jennie Walsh

    Anyone in America who does not yet realize that both the Republican party and the Democrat party are owned and controlled by the richest people on the planet, global organized crime, the international rip-off scam-artist con-job bankers, the virtual Kingdom of Satan and America’s worst enemies by far, had better WAKE UP and WISE UP FAST! Doing business, being involved in any way shape or form with these murderers, war-mongers, liars and thieves is very DANGEROUS and SELF DESTRUCTIVE! THEY ARE ALSO DOING THE BEST THEY CAN TO INFILTRATE AND TAKE OVER THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.
    Glenn Beck is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Rush Limbaugh is a wolf in sheep’s clothing…they are both very dangerous because they have many people convinced that they are true patriots…they are actually very sly and cunning traitors and con-men. Rush Limbaugh will be used to destroy someone or something very important to the TEA PARTY movement as Glenn Beck was used to destroy Debra Medina who could have saved Texas from the neo-con Perry.

    • Lisa

      Glenn Beck declared on his radio show today that Mitt Romney is the only Republican who can win in 2012. I expected this endorsement but not so soon. The Fox crowd will be shilling for Romney all the way.

      • Citizen

        Romney is “good looking” guy but he’s got to grow a spin, he’s wimpy and indecisive on his political platform, seeking to appease all fringe elements. Needs to develop firm “conservative” convictions.

        Heck, I think Sara Palin exhibits more intestinal fortitude then Romney does.

        • Lindsey

          Citizen: Palin would probably trash Romney in a UFC match! Certainly, Todd Palin would beat him with one hand tied behind his back! Yes, Romney does have a problem with the issue of intestinal fortitude!

        • David Aiello

          Romney doesn’t need a spin to win. He just needs to look good, speak well, speak charismatically, and relate with people in a shallow sense. Unfortunately, this is what wins elections.

          It’s hardly ever a matter of political philosphy that wins elections unless the ideas are very profound AND are funneled to average Joe by mass media. Dr. Paul’s ideas do fit the former criteria, but will never fit the latter.

    • Fred the Protectionist

      If only we had cloning technology, we could clone Ron Paul 535 times for Congress, 100 times for the Senate, and 1 time for the vice presidency, and whallah, utopia.

      • Citizen

        Hello Fred,
        Fancy seeing you weigh in on cloning technology.

        I think Ben B & Tim G have that “cloning technology” down pat… they don’t even bother with the paper in ink tech stuff anymore, now its simply Cyber-Cash, just add 3 more zeros for TRILLION and hit ENTER!

        Yep our Government’s got that “cloning tech” cinched up!

        Wait a minute???…. Isn’t that what Dr Paul has been warning about…hmmmm?

  • Lisa

    Get ready because this is nothing compared to what’s coming. I suspect the left will soon launch a palin-like attack against Paul, especially after he speaks to the tea party on 4/15. I hate to be pessimistic but there aren’t enough of us to counter all these attacks from both the left and the right. How do we overcome?

  • Andy

    Dr. Ron Paul is doing a great job. I was giving up hope on US as well as general politics, because they basically are all the same, big talk before election, no actions after they got elected – instead they start funny business against their own people. I really wish we had someone like Ron Paul in Germany, instead we have Ms. Big Lie which officially says “You better don’t expect any election promises to be kept! Because this is not how it works”. That’s what you get even in Japan officially said on mainstream media by politics. I really wish Ron Paul luck and that he can bring down the FED. It has global influence and many people overseas are looking up to Ron Pauls actions. Best Regards!

  • Jason

    Since the 08 campaign I have had so many opportunities to talk with people about Dr Ron Paul. I have been able to talk about the constitution and freedom, sound money and limited government with people that never spent much time thinking about it… RON PAUL 2012!

  • Eric in KC

    Ron Paul is truly outside the establishment, but has worked within its rules. Now his ideas, in a democracy of ideas (supposedly) are winning within the system, by the rules… and they wanna go and change the rules. They (the establishment in Washington of politicians/corporations/media) are not real change or hope. Ron Paul and his message are. I hope the current sentiment in America continues to gain steam and smashes through this coffin-like web of suppression and deceit that has so many wrapped up and just waiting to be sucked dry.


  • Ron Paul is the only candidate worthy of a straw poll victory.

    We shouldn’t allow the establishment to impede any progress. The movement thus far, is ahead of the establishment anyway.

    • Citizen

      Your correct!
      We need to bring the American sheeple up to speed, they simply don’t understand Dr. Paul’s intelligence.

      The majority of Americans still vote their emotions, not their intellect.

      That’s how Obama got in, pure EMOTION, little if any BRAINS

      Unfortunately, StrawPoles have a tendency of going up in flames.
      Its time to EDUCATE the people about the Moral Hazard of UNFUNDED SOCIALISM.
      I think Fred the P. is a closet social protectionist!

      • Fred the Protectionist

        I think Libertarians are closet social Monarchists. Whatever that means.

        Monarchy and Anarcho-Capitalism have so much in common. You know people living in the dark ages, even the peasants, payed less taxes and had more freedoms then Americans today.

      • 1111cb

        correction-It is all about money is power.

        Obama won because he understood that. As much as the misinformation campaign attributes his success to emotion and lobbyists, it wasn’t.

        If you really want Ron Paul to win, his supporters need to learn the lesson Palin has and Clinton did too late- that 1 million people giving 1 dollar is 1 million dollars. You get a few million supporters with a few dollars here and there and suddenly you do not need the Democrats, Republicans, or lobbyists. You are suddenly freed up as a candidate. Whether you agree with Obama is not the point. The insults do nothing to elect Ron Paul.

        But money- 1 dollar from everyone is power. If you all are serious, its time to fundraise not huge amounts but a broad base, small affordable donations repeatedly.

        The RNC will not let go of power without a fight- getting on the ballot is the real fight so lets not get distracted. Obama bashing is the game to keep you occupied. They do not want someone like Ron Paul as President, a free voice who they cannot control. It also keeps you distracted from the fact that the Republicans are doing nothing concrete in Congress to deal with the budget.