Mitt Romney wins 2010 SRLC straw poll by one vote over Ron Paul, 439-438

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Ron Paul came in a strong second at the 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference’s straw poll. The Congressman defeated Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, and four other potential presidential candidates. Mitt Romney won the poll with 439 votes while Ron Paul obtained 438 votes.

Vote count: Mitt Romney 439 (24%), Ron Paul 438 (24%), Sarah Palin 330 (18%), Newt Gingrich 321 (18%), Mike Huckabee 80 (4%), Tim Pawlenty 54 (3%), Mike Pence 58 (3%), Rick Santorum 41 (2%), Gary Johnson 3 (1%)

Second Choice:
(Who would be your second choice in the Republican Primary Election for president?)
Sarah Palin 332 (20%), Newt Gingrich 339 (20%), Mitt Romney 242 (14%), Mike Huckabee 178 (11%), Mike Pence 141 (8%), Tim Pawlenty 114 (7%), Rick Santorum 125 (7%), Gary Johnson 104 (6%), Ron Paul 98 (6%)


  1. Roooooooooooooon Paaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuul 2012


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  2. hello my name is "suck it"

    Ron Paul has way too extremest veiws to actually win the primary. on top of that the republican hierarchy doesn’t support him

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    • You say ron paul ha way too extremist type view to wib the primary? Well guess what buddy, we need extremist views to save this country and turn it around.
      If we choose any other canidate it will be the same path were hwading thru now with obama.
      In order to stop that from happening we need to vote an extremist inyo the office. We need to vote for the person with the opposite views as obama.
      In all honesty the fairest way to judge an canidate is to view theyre votin history and what the hve stood for and stoood against thru out there ‘career’.
      Ronpaul has never voted against the constitution.

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  3. @Fred: when a country produces lower quality products at a higher expense, its and other countries’ citizens have less incentive to buy those products. Pretending our $30 t-shirt (made no better than the $5 t-shirt from China) is a viable, profitable product will not change the fact that it is economically irrational for a consumer to buy the American made shirt.

    The solution is not to bury our head in the sand, pretending all is well, and then keep buying failing American products at higher cost than is needed. The solution is to switch industries. America switched from an agricultural industry to a manufacturing industry in the early 20th century; we can switch from a manufacturing to a service industry here in the early 21st.

    The invisible hand of the market will guide the economy. Spending thousands more on a car that will not last as long as a cheaper one will not save the faltering American economy; instead, you are allowing cancerous businesses to exist in what could be an otherwise healthy system.

    Ron Paul has the right idea. Although I have serious doubts about it happening, I hope he wins the republican primary. I don’t think any other candidate could defeat Obama…I certainly wouldn’t vote for any other republican candidate.

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  4. this is in reply to Sincerus- you hit on one of the ways statistical data is misused. I appreciate you reporting the data with the explanation.
    this is the link to fact check lobby influence

    When you contribute to a campaign- you have to list your employer so if a candidate is appealing to many in the Army- individuals with no coordinated effort will donate. Its not an industry lobby, it just means that a candidate is popular with a particular profession or employer.

    When Ron Paul starts appealing to large groups- and getting donations- watch the media and call them on the misuse of labelling this as lobyy money.

    Sincerus wrote:

    “If presidential candidates are representing special interest groups,
    maybe they should be like NASCAR with the little patches on the back”
    Tom Dobbs, Man of the Year (2006)

    And the you can check out the poster here…

    Interesting to note, that according to, Ron Paul’s top three campaign donors in the 2008 election were from the:

    US Army
    US Navy
    US Airforce

    The organizations themselves did not donate , rather the money came from the organization’s PAC, its individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families”

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  5. I was there and although I do kick myself for not just talking to two more people, I don’t think it would have made a difference. I suspect Mit was in the bag, and they only made the win by one vote so c4l folk wouldn’t complain too much.

    As a teabagger also, I can tell you it will be a problem for the GOP if they try to push the guy behind Romneycare on the nation.

    To hell with that noise, it’s not Romney’s ‘turn’. It’s time for it to be America’s turn.

    I’ll vote for a honest fasciocrat before another progressive GOP who ends up voting big government when they get in anyway. I mean FFS, ROMNEY?!

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    • This is the Republican Leadership conference, not the people voting.

      The leaders will decide who is the candidate unless there is a real campaign to let the people decide who will be the candidate.

      Review last elections process- ask yourself a lot of questions about how well that process represented the average American’s Republican choice, when most had no chance to participate in the decision.

      If there is not reform now, Ron Paul will not be the candidate. He doesn’t follow the “party line”

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  6. I like to see Romney and the other Neo Cons running for president get revealed for the frauds that they are. Dr. Paul didn’t take the easy way out. He stood up for principles and real freedom.

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  7. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it strange that the margin was 1-vote?

    As opposed having won, losing by 1 vote takes an enormous amount of media coverage away from Paul, and is a big boost for Romney. The republicans are obviously aware of this, and could have easily manipulated the ballots to get “their guy” in the headlines.

    Am I alone in questioning the validity of the results?

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    • This IS strange indeed. Methinks the jew neocons and other manipulators of the truth are starting to get scared. They don’t like the idea of anyone who isn’t donning a yarmulke and dancing around a menorah getting anywhere near the Whitehouse…. Sadly I think that Romney is a phoney. He is a prototype of Obama. Good looking, photographic family, Mormon (now there’s a vote we need) and it seems that when he opens his mouth a bucket load of verbal diarhea spills forth so fluidly that the public just want to hear it. Another AIPAC stool pigeon. RON PAUL for PResident PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Romney BOUGHT his votes, js. The clear winner was Dr. Ron Paul..

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  9. Where are the age details?!

    Notice how with the CPAC poll they were quick to dismiss Pauls win with saying how the majority of the votes were young kids (whatever the hell that means…like kids have no say…WTF) but with the Rommney win no details are put out.

    Where are the results of all of the other questions, not just the 1st 2 questions on the ballot.

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  10. The GOP needs to realize that they won’t win with Romney, or any other neocon they put up. Ron Paul’s following is huge and loyal, and they hate both the repubs and dems. Romney supporters just hate dems. Romney would get 0 Ron Paul supporter votes, but Paul would get the majority of Romney votes. The GOP needs to realize if they nominate anyone but Paul, Obama will win again.

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    • I am convinced the Republican Party rather have Obama win then Ron Paul to get in, because in essence they are all Socialists, Welfare and Warfare..and hypocrites…

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      • It seems, then, the only way Paul will see the presidential ballot is as a third party. It is unfortunate, however, how the American people see third parties.. most of the dim wits in this country will say, “if he’s not for my party.. he’s against it. If he’s not for their party.. he’s against them.” but what they won’t understand is Ron Paul is the ideal answer for both parties.. and that, my friend, would create an indivisible white house and congress.

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        • Not this time.
          A Third Party candidate from a politician with a REAL track record as an outsider in a country fed up with both parties- may win. The majority of this country no longer identifies with the democrats or republicans, and many are only loosely in the fold.

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      • Perhaps that is true, BlackOp.
        But if we can kick enough of the neocons out of office in November this year, then that may change. If it changes enough, the remainder in office may see they have no option but to endorse Ron Paul, or they too will be booted out when they are up for re-election.
        We’ve heard it before, and it is true, “Elections matter.”.
        2010 is an important election. We need to clean house of all neocon incumbents up for re-election. Send them a strong warning, just like Massachusetts did when they filled Kennedy’s seat with the Republican, Scott Brown. We can do the same to the neocons if we all vote.
        These are Liberty candidates that are running for office in 2010 (There may be more I don’t know of. this is from the list at the bottom right of the home page, here):

        Adam Kokesh for Congress
        Debra Medina for Governor
        Peter Schiff for Senate
        Rand Paul for Senate
        RJ Harris for Congress

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    • Fred the Protectionist

      “Ron Paul’s following is huge and loyal”

      Small and loyal. Get real.

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