Mitt Romney wins 2010 SRLC straw poll by one vote over Ron Paul, 439-438

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Ron Paul came in a strong second at the 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference’s straw poll. The Congressman defeated Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, and four other potential presidential candidates. Mitt Romney won the poll with 439 votes while Ron Paul obtained 438 votes.

Vote count: Mitt Romney 439 (24%), Ron Paul 438 (24%), Sarah Palin 330 (18%), Newt Gingrich 321 (18%), Mike Huckabee 80 (4%), Tim Pawlenty 54 (3%), Mike Pence 58 (3%), Rick Santorum 41 (2%), Gary Johnson 3 (1%)

Second Choice:
(Who would be your second choice in the Republican Primary Election for president?)
Sarah Palin 332 (20%), Newt Gingrich 339 (20%), Mitt Romney 242 (14%), Mike Huckabee 178 (11%), Mike Pence 141 (8%), Tim Pawlenty 114 (7%), Rick Santorum 125 (7%), Gary Johnson 104 (6%), Ron Paul 98 (6%)

  • Don

    I’m a registered Democrat. I used to be a registered independent. Just an FYI I will vote for Ron Paul and support him financially but not Mitt Romney, Sara Palin ETC. If you want my vote then think about who you choose. Most conservatives do not get it. I voted for Obama I regret that choice. But with that said I will not vote for any candidate who is main stream Republican. I am sorry but I mistrust them even more than the Democrats. I guess what I am is a truly ticked off Libertarian. But it seems we cannot get a candidate on either major party I agree with.


    • Jonathan

      Ron Paul 2012 !!! There is no other choice.

    • Lisa

      Right on Don! Nice to see real people like you round the net 🙂

    • Citizen

      Ron Paul makes sense when he talks,
      he doesn’t tell you what you want to here, rather what you NEED to hear.

      Even McCain’s “straight talk express” was neither.

  • iceguy

    I have to admit that Ron Paul is becoming a more attractive choice for me. I have had issues with his libertarian stance on some things, like drug laws, but the more I listen the more I realize he is correct. I am encouraged that the young people are with him, but they don’t vote in enough numbers to get him elected. How do you get him elected when nearly half the people get more from the gov’t than they pay in? How do you get minorities especially to realize that all the slanted support for all the gov’t programs in their behalf will ultimately ruin the nation?

  • alex

    The Republican party is obviously split. If things keep up like this we will have a Democratic president again in 2012.

    • Ryan

      Principaled supporters of the Constitution aren’t going to budge one inch. So it is up to us to get the neocon supporters to realize that corruption and economic corporate selfishness is no longer an option. We are bankrupt because of their approach. They need to come back to the right of center and embrace limited government and fiscal responsibility.
      Failure is not an option.
      We can not survive any more fiscal liberals.
      We can not survive any more open-ended wars.
      We can not survive any more illegal aliens.
      … We can not survive any more neocons or liberals!
      … So the GOP better just accept the facts and rejoin those of us that truly are conservative. We will not budge an inch!
      I will write Ron Paul’s name on my ballot no matter who the GOP ultimately nominates. Never, never I tell you, will I ever vote for a neocon. Never!

    • iceguy

      The party can be united if we don’t fall for the lies the current repub leaders propogate. It’s not about unity, it’s about being right!

      • Fred the Protectionist

        “, it’s about being right!” That’s right, and Libertarians are wrong.

  • Spaghetti Monster

    Thank you for reporting the truth: Mitt Romney won.

    I was disappointed to see these headlines at other pro-Paul sites:

    Daily Paul: “SRLC Straw Poll Results: Paul & Romney Tie for First with 24% “Romney Celebrates Near Loss to Ron Paul

    If Ron Paul had won by a single vote, no pro-Paul site would claim that Paul and Romney were tied for first place or that Ron Paul celebrated his near loss to Mitt Romney!

    Just because the mainstream media is propagandizing Romney’s win as a “sign of the former Massachusetts governor’s strength as a 2012 presidential candidate” while ridiculing Paul’s CPAC win as “an unscientific sampling that only offers bragging rights”, doesn’t mean we Paulites have to do the same. I’m convinced we are better than that.

  • Danny

    Romney is an easy target for true conservatives.

  • Zorro

    Fox News, CNN and CBS News all reported that 1,806 ballots were cast. But the votes only add up to 1,764:

    Are you telling me that out of 1,806 ballots cast, only 1,764 people actually voted? 42 people cast a ballot but didn’t vote?

    What would be the point of submitting an empty ballot?

    Here’s a sample ballot, it only has 3 questions on it so why would anyone submit a blank one?×543.gif

    A single vote could have changed the outcome, and it looks like 42 ballots were either empty or simply not counted!!

    • Berg

      Hmmm that’s interesting.

      Well I guess this proves some people still don’t know how to fill in the bubbles right!! (Florida voters, maybe?? Just kidding)

      If this straw poll was done over the phone I could see someone not making up their mind at the time. If this is the case, maybe they could still count the ballot but not allow a vote cast…? Just a theory.

  • BB

    This is a great victory for Ron Paul even tough he didn’t win. We learned several important things today:

    Every vote counts! Every single one of them.

    We’re #2 so we have to try harder. Much harder.

    Romney knows how to play the game. We must counter his dollars with our enthusiasm.

    • Berg

      I don’t know what people see in Romney. Wouldn’t trust that guy for the time if he had a clock stuck to his face.

      You’re right, we need to keep at it.

  • Danny

    go Ron Paul go, this may spread our message better than outright winning. we will always continue our fight for liberty and a weak centralized government whoooo.

  • Lindsey

    Romney is an idiot! I would rather vote for some of the Dems than him. I would vote for Dr. Paul of course but I also really like Huckabee. He is kind of like Paul. You may not agree with Huck’s viewpoints but at least you know you are getting an honest answer! Romney, on the other hand, is the king of Flip-Flop. Ron Paul’s greatest asset is that people KNOW where he is coming from and he leaves no doubt! Like Huck, you may not agree with Paul but you know where he’s coming from!!!!

    • Fred the Protectionist

      Yes Ron Paul is consistent, even if you disagree with him.

  • Dfens

    How ironic, Ron Paul called Obama “a corporatist,” which apparently means the president takes “care of corporations and corporations take over and run the country.” Sounds very much like fascism to me, but, of course, the fascist epithet has been over used to the point of having no meaning now. Most likely a tactic of the fascists.

    I wonder how Ron Paul plans on separating himself from Obama in this respect? It seems to me that Ron Paul is a bigger corporatist than Obama. When Obama put a 3 year 35% tariff on crappy Chinese tires being dumped on our market, Ron Paul screamed “protectionist” and was more than happy to see thousands of tire manufacturing jobs in this country go to his friends the Communist Chinese. He was saying the same thing as all the multi-national corporations on that issue. I’d like to see him stop by the Goodyear plant in Gadsden, Alabama and explain his position on “free trade” to the tire workers there, but he doesn’t have the guts, any more than he has the guts to go to West Virginia and explain his position on how we should let industry set our safety standards to the spouses and children of the miners who lost their lives in the recent mining catastrophe there. You’d think he’d at least stop by that little mining town to pick up his check from the mine operators, but I guess he’s waiting for them to send it to him without so much fan fare.

    • BB

      Wow, so much whining! Did you happen to lose your job recently? Don’t blame Ron Paul, blame your fellow Americans who voted with their dollars to buy superior and/or less expensive products made in China and elsewhere! Why do you want to FORCE American consumers to buy your crap at inflated prices? Just so that you can keep YOUR job?

      • Fred the Protectionist

        Why do you Free-Traders keep insisting American products are overpriced and inferior, and American labor lazy? You an anti-American or something?

        • BB

          Are you trying to say that Americans buy Chinese products only because they are too stupid to recognize the superiority of American-made products? Are you anti-American or something???

          If American products weren’t overpriced and inferior there simply wouldn’t be a market for Chinese imports! Problem solved.

          And what about products that are created by American companies but assembled in China? Would you protectionists ban those too and thereby greatly harm American companies like Apple (whose iPhones are all “Designed by Apple in California” and “Made in China”)?

          What about Apple’s American employees? It’s none of their fault, so why do you want them to lose their jobs? Looks like you really are anti-American… but why? What did America do to you???

          • Berg

            I wonder if he dresses up in a suit & tie to go to walmart??

          • Fred the Protectionist

            That is an affirmative, you free traders are anti-American. You hate American products, you hate American labor, you hate America.

          • Berg

            Whats wrong Fred? Did I insult you?

          • Fred the Protectionist

            You free-traitors hate American labor, hate American products, hate America.

  • Ben

    “‘It’s been 60 years since we went to war in Korea,’ said Paul. ‘Why do we have to have troops there?’

    “‘North Korea!’ yelled a heckler.”

    Oh, that’s so funny. Why do little things like that elude the befuddled Congressman from Texas?

    • Lisa

      Do you honestly think North Korea poses a serious threat to the world?

      Lol, neo-cons are so gullible.

    • BB

      The US could withdraw all troops from South Korea and at the same time guarantee South Korea’s borders for the next 10-15 years. After that, the South is on its own.

  • Harold

    Well if you spend money to buy a vote….

    Romney- Buys 500 $119 tickets= $59,500
    Plus Romney gave a free copy of his book to each ticket holder.

    Ron Paul- Buys 800 $119 tickets= $95,200

    No winners here, just unethical losers.

    • BB

      Most Ron Paul supporters paid for their tickets.

      Also, everyone knows that Campaign for Liberty (which provided some discounted tickets) was founded by Ron Paul.

      On the other hand, “Evangelicals for Mitt” gave away free tickets in return for votes, and yet they denied any association with Romney even though they have all the hallmarks of being one of his astroturf front organizations.

  • Chelsea


  • Fred the Protectionist

    Looks like the list of the same-old names we saw in 2008 elections.

    What cataclysm has occurred between 2008 and 2010 which would make people, real people, vote for Ron Paul the anarcho-capitalist? Or any Republican for that matter.

    Romney oh my golly, hehe, this list goes to show you how binarily-reversed the Republican and Democtratic Party has become.

    Republican Platform of 1856:

    Resolved: That the Constitution confers upon Congress sovereign powers over the Territories of the United States for their government; and that in the exercise of this power, it is both the right and the imperative duty of Congress to prohibit in the Territories those twin relics of barbarism — Polygamy, and Slavery.

    Awe, don’t thumbs down history and reality.

    • Fred the Protectionist

      The Democratic Platform (1856)

      1. That the Federal government is one of limited power, derived solely from the constitution, and the grants of power made therein ought to be strictly construed by all the departments and agents of the government, and that it is inexpedient and dangerous to exercise doubtful constitutional powers.

      2. That the constitution does not confer upon the general government the power to commence and carry on a general system of internal improvements.

      3. That the constitution does not confer authority upon the Federal government, directly or indirectly, to assume the debts of the several states, contracted for local and internal improvements or other state purposes; nor would such assumption be just or expedient.

      4. That justice and sound policy forbid the Federal government to foster one branch of industry to the detriment of another, or to cherish the interests of one portion of our common country; that every citizen and every section of the country has a right to demand and insist upon an equality of rights and privileges, and a complete and ample protection of persons and property from domestic violence and foreign aggression.

      5. That it is the duty of every branch of the government to enforce and practice the most rigid economy in conducting our public affairs, and that no more revenue ought to be raised than is required to defray the necessary expenses of the government and gradual but certain extinction of the public debt.

      6. That the proceeds of the public lands ought to be sacredly applied to the national objects specified in the constitution, and that we are opposed to any law for the distribution of such proceeds among the states, as alike inexpedient in policy and repugnant to the constitution.

      7. That Congress has no power to charter a national bank; that we believe such an institution one of deadly hostility to the best interests of this country, dangerous to our republican institutions and the liberties of the people, and calculated to place the business of the country within the control of a concentrated money power and above the laws and will of the people; . . .

      They whisper in your ear “States rights, States rights.”

      • Lindsey

        Fred: Obviously the Dems back then used States rights as an excuse for slavery and the Republicans vice-versa. It is interesting that the situation has been reversed now with regard to states rights. However, the Republican party has been consistent in it’s superior stand on moral issues throughout the years and that is why I am still a member although sometimes I have to hold my nose. What say you?

        • Fred the Protectionist

          Whenever Romney’s name is mentioned I just like necro’ing up the 1956 Republican Platform of opposition to slavery and POLYGAMY. 🙂

          Get it? Romney’s a mormon, polygamy, mormons, polygamy, moromons… Well I thought it was funny.
          And states don’t have the right to set tariff rates, Congress does.

          • Fred the Protectionist

            See, Libertarians deny states don’t have the right to set the Tariff rate, Congress does. Cause Libertarians are unConstitutional, like the Confederates they defend.

          • Lindsey

            Fred: Libertarians don’t say that congress can’t set tariffs. Also, Libertarians were not around when the Confederacy was. Let’s not distort the facts!

  • That was a great speech that Dr. Paul made in the SRLC today he kicked butt. My fellow ex-Michigander Romney cheated to make it look like he was in the lead. The truth of the matter is Dr. Paul nailed it and was speaking the truth. I can’t wait til 2012 to vote for him.

  • Paul Nihart

    I just came back from it an hour ago. Mitt Romney’s supporters aren’t as avid in their belief in their nominee than the Ron Paul supporters are in theirs. Even if it was missed by one number, the spirit of each Ron Paul supporter would count them as two men. So, spiritually, Paul won 🙂 It was a great conference. Especially nice when half of the people left after Ron Paul spoke. Seems that maybe most people were there for him. They didn’t care much to wait even 30 more minutes for Michael Steele to speak. All very good signs for the liberty minded.

    • Ryan

      Thanks for the insight!
      That’s good news. 🙂

  • SS

    Romney buys a few hundred tickets to get more of his people there, and wins by 1 vote. Guess what, Mitt. You don’t stand an ice cube’s chance in hell of being president.

  • Ryan

    Dang. So close.
    Romney is a joke. He’s a puppet just like G.W. Bush. He certainly isn’t fooling me. I just hope enough people see the light come Nov. 2012.
    Our job is clear, inform the masses of their plan to bring another neocon puppet in to perpetuate the corporate dictatorship at the expense of the American people.

    I can envision the spin on Fox already. They’ll probably speak only of Romney from now on.
    Fine! We know who the enemy is now, for the 2012 election. We’ll kick his butt!

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Eric

    Romney does it again…just like at the Straw Poll in St Petersburg Florida when he had his henchmen stuffing the boxes…and I was there and saw it, this is not speculation. Since Romney won, I bet that Fox news will be all of a sudden talking about how important the win is and how relevant it is…unlike when he lost to Paul in the last straw poll. Then it “didn’t really matter” or it was “still early on”.

  • Earl

    Mitt Romney And His Loyal Aids Put A Full page Ad To Get Extra Voters To Win The Straw Poll Even Though He Wasn’t Present To Speak..

    How Do You Vote For Someone Who Didn’t Show His Face To Speak ?

    True To Form..Mitt Show Everyone How Low He Can Go To Stal A Straw Poll…Like The One He Did In Florida…Urging His Supporters Then To Cast A Second Vote..

    This is A Scandal…