28 responses to “Ron Paul’s Full Speech at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference”

  1. Dana Watson

    Spaghetti Monster has the best comment so far.

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  2. Justin

    Our lives
    Our Fortunes and
    Our sacred honor

    Ron Paul is Dead On and don’t let ANYBODY even Beck tell you different!


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  3. Tim

    PLEASE: Put microphones on the audience.

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  4. Richard Keen

    I would like to say that while I think it’s perfectly ok to “boo” someone making comments you don’t agree with, show some class, and listen to everybody’s point of view, even the ones you completely disagree with. After all, shouldn’t you know why you disagree with them? Yes, I’m very disappointed in what has been done to my liberty. And I will choose to voice that disappointment until the people that are supposed to protect my liberty begin to do so.
    However, I will always be willing to listen to them, and to give them my views as well in a respectful manner. After all, I want to educate them, and help them wake up. I won’t be able to do that if I treat them with rudeness, or am crass to them.
    I am a proud Republican, I am a proud Constitutional Conservative. I capitalize those terms because they mean something great to me. I want to see my beloved party take up the torch of freedom once again, and begin to undo the years of abuse the Federal Government has heaped upon us. And I will be standing there with you, for I am an Oathkeeper. Should anyone stand tall and defend our liberties, they will see me standing shoulder to shoulder with them, no matter what. Dr. Paul, the American people need you, we need your son. We need men and women that will serve in our Federal system to stand up and defend the Constitution, as they have sworn to do. I will be taking my vote this year, and casting it towards candidates that stand for Dr. Paul’s brand of Constitutional Conservatism.
    2 days till Tax Day. This will be my first Tea Party event, and my fiance and I are very excited to be going.
    Thanks for such a great video, Dr. Paul never ceases to inspire me.

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  5. mike jaeger

    Large government and large corporations are destroying America. Busting up monopolies and creating competition includes the private and public sectors. Breaking apart political monopolies means unseating ruling class families in both parties. Smaller more effective groups create more competition. More or less is a mathmatical problem. Our economy can answer mathmatical problems. Monopolies are political problems. Tea parties can solve political problems. Right sized government by honest citizens solve it best.

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    1. Fred the Protectionist

      Well you’re in the wrong place then cause Libertarians refuse to break up monopolies, “too much government powah” they say.

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      1. Citizen

        Big Government Progressives really hate breaking up those monopolies too.!
        Especially those BIG LABOR Union Monopolies!!
        The very same unions that have run many of our Industries Off Shore,
        into the arms of those “slave labor” countries
        un-employed our skilled workers.

        Your right Fred… bust up those Monopolies, ALL of them!

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  6. Daniel J. Ryals

    Listen and listen good. I was at the Republican leadership Conference this weekend and the Ron Paul supporters there were embarrassing. I am leaning more and more towards supporting Ron Paul, but I am an open minded guy. The way the Ron Paul supporters booed Mike Pence and basically challenged the entire room was classless. Ron Paul has a message and it is good, but the Republican base will not accept his message if they are insulted. I believe if his supporters would just be quiet when they don’t agree, that the party would be able to listen to him explain in a tactful way his views and accept it. Please stop if you are one of these people and if you are around these people, teach them how to act.

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    1. Ryan

      I’ve listened good. It’s my turn now.
      Mind you, I’m not defending poor behavior, but didn’t you hear the boos that Ron Paul got at CPAC? In short, it’s not just Ron Paul supporters.
      The differences between the neocons and Liberty movement are significant. And the people that support either are passionate. I suggest you don’t place unrealistic demands on the people. Let them vent. Let them show their support. And loud and clear if they please. I wouldn’t consider a “Boo!” poor behavior, but rather passionate disagreement, just like clapping is showing support.
      I can relate to requests for not throwing tomatoes. But let’s be real, shall we?
      … every heard of freedom of speech?

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      1. Daniel Ryals

        Ryan. The thing is they were booing things that Ron Paul agrees with. Mike Pence said our nation was founded on Christian values and people were snickering. Might want to read what Ron Paul says about that. We could not even pay attention to the conference because these people were sitting right behind us. They booed almost every speaker and then got up and left as soon as Ron Paul was finished. If you guys want him to win the 2012 election, and I think it would be great for the country, you have to make friends in the Republican party, not enemies. Ron joined the party for a reason and I talked to one of his campaign managers this weekend that said he would be extremely upset with that behaivior from his supporters, so keep acting like immature children if they want to, but you are hurting the country and the message of a great patriot.

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        1. Ryan

          Well, as I said, I do not defend bad behavior. But keep in mind that most of the people that bother to show up for political events are fiery and passionate people to begin with. You can’t reasonably expect them to be quiet when someone says something they disagree with.

          On the other point you make, there are a handful of voters in that crowd, so I doubt seriously if the verbal conduct that happens there will have any effect on the average voters come November, 2012.
          If it was out of the norm, we’d be hearing about it on the news. But based on the video that I saw of the event, to me it sounded like any political event that has ever taken place; loud and biased.

          Besides, Ron Paul is not responsible for the conduct of others. The well-behaved people won’t hold him responsible on election day for the “boos” of his supporters towards other candidates… at least no more than the neocon candidates will be held accountable for the “boos” of their supporters towards other candidates.

          This is routine. Business as usual.

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          1. Daniel

            I just think we should police up the bad behavior the best we can. It almost got me to shut off my mind and it got my friends and some of the people around me to shut off theirs. I had to get past them to listen to him and he won me over. However, I’m not an old foggie. It would be better if the outbursts were after he talked, not before.

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          2. SS

            The rude behavior was a planned excercise in division.
            There will be much more of this at ‘conservative’ functions, including Tea Party marches.

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        2. Libertarian777

          well Daniel you are correct to some extent.

          This is exactly what i’ve been saying, is that the populism against the current encumbants runs the risk of replacing fervant Democrat / Republican supporters with fervant anti-Democrat anti-Republican supporters and missing the actual need to have intellectual discourse. It shouldn’t be about supporting one specific party / person blindly.

          As you’ll see if you peruse this sight often enough, there are a number of both fervant Paul supporters and fervant anti-Paul persons who add a lot of noise to the public debate / discourse that is being attempted by the rational open-minded educated persons that Ron Paul at first struck a bell with. Unfortunately our discourse gets lost at times as a result.

          It reminds me of some of the placards seen at some Tea Party gatherings, where people will carry a placard (without realising the irony) that states something to the effect of “Respect ARE country. Speak English.” [sic]


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          1. Ryan

            Some of those pictures were pretty funny. lol

            Well, there’s no argument in support of poor grammar and spelling from me.
            That said, I’d say, “If the illiterate are smart enough to see the criminality of the neoconservatives and liberals, then they are welcome voices in the movement; grammar and spelling not withstanding.”.

            I agree that there is no defense for bad behavior. I guess it’s just a matter of what the definition of bad behavior is. And when and where it should be seen as bad or acceptable.
            I wasn’t there in person, but I saw the video. It seemed like a normal political event to me. Booing is expected just as cheering is expected. When the tomatoes fly, when spitting occurs, when violence breaks out, I agree completely; that is bad behavior. But, on the other hand, I see “booing” at a political event as the public Filibuster… and I do believe in the Filibuster.

            I am not arguing that it is the best form of discourse, but rather that a Filibuster has never been about discourse. It’s about obstructing the opposition. And a public political event is not exactly about discourse either: it’s like a WWF wrestling match with candidates in place of the wrestlers. People will cheer for their favorite candidate and will boo the candidate they oppose. Of course it would be nice to actually hear what they have to say. But the news, or a chat room like this, is where we can reasonably expect to hear intellectual discourse, well reason arguments, and see videos without disturbance. In short, if you attend a public political event you better be ready for ‘loud noise’, not intellectual discourse… that is, unless it is a “question and answer” sort of a format. Only then is it reasonable to expect cheering or booing after the speech. Otherwise Filibusters will take place when candidates are strongly opposed.

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    Dr. Paul,

    Please restore the authority of the constitution to the government. I can’t wait for you to run in 2012, you have a longer and stronger resume than anybody out there. Please, the world needs you!

    I would love to help in any way and please, never give up!

    “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
    -Thomas Edison


    Dave B

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  8. jason a gearhart

    hi my name is jason gearhart & i ask if we go back to sound money how will we do this & will the government let we the people have it& by the way we need you to run for president to get back our freedom. ps plezzzzzzzz help the people

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  9. Bob Gravlee

    I think the main point I’m trying to make is that for Dr. Paul to persuade those who aren’t already his fans and/or adherents to his constitutionalist approach to government he must refine his communication skills. I know where’s he’s going with most of the points he’s making and I approve of them wholeheartedly because I’ve read his books, articles and blogs, watched him on C-Span and You-Tube, et al.

    The challenge is to appeal to those who don’t know him as well and how to make his case more effectively with them. This televised conference was an opportunity to do just that.

    When I was in college I had both mediocre teachers and proverbial hacks. And then there were a few professors who could present their material and have the whole class held in rapt attention – even the loafers. These professors knew their subject well, but just as importantly they knew how to command or arouse greater interest and respect for the subject matter by their presentation and speaking skills. I’m NOT talking about using tele-prompters for goodness sake. Yeecch! Obama’s a corporatist fraud and a finger puppet for the left. I’m talking about the communicative statesmanship of Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King Jr. or perhaps better yet, Barry Goldwater.

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  10. Bottomline

    Dr. Paul has what it means to be a true leader and takes a back seat to no one. Ron Paul for Prez in 2012

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  11. Keith

    Keep up the good work! America needs someone with backbone to say and Do what is right in the site of God (Jesus) and God fearing people. America needs real leaders who are not scared to go against what is politically correc in a world where very few will take a stand for anything, much less what is right.
    May our Lord and Savour Jesus Christ bless you to do what is right!

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  12. Bob Gravlee

    I’m a huge fan of Dr. Paul and consider myself a die-hard “Ron Paul Republican.” He’s got my vote and support, period. However, Dr. Paul does an unintentional disservice to the points he is making when he doesn’t deliver them well. I’m not talking about being more telegenic, having a nice suit or an expensive haircut (those are the particulars that Palin and Romney are judged on). I’m talking about how at several moments in the speech Dr.Paul appeared to be out of breath and seemingly couldn’t complete some of his sentences or thoughts.

    If he can borrow a little bit of “Churchill-like” polish in the presentation of his arguments, if you take my meaning, he will be so much more evincing to those less familiar with him and who have mistakenly bought into the stereotype that he’s a marginal character not to be taken seriously, etc. He doesn’t need to persuade his fans that his perspectives and his solutions are credible. I trust the man 100% to do the right thing for America. But he doesn’t do his convictions justice when he comes across as winded and almost shrill in his tone.

    I’m less than a nobody in this whole Web site but I hope and pray someone helps Dr. Paul with this. We desperately need his influence in our day.

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  13. Citizen

    Please note that Dr. Paul writes and delivers his on messages using simple hand notes. The signature of a real statesman! He knows his stuff from heart and first hand experience.

    Unlike our esteemed President who has several handlers, writers and teleprompters, without which he falls flat and rambles on for 17 minutes so as not give a simple yes or no response.

    Again, Dr. Paul is an experienced and a constitutionally principled statesman, a rare individual in these days of polished veneers!

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    1. Lindsey

      Citizen: Dr. Paul and Sarah Palin do have some things in common, don’t they! They are both “Old School” when it comes to delivering speeches! I bet that these 2 have a lot more in common than many people think. Also, you can’t accuse her of buying votes in straw polls. That is a plus for her that she led in the non-bought voting.

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  14. John Oines

    Ron Paul spells out what it means to be a Libertarian, he gets some boos from the Republicans.

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  15. Hogskin

    Great speech as usual! Ron Paul is the greatest speaker alive. A true man of the people!

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  16. D. Allen


    I have a very simple thought/idea, that could easily make the “December 21, 2012″ event a non-issue for all concerned. At a minimum, it most certainly will reduce the danger, or potential danger, or perceived danger. At the same time, it will work to unite all of us, and certainly will reduce, if not, eliminate all of the problems facing our nation and our world today, both individually and collectively. It just requires a little bit of profound thought by a few key people. Once they understand, it may require a little bit of minimal action by these people. As a result, this action will create a “chain-reaction” which is necessary to bring balance back to our universe…This is the key. This is what is necessary to solve this problem and all other problems. If further explanation is necessary, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to help in any way possible. Trust in Yourself.

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    1. Spaghetti Monster

      You are obviously talking about Ending the Fed by refusing to use their money. Great idea and I’m all for it! Let’s get started.

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      1. Citizen

        Not using Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) is a great idea.
        First you will have to trade in those FRN’s for a Treasury case (500 oz) of Silver Eagles…
        500 ounces will cost you about 10,500 FRN at today’s exchange rate.

        Now the trick is … will your mortgage company and other vendors accept payment in silver? Keep in mind that they may be getting the better deal, since silver is moving inversely to the FRN. Lets say your mortgage payment is say 1,200 FNR you could pay them 60 ounces “Silver Dollars’ instead and they might just accept that. Now what happens when silver moves to say 30 FNR will your mortgage bank now accept 40 oz Silver Dollars, or will they insist on the original 60 oz?

        Ron Paul sponsored legislation to permit competing currencies to the FNR but its not likely to pass, Congress likes it strangle hold on the currency via the FED, that way the can Pint more Cyber-Cash.

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