17 responses to “Can Ron Paul Give Obama A Run For His Money?”

  1. David L. Horton

    My dog Mutley could give obamba a run for his money, no pun intended !

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  2. Ailine Helms

    I think Ron Paul should run on an independent ticket. That way, the Republicans and Democrats can stick to their tired rhetoric and get nothing done by trying to appease the far left or far right. We need Ron Paul as the voice of reason and a return to our roots as The United States of America. My parents left a socialist country to give me better opportunities. I want to pass that on to my children. Instead, they are getting a mountain of debt and regulations too vast to even comprehend.

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    1. Ryan

      I disagree, Ailine. The neocons stole the GOP years ago.
      True conservatives should take it back.

      As an Independent it is nearly impossible to win. Some states wouldn’t even allow Ron Paul’s name on the ballots if he’s not in the dems or reps. He won’t be allowed in the debates either. The reason he is getting heard at all is because he is in the GOP.
      We do need to clean house, but that will likely never happen if he runs as an independent.


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  3. cyndi Shisara Feigenbaum

    Obama is a politician who showed us his moderate left corporatist self and he is a globalist. Welcome to the Globalist Party. We must all wake up and resist this evil in our land. Bush/Obama/ and Gingrich can we get worse!? CSF

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  4. truthmarchingon

    I believe Ron Paul can win. He was ahead of his time. BUT…the question is, what ticket? You take a slice of the TeaParty constituency and they are anti-republican right now. They want a staunch constitutionalist in there who will back up the tractor and trailor, open up the attack window and start dumping. Clean house! They tend to label themselves ‘libertarians’ , Pauls first run. Then you have the OTHER slice of the TeaParty constituency who are still hanging on to hope that the old school, religious/conservative republican party can be revived, and they look to the likes of Palin (eeew) to appeal to their more moral/value centered philosophy. Still wanting limited government, but more mention of faith. So I ask…what if Paul considered running independent, but not labeling himself ‘libertarian’, but rather Constitution Party? It is the best of both worlds as far as those two spheres coming together to unite against Obamas run. Very much like the libertarian party, only with an added emphasis on founding faith that the old school repubs are looking for. What say anyone to this?

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  5. Rob Mac

    Leviticus 25:10

    Ron Paul I believe in you and i think you can win it this time.

    I want my “Liberty” back I have watched you for a wile now and you would be so good to this country.

    In fact if you run I think you can save this country I really believe that.

    Take care.

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  6. Don Jusko

    This comment was for another thread but I have to say no to the Republican party.

    I also call on all Ron Paul supporters to bombard Late night shows like Leno, Letterman, and the like to interview Ron Paul. I don’t watch those stupid shows but I would if Ron Paul was going to be on.

    Peter said. “I just watched Sean Hannity’s Town Hall Meeting with alledged TEA Party people in the State of Georgia on FOX News. I smell a rat.” AND “In the 2008 Election, John McCain was the LEAST favorite candidate in the minds of most ALL Conservatives and Independents. ” That’s enough to drop them both in the rat hole and fill it.

    Hannity and Beck are both rats out of the same hole, call your radio station and tell them you want them off the air, call their sponsors and tell them you won’t buy their products.

    Rush is a good guy, he’s been telling it like it is for 20 years, listen to him.

    Become an Independent voter, the Republicans and Democrats are two wings of the same vulture.

    Write in Ron Paul.

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    1. Joan

      I voted for Ron Paul in the primary, then for McCain. It’s funny because I saw all of these younger people posting in chatboads in MSNBC last week saying McCain is old, get rid of him. I think he’s the best senator we have. He’s the one who went to Scott Brown and told Brown he can win and that McCain would help him win. Brown was down 23 points in the polls before McCain helped him out. McCain was on Chris Wallace’s show on Fox yesterday, and he said he just created a bill to stop any VAT tax. He doesn’t want the Bush tax cuts to expire, he talked about all of the new taxes in the health care bill. I don’t care how old he is, I’d like to see young people do what he does for one day. They couldn’t do it. He’s working harder than anyone in there, and he works with both Dems and Repubs. Yeah, people like Hannity don’t care about electing someone who is in the middle of the road, they want religious conservatives. MSNBC goes way too far to the other side. Chris Matthews used to love John McCain, until Obama came along and Matthews got real friendly with Keith Olbermann. Now, both the exteme left and extreme right don’t like McCain. But, Palin got this one right, she supports him. I don’t particularly like Palin quitting her job and selling books and so on, but I’m glad she supports McCain.

      The Tea Party people have to figure out what they are, Libertarian, religious Repubs, middle of the road Repubs, whatever they really are. One minute they like Ron Paul, next Hannity has them supporting Newt, next minute Beck is telling them McCain is an evil progressive, next minute, Palin supports McCain. They need to think for themselves, evauluate all of the candidates based on their actions and beliefs. One of the problems is many of them are not educated, so their only education is from Glenn Beck on TV, and he has no education and makes tons of mistakes, which they have no clue about. I see people in chatboards from MSNBC to Dr. Phil repeating everything Beck says, pretending they thought of it, as if no one knows it’s a total parrot of Beck and Hannity. They’re showing how starved they are for education and information, but don’t read books and don’t take college classes. Our society is down to education from uneducated talking heads on TV. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. They are also easily lead by people like Charles Krauthammer, who’s only using them to get a president in there who will protect Israel. Whenever a grass roots political group gets some power, every special interest group will go after them. It’s up to them to sort out who wants what from them.

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      1. SS

        The ‘tea party people’ are not a single group.
        It is politicians that need to decide what they are, not the people.

        There are only two forms of political thought: libertarian and statist.

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        1. Joan

          No, the Tea Party people have to decide. Sarah Palin is a Republican, when they have her speak, they are saying they agree with the Republicans. When they support Ron Paul, they are saying they would like the country to go Libertarian. When they say they want Newt on Sean Hannity’s show, they are going back 3 decades to that old time Republican group. Might as well have Chenney back in there again too. When Beck tells them to be ani-socalism, they have to be clear when they protest for Medicare and Social Security. They say, we paid for it. They need to do the research, after one year, it is welfare, research how much the WWII generation received from those two programs. It comes out to like a few million dollars paid into those programs by them, and ended up with those programs paying about about 20 trillion dollars in money and health care to them. They are socalist in reality, sometimes they are Repubs, and sometimes they are Libertarians. When they parrot Beck, they are just plain on the crazy train.

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  7. Daman

    I suggest we all show up to either Ron Paul’s house or Ron Paul’s congressional office, with “Ron Paul 2012″ signs and banners in order to convince him to run for President in 2012.

    Who’s with me?!!?

    I’m serious, by the way!

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  8. Citizen


    YES but only if the Republican Party can get it’s act together.

    Dr. Paul knows that today’s politics are business as usual, maintaining the Status Que, and Ron doesn’t support that tired old agenda.

    Republicans are also so schizophrenic…
    they can barely muster a unified thought, much less a winning campaign.

    Paul tried the Libertarian Party and that went nowhere.
    The Republicans need Ron Paul, they just don’t know it yet!

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  9. Don Jusko

    I switched parties because I though change had to be good. Boy was I wrong, now I want, and for good reasons, Obama out. He’s a lier of the worst kind.

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  10. SS

    Great article from the California Independent Voter Network

    Ron Paul shocks the political establishment again

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  11. jsh

    Ron Paul is NOT “between the two parties,” and he is as far away from Obama as one can possibly be. If you “still like Obama” and you like Dr. Paul at all, then you clearly don’t know anything about at least one of them.

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  12. 1111cb

    I hope you all can get through to the Republican party- the way to win is not to have a centrist candidate and “play it safe” It is to elect the one who will act and not just talk like most in the party.

    As someone who still likes Obama- I am watching the next 3 yrs and will decide what to do then. If I see game playing by the Republicans, I will not support their candidates( and they are- I got personally invited to be on a Physician opinion panel to create policy- then heard a anti everything Obama canned speech over the phone for acepting, then a request for money but the panel never met. Then the sent another request for money with a letter for me to sign that shows I was part of this group that never met and send to Obama)

    But Ron Paul to us independents somewhere between the 2 parties is VERY appealing and you cannot win the election without appealing to us. I am on this site watching Ron Paul specifically because I like what he says and hope he can get the support of the Congress and people to do the hard stuff.

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    1. SS

      Ron Paul is not here.
      This site is independent.

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