Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%

Ron Paul can beat Barack Obama in 2012, according to the latest Rasmussen poll: If the elections were held today, Obama would gain 42% of the vote compared to Paul’s 41% – statistical dead heat. Among independents, Paul has an astonishing 47% to 28% edge over the president.

The difficult part may be getting the GOP nomination: Only 66% of GOP voters say they would support Ron Paul even if he wins the nomination. But there’s still potential for improvement: 49% of GOP voters are still not sure whether Ron Paul shares the values of most Republicans throughout the nation.

Time to spread the message!

Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%

Pit maverick Republican Congressman Ron Paul against President Obama in a hypothetical 2012 election match-up, and the race is – virtually dead even.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of likely voters finds Obama with 42% support and Paul with 41% of the vote. Eleven percent (11%) prefer some other candidate, and six percent (6%) are undecided.

Obama earns 79% support from Democrats, but Paul gets just 66% of GOP votes. Voters not affiliated with either major party give Paul a 47% to 28% edge over the president.

Twenty-six percent (26%) of GOP voters think Paul shares the values of most Republican voters throughout the nation, but 25% disagree. Forty-nine percent (49%) are not sure.

Read the full poll results at Rasmussen.com


  • Ted

    The thing to do is to take advantage of the current political climate and get involved with your local GOP committees (I know that will be hard for a lot of people).

    Help out, volunteer, attend conventions, make yourself known as a hard worker, introduce resolutions in support of Auditing the Fed, Eliminating the Health Mandate etc. Become a precinct captain or district chairman. Support candiates for local and national office this year. Learn who the local players are. Be respectful of others, listen, know what you are talking about, be ready to make logical arguments for our postions.

    Only by having large numbers of people doing so will we be in a position to be taken seriously when it comes to picking delegates to the local, state and national conventions.

    This needs to be done NOW. We cannot just show up in 2012 and advocate for Ron Paul and expect to be successful.

    My two cents worth.

  • I think you found the answer Terry.

    “One of the worst things independents have going against them is so called primary elections. As long as these primaries are closed, meaning no voting if not registered, then the Republicrat Party will always remain in control. It’s sad to live in a country that is so great yet has only a single party political system.”

    That and a voting paper trail.

  • Theresa Romano

    I think the poster who is warning us Independents(Libertarians) thinkers that we should register Republican so we can vote in the primaries is correct.
    Ron Paul needs support and people who are registered Republicans in order to win the primaries.

    • Terry

      One of the worst things independents have going against them is socalled primary elections. As long as these primaries are closed, meaning no voting if not registered, then the Republicrat Party will always remain in control. It’s sad to live in a country that is so great yet has only a single party political system.

  • This is it folks, never give up, RON PAUL 2012!!! We can do it this time, America is ready for Dr. NO!!! We are all sick of false change, oversized government, lies and rhetoric!!!

  • Here is the answer I was looking for. This is how Ron Paul gets on the ticket.

    What to do about it. Read, copy and print out this.
    Neighborhood Precinct Executives
    County Organizational meeting
    May (2010 Spring Primary) Republican and Democratic Parties elect their Neighborhood Precinct Executives
    5 signatures needed to run
    One month after the Spring Primary is the County Precinct Organizational Meeting that elects the County Party Leaders
    Here is where the Neighborhood Precinct Organizational Executives are elected for the 2010 Primary.
    Here is where the all-important Party leaders are elected.
    Our County Party Leaders determine all the Congressional Candidates and Local Candidates, who the State Party Leaders are, and who will in turn elect the National Party Leaders

  • Travis

    Im voting for him and promoting him! I have many people already on his side RON PAUL FOR 2012!

  • sarah

    We are definitely voting for Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul is the only one who can give us back our freedoms. He will honor and respect our constitution and never betray this country!

    • Fred the Protectionist

      All free traders betray this country.

  • So tell me what to do..
    I changed to Democrat to get Obama in, he’s a lier, should I change and register as Republican now to help Ron Paul? Is it too late to do that? Does it matter? I need leadership now. Tell me what would be better, be an Independent or a Republican?

    • Where is your heart?

      I would say this…

      Vote with your heart. Why do you need people to tell you what to do? This forum is not the government…it is not designed to as a nanny-sitter. Read, get informed, make up your own mind and follow your heart.

      Short answer (since you feel the need to be told what to do and how to live your life) Support Ron Paul…It is never tooo late.

    • Fred the Protectionist

      Stay registered so you can vote in their primaries.

      Or you can throw a temper tantrum, “Whah i’m going independent!”

  • Boozie

    Someone below said register independent. Absolutely do not register independent if Ron Paul runs for president he will likely run as a Republican so we need as many registered Republicans as possible! In many states you cannot vote in a Republican primary if you are not a registered Republican. Once Ron Paul gets the nomination it does not matter what you are. Ron Paul 2012

  • Ross

    Go Ron Paul ,you magnificant man. I was a doubting Thomas because of your age.I thought that the American public were totally consumed by Hollywood image with no substance. To achieve this without the Murdochracy Press is truely a milestone and truely sublime! It shows a growing awareness and integrity in the American people. Perhaps there is hope.

  • Ron Paul on Late Night

    Now that Ron Paul is more in the spotlight after winning/tied two straw polls and the major Rassmussen Poll, people are starting to turn heads. Just today I saw people of Fox Buiness Network say “I love Ron Paul”…Wow…

    I Call on all Ron Paul supporters to bombard Late night shows like Leno, Letterman, and alike to interview Ron Paul.

    We need to not let up. We need to thrust Ron Paul in the media…God knows everytime I turn on the damn tv all I hear is Palin Palin Palin.

    Palin can [removed by admin]

    Ron Paul supporters, I need your help to capitalize on Ron Pauls growing support and success.

    • Ross

      We do not need crass posts like this pertaining to Sarah Paling.It diminishes all our humanity.We all agree that Ron Paul has integrity and ability but if you don’t respect your oponents, then you have no measure of what is truely worthwhile.

      Comments like this, make us no better than our foe.

  • Theresa Romano

    Before the last election I was all alone in my support for Ron Paul. Always the response was ”yeh, he’s great but we have to beat Obama or…we have to beat McCain”.
    Now my husband, father and one of my brothers are all ready to vote for Ron Paul with me. I’m an Independent and my dad and brother are Dems and my husband is Republican. We all want Ron Paul. No matter what ticket he runs on.

  • Peter

    I just watched Sean Hannity’s Town Hall Meeting with alledged TEA Party people in the State of Georgia on FOX News. I smell a rat. These could not have been true TEA Party people. They had to have been hand picked hacks. Just like the ones who were given free admission to the Republican Leadership Conference 2010 /New Orleans as long as they voted for Romney in the Straw poll. Even with that shameful tactic, Paul still only lost by one vote.

    Now get this. Sean Hannity asked the Georgia TEA People to applaud for whomever they would support the most as a GOP Candidate for President:
    Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Sarah Palin or Ron Paul. Ron Paul had ONE PERSON CLAP. Oh Please!!! Sarah Palin, who draws Rock Star crowds had a very quiet response while Romney and Gingrich got a resounding applause. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, B.S.!!!

    Once for evermore again the old hands of the GOP are trying to manipulate, steer and force their favorite RINO’s back into our faces. Even now, the GOP is still not listening to us. They don’t want to hear about Ending The FED. They don’t want any Paul supporters coming around “Their Party” ( Lindsey Graham) and they are marginalizing anyone who draws crowds of Small- Gov- Low -Tax- No- Wars- Constitutionalists such as Paul and possibly Palin.

    In the 2008 Election, John McCain was the LEAST favorite candidate in the minds of most ALL Conservatives and Independents. And yet, somehow, some way, he managed to be handed the Golden GOP nomination. While Paul was shunned from debates and ridiculed in what few he was allowed into.

    Folks. Register Independent, like me, O’Reilly, Beck and Schiff. I have more respect for the Democrats than the Republicans because at least the Dems don’t try to hide who they are and what they want. The GOP are nothing but Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

    Romney installed a Health Care Plan that’s bankrupting his State. Lindsey Graham says” The problem with Cap and Trade is that too many people are talking about it.” Huckabee says “we broke Iraq therefore we should stay there until we fix it. ”
    Hey Mike! How about Vietnam? Remember Vietnam,…. Mike? Did we “stay until we fixed it”? Are did we pull out?

    If we are not careful, we may end up being stuck with Liberal or Liberal lite again in 2012. An exact repeat of 2008.

    One clap for Ron Paul? One lousy clap after winning Straw Poll after Straw Poll?

    Thanks Sean Hannity. Thanks for a lot of great talk. But you’re selling us out once again. But this time, America’s not falling for it.

    • Joan

      I saw that last night too. I think Romney will get caught up because of Romneycare. Huckabee just made a horrible comment about letting gay people get married is like condoning incest, he said horrible things about gay people. There’s an article about it on MSNBC’s website. I think all of them see Glenn Beck went so religious on his show, so they all went religious conservative really quickly. Judge Napalitano was going on and on about Jesus the other day, Huckabee did same on his show, even O’Reilly did a piece on why he still supports the Catholic church. As soon as the talking heads and the politicians see Beck reads from the Bible on a news channel and gets 3 million viewers, they all go religious and conservative values. It’s for votes and/or ratings, in Huckabee’s case it’s both for ratings and for votes.

      Hannity wants Newt Gingrich, who left his second wife when she got breast cancer and who goes back what, three decades to old time Reagan, Chenny, Bush once again. All of this could work in Ron Paul’s favor, or, with Hannity and Palin and Beck hijacking the Tea Party, it could take Ron Paul out of the running.

      The Tea Party has to decide once and for all if it is old time Republican, if they like making Sarah Palin rich because she quit her job to write books and do speeches and TV shows, or if they want real changes, if they are Libertarians, if they want Ron Paul. It’s going in so many different directions right now, it makes your head spin.

      There’s another angle too. People like Ben Stein, who called Ron Paul anti-semetic and Charles Krauthammer, they hijacked the Tea Party to use them to get Obama out because Obama won’t help Israel. Ben Stein wrote a book four years ago that said exactly the same stuff Glenn Beck said in his documentary about socialist and communist leaders, and they are good friends. Stein gave Beck all of that information to get his followers to villify Obama and hate Obama so he won’t get re-elected. Krauthammer has an entire website where he only lets Beck followers in and he monitors everyone’s ISP, he’s scared of anyone who isn’t pro-Israel, he lied to the Tea Party people, told them it’s find they want Social Security and Medicare, it’s fine they hate socialism. If you go in there and say one real thing, they get rid of you. I’ve seen many middle eastern people say he kicked them out of the place really fast. There’s a lot of liars, cheats and thieves in politics and on those news shows. Everyone has their own agenda, sell books, get high ratings, get votes, get the U.S. to help Israel. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I think it’s because of the news channels getting so popular and because of the Internet.

  • You are right Liberty Planet,
    A PAPER TRAIL FOR VOTING is the answer.

    By Press Release
    December 16, 2004
    Electronic/Paper-Ballot Hybrid Provides Unique Approach to Meet New Federal Requirements
    CHICAGO, Dec. 16 2004/PRNewswire/ — The federal Election Assistance
    Commission (EAC) and National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) have approved a new, innovative voting machine that is the first electronic system to meet new federal standards by combining the advantages, flexibility and simplicity of computer-based touch screen voting with the assurances provided by a tangible paper ballot. By using the best of both approaches, the Populex system is designed to restore voter confidence that their votes will be counted accurately.
    “We are excited to have a voting solution that is affordable, practical and gives voters full confidence that their votes will be counted and, if necessary, re-counted correctly,” said Sanford Morganstein, president of Populex. “Comparing the Populex voting system to the machines used in the 2004 election is like comparing a Lexus to an Edsel.”
    Unlike most other touch screen systems that risk losing votes, the Populex
    system doesn’t collect and store votes electronically in the voting computer.
    Instead, Populex prints an official ballot, equipped with a bar code that is scanned to reliably record and count the votes. This paper ballot is the official ballot that’s counted on Election Day and also the audit trail needed for recounts. Additionally, Populex’s technology helps prevent voters from making errors and provides several opportunities for them to verify their selections.
    “If the Populex voting system was used during the 2004 election in Florida and Ohio, the resulting conspiracy theories would not exist,” said Morganstein. “After voting on the Populex system, each voter can leave the polls with the confidence that his or her votes have been accurately recorded and will be accurately counted.”

  • Not only that, but Ron Paul also has a big challenge because he has to defeat Obama by enough margin that they cannot fraudulently ‘tweak’ the election results in the final hours ala Al Gore vs Bush or John Kerry vs Bush.

  • I have been posting the
    Ron Paul: A New Hope” video on my wall via facebook now for at least a year and plan to continue to do some until 2012. This has been very effective, converting several friends (including LIBERALS) to the cause. YOU ALL NEED TO DO THE SAME! It’s time to get active, even if the election is 2 years away!



  • Richard W.

    The economy will be in even more of a shambles by 2012. Obama hasn’t a clue how to respond to this banker-caused depression. He turns to them for advice! Higher taxes is next on his agenda. Every month that passes Obama’s numbers will slide and Paul’s will go up. Ron Paul would slaughter Obama in 2012.

  • I am disapointet to have Obama Presidante.
    *AMERICA WANT A MAN LAIK RON PAUL.Ushi the best of America to see thincs change in better!

  • Chris

    It’s very sad to see 33% people who claim to be affiliated with the GOP completely abandon their party because a candidate like Ron Paul, who follows the constitution strictly and is by far the most conservative potential candidate, would win the nomination.

    Goes to show you how powerful the ideas of statism has grown over the decades. The only way to combat this is spread the message of liberty, constitutional law, sound money, a foreign policy of freedom, and individual accountability…

    • The Problem is, that the neconservatives hate to hear the message of liberty, peace and individual accountability!!

      • Fred the Protectionist

        Actually New Conservatives = Libertarians.

  • Ryan

    All the momentum will go Ron Paul’s direction if we spread the word. Obama would continue the outrage of deficit spending and globalization plans, while also attacking our liberty and freedom. Ron Paul will get us on the right path.
    Spread the word!
    Ron Paul in 2012!