End the Mandate Flier

Click here to get a PDF of the Campaign for Liberty’s H.R. 4995End the Mandate” flier and spread the word! Two half sheet fliers will print per page. There’s also an “I share the mission!” form you can put on the reverse side to sign up new members for Campaign for Liberty.


  • baboon

    I am very interested in the libertarian party,
    I agree with much of your economics, and most definetly, your anti-war
    position. I also see the new health care law as a fraud for americans.
    However, there are many social issues that present a problem for me getting
    behind the libertarian party.
    It plans to stay within the Republican Party, not a seperate party from the
    republicans, lots of problems there for a lot of people, its like saying your
    the good republicans, and they are the bad ones. That won’t work.
    Social Security, it would once again produce surplus if it were taken back out
    of the annual federal budget like it used to be before Tip O’Neil and Reagon
    put it in there so they could rob it and mask the military budget.
    Public education, libertarians really want to abolish it? That also worked
    quite well until around 1970 , when the forces that you are fighting planned its
    Replacing all the jobs that downsizing the military budget will cause.
    We are already at at least 10% unemployment, how do you plan job creation
    that will give a livable wage , not slave labor, so health care will be affordable.
    How will you make health care affordable? All 435 congressional districts are
    dependent on the militarty budget (by design), how do you plan on tackling
    this? do We we need trade agreements to bring manufacturing back?
    I am a 61 yr old V.N. vet, just have some questions about libertarian, i like
    much of your platform.
    How do you plan to get the racist image away? I know Dr. Paul is not, but
    the libertarian movement has been painted that way, I don’t believe it to be.
    No party can make it without the minority vote.

  • 1111cb

    I can elect to have a car or not.

    You can tax me and use the money for roads I may not use, but then I will vote you out if you get ridiculous in taxing me.

    This is requiring EVERYONE to have buy insurance. Sooooo, who profits????
    I am pro health reform but not this mandate and not to use employers– this is another smoke and mirrors tactic the insurance industry sold the Congress who rushed this through too fast to understand it. Have argued this elsewhere at length where to really subsidize and cut cost- wrote to Wyden and still waiting for a reply.

    The right to chose insurance belongs to the individual and government needs to step out of helping the industry rig the choices as they did before and after reform.

    This will not benefit people- Insurance companies will simply keep raising cost and passing it along since you HAVE TO BUY. But where is the incentive for them to cut waste?

    • Fred the Protectionist

      “I can elect to have a car or not.”

      Irrelevant argument.

      And you know there’s a Reply Button. Look one level under your name, very good, now look to the very right, it shows the DATE followed by a vertical line, then says PERMALINK (whatever that does) followed by a vertical line, followed by the magical word REPLY. Click REPLY. Very good.

      • TCC

        How is “I can elect to have a car or not.” an irrelevant arguement? Its true. I can decide wether or not I want a car, there is absolutely no way around mandated health insurance.

        This made me think of something else alittle off topic. In school they tell us that you need a license to drive a car because driving a car is a privilege not a right. Thats fine with me but here is where the problem in logic arises. If a law abiding citizen needs a license to drive, WHY would one need a license to carry a gun?

  • Fred the Protectionist

    Generally state constitutions are just copies of the federal constitution with little variance. So if it’s legal to force you to purchase car insurance under state constitutions, then it is legal to force you to purchase other insurance under the federal constitution.

    I didn’t hear anybody crying bloody murder over car insurance mandates.

    • Fred the Protectionist

      Actually I did cry bloody murder over car insurance, but 99 out of 100 people would call me crazy. So you can all eat shit and die with this mandated health insurance, haha.