Poll: What is President Obama?

Ron Paul recently made the headlines when he claimed that President Obama is not a socialist, but a corporatist:

Ron Paul: “The question has been raised whether or not our president is a socialist. And I’m sure there are some people here [at the SRLC] who believe it and I know this conference has talked about that already and I think that is very important, he deserves a lot of criticism. But you know, in the technical sense, in the economic definition of a socialist, no, he’s not a socialist. What he is is a corporatist and unfortunately, we have corporatists in the Republican party and that means you take care of corporations and corporations take over and run the country. We see that in the financial institution, we see it in the military-industrial complex, and now we see it in the medical-industrial complex who runs medicine.”

Do you agree or disagree with Ron Paul? What is the president all about? Participate in our latest poll and make your opinion heard. You can select up to 3 options.

In my opinion, President Obama is... (select up to 3)

  • A corporatist (20%, 1,029 Votes)
  • A socialist (16%, 799 Votes)
  • A puppet (15%, 770 Votes)
  • A progressive (10%, 488 Votes)
  • A liberal (9%, 470 Votes)
  • A fascist (8%, 386 Votes)
  • A radical (7%, 362 Votes)
  • A communist (6%, 294 Votes)
  • A populist (3%, 161 Votes)
  • A centrist (2%, 97 Votes)
  • A neoconservative (2%, 85 Votes)
  • A pragmatist (1%, 76 Votes)
  • An enigma (1%, 68 Votes)
  • An anarchist (1%, 41 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,295

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  • Wow! In the end I got a website from where I be able to in fact take helpful facts concerning my study and knowledge.


    I wonder why don’t we use child molester word every time we talk about Catholicism/ Christianity and Priest?
    Could you also refer me to Ron Paul statement whom used Muslim Terrorist in the sentence and how he used it in the same sentence. Please refer me to a you tube or any other site video/audio.


    Why mix communism with Muslim. Communism has more similarity with capitalism then Islam have with communism. So why mix apple with oranges?
    We call our self a capitalism (anti-Communism) but we didn’t kick the communism ass. It was the Muslim that send them back to Moscow and up until now they still licking their RED wounds. I strongly suggest you read the recent history of Afghanistan back in the 80s. If you really hated the communism why did we left it to a poor third world MUSLIM country like Afghanistan to kick the red army and tear them in pieces.


    Here is another illiterately hateful comments.

    Obama is black. What is wrong with being black? You must be a fascist cause you missed to use the word fascist in your sentence.
    Kenya-born? It IS against the law to have US president that was born in another country. I agree with on this one but how do you know? Do you have a prove – bring it on I will support you and place it on the web and instruct me to it.
    Gee – You sound so sure as if your mother give him birth in Kenya.
    Again Muslim word is used right next to the Marxist. Read my reply to ALEX.

    There are some other moron that give you guys thumbs up for Illiterate, hateful, bashful Islam-phobic comments. If that is what Ron Paul is standing for count me out.
    I wish Ron Paul could comments on my comments. I bet you he is not hateful towards Islam, blacks at all.

    Ron Paul 2012

    Oh By the way, I just happen to see it now
    Here is the list you chose from. There is no black mentioned, nor Kanyan, nor Muslim.

    In my opinion, President Obama is… (select up to 3)

    * A socialist
    * A radical
    * A fascist
    * A corporatist
    * A communist
    * A centrist
    * An anarchist
    * A neoconservative
    * A liberal
    * A progressive
    * A pragmatist
    * A populist
    * A puppet
    * An enigma


  • I live on Maui and this very clever artical was in our daily paper. I need a well written and thought out reply. With the elections getting closer, other people arouond the country will need it for their Letters to the Editor also. Here is his post.

    7-18-10, Maui News, Dug Mc Bride in Makaina
    Tea Party doesn’t know what it is for.
    It’s interesting that two July 7th letters writers mentioned treason, It makes me wonder if people have completely lost their ability to reason. “Vote out all the legislators in November” is so full of contradictions it leads me to believe the letter writer is a member of the Tea Party.

    The writer says that countless laws have been violated by the administration but gives not one example. The writer claims law makers continue to disregard the Constitution to push their agenda but, again, gives no examples. No examples on how they are shaving civill liberties. co-opting churches ignoring the put-upon majority, committing treason, shutting down the Internet or ruining the economy. The letter writer claims there’s taxation without representation – a favorite Tea Party phrase – but then wants to everyone vote out their representatives. If you have representatives then you have representation.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the Tea Party. They wear fun costumes and some to their Libertarian ideals resonate with me. They’re often clear on what they’re against, i.e., excessive government spending, corruption, big-brother intrusion, taxes. But they can’t agree on what they’re for.

    They’re famous for signs that read, “keep your government hands off my Medicare.” They complain bitterly about fiscal irresponsibility but balk at any talk of raising taxes to pay our bills.
    They want their country country back? It was stolen by the largest electoral victory of any non-incumbents in our history. And yes, this is the change I voted for. Doug McBride, Makena.

  • Tim

    I voted Corporatist, Socialist and Puppet in that order, I guess that makes me just as disappointed as everyone else who isn’t drunk or gormless. I think he is a puppet because it took less than 90 days for him to reneg on all his campaign promises (even though he dragged out the announcements for 9 months), foremost getting us out of the 2 corporate mercenary operations in the Gulf and extending the unconstitutional, illegal USAPATRIOT Act. I think he is a corporatist because he foisted this “healthcare” disaster onto middle class US taxpayers. I think he is a socialist because I’ve been reading the executive orders on the White House website. He’s got visions of global socialism and finished products as natural resources that magically manufacture themselves. Ironically, Phillip K Dick already wrote a similar short story about crazy people who could warp reality to their imaginations…

  • nag

    Socialism a bridge between capitalism and communism. Communism: people who are governed by other people they never elected. Monarchalism: people governed by someone god elected. Theocracism: people who governed by god. Dictatorism: people who are governed by people who killed everyone else off. Corporatism: people who are governed by Ronald McDonald. Facism Zionism whats the difference??? Always remember that without people there would be no “power”, if it is only a third.

    Paulism: people who are governed by someone who cares.

  • dr hoos

    Sorry, I’m not into cereal. I’m a Vietnam vet with a degree in journalism from a prestigious University. I’ve been lamenting for more than 20 years that the Trilateral Commission, the Bildebergers, the CFR, the Business Roundtable, the Masons and every other secret social engineering group had the American middle class in their sites and were hell bent on lowering our standard of living to maximize global corporate profits and attempt to equalize the standard of living throughout the world. Sure as hell, through NAFTA, GATT, and WTO thanks to the efforts of Presidents Carter, Reagan, HW Bush, Clinton, W Bush and Obama they are well on the way to succeeding. First electronics, then textiles, steel, autos, other consumer manufactured goods and when they milked that cow for all it was worth they turned to customer service and other pseudo white collar jobs. All gone-first Mexico, then China, then India and any other third world cheap labor country. And we wonder why employment rates are nearly 20 % in real terms. The new world order corporatists saw the middle class in the USA as too uppity, too independent of their demands. Well the corporatists and their republican and democrat lapdogs in congress fixed them. The question now is whether we have the stomach to establish the trade policies, yes including tariffs, and the tax policies to reinvigorate the manufacturing sector in this country. Or we can all wait for these wonderful “green” jobs that are going to save the middle class. Yea right. I’m sick of free traders and their corporate mumbo jumbo. I’m all for trade-fair trade, not free trade. Frosted Flakes anyone?

  • dr hoos

    Obama is the first two party candidate I voted for since Hubert Humphrey(I really wanted to vote for Gene McCarthy or RFK). I really believed this guy’s populist rhetoric. What a giant con job. Turns out he’s just another corporatist lap dog-only smart, unlike W. I was dismayed to hear that Ron Paul is a free trade globalist sucking up to China. No more “Vote Ron Paul” exclamations for me. I’ll stick with Pat Buchanan-a real populist American who believes in America and Americans first with good paying jobs, defending our borders, and severing much of our foreign entanglements. If maintaining good paying manufacturing jobs and others means tariffs and strong unions so be it. If dismantling foreign aid means some people won’t like us, too bad. And if the globalists, the banksters and the rest of the corporate communists/facists don’t like it and want to argue, in the words of Pat Buchanan, “lock and load.”

    • longshotlouie

      Ron Paul is a Free Trade Globalist? lmao
      That might make a great headline fot The Onion, but it has nothing to do with reality.

      Do you read your news off of the back of a Cap’n Crunch box?

  • Fred the Protectionist

    I voted “puppet”. He came into office with no vision, “change” isn’t an idea of how to run the executive.

    The Health Care bill just proves it how uncontrolled he had of the process, even with a super majority in Congress. Puppet is more accurate, “corporatist” is just a buzzword that means nothing, especially coming from Libertarians who don’t know their political cliches from their own rear end.

    • carl

      i voted puppet because if you really understand the global move that is in hot pursuit of the american downfall and the american way,then you’d have a clearer picture of what the extremely hard times forthcoming are really all about.it’s so very easy and most weak that one can call those in the know, simple minded conspiracist,but it will be those very people that you will be crying to save you when the truth hits you square in the butt.if ron paul fails to audit the fed and save us from the vicious and diliberate theft by the elite bankers and war mongers,then your wrong observations can be used to wipe that butt since that is all your gonna have .ELECT RON PAUL!PLEASE!PRESIDENT 2012.thank you for your time.

    • longshotlouie

      Of course you voted for a puppet, Fled.
      Which puppet do you like for the next go round?

  • rockchalk

    Wrong, Ryan. Thief is the correct spelling, and moRons are Paul supporters. I just want to help the slow ones in the crowd as much as I can.

    • Ryan

      I’m big enough to admit to a typo. I’m well aware of how to spell, “thief”. Thank you very much.
      As to the rest of your comment, your kind of “help” is not needed.
      Liberals have all but completely destroyed this nation. I’ll support any politician smart enough and principled enough to bring back Constitutional adherence, fiscal responsibility, and promote and defend Liberty and Freedom.
      … Well, that eliminates all democrats and neocons. So I’ll support the one guy in government currently qualified to lead us back to a stable and prosperous nation. His name is Ron Paul.

      As to your last sentence, if you can’t handle to hear the truth about Obama, then I suggest you don’t visit a Ron Paul forum. Duh! … and you call me, “slow”?

  • jesse

    the jews bitch

  • gander

    obama is an orphan with identity issues. am i black or white? why did daddy leave me? why is my mom screwing a lot of random foreign guys? like napoleon, hitler and stalin he has some serious child hood problems that manifested themselves as large ego/narcissism.

  • Alex

    He’s not a communist, nor a fascist. He’s not a muslim, and I take him for his word that he is an American born citizen. Anyone who says otherwise is simply brainwashed by radical talking points. If you’re going to dislike him like I do, do it for the right reasons. I believe he is simply a puppet, we’re not getting any change out of him. Ron Paul is right, the average Republican will do no better than any democrat in power right now. We talk a lot of smack when we’re out of power but abandon our principals once we get elected on the basis of our complaints.

    If you want to talk about radical, Ron Paul is WAYYY more radical Obama. That is not a bad thing, because Washington needs radical change. Obama does nothing different. Radicals are only a bad thing when they’re terrorists or evil dictators.

  • Reggi

    Obama is the worse kind of terrorist. He holds the most powerful position in the world as president of the United States. He is using that power to undermind the very constitution for which it stands, under God.
    He does not believe in the God that most Americans and the founding fathers of this country believe in. He is Muslim, which is why he wants to change the name of Muslim and Terrorist in the same sentence.
    Our country was founded and formed because of the very things he is trying to create with more control over its people and more taxes.
    He is weakening the very strength of this country by down grading the military and our own defense systems which will make it easier for his kind to invade. He is the worse terrorist of all. At the top, under absolute cover and protection by the very people who put him into office. The corporations. He has sold Americans short for his own lust of power and greed.
    He should be impeached! But nobody in Washington has the guts to bring about a congressional hearing and investigation on him and every congressmen, senator in Washington. All someone would have to do is look at each ones stock portfolio over the last 20 years and you will see the truth.
    Isn’t that what he promised, clairity and honesty. He has a borderline personality disorder and is a compulsive liar.
    Why doesn’t someone start an investigation? America has been had!

  • Lyth P. Cloggenhaupt

    Obama is a black, Kenya-born, Muslim, Marxist pawn of the New World Order.

  • Rob

    He is a fascist warmonger

    • Fred the Protectionist

      Dude stop insulting Europeans.

      • I know Obama makes the 1940s European looks bad when it comes to expanding the so called war on terrorism.

        Ron Paul 2010

  • Dfens

    What are the 2 issues that multinational corporations love the most? If you guessed “free trade” and an elimination of all occupational safety codes, you’d be right. It is clearly not the US factory worker or the members of the Tea Party that are clamoring for fewer manufacturing jobs or for the few jobs we have left to be less safe. So where does Ronny and Randy Paul stand on these issues? Well, let’s see what they have to say for themselves:

    All free trade really needs is two words: Low tariffs. Free trade does not require coordination with another government to benefit citizens here. Just like domestic businesses don’t pay taxes, foreign businesses do not pay tariffs – consumers do, in the form of higher prices. If foreign governments want to hurt their own citizens with protectionist tariffs, let them. But let us set a good example here, and show the world an honest example of true free trade. And let us stop hurting American workers with mountains of red tape in the name of safety. Safety standards should be set privately, by the industry and by the insurance companies who have the correct motivating factors to do so. – Texas Straight Talk by Ron Paul

    When Ron Paul calls President Obama a “corporatist”, one has to ask if he actually understands the concept of hypocrisy. Perhaps Ron Paul thinks that Hippocratic oath he took meant he was supposed to be a hypocrite? Look at what Ron Paul had to say when his buddies the Communist Chinese decided to dump a bunch of egg shaped, unsafe, cheap, crappy tires on the US market which lead to Obama signing legislation that imposed a puny 35% tariff on those tires:

    Obama’s decision to enact steep tariffs on Chinese imported tires could spark a trade war with the single most important trading partner we have. Not only does China manufacture a whole host of products that end up on American store shelves, they are also still buying our Treasury debt. – Free Trade With All by Ron Paul

    Not only does Ron Paul love the Communist Chinese, whom he considers to be our “single most important trading partner” he also seems to be terrified by the thought that we might not be able to continue to fund our national debt. But he’s for limited government, right? Yeah, sure he is. If you want your deadbeat brother-in-law to stop borrowing gambling money, do you go to his loan sharks and kiss their ass as a way to encourage them to loan him more money?

    It’s funny how Ron Paul never did show up at that mining town in West Virginia where the 25 miners died to tell them about how much safer their lives would be if they federal government removed all safety standards from coal mining. He never showed up at that Gadsden, Alabama Goodyear plant to explain to the tire workers how much better off they’d be if Red China were allowed to dump those crappy tires on our US market either. Debate is not the Ron Paul way. This blog alone is proof of that.

    • longshotlouie

      Thanks for the Paul quotes.

      Why are you for high tariffs and trade wars?
      Why do you hate America, as your buddy Fled would say?

      • Fred the Protectionist

        The only ones who hate America are you open-border/free-traders who are propping up the economies of future enemies while bringing the American economy down.

    • Dfens

      This is what the US Constitution has to say about tariffs, a sales tax you can chose to pay or not:

      Section 8 – Powers of Congress – The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States

      Feel free to read it for yourself. You don’t need Ron Paul or the Supreme Court to interpret it for you.

      • longshotlouie

        So you are supporting high tariffs just to cover the cost of war and debt?

        • Fred the Protectionist

          No, Tariffs alone cannot cover the cost of the war. The federal budget is too vast for Tariffs.

          Don’t you know your own neocon propaganda? The Laffer Curve. Tariffs are far more sensitive to the Laffer Curve then taxes on the rich.

          Do I have to explain why to you like a child?

      • Dfens

        I support the US Constitution. I don’t just claim to support it.

        • longshotlouie

          You are supporting high tariffs just to cover the cost of war and debt?

          • Fred the Protectionist

            High tariffs cannot “cover the cost of war and debt”. Your math skills are lacking.

        • Dfens

          Mostly I want the federal government to use that money to buy more black helicopters so they can keep an eye on you and your buddy Ron. And let me add, good job on the debate. That’s exactly the level I expect from this forum. Isn’t the internet a great resource for freedom? Way to go Ron Paul supporters. You’re not mindless zombies after all.

          • longshotlouie

            Black helicopters for your neighbors?
            You are always thinking of others.

  • The word Socialist has been used so many times. & yet Ron Paul is right! Obama is not a Socialist! I say that he is a Totalitarian, Elitist, Corporatist, Communist, Fascist, and another War Loving President.

  • Leonardo Martins

    Dear fellows,

    Ron Paul is right. Obama is a clone of Mr. Lula da Sila, president of Brazil. There isn’t room for socialists anymore – socialism is rhetoric for winning elections. Obama and Lula are both corporatists. I understand that dealing with politicians like Obama is something new for Americans. Trust me, I can smell corporatist populism from thousands of miles away.

    Leonardo Martins

  • Ryan

    I would say Obama is a, “Puppet, Corporatist, Elitist, Communist, Utopian, Homicidal, Sociopathic, Liar, Traitor-to-the-Constitution, Traitor-to-the-People, Foreign-Born, Globalizing, Open-Border, Theif, Nanny-State-Loving, Authoritarian, Two-Digit-IQ, Moron.”

    … Now just don’t ask me how I really feel about the guy!