3 responses to “Ron Paul: Taxation is a Symptom of Big Government”

  1. Nick R.

    Taxes are a symptom – that’s a very interesting point of view.


    Governments can only borrow money because their IOUs are essentially backed by their power to tax the people. If the government would lose that power, nobody would buy their bonds.

    That would only leave the printing press. If there were no taxes and no government bonds, the only way the government could operate would be to print money, and then their little game would be out in the open for everyone to see.

    Some leftists support such an approach because they believe that if THEY were in charge, they would be responsible in managing the money supply. But such an experiment would surely end in massive inflation for reasons I don’t have to go into at this site. ;)

    The best solution is open competition in currencies, low taxes that support a very small government and must be paid in gold, and no ability for the government to issue bonds or print money. Then the government could not run a deficit and would have to justify all its expenses to the people.

    So, I don’t entirely agree that taxes nothing but a symptom. Do away with taxes and you expose the current system and the “inflation tax” for what they are: a colossal fraud by the ruling class committed against We the People.

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  2. Bottomline

    Stay strong and stay consistent.

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  3. Chet

    We LOVE you Ron Paul!

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