Ron Paul: End Obama’s Corporatist Healthcare Mandate!

Ron Paul has introduced legislation (HR 4995) to end Obama’s corporatist healthcare mandate. The mandate violates the basic freedom to make one’s own decisions and it will lead to price controls, shortages and monopolistic enforcement of “authorized” treatments.

End the Mandate

by Ron Paul

Last week I introduced a very important piece of legislation that I hope will gain as much or more support as my Audit the Fed bill. HR 4995, the End the Mandate Act will repeal provisions of the newly passed health insurance reform bill that give the government the power to force Americans to purchase government-approved health insurance.

The whole bill is rotten, but this provision especially is a blatant violation of the Constitution. Defenders claim the Congress’s constitutional authority to regulate “interstate commerce” gives it the power to do this. However, as Judge Andrew Napolitano and other distinguished legal scholars and commentators have pointed out, even the broadest definition of “regulating interstate commerce” cannot reasonably encompass forcing Americans to engage in commerce by purchasing health insurance. Not only is it unconstitutional; it is a violation of the basic freedom to make our own decisions regarding how best to meet the health care needs of ourselves and our families.

The new law requires Americans to have what is defined as “minimum essential coverage.” Some people may claim that the requirement to have “minimal essential coverage” does not impose an unreasonable burden on Americans. There are two problems with this claim. First, the very imposition of a health insurance mandate, no matter how “minimal,” violates the principles of individual liberty upon which this country was founded.

Second, the mandate is unlikely to remain “minimal” for long. The experience of states that allow their legislatures to mandate what benefits health insurance plans must cover has shown that politicizing health insurance inevitably makes it more expensive. As the cost of government-mandated health insurance rises, Congress will likely respond by increasing subsidies for more and more Americans, adding astronomically to our debt burden. An insurance mandate undermines the entire principle of what insurance is supposed to measure – risk.

Another likely response to rising costs is the imposition of price controls on medical treatments, and limits on what procedures and treatments mandatory insurance will have to reimburse. This is happening in other countries where government is intrinsically involved in these decisions and people suffer and die because of it.

This will only increase the bottom line of the very insurers the legislation was supposed to control. Meanwhile, alternate methods of healthcare delivery and financing, such as concierge doctors, alternative medicine, or physician owned hospitals will be greatly harmed, if not put out of business altogether, when the entire country is forced into the insurance model. It will be difficult for families to come up with extra money to pay for alternate healthcare of their choice when their budget has been squeezed by this mandate to buy insurance. This will in turn reduce competition for healthcare dollars. Health insurers, like many other corporations in other industries, have now used the legislative process anti-competitively to corner the healthcare market. Instead of calling this socialized medicine, we should call it corporatized medicine, since the reform is to force us all into being customers of these corporations, whether we like it or not.

Congress made a grave error by forcing all Americans to purchase health insurance. The mandate violates fundamental principles of individual liberty, and will lead to further government involvement in health care. It is time for legislation that fights back for the freedom of the people on this issue. It is time to End the Mandate.

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  • Your blog is great and i also know Allen always adds balsamic vinegar to his soup.

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  • The White Race not only in America but all around the world is being lowered simply because an elite group demands global socialism. Global socialism includes health care, education and many other contributing factors/packages. The whites must be lowered – while other sub-cultures are raised, all in an attempt/theory – that the races will meet somewhere in the middle: thus creating a huge race of mud-people, who have no culture, no race, no religion, and are so dumbed down they will not be able to do anything but submit to, and obey the Global Master.

    This plan is so very clear to those of us who keep up with the news and or other events. My feelings toward this is not only will this plan fail, but will lead the entire world to total hell – global war will be the end result – but first we will all see famine, street gang wars, bombings, increased pollution, or should I say, a lack of pollution control, starvation, plagues and other infectous illnesses – the list goes on and on.

    My question to all of the already dumbed down whites out there is simply this: Is this the kind of govenment, and world you want to live in – are you really satisfied? If not, don’t worry – we can unite, and form an armed militia – get shed of – eliminate totally all non-whites – and the basterd elite who have done this to us…

    Signed: Concerned and Militant…….


  • P.S.-B.T.W. Sign the peition at the website above to abolish the Federal Reserve if you don’t like a privet corperation controling YOUR monies. Thank you for joining up with the rest of the American Patriots.

  • People. “Money”, this is our problem. Money is what gives certain people power in this world. Money is comparable to a gun. Remember the saying, it’s not the gun that kills, it’s the person in control of it. However, take away the gun and the person no longer is able to kill. Remove money, and the Fed has no power over us. One may ask, if we did that how would we function then? Some would say the bartering system. However some would say that’s an inefficiant system. Some would say use Gold or silver. Read the web site I have introduced here that I have found. It’s intresting that not many people have heard or know about “The G.A.T.A.” I would say that site is a MUST READ information site on what’s about to take place. After that, as far as the Healthcare bill is concerned, you better think about the healthcare reform bill. Remember the Swine flu scam? Not everyone that cought onto that scam fell for it. Remember the Georgia Guidestones first objective? Think people. Think! It’s LAW! It would be to everyones interest and safty to look it up and connect the 3 and understand whats coming around the corner. Maybe this year even.

  • Enough of this $$$hit from government.

    I personally do not have any intention of allowing congress or the president to take money from my paycheck to pay for health care.
    We must not sit back and allow this type of violation to happen.
    This $hit has went far enough with government.
    They are ripping us off and enslaving us and it must not be allowed to continue.

  • Government interventions empower the corporations.

    • fred the protectionist

      Wrong, free trade (slave labor and no regulation in 3rd world countries) empowers the corporations.

      And thanks to you lunatic Austrian Economic fools, the Unions are internationalizing in a lame attempt to end “slave labor and no regulation in 3rd world countries”.

      • SS

        Where is this free trade happening?

        • fred the protectionist

          Oh look, there they go again. The lunatic Ronulan Libertarian denies that NAFTA (or other FTA’s) is free trade.

          Don’t let the lunatics disown NAFTA. In the 1990’s the Libertarians were all for NAFTA, they loved it.

  • Please Repeal and Replace this so-called health care bill!

  • Fred the Protectionist

    Interesting show on CNBC, “American Greed,” the stories of 1,000 Bernie Madolfs.

    The neocons and Libertarians want to de-regulate and remove laws which would empower the 1,000 Bernie Madolfs; scammers, fraudsters, “corporatist” greed.

    • Brian Lull

      Dear Fred the Protectionist,

      You’re the type of person who would rather trade freedom for security. Those people are going to be out there no matter what. Besides, what did the SEC do to regulate Bernie Madoff? Obviously they failed. Criminals can’t be regulated; only law-abiding citizens can. Get that through your thick skull. See, you’re part of the problem in America, Freddy. You might as well not even vote, because you’re obviously not responsibile enough to do so.

      Maybe you should try reading some books, both on history, war, and economics so you can look back and see how stupid you sound. Maybe then, and only then might you be proud of how much you’ve grown once you see the light.

      • Fred the Protectionist

        Dear free trader, you’re the type of person who would trade the American middle class for a few extra bucks in the pockets of the ultra-rich (mostly foreign national ultra-rich).

        Libertarian say: “Besides, what did the SEC do to regulate Bernie Madoff? Obviously they failed. Criminals can’t be regulated; only law-abiding citizens can.”

        You’re such an anarchist, people like you empower the Bernie Madoffs, and that’s how you spell his name huh.

        • Brian Lull

          The people who empowered Bernie Madoff were the investors who were too lazy to do their own research – the people who gave him the money, thus empowering him, without ever once questioning his ‘too-good-to-be-true’ results. No one else is at fault except those involved, both the victims and perpetrators. As much as you’d like to point the finger, don’t blame the rest of the people who respect the law and play by the rules.

          The funny thing about you liberals is that you resort to name-calling and taunting as opposed to getting down to fundamentals and putting any factual arguments on the table.

          Please explain who the ultra-rich are, and how I would trade the middle class for a few extra bucks in the pockets of the ultra-rich. Last time I checked, the ultra-rich shoulder the heaviest tax burden, while 47% of Americans, maybe yourself included, don’t pay any taxes.

          Also, most of the so-called “rich” people are actually small business owners who took it upon themselves to run the risk and put forth the effort of opening a small business so the rest of us may have a job.

          So you might want to get your facts straight, because the SEC is supposed to be a regulatory Federal Agency, and what a fine job it did regulating Bernie Madoff, which is exactly how you spell his name. So how does your argument hold any weight when you accuse others of wanting to de-regulate and eliminate laws, if these very regulations and laws now in place have done absolutely nothing to eradicate the problem?

          P.S. – Please learn how to spell. You look ignorant. Pull your big boy pants up and look presentable before you come out on the court to play.

          • Fred the Protectionist

            Libertarian say: “The people who empowered Bernie Madoff were the investors who were too lazy to do their own research”

            I know, I know, “thou shalt not lie” is suuuuuch a Christian concept and you Atheists abhor those Christians.

            All politics is done by proxy. Your real agenda has nothing to do with Bernie Madoff, your real agenda is the opposition to Christianity, so by default you take the side of the liars.

            Libertarian say: “The funny thing about you liberals…”

            Actually you Libertarians are the Liberals, radical, the rest of us normal-rational Americans are conservatives.

        • longshotlouie

          Madoff is just a flea on the dog. He is sacrificed to pacify the masses.

          Nothing changes.

          • Fred the Protectionist

            Well that “flea on the dog” ran the world’s largest Ponzi scheme.

            Just like everything Libertarians say, it’s untrue.

          • Ma Jackson

            If you believe that was the biggest Ponzi scheme ever, you are Lost In Space.

          • Brian Lull

            Dear Fred the Protectionist,

            Freddy, I believe the World’s largest ponzi scheme is actually Social Security. You know that program, don’t you? The one that was created under President Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of the Raw Deal. I’m sure he’s your hero though, Mr. FDR, who was a complete failure as a human being in every venture he ever undertook. You probably enjoy reading about his policies, because you’re all about trading freedom for security.

            Funny how FDR is celebrated as one of the greatest presidents we ever had when unemployment averaged 18% throughout his first 8 years in office. Not too mention, it’s funny how he helped get us into WWII by cutting off 95% of Japan’s imported supply of oil through sanctions in mid 1941, but that’s something you’ll never hear about. All you will hear about is how he got us out of the Depression, which is the farthest thing from the truth. So far from the truth in fact that it’s completely laughable until you soon realize how many sheep there are in America who buy into this idea. Then it goes from being funny to becoming very, very scary.

          • Fred the Protectionist

            Libertarian say: “Freddy, I believe the World’s largest ponzi scheme is actually Social Security.”

            In effect you are saying, “All government spending like the military or roads is a ponzi scheme.”


        • Germanicus Fortunov

          I don’t know enough about the Madoff scheme to comment.

          You asked about the “ultra rich” and they are the ones with billions not millions.

          A family member of mine was a small business owner and fit your “rich” category but having a few million in total assets is nothing like being ultra rich.
          He does his taxes, has no control and is basically a pawn like the rest of us. He has money to take advantage of the system more than I could but he isn’t an insider.

          That’s a huge difference from the “ultra-rich” people who are Fed board members or their cronies who benefit from that shell game. They actually INFLUENCE the Fed and policy. The “ultra-rich” MAKE the rules while the rich simply benefit from them.

          Ron Paul wants to stop the “ultra-rich” from making the rules and he has a sound understanding of history to both validate his claims and provide a salient solution.

          Go Ron!

      • Fred the Protectionist

        In the 1990’s Libertarians were all gung-ho pro NAFTA, pro WTO.

        In the 2000’s, after NAFTA/WTO has proven to be a disaster, the Libertarians distanced themselves from NAFTA/WTO calling it “managed trade”.


        In the 1990’s Liberals were all gung-ho on Global Warming.

        In the 2000’s, when we all saw that the globe didn’t burn up, the Liberals distance themselves from Global Warming and now call it “Climate Change”.

        Libertarians and Liberals are all the same political beast of propaganda and deception.

        • longshotlouie

          There may have been some ‘Libertarians’ that were for ‘Free Trade’, but libertarians are for free trade. A challenging distinction for those, like Fled, that suffer from tunnel vision or are simply offering up disinfo to muddy the waters.

          Libertarian(party) is not equal to libertarian(philosophy)
          Free(NAFTA)Trade is not equal to free(unadulterated) trade.

          • Fred the Protectionist

            Yes I know, NAFTA only destroyed 1 out of 3 manufacturing jobs, it isn’t destructive enough for you Libertarians. You want to destroy 3 out of 3 manufacturing jobs, you must be pissed some Americans are still employed.

          • gander

            of course the manufacturers are going to leave if you let them. they get sucked dry from the unions, the government and the lawyers. is it any wonder they can’t compete on the world stage? free trade would work if we had true libertarianism in all layers of society and government. but it is still good to destroy the rotted out house that is the US so that a new better version can be built.

          • Fred the Protectionist

            Libertarian say: “unions”

            Attn all non-union and service-job workers in America; the neocon-Libertarians are dead set on exporting your jobs too. They may cry boogeyman (union), but their real goal is destroying the middle class until you are earning slave wages. Don’t vote for them. Don’t vote for anyone who claims to be a “free trader”. The cheap foreign labor lovers also use open-borders to kill American jobs.

            I know it’s hard to find an America-First trader who is also against open-borders, it’s practically impossible. You either get a Democrat who is a fair trader, but that Democrat is open-borders. Or you get a Republican who is against illegal immigration, but that same Republican is also a free trader.

            There are very few politicians who are both against illegal immigration and free-trade. One is Pat Buchanan.

    • Ross

      Fred, it was not Ron Paul who removed the Glass Steagell Act.It was Bill Clinton.Ron is not proposing removing all regulation.The free markets in reality were never allowed to operate.We have had Corportate and Govt domination killing the free market.We live in an oligarchy where large Corporate entities work with Govt to kill the free market and take easy money.This must end.

      The role of Govt should be one of a referee, who enforces the rules of the game called economics. Making the rules fair without interference is the difficult exercise.

      Stopping the creation of fiat counterfeit money will limit the power of the large banks and the destructive inflation they cause.Do not panic.Ron believes in true democracy and thus the new system will evolve.

      Ron Paul has the basics right but we all probably disagree on the detail because of our interest group bias.

      • Fred the Protectionist

        Libertarians empower the “corporations”.

        • EndtheFed

          Government interventions empower the corporations.

          • Fred the Protectionist

            I remember back in the 1990’s when I was a Libertarian/Neocon, we use to make fun of people who used the word “corporation” in a negative tone; we use to call them socialists.


    • SS

      One day you will realize that it was the regulations that empowered the Madoffs.

      • fred the protectionist

        Wrong lunatic Libertarian, it is the lack of regulation that empowered the Madoffs.

        You lunatic Libertarian/Neocons are in a losing battle.

    • Germanicus Fortunov

      The root cause of our woes is government interference.
      I used to vehemently believe that regulations were the answer.
      How else are we going to keep the corporations in check?

      But see that’s the problem.
      I had already put the cart before the horse.

      The corporations are in charge BECAUSE of the government.
      After that is a fact THEN regulations become important and appear to be necessary.

      Ron and those like him are arguing for ending government actions that put the corporation in power in the first place.

      The free market is like nature and therefore you have to be careful.

      When government gets involved it creates an unnatural protection for those who are savvy to it. This unnatural protection is what ultimately produces the Corporatism we are now choked with.

      I agree that regulations will help in a corporatist economy but I’d prefer to do away with the corporatist economy and that is what Ron Paul has the understanding and sack to do.

      Admittedly, both fraud and collusion are problems in a truly free market and it would be the role of government to watchdog that.

  • Obama Care needs to be dismantled entirely as in its present form; it forces people to buy health insurance or pay a penalty of $1000 and go to jail.

    This is bad legislation at its finest and the mandate part needs to be rescinded. I would fight to make sure this legislation is passed and quickly.

    Also Sarah Pailin is a neocon liberal; please do not trust her without researching the background of these candidates through thick and thin.

    We must not be deceived in the most troubled times of this country. Vote your conscience. Vote for true conservatives who won’t endorse Governor Rick Perry’s North American Highway or other obnoxious projects like forceful vaccination and inoculation mandates.

  • Jackie

    Oh, I so support the “End the Mandate” legislation Ron Paul proposes. Have I just awakened from a bad dream–I thought I lived in America where I had a right to choose. Wait a minute–we do live in a democracy don’t we–I mean this is the land of the free isn’t it …or is it?

  • Citizen

    Dr Paul is not a voice crying in the wilderness.

    There are 37 states now suing the Federal Government to deny the Feds power to impose this ridiculous mandate.

    Get involved this November, Make a Difference, We can have Change! There still is Hope

  • Nick R.

    There are those who complain and promise the impossible, and there are those who walk the talk and take realistic action to spread the message of liberty and at the same time fight for its preservation. Ron Paul is a man of action. He has taken the pragmatic approach of introducing legislation to repeal Obama’s mandate, without touching the rest of Obamacare so we can fight that another day, when the conditions are more favorable. HR 4995 has a good chance of passing and we all need to get behind it.