Ron Paul Endorses John Hostettler for Senate and Brian Miller for Congress

Ron Paul has endorsed former Congressman John Hostettler in the Republican primary for United States Senate from Indiana.

Ron Paul: “I am proud to endorse Republican John Hostettler for United States Senate.

John was a good friend and valuable ally against big government when we served together in the House of Representatives. I always knew I could count on John to vote his principles.

John Hosteller will do the work to fight for lower taxes and spending and for more freedom in Washington. John also understands that we need to fight for a stronger national defense, where we support our troops and defend our country without policing the world or subsidizing the security of other wealthy nations.

We need people like John voting with me in Congress.

The American people need more than just another vote. They need a man of principle who will always stand up and fight. They need a citizen politician who will represent THEM. John Hostettler is just that kind of man.”

Ron Paul has endorsed Air Force officer Brian Miller for United States House of Representatives in Arizona’s 8th district.

Ron Paul: “I am proud to endorse Republican candidate Brian Miller for Congress.

Brian Miller will do the work to fight for lower taxes and spending and for more freedom in Washington. We need people like Brian voting with me in Congress.

Brian is a dynamic young leader who understands our Constitution and will fight against out-of-control government to restore our Liberty. And, as an officer in the United States Air force, Brian knows how to fix our foreign policy to provide for a strong national defense and bring peace through strength.

The American people need more than just another vote. They need a man of principle who will always stand up and fight. They need a citizen politician who will represent THEM. Brian Miller is just that kind of individual.”

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  • JM
    I have contacted the cameraman that videotaped the event that Bonnie K. Corn is speaking. I and 300 other people were present went this took place. I will post it as soon as I receive the video.

  • Cindy

    There is a difference between being “a good grassroots activist” and someone who is actually recognized by “the campaign” as a coordinator for the campaign. Lynette was not claiming you did not help in the RP campaign; quite the opposite.

  • Bonnie Corn

    Funny that Lynette says I didn’t help with the Ron Paul Campaign,I supported him . and even supported Chuck Baldwin who Ron endorsed.Wrote him in for my vote. I drove all around with Lynette to the Ron Paul meetings.
    . Maybe I am missing something here. I guess in her thoughts there was more I had to do to be a Ron Pauler. Yes I do know the staffers help read the bills, maybe if the bills are to long to read, they are to long to even be voted on. I also know Melissa and watched the video, and was not impressed at all .

  • It’s April 22 now, and the Hostettler money blitz is on! Have you donated yet?

  • Bonnie Corn

    Eric, I hope everything is on the tape when he gets it. I do know the lady that asked the question on reading the bills, and she responded to him , saying : That’s what I am saying, You don’t read the bills. One of his campaign helpers went to the woman after the meeting and tried to talk to her , and the ladies response was : He is Politican

    • Eric

      Bonnie, if by “read the bills” you mean read every word of every bill cover to cover, nobody in Congress does that, not Ron Paul, not anybody. Hostettler answered the question truthfully. Would you prefer that he pander the way Behney did and make a promise he couldn’t possibly keep.

      If you want to see Hostettler talk about it on tape, just watch his interview with Melissa Lineberry, our state CFL coordinator. They talk about it there. In fact, it would be a good idea for all Ron Paul supporters to watch that whole interview. They’ll come away understanding why Ron Paul endorsed him.

    • I am the ‘Hostettler campaign helper’ Bonnie is referring to that spoke to the women who asked John about ‘read every word of every bill.’ If anyone was aggressive in that conversation, it was the lady asking the question. John’s last answer to her was, “We could have a politician that reads every word and still makes a bad vote, or have a politician that does his best and votes constitutionally.”

      The lady was such a political novice, she had no idea that there were staffers, analysis reports, committee studies & reports, synopsis, etc. Many things are studied, read and considered. She did not know the legislators have a trusted team to help them in the process. She was thankful that I briefly explained more. We parted in good standing.

      A point of clarification, Bonnie was not ‘with the Paul campaign.’ Bonnie was a good grassroots activists but not affiliated with the Paul campaign. I know this because I was a volunteer Indiana Field Coordinator with the Ron Paul for President Campaign. I am currently volunteering with the John Hostettler for US Senate Campaign.

      Lynette Sherrill


  • Mark

    I have contacted the cameraman that videotaped the event that Bonnie K. Corn is speaking. I and 300 other people were present went this took place. I will post it as soon as I receive the video.

  • Frank Saubier

    Coats is lying in his TV ads about “supporting the second amendment.” “Lying” is not too strong of a word for someone who VOTED FOR the so-called “assault weapon ban” and other anti-gun Clinton bills in the early 90’s.

    Maybe you don’t hold it against Behney that he has a “less than honorable discharge” from the military, but the democrats will use it and he has no chance. On top of that, he has an egotistical poor judgment to keep running knowing he has this serious liability that could give the election to the dems.

    The endorsement by Ron Paul is the strongest conformation possible that Hostettler IS the Constitutionalist candidate since we know Ron Paul’s ideology quite well and he served side-by-side with Hostettler for many years. He knows him better than any tea party person could. He is not some goof-ball liberal hollywood star who knows nothing but gives an endorsement anyway.

    I don’t admire John’s confidence in the integity of prosecutors, judges or police to use the patriot act properly and with restraint, but that is only one issue among many.

  • Eric Rowe

    50 Reasons for Ron Paul supporters to donate $50 to the Hostettler money bomb, April 22 to help raise $50,000 in one day:
    1) Ron Paul has endorsed John Hostettler for Senate.
    2) Hostettler voted Ron Paul in the 2008 presidential primary and said he would do it again in 2012.
    3) Hostettler, like Ron Paul, voted for Chuck Baldwin in the 2008 presidential election.
    4) Hostettler voted against the Iraq War, and argued for that vote from the House floor in a speech that articulated a clear noninterventionist foreign policy.
    5) Hostettler continued to stand up for that policy, writing a book against the Iraq war, which Ron Paul highly recommends.
    6) Hostettler’s record of noninterventionist foreign policy extends back into the Clinton years as well, when he opposed intervention in Kosovo.
    7) Hostettler speaks against fear mongering about Iran and the popular belligerent talk against that nation. He was also one of only 6 Republicans in 2006 to vote against a resolution “To Hold the Current Regime in Iran Accountable for Its Threatening Behavior and to Support a Transition to Democracy in Iran.”
    8) Hostettler is against all foreign aid.
    9) Hostettler voted against Medicare Part D. In fact, Ron Paul and John Hostettler are the only 2 Republicans to have voted against both the Iraq War and Medicare Part D.
    10) Hostettler explicitly opposes all federal exercise of powers not among those enumerated in the Constitution.
    11) Hostettler voted against No Child Left Behind.
    12) Hostettler authored a bill to end federal income tax withholding.
    13) Hostettler said while in office and continues to say that he supports total elimination of the federal income tax.
    14) Hostettler sponsored bills to eliminate the Department of Education.
    15) Hostettler sponsored bills to eliminate the Department of Energy.
    16) Hostettler sponsored bills to eliminate the Department of Commerce.
    17) Hostettler has stated publicly that he supports auditing and even abolishing the Federal Reserve.
    18) One of Hostettler’s first acts in Congress was signing on as a sponsor of legislation to repeal the Brady Bill and assault weapons ban.
    19) Hostettler authored a bill to facilitate reciprocity of concealed carry permits between states that respected the 10th Amendment and did not include national standards.
    20) Hostettler singlehandedly shut down a deal between the Clinton administration and Smith & Wesson that would have used the power of the Executive branch to bypass the legislature and impose regulations on the ownership and sales of guns by manipulating the market for guns in its awarding of government contracts. Hostettler did this by a series of amendments introduced into appropriations bills.
    21) Hostettler has demonstrated that he shares Ron Paul’s commitment to shutting down judicial activism by leading Congress to exercise its constitutionally enumerated power of making regulations and exceptions for the jurisdiction of the judicial branch. Ron Paul has done this with his We the People Act and Sanctity of Life Act, and Hostettler did it with the Public Expressions of Religion Act, which he authored and successfully got to be voted on and passed in the House of Representatives (later to be rejected by the Senate), as well as the Marriage Protection Act of 2003, and various amendments to appropriations bills over the years legislating that no funds be used in the enforcement of activist court decisions.
    22) Hostettler is pro-life.
    23) Hostettler supports repealing Obamacare.
    24) Hostettler joins Ron Paul in supporting the use of earmarks.
    25) Hostettler voted against warrantless wiretaps.
    26) Hostettler voted against the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.
    27) Hostettler opposes a national ID card.
    28) Hostettler voted against every so-called free trade agreement that was brought to a vote in his tenure in Congress.
    29) Hostettler sponsored a bill to withdraw from the World Trade Organization.
    30) Hostettler led the fight in the immigration subcommittee of the House judiciary committee to keep the House from passing the amnesty for illegal immigrants that President Bush supported, after that bill had passed the Senate.
    31) Hostettler cosponsored Ron Paul’s amendments to appropriations bills for defunding the United Nations.
    32) Hostettler voted against the $52 Billion Katrina aid package.
    33) Even on issues where Hostettler disagrees with Ron Paul, he always gives clear, well-thought-out, principled, Constitution-based reasons for those differences. This can be seen in his interview with the Indiana state coordinator of the Campaign for Liberty. Ron Paul expresses his own appreciation for this quality of Hostettler’s in his endorsement.
    34) Hostettler has stood many times in defiance of the wishes of his own party’s leadership.
    35) Hostettler is recognized by friend and foe as a champion of the Constitution.
    36) In the Senate Hostettler will vote on and question judicial nominees. He will be able to bring to bear in this questioning a level of seriousness about the Constitution that no current senator has.
    37) In the Senate Hostettler will be able to exercise much more influence than what just one member of the House of Representatives can exercise.
    38) Hostettler refused PAC money for all 7 of his House races.
    39) Hostettler would make a great ally for Rand Paul in the Senate.
    40) In 2008 Ron Paul had zero endorsements from any sitting members of the House or Senate. He could have at least two endorsements of sitting senators if we elect Hostettler.
    41) Hostettler is polling neck-and-neck with the GOP establishment pick, Dan Coats.
    42) Hostettler polls better than every other Republican candidate against Brad Ellsworth in the general election matchup.
    43) It is widely believed that the reason Coats was recruited back to Indiana to run again was out of fear of the party leaders having to deal with an uncompromising constitutional conservative like Hostettler.
    44) Hostettler sponsored a bill allowing parents not to get social security numbers for their children without having to forego their tax deduction.
    45) When most Republicans voted to end the government shutdown of 1996 by passing the unbalanced budget Clinton wanted them to (driven in part by the presidential aspirations of Bob Dole), Hostettler was one of only a handful of Republicans to vote against it.
    46) Anti-war Republican congressman, Walter Jones says, “The president [Bush] was calling people as late as 1 or 2 in the morning to get them to vote for the Medicare prescription drug benefit, John voted his conscience first, not his party…. I admire him so much. He knows more about the Constitution than almost anyone in Congress.”
    47) The timing of the Republican leaders’ recruiting of Mike Pence and then Dan Coats to run, right after a poll had shown Hostettler within the margin of error in a general election matchup against Evan Bayh, combined with the fact that every single general election poll shows Hostettler performing better than Coats against every possible Democrat opponent, suggests that those leaders were not so much interested in gaining a Republican seat in the Senate as they were in keeping it out of the hands of an independent voice like Hostettler. The RNC member who was most active in recruiting Dan Coats, Jim Bopp, was the very same one who orchestrated the last minute rules change for the Indiana Republican state convention in 2008 that was used to prevent Ron Paul supporting delegates from exercising any influence on the delegate selection process there.
    48) In legislation that Hostettler supports pursuant to his staunch socially conservative beliefs, he always takes an approach that is consistent with the 10th Amendment.
    49) There were only 3 Republican senators who voted against the confirmation of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court. If Hostettler were in the Senate for that vote, he would have been #4.
    50) There were only 17 Republican Congressmen who opposed all 5 bailouts of 2008-2009. If Hostettler were in Congress at that time, he would have been #18.

  • J.M.

    Bonnie K. Corn:
    I would be interested in a video proving that Hostettler said he did not read the bills and was confrontational with an audience member.

    I am confident that Ron Paul knows what he’s doing when he endorses a candidate. I will take his word over yours.

    • Eric

      What she’s talking about is that this Behney clown promised that he would read every single word of every single bill cover-to-cover before voting on it, and Hostettler said he wouldn’t promise to do that.

      Can you imagine such a ridiculous promise? There’s not a single member of Congress who has time to do that. Ron Paul doesn’t do it, neither does anyone else.

      For Behney to make such a rash vow, one of 3 things has to be true:
      1) He is totally naive and had no idea what he was promising.
      2) He knew exactly what he was promising and had no intention to keep his promise, but would just tell people what they wanted to hear so they’d vote for him.
      3) He’s actually stupid enough to follow through on that promise, meaning that the Senate leadership would be able to play him like a fiddle and any time they want a bill to go whichever is the opposite way he would likely vote, they could just ram it through too fast for him to read it and then, if he kept his promise, he’d have to abstain.

  • Bonnie K. Corn

    Voters really need to check out the Tea Party candidate Richard Behney, he is running for U.S. Senate too. but thanks to the great media, and I am sure you all know about the media , he has not had the coverage the others have had. But, we are working harder and harder for him.I was hoping Ron Paul would have checked out the candidates better. We in Indiana are looking for a candidate that does not have ties to the Big Party in D.C. and one with the heart of the voices in Indiana

  • Mark

    Thank you for your post.

    There are 5 Republican candidates running in the Indiana Senatorial race. All have vowed limited government, reducing the budget, and so on. I also understand that Congressman Paul and candidate Hostettler used to work together in Congress before, when John Hostettler used to be a Representative from Indiana. This is when Hostettler worked on the committee that wrote the Patriot Act.

    As far as qualifications of the other candidates, I personally have narrowed my choice to the “tea-party” candidate that opposes the Patriot Act, for smaller government, less taxes, etc.

  • Ryan

    To Mark and Bonnie,
    I endorse Ron Paul. But I do not agree with him on every issue.

    If a person limits themselves to endorsing only people that agree with themselves on every issue, that person will never be able to endorse anybody but themselves.

    Like Ronald Reagan said, “My 80% ally is not my 20% enemy.”

    I am not familiar with either of these two candidates, and I don’t like the “Patriot” Act anymore than you do. But if the guy is for limited government, smaller spending, smaller taxation, he may be worth an endorsement. Perfection is a great ambition, but not a practical goal.

    • I also respectfully disagree with Dr. Paul on some issues as well. However he is a true patriot and supporter of the constitution. Besides the founding fathers were oppose to intervention with other countries affairs and he is following the constitution. I hope that he beats out all of the other GOP candidates and Obama in 2012 so we can be an independent nation again.

      • Ryan

        That’s how I feel about it too. I’ll support anyone that supports the Constitution, smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and defends our sovereignty… of course the most important thing is abiding the Constitution. Principals must be present in a candidate to get my vote.
        But as long as they are close on the issues, overall, that’s good enough for me.

  • I was so sorry to hear that Ron Paul endorsed Hostettler. I was in the Ron Paul campaign 2 yrs. ago and was a great backer for him. Even voted for Chuck Baldwin when Ron Paul endorsed him. Also donated to Rand Paul’s campaign after receiving a email from Ron. At one of our debates in our town, Hostettler said he did not read the bills, and got a little confrontational with a lady in the audience, when she said that is the problem with the politicians now, they do not read the bills. He could of handled himself so much better . People were not happy with him at all. Again I was totally shocked at this endorsement of Hostettler. I will not vote for him if he gets the endorsement

    • Citizen


      Your right… vote your conscious, don’t vote because of any endorsement.

      I had trouble with Palin endorsing McCain, but that was political payback.
      She is nowhere near McCain’s Neocon Liberal appeasing politics, especially now with her support and endorsement of the Tea Party movement.

      Examine the Facts,
      Question Authority,
      Vote your Principals!

      • Ryan

        Exactly, a person should always vote their own conscious.

        Now all we need is politicians, like Ron Paul, that always stand on principals and Constitutionality.

  • Mark

    I am disappointed that Congressman Ron Paul has made this endorsement of John Hostettler before the primary. Being from Indiana, I have studied and researched all of the candidates in the senatorial race. Most have good qualities, however, all but one support the Patriot Act, candidate Hostettler being one of them, who signed the Patriot Act, while in Congress. I have spoken with supporters of John Hostettler, and they continue to tell people that the Patriot Act was found to be within the bounds of the Constitution, which is incorrect. There is a growing number of constituants in Indiana that take issue with the Patriot Act and those numbers are growing. Should Mr. Hostettler gets the Republican nomination for the Indiana Senatorial race, I will not vote for him due to this issue.
    You, yourself, sir did not sign this seditious piece of legislation, therefore I do not understand your reasoning for endorsing a candidate who did.

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety” – Benjamin Franklin

    • Nick R.

      Is there a better liberty candidate in this particular race?

      • Eric

        There definitely is not.