Ron Paul: Freeze Big Government!

Ron Paul and Harry Mitchell have again stopped the increase in pay that Members of Congress automatically get every year unless it is voted down.

Their efforts to block the pay raise for 2010 was successful last year, and today their bill to block the pay raise for 2011 passed overwhelmingly (402-15) in the House after passing the Senate last week.

We should not be padding our pocketbooks when our constituents are still tightening their belts and losing their jobs,” stated Congressman Paul. “As well, we could continue with this symbolic first step and stop increasing taxes, expanding the federal budget, and spreading our military so thin. These additional measures would do much to begin our economic recovery.”

Below, Ron Paul speaks on the House floor in support of the bill:

Date: 04/27/2010


Ron Paul: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I rise in support of this legislation and I want to complement Mr. Mitchel from Arizona for getting this bill to the floor. We’ve worked on this for several years and I am pleased that this is going to be passed today.

Much has been said about the unemployment rate in this country, and I saw one other take on unemployment today where it said that low-income people (below $20,000) the unemployment rate is actually 31%, which shows how devastating this recession is. And for some it’s an actual depression.

I would like this bill to be passed, but not just as symbolism. It is a good symbolism, and important symbolism. But as was mentioned by the gentleman from California, it’s not a tremendous amount of money. But it’s important for us to recognize that we have a serious problem in this country and that we shouldn’t be careless about the way we think about this problem. It shouldn’t make us feel necessarily good because we pass this; this is just necessary.

It does remind me of a piece of legislation I introduced many years ago in the 1970s when we had rampant inflation, which I anticipate will probably come back to this country. Back then we had a 15% inflation rate, and my suggestion then in the form of legislation was to get the members’ attention to understand what an inflation was all about. I said we should take a pay cut at the rate of inflation.

And even today we might suggest that there is a lot more inflation out there than we admit to. So maybe not only should we freeze our salaries, maybe we should be taking a pay cut so that we can do a better job, because we really can’t brag about the job that we have done for the country because of the condition the country is in.

But I would like to extend this motivation to freeze the pay of congressmen to freezing a few other things. I would like to see our budget at least frozen where it is. That would go a long way to solving some of our budgetary problems. And how about freezing the debt level? Let’s not raise the debt level. Instead, this next year, our national debt is going to go up by $2 trillion when you add up all that we borrowed from our trust funds.

Also, I’d like to see a freeze on regulations because regulations usually backfire. There are unintended consequences, they cost a lot of money, they act as a tax, and they don’t improve the economy overall.

I would be in support of freezing the welfare transfer system. The system that most people think, “Well, transfers are going to help all the poor people”. The trouble is, wealth transfer systems help the rich people and they’re the ones to get the bailouts and poor people don’t. So a freeze on welfare transfer would be a long way towards restoring a free society and a constitutional government.

Also, I think the consensus of the American people today is that we ought to freeze the bailouts. Let’s not bail out anybody anymore. But it looks like it will be a long time before that happens because we have a monetary system where we have somebody over there called the Federal Reserve that says, “We can print and at will, and our job is to be the lender of last resort.” That means to bail anybody and everybody out that needs money and it looks like that will be domestic as well as international.

I’d like to freeze the ability of the Federal Reserve to print money out of thin air. That, in moral terms, is counterfeit and yet that is the encouragement for us to run up our deficits because the Fed can come in and increase the money supply. A sound monetary system would have frozen anybody’s ability to just create money out of thin air.

I’d also like to freeze the income tax at the 1912 level. And that, indeed, would be a real boost to the people of this country. All of a sudden there would be great wealth in the hands of the consumer. Just think if all the money that we spent on the bailouts that just tided things over, if just a portion of that had been used to get rid of the income tax, I think the money would have been better spent because the people would have been spending the money instead of the bureaucrats and the politicians and the regulators that bail out the people who were making all the money in the first place.

But I would also extend this freeze on to some other things, too. I’d like to freeze some of our militarism. I think we have enough fighting going on. I don’t think we should expand the war. I don’t think we should be looking for another enemy. I’d like to freeze the sanctions on countries, I’d like to see a lot more free trade. I would like to see that the bombing is not extended, that we quit allowing our CIA to extend the bombing of countries that have not attacked us.

I would also like to put a freeze on this concept of preventive war. This whole idea and concept of preventive war means that we can literally start the war.

So yes, it’s good that we’re freezing the salaries of us here in the Congress but if we really want to restore the Republic, we will freeze a lot of these other issues as well.

  • Sash

    I am from Australia, and have followed Dr. Ron Paul since his moving speech when he was running for president.

    You have my support. (Which means a lot, since I hate American politics)


  • Suzanne

    How can it be that so many of us agree with everything you say and want to see it all enacted, yet all we get is the will of a corrupt Congress and tyrannical government and not the will of We the People. It is a travesty.

    Thanks again, Dr. Paul, for restating so simple what we all want and need! Now, how do we get it??

  • Carl


    We really need a leader, and you would be perfect. I think all the Tea Partiers would be with you. But I don’t know how to fight this class war.

  • Leo Desgroseilliers

    Dear Ron Paul
    How can I help you win? What can I do to help you? My TEA party sign reads
    TAXoholism “it’s never enough”send the taxoholics to rehab in November!!!
    Your the man that understands!!! Our country needs you. I love that you never give up. You are right about everything you say,everything that comes out of your mouth is the truth.I think you are the only man in Washington DC that deserves to be there! I think the rest are liars ,thieves,idiots and bums even the spelling bee champ.
    I vote as a Libertarian but my vote goes for you “anytime” as the only person I think has the intelligence, honesty and ability to began fixing our broken,sick country. You are the most honorable man in politics in the United States today
    the only hope my grandchildren have at being free is if you win the Presidency.

  • Ernie

    Ron, you have my vote in 2012, if you decide to run. I agree with everything you have to say and I have no trouble understanding what you say. God bless you.


  • Todd

    I respect what Ron is doing and the stand he takes. Congress could use more like him. Take a look at all the pigs that got the bailouts. Goldman Sachs, Chase Morgan, BOA etc. all these were owed favors. The CEO’s got your money! The FED made sure of it. They needed a pawn like Barrack to get elected. Read in II Samuel Chapter 8. Samuel warns Israel of the pitfalls of a King. Israel did not listen and demanded a King anyway. See what Saul did. If anyone in this country believes we are not ruled by a king, you iether don’t care, or your head is in the sand. Pray for our country if you love liberty. Challenge your senators and rep’s. We need Godly leaders, not republicans and democrats.

  • ted

    ron paul is one of the only people in washington doing work for the people it is mny profound hope that he would become president in 2012

  • Dennis

    I am always inspired when Ron Paul speaks. I wish more voters would take the time to listen and understand him. The only bad thing is that our crooked politicians and Big Business wouldn’t let him live long enough to change the system. His idea of a Constitutional government for and by the people would take money right out of their pockets and they’re not going to let that happen. Gotta love him though.

  • Mike

    We could use more Ron Pauls in the world. I hope the rest of congress will grow some balls soon!

  • Eli

    Ron Paul is a lone hero in congress standing up for the liberty of the American people. Electing him as president in 2012 would be a major step to bringing this country back on track. We need to elect like minded people into congress in 2010 and 2012 and take our country back from the crooked politicians in Washington today.



  • Rachel

    Liked everything you had to say Senator Paul,
    If you were to run for President you’d have my vote.
    Good to hear there’s an honest Senator in Washington!!!
    Keep up the Good Work!

  • Edward Baptiste

    His presence is not impressive; His message is. He has to slow down and speak deliberatively rather than in sound bites. I love the man but…..first impression counts so that the second impression which is the message can resonate and make a lasting impression.

    • Grant

      I disagree. He has a limited amount of time on the floor, so when he has a chance to speak he must be concise. He just laid out a plan for true economic freedom and recovery less than 5 minutes. That’s impressive enough in itself.

  • Rich

    As odd as this may sound, many people don’t know who Ron Paul is. I’ve come across this often when I bring his name up in conversation.

    If he is serious about becoming President, his team of advisors first needs to get his name, face, etc…to the populace to make him more well known.

  • Brent


    Did you read/hear what he said?

    (1) He’s been fighting for this for years
    (2) He admits it is just superficial symbolism, albeit important and necessary
    (3) He’s seems to be the only politician cognizant of the cause and effects of inflation
    (4) His real solutions, while backed by sound economic reasoning, DO take courage to propound, especially given the system in Washington

  • Joseph Axenroth

    Yes god bless Ron Paul for this completely superficial measure. A politician stops an increase in their pay in an approaching election year. A profile in courage if I ever saw one.

  • Dr. Paul is by far the most honest and the must humble individual member of congress this country have. I would like to see more people like him as well and our country would go a long way. Clay made an excellent point.

  • Citizen

    We need 100 more Dr Pauls.
    His positions are moral and ethical…
    something totally foreign to our current Congress.

    God Bless Ron Paul

    • Ryan

      A few hundred million would be much nicer. :^)

    • Joan

      I agree. I always think about the fact that he’s the only honest politician we have, and the only one who thinks in a different way. But, you make a good point, we can have 100 more like him, it can be done. Maybe 20 years from now it will seem strange to us to have politicans who aren’t like Dr. Paul. You got me thinking positive, thanks, nice post.

  • harry






  • clay

    God bless you Ron Paul!!! You are a good man, the country needs you!! The world needs you!!! You can lead us to a better place in history!!! We can create a better country and world for our families and fellow humans!!!
    KILL THE FED!!!!!!!