Ron Paul: Freeze Big Government!

Ron Paul and Harry Mitchell have again stopped the increase in pay that Members of Congress automatically get every year unless it is voted down.

Their efforts to block the pay raise for 2010 was successful last year, and today their bill to block the pay raise for 2011 passed overwhelmingly (402-15) in the House after passing the Senate last week.

We should not be padding our pocketbooks when our constituents are still tightening their belts and losing their jobs,” stated Congressman Paul. “As well, we could continue with this symbolic first step and stop increasing taxes, expanding the federal budget, and spreading our military so thin. These additional measures would do much to begin our economic recovery.”

Below, Ron Paul speaks on the House floor in support of the bill:

Date: 04/27/2010


Ron Paul: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I rise in support of this legislation and I want to complement Mr. Mitchel from Arizona for getting this bill to the floor. We’ve worked on this for several years and I am pleased that this is going to be passed today.

Much has been said about the unemployment rate in this country, and I saw one other take on unemployment today where it said that low-income people (below $20,000) the unemployment rate is actually 31%, which shows how devastating this recession is. And for some it’s an actual depression.

I would like this bill to be passed, but not just as symbolism. It is a good symbolism, and important symbolism. But as was mentioned by the gentleman from California, it’s not a tremendous amount of money. But it’s important for us to recognize that we have a serious problem in this country and that we shouldn’t be careless about the way we think about this problem. It shouldn’t make us feel necessarily good because we pass this; this is just necessary.

It does remind me of a piece of legislation I introduced many years ago in the 1970s when we had rampant inflation, which I anticipate will probably come back to this country. Back then we had a 15% inflation rate, and my suggestion then in the form of legislation was to get the members’ attention to understand what an inflation was all about. I said we should take a pay cut at the rate of inflation.

And even today we might suggest that there is a lot more inflation out there than we admit to. So maybe not only should we freeze our salaries, maybe we should be taking a pay cut so that we can do a better job, because we really can’t brag about the job that we have done for the country because of the condition the country is in.

But I would like to extend this motivation to freeze the pay of congressmen to freezing a few other things. I would like to see our budget at least frozen where it is. That would go a long way to solving some of our budgetary problems. And how about freezing the debt level? Let’s not raise the debt level. Instead, this next year, our national debt is going to go up by $2 trillion when you add up all that we borrowed from our trust funds.

Also, I’d like to see a freeze on regulations because regulations usually backfire. There are unintended consequences, they cost a lot of money, they act as a tax, and they don’t improve the economy overall.

I would be in support of freezing the welfare transfer system. The system that most people think, “Well, transfers are going to help all the poor people”. The trouble is, wealth transfer systems help the rich people and they’re the ones to get the bailouts and poor people don’t. So a freeze on welfare transfer would be a long way towards restoring a free society and a constitutional government.

Also, I think the consensus of the American people today is that we ought to freeze the bailouts. Let’s not bail out anybody anymore. But it looks like it will be a long time before that happens because we have a monetary system where we have somebody over there called the Federal Reserve that says, “We can print and at will, and our job is to be the lender of last resort.” That means to bail anybody and everybody out that needs money and it looks like that will be domestic as well as international.

I’d like to freeze the ability of the Federal Reserve to print money out of thin air. That, in moral terms, is counterfeit and yet that is the encouragement for us to run up our deficits because the Fed can come in and increase the money supply. A sound monetary system would have frozen anybody’s ability to just create money out of thin air.

I’d also like to freeze the income tax at the 1912 level. And that, indeed, would be a real boost to the people of this country. All of a sudden there would be great wealth in the hands of the consumer. Just think if all the money that we spent on the bailouts that just tided things over, if just a portion of that had been used to get rid of the income tax, I think the money would have been better spent because the people would have been spending the money instead of the bureaucrats and the politicians and the regulators that bail out the people who were making all the money in the first place.

But I would also extend this freeze on to some other things, too. I’d like to freeze some of our militarism. I think we have enough fighting going on. I don’t think we should expand the war. I don’t think we should be looking for another enemy. I’d like to freeze the sanctions on countries, I’d like to see a lot more free trade. I would like to see that the bombing is not extended, that we quit allowing our CIA to extend the bombing of countries that have not attacked us.

I would also like to put a freeze on this concept of preventive war. This whole idea and concept of preventive war means that we can literally start the war.

So yes, it’s good that we’re freezing the salaries of us here in the Congress but if we really want to restore the Republic, we will freeze a lot of these other issues as well.

  • John G

    Hay Ron when are they going to in act banking {reform} Like put the glass stegal act back in place .It worked from 1935 to 1999 or would that be to easy.Thanks for all you Do . John Godfrey Washington Calif

  • mark pace
  • Mark Pace

    I Just Love his message!!!!!! Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • Theresa Romano

    Mark Woychick,
    A candle shines brightest in the pitch black. I loved your gracious response to some harsh and ugly posting. Like a bright light and…can I also say…amen.

  • lib88

    No Fred, please do not move to Europe; we already have enough lovers of big government like you here. Wish we had someone like Ron Paul. Unfortunately we don’t and so we are about to get not what we want, but rather what we deserve: economic and social implosion.

    • Joan

      Are people in Europe smart? Do most of them go to college? Are most of them overweight like in the U.S.? I heard people in Europe aren’t hyper-religious like they are in the U.S. The problem we have here is 85 percent of people here don’t go to college, they are super-religious, they think religion gives them all of the education they need, most are overweight to obese, most have no self-esteem, each generation is getting dumber and dumber, and meaner and meaner. It’s almost zero civilized people left. I’m an older person, I’ve never had to live like this in the U.S. before. My grandparents are from the World War II generation, and the way things are today it’s like living in a war zone in this country, all decency and kindess from the older generations it gone. I didn’t do that get obese thing and took some college classes late in life, so I get bashed every few seconds for not being fat and not being stupid. There has to be some place better than this to live. If Ron Paul doesn’t get elected, the few old timers won’t be able to withstand this country any longer.

      • Mark Woychik

        Either you are trying to discredit Ron Paul, or you are not informed. A persons weight has nothing to do with who they are. I am not by the way overweight, nor have ever been. As far as religousness goes, true believers in Jesus Christ do not look down on others for who they are. We are saved by grace, that means Gods undeserved love, while we were yet sinners he died for us. We are in need of a savior, that is why we believe, we are not better than anyone else we just know the true condition of the human heart. If you want to see Ron Paul elected good for you, do not however start calling others names as it is counter-productive to a cause which near and dear to alot of peoples hearts. The problem with this country is the love of money; not peoples weight. We are caught up in an un-reality reality mentality. We should all of us shut off the electrical box which ever one we are into, and start to read more. Rons book end the fed is a great start, for the more advanced reader, ‘The creature of Jeykll Island’ is also good. Slinging stones will not elect a man like Ron, only educating the masses will.
        Hope you don’t take this wrong

        • Joan

          Nope, the last three generations in this country do not even know how to cook, the obesity epidemic is at the point of crisis, there are children who are 8 years old who have the same illnesses as elderly people have due to being obese, in ten years 75 percent of the people in Texas will be obese, we have the first generation that is going to die before their parents due to obesity. If you take a health education class you will learn it is due to the sedentary life style today and junk food and fast foods. It’s a crisis in this country, and we all know people talk about how they had no self-esteem when they were obese, how they hated their body image, were sick, had no energy. So, pretending a national health crisis doesn’t exist, is nuts.

          People are the only things here. Gods were made up by early man. People don’t need fairy tales to believe in and they don’t need to believe false things like someone is going to save them or that they need to be saved or that they were born bad, born sinners. They need to know it’s only us here, only humans, so they get it they need to be kind to one another and help one another, that you help your neighbor today, you may need their help tomorrow. We caused pollution, we have to clean it up, we created welfare, so we have millions of children with no homes in foster care, we need to clean it up, to make homes for them.

          70 percent of the world is not Christian, and Billy Graham’s son saying he will convert everyone to Chritianity and that it is the only “real” religion is the definition of insanity. None of those people are ever going to be converted, they believe their folk lore same as Christians do, each religion thinks it is the only real religion, and none of them are real. As long as people think something outside of themselves is going to help them and solve problems, not one thing is ever going to get done, and the false god stuff empowers people to not take responsibility for the messes we make as a whole, like overpopulation and pollution. JMO.

        • Joan

          Mark, I asked those questions because I don’t want to do this anymore, I want to move out of the country. I’m trying to get the information from someone in Europe about what it is like there. They say when Americans go to Europe, people spot them right away because they are as big as two people, it’s common knowledge. I’m not interested in a lecture on religous pyscho babel, I’m trying to find out maybe where to go, how to get out of the U.S. at this point.

    • mark pace

      Some times it has got to get worse before it gets better. Ron Paul 2012!!! United WE Can!!!!

  • Fantastic speech; May god bless you and wish you become the servant for the republic and its constitution you stand care and so much. Whenever we the people listen to your speech, it makes us proud to be an American.

  • Field McConnell and David Hawkins have a research site that follows the Forensic Financial trail of the Global warming elitist plan to depopulate the earth as started by Maurice Strong and Kristin Marcy is a key player in this murder for hire using CO2 as the excuse for knocking off people by computer Algorithm created by Barack Obama.

    • fred the protectionist

      Barrack Obama doesn’t know how to program a computer, how could he create a “computer algorithm”?

  • Please never stop what you are doing, and please convince your son to do the exact same. I am going to make sure that i continue to spread your views and wake people up! God bless you Ron Paul, much love always. U.S. Navy Austrian economics Veteran! Abolish the fed and keynesian economics as well! If every country could produce it’s own money from which no one could have a monopoly over the supply of that money, the world would see the greatest prosperity the world has ever seen!

  • Henry

    People are waking up but you always have to consider what the sheeple will think. They won’t understand Dr. Paul so what I think he should do is try to get people to understand his Philosophy on the monetary system. Once you know the fundamentals about keynesian economics and the fed reserve you automatically change your views on how our gov should be spending. This is a good way to convert democrats. Without this knowledge they may think Dr. Paul is a radical, but with it they’ll understand we need to purge. Most people with this knowledge would easily choose future over big spending and the end result. I was a lib and it was an easy choice for me. I think he should also focus on plans of empowering people who are getting a free ride cause it’s well known he’s gonna shut off the lights on people. If he comes clean and attempts to prepare them for this I’d say he’d be the best man in the world. Maybe he can force them to work for free(paid training) to pay for the program while on welfare to prepare them. It wouldn’t cost much and it would be a nice gesture. I can’t ignore the fact many people would be forced to crime with cuts to entitlements. The only thing Ron Paul should keep under wraps is the recession from withdrawls we’d go thru when purging the system, but it’d be for our own good. I think with all this slander against whites and out of control government it paves a clear path to Dr. Paul. If Obama doesn’t create a bubble fast he’ll lose the next election guaranteed.

    • fred the protectionist

      Actually people do understand his “philosophy”, and that’s why they overwhelmingly reject him.

      • OnceASoldier

        Overwhelmingly!? Bwahahahaaha. Maybe you should take a look at some of the polls, fred. I guess there *are* people who reject him – mostly simple-minded people who don’t belong in the USA … closet Fascists, Banksters, bail-out babies, or warmongers (who’ve never seen a battlefield nor shouldered a rifle) who call themselves “Americans” – but really aren’t. Maybe you should move to Europe where you will be coddled from cradle to grave… “and may history forget that ye were our countrymen”….

        • fred the protectionist

          You Libertarians have never won more than 1 million votes, countrywide, in any election. The average is 500,000 votes per election for you Libertarians.


          “Hey lets return to the Middle Ages where there was no sewers, running water, and roads,” does not ring well with the American people.

      • Hey Fred,

        Even your diabolical NWO hero Dr. Kissinger has written that it is essential for a nation to insure that it protects its vital industries. As the job market diminishes to stock clerks, civil servants and gardeners, which of these do you think we should protect? Oh wait, the gardeners are illegal aliens, forget that one. I was pretty sure when congress handed over our M16 contracts to Belgium they were ignorant of what the Constitution said about not contracting our national defense to a foreign power. But what can I say, I was too poor and struggling to make my voice heard. I’m still poor and struggling now, the only difference is they stole my investment capital and I don’t even have to lose anymore the one thing that kept me honest all those years: the potential of my future.

        So Dr. Paul, kick ass and take names, then tell us where they live so we can get back the money they stole!

        • fred the protectionist

          Ronulans are paranoid.

          “I’m still poor and struggling now, the only difference is they stole my investment capital?”

          Hey, risk is what Capitalism is all about.

    • DFENS

      Lose the next election? What makes you think there will be a 2012 election? Electronic voting is criminal!

      The USAPATRIOT Act revoked the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments in the Bill of Rights and limited the 1st. During his campaign Obama, a professor of constitutional law, promised to uphold the Constitution. Exactly which Constitution was he referring to? I’m sure he’s getting more rest and exercise and better food (and pay) than me, thats probably what he meant. I still don’t have any healthcare, either.

    • Joan

      Henry, I love your post. You’re a bit over my head, but I get what you are saying about how to get the masses on board. One thing is no income tax, keep what you earn. People hear that loud and clear. I notice they hear Beck because he is a comedian and kind of tells them what they want to hear, provides a scapegoat, evil socialism, but they can keep their free stuff, which is really what most people want to hear. He’s teaching them his version of history, so they feel empowered now, they have a little information. A little information is a dangerous thing. Without more information from other sources and opposing points of view, they have no way to use their analytical mind to decide for themselves what is true for them and what is not.

      As far as welfare, they commit crimes all the time anyway. Whenever you give free money so people don’t do difficult and constructive things, they don’t feel self-esteem, which is really why they act out and commit crimes. It comes more from self-hate than from lack of money.

      One problem is the Repubs. don’t support Ron Paul. Hannity has helped get a lot of Repubs elected, Scott Brown was way behind in the polls, he went on Hannity’s show a few times, and bingo, he got elected. He has Marco Rubio on all the time now, and I bet he will get elected. Most of the Repubs are stuck on strong military, back to capitalism as usual, back to Ronald Reagan, same old things. I wish Fox News would support Ron Paul, have him on Hannity and Beck all of the time, that would help a lot. Bill Moyer did his last show last night, the end of one voice of sanity and reason.

      I think the older people in the country see the 85 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities in SS and Medicare, they want to go back to the Repubs to get rid of the new health care entitlement that took 500 out of Medicare. It’s a scramble for entitlements, get rid of this one and that one, so we can get ours. I hope everyone takes a look at what Ron Paul is saying about so many issues, and gets onboard, but I don’t know how we are going to get there. Some on the far left will like Ron Paul’s ideas about ending military occupations, but we have to move the Repubs in a new direction. Romney, Newt and Huckabee dismiss him as if they know all, you know, back to the Reagan era.

  • I think Ron Paul would be a great president because he would make some tough choices which will benefit this nation in the long run by cutting spending.

  • SS

    During the Great Depression, most Americans were not up to their eyeballs in credit card debt, car payments, student loans and mortgage debt.

    During the Great Depression, most Americans either owned their land or had a great deal of equity in their land. As we wrote about recently, today that is not the case. Equity as a percentage of home value in the United States has been hitting all-time record lows.

    During the Great Depression, most Americans were not dependent on giant corporations to feed and supply us. Back then, the majority of Americans knew how to live off the land and grew at least some of their own food. Today that is most definitely not the case.

    During the Great Depression, America still had the greatest manufacturing base in the entire world. Today we have “offshored” our once great manufacturing base, and we have become a fat, spoiled society that consumes everything in sight but manufactures very little.

    During the Great Depression, America did not have a colossal trade deficit. Today we have got the biggest trade deficit in the history of the world.

    During the Great Depression, the wealth of Americans was not being sucked dry by dozens of different kinds of taxes. Today we are being taxed in so many various ways that many Americans actually end up spending over half their incomes just in taxes.

    During the Great Depression, the U.S. government had debt, but it was not threatening to collapse the entire global economy. Today the U.S. government has piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world.

    During the Great Depression, derivatives were not even an issue. Today, we have created a derivatives bubble that is now well beyond a quadrillion dollars.

    Just think about that.

    Over 1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars.

    Counting at one dollar per second, it would take 32 million years to count to one quadrillion.

    In fact, renowned investor Warren Buffett has warned that derivatives are “financial weapons of mass destruction” that could bring down the entire world economic system.

    And he is right.

    • Yar?

      So, whats the point you are trying to make? You could have made several assertions from this. As for derivatives, we were warned. Check this, it will make you smarter:

      Welcome to Theft by fiat, decree and contract. If you play by the rules you can’t win, you can’t break even and if you try to leave we’ll lock you up and rob someone else to pay your keep. Don’t tell, otherwise we’ll have to kill you.

      President Buraq Opacity and his council of wall street bloodsuckers have yet to do a goddamn thing about regulating derivatives, or closing any of the other loopholes that were gamed in the 500M S&L heist, the 430M Vatican bank heist, the “crash of 08” heist and the “bailout” heist.

      Know well, when the economy deflates Warrens’ chits become worthless too. More than anyone (except his friend BG) WB has the means, motive and opportunity – and core knowledge to effect the changes necessary to make it right. I’m sure however he has armor plated his positions in such a way as to shift toward other healthy markets when things crap out.

      (maniacal laughter)

      But, in the globalized scenario, there are no other markets!!! Bwahahahaha

      (more maniacal laughter; exuent.)

      PS. My total debit is $4909… thats my 2004 Honda Civic and my Macbook. I never married because I’m poor and could not afford to raise children well, so I chose not to do it badly. I live modestly paycheck to paycheck, rent. I did have a 401K… oops! TRUST NOONE

  • Joseph Garnier

    After we get rid of the Fed, what will we do with the accumulated debt that is legally owed to this private bank, and how will we assure that our legislators show fiscal restraint and do not find some other way of spending more than they take in?

    It’s a simple thing, in my opinion. The resolution to this problem is one that was tried first by the Roman Caesar Caligula; all those Senators and Representatives who approve a budget that exceeds the government’s income will have all female members of their families between the ages of 20 and 60 work in a Nevada brothel until the debt is paid off, a brothel open only to foreigners (which will balance the trade deficit.) Just the threat of this will insure their families will exert constant pressure to balance the budget.

    I hope Dr. Paul introduces the legislation soon.

    • Obama’s Campaign Promises

      How about we default on the ill gotten theft & let them write it off as losses?

  • Donaldson

    Dr. Paul,
    This oration is: PURE GENIUS.

  • Mark Woychik

    We do need to give rid of the Fed. The problem is they own the media, which in turn owns most peoples thoughts. Dr Paul needs us to get him on the ballot in all 50 states. We need a ground swell and organization to do that. Any ideas?

  • larry conway

    during the invasion of iraq, there were nerve agents and blood agents used against american troops, they called it the gulf war syndourn. i know this to be true i was in the military at the time when my troops were deplyed this has all been one big lie. the used weapons of mass destruction against our boys

  • If America will heed the policies that Ron Paul endorses, then maybe we can climb out of the hole in which we have allowed ourselves to fall. We’d better pay attention because things can’t go on as they are much longer.

  • Joan

    This is why the Tea Party should support Ron Paul. I voted for him in the primary. I would have loved to see him win last time instead of wasting four years trying to undo everything Obama is doing. It’s such a waste of time.

  • Tee

    If Ron Paul were president, he would most likely be the next JFK, shot dead- sadly to say.

    • Yar?

      They’ll try to take him out before he gets elected, like they did to Ross Perot and everyone who could beat Tricky Dick, escalating from threats to maiming to assassination. They are pros.

      Look how the 5 corporations who control all media outlets in the USA sidelined RP last time. F* you, General Electric!

  • Jerry

    Straight talk, straight walk from congressman Ron Paul! If we did freeze all things he has suggested, this would be a far different nation, a simpler nation, a slower paced nation with (eventually) steady moderate growth, maybe even have families stay together, work together, pray together (oh my did i suggest such a thing) in our new “not so United States of America”

    I pray God forgive us for our greed, selfishness, and abandonment of His ways.

  • Mike

    Mr. Paul , I am a 39 year old disabled brickmason. I was brought up in a way that I was taught to be honest,have integrity,work hard ,and save ,save,save . Now, my life has changed quite a bit in that I can no longer work or do a lot of the things I used to do but,I am still honest and I still have integrity and yes ,I even have been saving (in precious metals ) a little here and a little there for that inevitable rainy day when the dollar is completely wiped out.
    Its easy to see that you also live by these same principles and I know how you feel about protecting and upholding the constitution. I want to give you my full support if you decide to run for president in 2012. We need a leader that lives by these few simple principles that this great nation was founded on,and I fully believe that man is you !