2 responses to “Gary North on Auditing the Fed”

  1. fred the protectionist

    Oh of course, inflation never ever happened in US history before the Federal Reserve:


    Notice how after 1865, after a bunch of slaving free-traitors were killed in the US Civil War and America-First Republican protectionists ran the country there were no longer any massive spikes of inflation (or deflation). Heck there was low single digit deflation. All the way up till the 1920's there was currency stability, then tariffs were dropped down low again in the 1920's, sparking the Great Depression later.

    Notice how in the 1940's when Tariffs were dropped even lower, during WW2 that's what started the constant single to double digit inflation which lasts until today. Good job free traders, everywhere there is free trade they leave destruction and anarchy.


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  2. Bottomline

    We need the Paul amendment to pass so the fed won't be so crafty to hide their records of bad management and find out who they truly are to have more transparency.


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