America Deserves an Up or Down Vote on Audit the Fed

A vote could come at any time, so please contact your senators with the following three points:

  1. Support a standalone vote on S. 604 (the original Audit the Fed bill)
  2. Oppose the overall Dodd bill
  3. Support the Vitter amendment (containing the original Audit the Fed language) when the vote comes


Ron Paul: I’m not a bit surprised that the Federal Reserve got to the Senate. I had expected Bernie Sanders to offer S 604, which was the same as HR 1207, which is the Audit the Fed Bill, and at the last minute he switched it and watered it down, and really, it adds nothing. There’s a possibility that it even makes the current conditions worse.

This is essentially the bill plus more of the bill we beat in the House Financial Services Committee; the Mel Watt bill. But this is so disappointing to me that this happened, especially since for months now I’ve worked with Bernie on this and he introduced the bill in our language, which was HR 1207.

But as we speak, this is Thursday night, they are working on this on the Senate floor, and we need to get as many messages possible to any senator you can think of, especially to Bernie Sanders’ office, that we don’t want this version. We want a true audit of the Fed. We need to know what the Open Market Committee does, and we need to know what they’re doing overseas with the agreements with central banks and financial institutions and other governments. And this amendment that is being offered does not include this.

So I am sure that Senator DeMint is working on this and may come up with an alternative. But the only thing that would be fair to the American people, after all this work and energy that we’ve put into this, is have and up-and-down vote on what was our HR 1207 in the House, which is S 604 in the Senate.

Yes, they may water it down and they may win it. But if they don’t have an honest vote on the Senate floor, to me it would be very, very discouraging. But it also shows what kind of forces we’re up against. The president doesn’t want this, the leadership on Wall Street doesn’t want it, the Federal Reserve doesn’t want it. So they’re powerful forces.

But just think of the people that do want it. You know, everybody from progressives and liberal democrats, to libertarians and constitutionalists, and the average person, so many of the Tea Party members; they all want this. They want transparency and they want to find out what’s going on at the Fed.

So it’s very, very important. It’s a crucial time. And I doubt if they’ll vote tonight, which is Thursday, but they may vote tomorrow. Who knows, they may vote on Monday. But it’s vital and urgent that we do as much as we can to bombard the Senate with information that we the people deserve to have an up or down vote on the Audit the Fed bill.

  • John

    Smoke And Mirrors just more incompetence running Amuck. They Just want it to look like they are actually accomplishing something for the good of this Once Great Nation. Very SAD PATHETIC REPRESENTATION. Please VOTE them OUT. I have more respect for PARASITES.

  • I say get rid of the Federal Reserve, get rid of the IRS, GET rid of the Patriot Act,
    Get rid of Home land securiety. Kick the United Nations out of this country.
    Now that we have cleaned house some what. Now we can clean up the rest of the scukm in goverment.


    • fred the protectionist

      Yeah right, and the federal revenue can be zero dollars. Righteo. Cheereo.

      • EndtheFed

        No, not zero dollars. We`ll still let you pay income taxes, since you like protecting your fellow americans so much. Least we can do. How much does “internet troll” pay anyways?
        Maybe your right… zero dollars.

  • JC

    Man every time Ron Paul tries get something threw these classless clowns water it down, kill it or turn it around into their favor. Now Obama is for it? NOT Paul’s version or else he would be out of business for incompetency. I’m so tired of these thieves – November can’t come fast enough.

  • Joan

    I just saw a new article on the MSNBC website saying Obama is now onboard for auditing the Fed. Lots of people in the chatboard are saying that Ron Paul is responsible for this, he’s the one who kept the pressure on. This is good news. Ron Paul is being taken seriously, and hopefully this will get out on the news channels.

    • Ryan

      I just read that article.
      My guess is that Obama is afraid of being a one term president, and that is why he is now supporting it. — He will be one term president anyway, since Ron Paul is going to win in 2012!
      Regardless of motive, I’m glad Obama is supporting the audit now.
      We need transparency. We need to see what happened before, during, and after the economic meltdown, all the way to the present.

      Here’s the link for the article:

      • Joan

        I agree Obama will be a one term president. He thinks women will vote for him. He was telling women and minorities to get out and vote in the mid-terms. Any women who called or emailed their represenatives asking them to vote against the health care bill, any woman from the WWII generation or baby boomer generation isn’t going to vote Dem this time. They know the new health care entitlement took 500 billion out of Medicare, and they all know the Dems shoved the bill through with the nuclear option, and they had to bribe half of them to vote for it just to get 51 votes.

        I hope Ron Paul gets elected. It would be the biggest thing to happen to this country in decades. Even if this new bill isn’t so great, it shows Ron Paul is being heard and that the other politicians have to work with his ideas. I think it’s a good sign. I see what Charlie is saying too, they watered it down to make themselves look good but get nothing done. But, hey, it’s a start.

        • Ryan

          Yep, we’ll have to wait and see what version he is supporting. Charlie is probably right. He’s likely just going to support the watered down version. The people won’t buy that as ‘support’ for the audit. The people clearly want a full audit.

    • Charlie

      Joan and Ryan, don’t be deceived by this ploy. This is a terrible bill which gives the Fed even MORE authority. This is why even after getting HR1207 (audit the fed ammendment) attached to the house bill, Ron Paul voted against it. A total and complete audit of the Fed is what is needed. Sure, Obama will ok it now because the audit portion has been effectively neutered.

      • fred the protectionist

        You know how when lefties are accused of incrementalism, “Hey I just want to close the gunhole loophole,” when in reality their real agenda is to ban guns.

        Well you Libertarians are the same way, “Hey I just want to audit the fed,” when in reality your real agenda is to abolish the FED so we can all swim in currency anarchy and allow political parties to control the printing of money. Oh yeah what a wonderful plan, uhhuh.

        • Charlie

          Ignorance is best ignored.

        • fred the protectionist

          Why do you hate the lefties, then use their tactics?

      • Ryan

        Charlie, I agree, that is likely the case. The article wasn’t exactly clear about which version he is now supporting.
        If it is the new version, then you are correct, it is just a propaganda ploy.
        If he now supports the original full-audit version, it’s a sign that he realizes the consequences for going against the will of the people.
        Either way it’s a good sign. For even if it is the watered down version he is supporting, a partial audit is better than no audit. And I trust that the people will see his ploy if he does support the partial audit. It won’t help him on election day… The people firmly want a full audit. And if it is the full audit that he now supports, then it’s a victory for the people, and for Ron Paul. It will make the chances for an up or down vote on the Ron Paul version more likely to succeed.
        It’s like a tennis match with all these competing bills, back and forth we go.

    • jim

      Joan don’t be happy about this. He is supporting the gutted Bernie Sanders amendment. This is just tokenism. It is a one time audit that only deals with TARP money. It’s Obama trying to answer the populist ground swell against the FED without actually doing anything about it. It’s an olive branch at best.

  • Dar

    What the Senate democrats are doing concerning the Fed is even more than fighting the audit.

    They want to place the new regulatory bureau under the Fed, out of oversight. That also means out of any budgetary control.

    Operations of the Fed comes out of the interest paid by the US government. It is a slush fund that can be as high as needed. There is, for practical purposes, not limit in spending, no budgetary control on the new bureau. (Unless the government defaults on securities.)

    Doing that while people are questioning government spending is brazenly evil.

    Audit the Fed.
    Stop putting bureaus under the Fed.

  • Dr. Paul’s work here is crucial. The banksters are betting on Bernanke to keep the shell game going for a little bit longer, just long enough for them to cash out of dollars and buy into commodities. He works for the bankers, not the people of the United States. Call early and call often…we need transparency. Check out this article on Abstract Money, very interesting.

  • Citizen

    Sen. Sanders is an example of a Government apparatchik working against the People. The Senate are mostly men of no moral conscious.

    In layman’s language:
    “does not interfere with monetary policy”
    “standby and watch while the FED destroys your money” policy

    This is just how Social-Corporatist use Other People’s Money!

    Ron Paul knows this very well but sadly we have a citizenry who is mostly ignorant of our government’s corruption,
    the FED is the vehicle of our doom and the House of Rep is driving,
    EXCEPT for Ron Paul

    Don’t delay,
    Convert your Federal Reserve Notes into Gold or Silver ASAP!!!

    • Condi’s Memory

      Yeah, he probably woke up yesterday with his favorite horses’ head staring at him down his pillow, compliments the Carlylse Cartel. Bush mafia, man.

  • Nate D

    We lost again. Banks: 2, people: 0

    This is what passed.
    Sponsor: Sen Sanders, Bernard [VT] (proposed 5/6/2010)

    To require the non-partisan Government Accountability Office to conduct an independent audit of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System that does not interfere with monetary policy, to let the American people know the names of the recipients of over $2,000,000,000,000 in taxpayer assistance from the Federal Reserve System, and for other purposes.

    These are lawmakers, I no longer have respect for Sanders, he’s stoop as low as Dodd.

    This loose language gets under my skin
    “does not interfere with monetary policy”
    who gets to decide that? I’m guessing the FED does!
    we get to audit up to “$2 trillion” of our dollars that the FED created. What about the rest , we only get to know where 2tril went?
    “and for other purposes.”
    wow!… pure genius, thanks for doing our country a favor.

    • DHall

      “and for other purposes”- like not inadvertently opening an envelope full of weapons grade Anthrax.