Ron Paul: Audit the Fed!

The Federal Reserve is doing everything it can to avoid a review of its activities. Will Ron Paul’s coalition to audit the secretive banking cartel remain victorious in the Senate?

Date: 5/6/2010


  • Pete

    I hope that all of them (Republican and Democrat) that have allowed this to go on while their pockets were being filled while everyone is loosing their homes, loosing their jobs and not knowing what will happen to their family next. They deserve to be in one place to me and that is Rikers Island. Let them boys rip their hairy eye sockets to the back of their neck just as they have done to us since they have swindled their way into our system. How convenient for them to have everyone of their own right were they need them. Geitner at the Treasury and bernanke at the federal reserve. If I am not mistaken it was a Geitners idea to give the Fed more oversight and power since they have done so well. People need to wake up.
    The only thing that people need to ask themselves is this. What is the Federal Reserve so worried about us seeing that they are padding all the senators pockets with hundreds of thousands of dollars that we will have to pay back to them as it is not coming from their pocket. Stop the madness and stop that failed senator Dodd from introducing anything. He is the biggest loser and always will. He will never be missed when he retires. His legacy will be of a failure and nothing else.

    I am going to get this email software that sends out 100,000 emails a minute. If anyone wants it I will be more than happy to compress it and send it through email. Find one of Ron pauls speeches or whatever and let that program do mass mailers . I will also get an email scrapper that will have you a few million emails a day . that you can transfer into the system.Contact me at americanbrandsint at yeah who. That is the email I use for my apparel business just in case any of you are trying to figure that out. Anyway I will have that program downloaded here shortly.

    • fred the protectionist

      So how does the federal reserve cause people to lose their homes, their jobs, and get medieval on each other?

  • John

    Just do a search on youtube for “The Obama Deception” they have the documentary full lengh. That gives you a pretty good idea on what is going on.
    Way to go Ron! You are a true American Hero.

  • fred the protectionist

    Secret banking cartel huh.

    If Libertarians don’t like cartels, then why don’t they go after OPEC? Oh that’s right, Libertarians like that cartel, they think OPEC provides a great benefit to humanity in international trade.

    • Kevin Murphy

      Well considering the Federal Reserve is a US institution, it’s within our power to AT LEAST demand more transparency, if not abolish it altogether. And I don’t know where you came up with the idea that Libertarians “like” OPEC. That could not be further from the truth. OPEC represents nationalized oil, something that goes against the very core and fundamental beliefs of Libertarians. When you open your mouth to speak, make sure you actually know what you are talking about, instead of just making yourself look incredibly uneducated and uninformed. Free trade, sound money, personal liberty….thats what we want here in america, not freaking protectionism, thats the quickest way to reduce competition and ultimately our standard of living.

      RON PAUL 2012!

      • fred the protectionist

        Libertarian say: “free trade, sound money, personal liberty”

        Let me translate that for’ya.

        Free Trade translated—->Foreign and Domestic Slave Labor, and tolerance of international monopolies and cartels like OPEC.

        Sound Money translated—->Allow thousands of tiny to large American banks to print their own money and inflate or deflate as they see fit, basically currency anarchy.

        Personal Liberty translated—–>Allow the old and sick to die off, allow people to marry animals, allow business to swindle anyone, and no regulation even if a company wants to sell glow in the dark radium paint or heroin to children.

        • oreich

          OPEC is not free in any sense of the word, period. It’s just not. If the federal government here nationalized oil and then sold it, it wouldn’t be free market. So, its not free market when 13 (14?) countries do in tandem. OPEC is socialism, with governments reaping the benefits. That’s just by its definition. I’m not denying that there are bad things that private, American oil companies do, let alone the lobbying of government for favorable policies. But OPEC is not free market.

        • oreich

          As far as sound money, there are two plans we propose: gold standard (so the gov’t handles it, not free market, so no fear of private banks counterfeiting).

          If we go further (as I would advocate) and have private currency, there would indeed be counterfeiting to some extent, and it would have to be prosecuted just like fraud and other white-collar crimes. The penalty for counterfeiting money (which with private currency would mean fraudulently printing more bank notes than gold/silver to back it up in the bank vault), which like all forms of theft and fraud will happen, is SHUTTING DOWN THE BANK.

        • oreich

          If a bank counterfeits, shut them down. Its as simple as that. Counterfeiting money, for a large, regulated corporation like a bank (and even free marketers believe in bank regulations, we just think those regulations should only be to prevent theft and fraud, this being a prime example), is ten times worse than what Arther Andersen did. Arther Andersen was one of the “big five” American accounting firms, and one their accountants was at ENRON; he fudged the numbers, royally screwing up the energy industry, SO THE GOVERNMENT SHUT ARTHER ANDERSON DOWN; they’re CPA license was revoked, and the company doesn’t exist, their stock’s value going from w/e it was to virtually nothing.

          You have a problem with the money printers printing too much and devaluing our currency? Screwing up the stock market? Destroying our earnings and savings systematically and definitively from birth to death? Do you really care about this? You’re on the wrong site of this debate.

          Ron Paul 2012

      • EndtheFed


        Fred, with definitions like those it’s not hard to see why you are so confused.

  • Grant

    There is a revolution happening in our nation! Go Ron! Audit those CROOKS!

  • Kevin Murphy

    “Champion of human freedom and of the free market”

    Couldn’t have put it better myself. Ron Paul is far and away the most principled, intelligent, and logical politician in America today. His ideas resonate with ANY true believer in the cherished values within the constitution laid down by our founding fathers. The path is clear and people are waking up. Tell everyone you know about Ron Paul and lets get some REAL change in the leadership of America! This guy makes me PROUD to be an American, EAGER about the future of our nation, and HOPEFUL that the uniquely American ideals of individual freedom, liberty, and limited government will alway prevail.


    The band aids will not help the economic crisis. There is a systemic problem. The Federal Reserve and all the central banks in the world that are designed on its model are defrauding the people of the world.

    There is no rational reason why the U.S. Congress cannot print its own currency. The Congress was intimidated, bribed and blackmailed into creating and maintaining the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve was awarded a contract to manage the currency in America. The cost of that contract to the U.S. has been $10 trillion in national debt.

    To try to cover for the Federal Reserve’s greedy fraud, many countries are being forced to pay into the Federal Reserve coffers to keep the world economy afloat. One of the ways they are being forced to pay is through devaluation of their currencies with respect to the U.S. dollar, which is a way of building up America at the expense of others in the world.

    All of the band-aid measures will fail. The problem is the Federal Reserve, which concept is founded upon debt-based currency and fraud. It must be closed down or it will continue to suck the resources of the U.S. with its currency management contract. The American government could do the Federal Reserve’s job for virtually nothing, and save the U.S. taxpayers between $200 and $900 billion each year in interest off a debt that will never be paid off.

    Since the U.S. cannot pay off the debt, the rest of the world is being called in to assist in the maintenance of the Federal Reserve. Further, many other nations have similar central banks, so they are also paying their respective national debts on their currencies in addition to being asked to fund the U.S. currency debt.

    It is time to let the U.S. currency debt fail, close down the Federal Reserve entirely, and begin on the road to correcting the fraud that lies deep in world economic affairs. It is time to shut down every central bank that mirrors the Federal Reserve. It is time that the people stop feeding the ruling elite through their central banks. Obama and McCain are offering no real solutions whatsoever. They are both staying within the band-aid scenarios that support the Federal Reserve.

    The Federal Reserve is a cancer that has nearly killed the entire world economy. That cancer must be surgically removed from the world’s economy, or it will soon kill the patient. There is no other viable alternative at this late stage.

  • f

    The whole situation is very complex, but with the many resources available any one must ask:

    why so many problems and anguish?

    why is the economic system so limiting?

    Then one conclusion stands out among others: for control of power.

    A better system is required!

  • Ryan

    We The People are with you Ron.
    We want transparancy!
    We deserve to know and need to know what the fed is doing with our money.
    And when we do know who has been getting government money, the people will vote the corporate thieves out of office.
    Keep up the great work!

    … And thanks to Andrew Napolitano too, for his support of Constitutional government and for inviting Ron Paul on to his show frequently.