Ron Paul: The Real Maverick

In a newly published paper [pdf], Ben Lauderdale, a Ph.D. student in Princeton’s Department of Politics, uses a statistical analysis to plot the relative mavericky-ness of various members of Congress. Mavericks, he explained to John Sides, are members who vote “less on the basis of the political dimension that predicts all legislators’ behavior and more on particularistic factors unique to themselves.” In other words, their voting might seem erratic in the context of a rigid political spectrum, reflecting an idiosyncratic willingness to break ranks to support or oppose legislation on specific policy grounds.

The study shows that the most “mavericky” member in the House is… Ron Paul!

More here and here.


  • Sgt. KoranFlusher

    No McLame was never a maverick and Ron Paul was the only candidate on either ticket that was different or worth considering. And it was “liberal” (the sneers and good ol boy side remarks) the fashion he was treated by other republican party candidates at the debates, too. That just told me how far to the left the republicans have sunk.
    Too bad he doesn’t understand Islam though but I think he would got a quick lesson in the truth about Islam right away and had his light bulb turned on if had have won the election. At least I sure hope he would have.

    I don’t agree with you on the ME Paul, ….but you go…….get these sob elitists for us!

  • Jim

    For anyone interested in keeping your freedoms from being taken away by an out of control unconstitutional government should visit this sight. It is full of useful information and teaches the Constitution to those of you who may need help understanding it.

  • amzuel

    In the last presidential election I was told that I could not vote for the candidate of my choice. There was a sign posted that write in votes would NOT be counted. The last time I checked, my military service covered defending the constitution…not some political party. I am attempting to sue for having my constitutional rights violated. And there is another thing that I’m getting concerned with, and that’s all this rhetoric about “democracy”. This is NOT a democracy and was never intended to be. Patrick Henry didn’t shout, “Give me “democracy” or give me death”? The founding fathers wanted nothing whatsoever to do with democracy. Their goal was “liberty”. When 51% of the people run your life, that’s not “liberty”! That’s democracy, and I want nothing to do with democracy either. Give me liberty, or at least give me the chance to fight for liberty…not democracy…I will NEVER fight and lay my life on the line for a democracy.

  • fred the protectionist

    Ah the good old days. We don’t need no stinking regulation, right?

    “The Radium Girls were a group of female factory workers who contracted radiation poisoning from painting watch dials with glow-in-the-dark paint at the United States Radium factory in Orange, New Jersey around 1917. The women, who had been told the paint was harmless, ingested deadly amounts of radium by licking their paintbrushes to sharpen them; some also painted their fingernails with the glowing substance.”

  • DHall

    As I understand it, they used to have this thing called The Bill of Rights. Those ‘elected guys’ swear to uphold and defend that ‘stuff’………

    I’m aploitical. I thought the Constitution would just always be there… Silly me.

    Democrat, Republican, whatever, our people need more “Bill of Rights-ists” like Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich! We must fill Congress with people like that, or nothing will ever really change.

  • fred the protectionist

    Maverick? I thought Ron Paul was for change, change you could believe in. Wait, maybe i’m mistaking change for country first. Dang I can’t remember anymore, they’re all the same.

  • Ron Paul is the real maverick out of all of them. So glad that John McCain admitted it that he was not a true maverick, he’s just a poser.