Bubbles Will End – Fiat Money Doesn’t Last

Newsletter editor Jay Taylor interviews Ron Paul on financial bubbles and auditing the Fed.

Show: Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Host: Jay Taylor
Date: 05/13/2010


  • Ron is so right. We have to end the Fed and end the Fiat currency. For a great article on this, read:

    Embed the link everywhere you can. It’s time to start fixing this mess!

  • Imagine what the people will think when they find out, Electronic Negotiable Instruments are worthless. As a matter of fact, they do not exist, yet we use them daily. It’s worse than thinking an FRN is of value.

    What does this mean? God only knows. I, myself can see a lot of havock.

    And, the sad thing about this is, that very very few, even understand what this is about. It is about the loss of millions of mortgages. Probably larger than that. I think I heard MERS holds, around 65 milion of them. Can you imagine 65 million worthless secured debts? 65 million worthless mortgages?
    Not only is is a loss of mortgages, electronic negotiable instruments are used in many deals.

    “We the People”, need to understand this. It can cause many outcomes, that do not look pretty. An economic disaster, like nobody has seen before.

    You were warned. Pay attention.

  • richard

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