Ron Paul in Iowa: Freedom is the Answer!

Ron Paul kicked off the Campaign for Liberty’s Iowa Conference with a powerful speech Friday night.


Ron Paul: Thank you. Congratulations. Of course. Thank you. Thank you very much. It’s very nice to be here. I wasn’t sure I was going to get here a little while ago. I don’t know if they told you, but the plane was a little late. We were supposed to land here at about 6:30 or so, but we got on the airplane alright; that’s not too unusual. Getting through security, that’s the toughest part. I did that again, like I do it twice a week. But we got through that and we got on the plane alright, and it looked like we were going to go, and then the announcement came, they said, “Well, we got some bad news. We’re overweight.” What are we going to do? Why don’t you take some gasoline off or something? They said, “No, we have to get 9 people to leave the airplane. We need some volunteers” and they’re going to give 400 bucks so my hand went up right away. 400 bucks, I mean, just to get off the airplane. But no, I thought better of it and I thought I had an obligation and I wasn’t going to cave in for 400 bucks. But then they said, “Nobody volunteers, so we’re going to pick 9 people and they’re going to have to go”. I wondered how they’re going to do that. They said they’re just going to pick them. And lo and behold, my name comes up and I said, “What’s going on here?” So I had to pay 400 dollars to get somebody else to bribe them, and that guy got 800 dollars. That’s not exactly true, but…

Anyway, we sat for an hour or so and we made it in here. It’s so nice to see everybody, and it’s so good to understand things are happening in the Republican Party out here. That’s pretty neat. I’m so glad there is an influence. But the freedom movement is alive and well, and Campaign for Liberty is alive and well and doing quite well around the country. So to me it’s very exciting.

And I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but I have a personal interest in and election coming up soon down in Kentucky. I can’t talk about that, because I wouldn’t be very objective about that race down there. But if you try to be objective, it’s pretty interesting and it’s pretty good and it’s going to have a lot of significance no matter what they try to say about it. Rand’s doing very well. In the last poll – which was not his poll, it was an independent poll – he was up 16 points. So it is pretty amazing. But most individuals don’t believe it can be that good and it will be a lot closer, but we have 5 children, that means Rand has 4 siblings and we’ll be there on Tuesday. My wife will be going up with us there. So we’re hoping that it’s going to be an exciting evening and there will be a celebration and another message will be sent across this country that we’re ready for some changes.

I think one of the most remarkable things going on today is that the speeches are different, the promises are different. Now it’s almost a political negative to say, “I know somebody in Washington. If I can get elected, I’m going to make sure I can take care of the district and get your stuff and get all the goodies and get your earmarks.” It’s almost the opposite now; you don’t even want to be associated with Washington DC or bragging that they know how the system works.

And I think something has happened here in the last year or 2, because over the years as most of you have known, I’ve taken a rather firm stand about not voting for things that aren’t properly authorized in the Constitution. Even though that was not mainstream politics in Washington, I think subtly many of them respected those views, because so often other members would come up to me and say, “You know, this is amazing that you can do this and get re-elected, how do you do that?” But now it’s mainstream; we’re getting to be mainstream. It’s better now not to promise, to promise to go up and cut spending and cut taxes and cut regulations. No more deficits. This is what’s become popular. So there is every reason for us to be optimistic about what’s happening. Not what’s happening in Washington yet, but optimistic about what’s happening outside of Washington in groups like this, because our numbers are growing; there is no doubt about it. And of course, I’ve said so many times, and continue to be enthusiastic about going to the campuses, because the young people are certainly interested in this.

Yesterday or the day before, I was walking out of my office to vote, and there was a group of teenagers out in the quarter of the Cannon building, numbering 20 or so. But several of them recognized me and one ring leader, who really knew me and was enthusiastic, came over and introduced himself and he looked so young. But I asked, “How old are you?” he said they’re 17, they’re juniors and seniors in high school, and they wanted to talk about the issues. I asked, “Well, how did you get interested?” He said, “Well, I read your book on End the Fed.” And they knew about the Federal Reserve and they knew what was going on and there is no way I would have had the vaguest knowledge about what was going on when I was a senior in high school. I was trying to get good grades and trying to win a track meet and swim and things like that. But I didn’t know anything about politics. But the young people – there’s always large number of them – are really responding favorably and we should be very excited about that.

I guess the issue that has surprised me the most over these last couple of years has been the issue of the Federal Reserve and how much attention we’ve gotten. It’s something that I’ve been motivated about for many, many years. It was that event in 1971 when the prediction by the Austrian economists back then predicted that the Bretton Woods agreement couldn’t last, it wouldn’t last, it would collapse. I remember reading Henry Hazard prior to that time, and he was a prominent journalist in 1944 when Bretton Woods was established. He said it wouldn’t work. And when it collapsed in 1971 it was sort of a confirmation of how bad things were.

But that was when I became fascinated and thought, “Oh I need to talk about that this, this is important stuff”. And so I started talking about it and then had a token race and did it politically thinking that was the only place I can get a couple of people to listen. And there were only a couple of people at the beginning for many, many years. But even over those many years, decades literally, it was not an issue. It’s not been an issue until just recently. And I think that several things have come together. Some people give the presidential campaign a little bit of credit for calling attention to this issue. That’s part of it, but there’s more to it than that.

One, I think it’s the subtle education going on in Austrian economics throughout the country in places like the Mises Institute. Teachers like Tom Woods and others out there are reaching people. So that has laid the groundwork for this. But then, on top of that, the economic collapse came, the financial crisis hit. It hit and although they will not recognize it in Washington, it was recognized by so many others that this was a predictable event. It annoys me to no end, because they have another commission to study how this came about; another Washington commission. They did that in the 1930s, it was called the Pecora commission. Some people call this the second Pecora commission. But they have Republicans and Democrats to have it balanced. But they don’t have it balanced because they’re all Keynesians or socialists on the commission. And everybody they bring before the commission to ask them questions, it’s all the same. They’re not calling and talking to the people who knew it was coming, predicted it and understood it.

But nevertheless, the information is getting out there and the people are waking up and they know there’s another option. And I think that is part of what’s going on in the Tea Party Movement and the various groups and obviously the Campaign for Liberty, because something has to give. And the people are recognizing this, on this financial burden, this spending. I mean how long can we do this? And, you know, it was not hard to figure out that we got into this crisis because the government spent too much money, they taxed too much, they borrowed too much, they regulated too much, and they printed too much money. So they finally admit, it comes down to our heads 2 years ago. People panicked, “Oh, we’re going to have a depression, we got to do something. This is drastic, let’s do emergency legislation” So what did they do? They increased taxes and they increased regulations and they increased spending, they increased borrowing and they tremendously increased printing the money. And that’s supposed to be the solution to the problem.

But it’s not going to work, I’ve been saying in all the interviews that it’s not over. The correction hasn’t occurred, it’s just delayed it. And now it’s being transferred internationally with the debt burdens of the sovereign nations of Europe. But my biggest concern has been that everybody depends on the United States and the dollar to bail out everybody. So yes, we’re involved in this bailout, obviously, with the IMF funds as well as our transfer of payments to other central banks and other governments. So we’re very much involved. But what happens when the world loses confidence in the dollar? Who’s going to bail out the dollar, and there’s nobody left? And it wasn’t that many years ago when the dollar was rather weak. In 1979 we actually went to the IMF to prop up our system and our dollar. But we pulled ourselves out of that nose dive with interest rates up to 21%. So there will be a major problem to deal with. And I think it’s getting awfully close.

Now, I talk about a monetary crisis being somewhat different than a financial crisis. When the financial structures of the banks get over-involved in too much debt, then they have to do something about that. But a currency crisis happens when people lose confidence in the currency. And most of us can remember and have read about how many times… you know, not too long ago the country of Zimbabwe had a little bit of inflation. And Mexico has had it a few times, and Germany’s had it. America’s had it in the revolutionary times, as well as having pretty bad inflation during the civil war. So it’s a well known event, but it’s really devastating. But the main reason why it’s so devastating is it wipes out the middle class. The people who work hard and try to save and have some wealth, and everything gets wiped out of their accounts rather quickly because it moves so fast.

Now up until now it’s been moving more in a sluggish manner. You know, we as a people, our Congress established the Federal Reserve in 1913 to give us a stable currency (that was the argument), and to be the lender of last resort. Now how are they going to give you a stable currency and be the lender of last resort at the same time? Well, at that time the dollar was 1/20th of an ounce of gold, that was the definition. $20 bought an ounce of gold. So they’ve done a tremendous job. Today it’s probably like $1250, so that’s almost a 99% devaluation that they’ve pulled off. And what happens now if it keeps going and it goes rapidly, it will be very chaotic. And a lot of people suffered from this already. In the last 10 years, if you just start in the year 2000, from that period of time until now there has been an 80% devaluation. In the early part of the 1970s when they had fixed exchange rates, they had 2 precise devaluations: one at 8% and one at 10%. It was 18%. And I remember those days, because that was the time it was declared that the Bretton Woods agreement couldn’t be upheld. But those were very big events and that ushered in rampant inflation in the later part of the 1970s.

So I think we are destined to do this to move ourselves into that category, but the government says – you hear it all the time from the liberal economists, “There’s no inflation, we can do what we want, you guys worry too much.” Oh yeah, there’s no inflation in the cost of government at all. There are no costs going up there. There is no inflation in the cost to get medical care. There is no inflation in the cost to get an education. It’s constantly going up, and yet we still haven’t seen the worst part yet.

This is a subject that is not going to go away. But how do we solve this and what do we do? Well, for us in this room, I think most of us know and understand what has to be done. It’s sort of now how do you accomplish it. And that’s where we’re very much involved. To me it involves a lot of education, continued education. I think education is probably the most important thing. And then there are some of us that like to take the education and understanding our free market economics and try to translate that into a politically popular movement, and get people to understand it in a practical way.

And I think that’s the job that Campaign for Liberty is both educational and also an organization involved in partisan politics. And I think that’s necessary. Nobody can say I’m not interested in politics, I’ve be doing this for a long time. But I still say that education is at the top of the ladder. Because prevailing attitudes and ideas make all the difference in the world. Because since the 1930s it didn’t matter whether you had Republicans or Democrats. Oh yeah, a little bit here and a little bit there, but did it really change the people’s attitude about Keynesian economics or the Federal Reserve or getting rid of the income tax? So I would say, this go around when we clean up this mess, let’s make it very, very clear what we don’t want anymore. Like we don’t want the Fed and we don’t want the IRS and we don’t want the federal government bearing down on us every single day.

So I think right now we live in very opportune times to get our message out, because of the conditions, the groundwork laid by the people in education, and the people being energized. I am convinced that people now are looking at what we’re talking about because they know this system is broken and they are looking for answers. And even those who are on the receiving end of this big government, they’re frightened too, because they know this can’t continue. And what we must do is not only convince all those who believe strongly in limiting government to its constitutional size, we also have to start nibbling away at those people totally dependent on government.

And sometimes it’s a lack of understanding, and sometimes they actually believe that they are entitled, that rights means entitlements. And just the government was supposed to give it to us, “Oh yeah, you mean the Constitution limits these functions?” – “No, the Constitution is a living, breathing document and therefore we’re allowed to do this.” And those individuals in Washington are really following their oath of office. We have to re-educate them along that line, and we have to this opportunity. But for me it also gives us an opportunity to take the whole picture and put it together, because we have to bring people together on these views on how to do it. How do we get back to a balanced budget? They say, “Oh yeah, we’re going to cut child healthcare, that will do it.” And that’s not a good political idea. Even though we shouldn’t have started all this government medical care and all in education, I am still convinced that if we ever want to build a coalition with others outside our group, I think what we have to do is cut spending overseas. It is so much easier to cut.

So we not only could save a couple of million or a couple billion or a couple hundred billion, we could probably save many, many hundreds of billions of dollars even up to the trillions because already in Iraq and Afghanistan we’ve spent over a trillion dollars. We spend a trillion dollars a year just managing our military empire around the world. And that’s coming to an end and if we have to have priorities, I think that would be the easiest and best. Besides, I am absolutely convinced if we change our foreign policy, we’re going to be a lot safer for it; we will not be in danger.

Randolph Bourne’s statement that “War is the health of the state” is such a true statement because when there is a war, there is a declared war, even if it’s not legally declared. “Oh yes, we’re at war on terrorism, war on drugs, war on this.” People get trapped in this and say, “Oh war, it’s an emergency. We have to be more willing to give up our freedoms”. And notoriously they have done it. The big problem with this so-called war going on now is there is no end to it. In the past they’ve undermined our liberties, whether it was the Civil War or World War 1 or World War 2, just think of what they did to Japanese Americans and concentration camps. At least they closed those down afterwards and they backed away from some of the worst things that they did in World War 1. But this war is going to go on forever unless we change our foreign policy. And you know, sometimes they accuse us of getting too close to people who believe in conspiracies. But my answer to that is, “Don’t believe in that conspiracy stuff unless it’s true.”

But what I really want to say about conspiracies is that they have a conspiracy, they have this conspiracy that they’ve been passing out ever since the last administration, that “they attack us because we’re free and wealthy.” That’s why they attack us. Now that’s a conspiratorial idea, and if we don’t change that, we can’t win this. Because I don’t believe for a second that’s the reason they come. Do they come because of our culture and because of Hollywood? Yeah, they probably resent it. There are probably a few of us in this room that might resent a few things that come out of Hollywood. But they didn’t go and bomb Hollywood. They went to the Pentagon and they go to CIA overseas and they kill the people they at least think are trying to take over their country and they see them as occupiers.

That information to me is so crucial and yet it’s tricky because people get accused, you know. When you hear me talk like this they say, “Oh he’s one of those ‘blame America first’ people”. You know, I’m not bashful in blaming our government for the same thing, but I’m not going to blame the American people for this problem. We also should be very concerned about what is done here at home. Not only have we had these wars, but we’ve had this attack on our civil liberties at home. I never believed there would be a day when it would become official policy – and that’s actually official policy made worse by Obama because Bush never announced it this way. I can understand why they might do this, but to announce it as policy disturbs me. And that is that if you are an American citizen, that doesn’t make you immune from assassination. You know, just because its trouble getting you into a court, someday we could assassinate an American citizen. “Well, because he’s a terrorist.” But how do we know he’s a terrorist? He’s a suspect. And we are on a slippery slope on that. I mean, we have secret prisons and we have lack of respect for Habeas Corpus.

And I was just reading something today which I thought was interesting. This John Walker Lynn was the American citizen who was captured right after 9/11 in Afghanistan. To me, he looked a little … I bet he was the last one to have heard about what happened on 9/11; that’s what I think about him. I think we all knew it before he did. But anyway, they arrested or they captured him. And you know what they did? They read him the Miranda rights. They brought him back here and they tried him in a civilian court and sent him to prison. So what’s this hysteria about protecting our rights? Yes, some of these people are monsters, they’re terrible. But so are some of these mobsters in our country that kill and shoot people.

I mean, what if you find somebody in a store, he’s on a video, and he shoots somebody. Of course, he deserves the full force of the law thrown at him. But we still take him to court. And I don’t like this idea because the definition of somebody who is un-American or supportive of the terrorists can get pretty sloppy at times.

And then we have the war on drugs and all the terrible things that go on there that they use to violate our civil liberties. And too often these events, like the war on drugs and others and even the things going on at the border, I think a lot of it is directed at us to know what we’re doing financially. I think it’s the IRS to make sure you haven’t sent $25 overseas and didn’t report it to the government. That’s what they’re worrying about. But, you know, we really do have a mess on our borders and it’s a complicated mess because we have the illegal aliens coming in and we have the drug dealers on the borders. It’s getting very violent. There is a lot of corruption on both sides of the border, and a lot of killing going on. And I think it’s going to get a lot worse and there is no easy solution for this, it’s not like just putting the army down there is going to solve the whole problem. Because as much as I support tightening up and watching what illegals do, I think it’s an economic problem. I think it’s related to economics because the welfare state encourages a lot of our people not to work and then the welfare state feeds on the illegals who come in and they do work. And then they bring their families and they get in our schools and they get on the programs and then we go into a recession and it really gets painful. And that annoys a lot of us, it annoys me big because we have to close down hospitals and school districts are going bankrupt. So this notion that the solution is amnesty and automatic citizenship for these people doesn’t make any sense at all to me.

So it’s hard to deal with the borders without dealing with the economy, and it’s hard to deal with it without dealing with the drug war, and it’s hard to deal with it without dealing with enforcing our laws. I don’t like this idea that we punish people who happen to associate with an illegal. There are a lot of people coming into this country and they’ve been here for 20 years and they’ve never left this country and they don’t even speak Spanish. I mean, to round up 12 million of them and send them back, I don’t know how that’s going to happen. But we should do something about the borders. Now the one thing that bothers me about the borders and what’s happening now is it is regulating us just as much as it’s failing to regulate those that are coming in. Where can you go now without a passport? You can’t go to Canada. I lived on both borders and we causally went to Canada. I was at school in Detroit and we just went to Canada whenever we felt like it. I don’t what we did, showed our driver’s license or something. Mexico was the same thing. No more, now we carry our passports and there are already strict currency controls on how much money we can take or send out of the country and when this currency crisis gets worse, then the governments really crack down because people have a tendency to want to expatriate and go out.

You know, one time I was told that the line that you draw between a free society and a totalitarian society is can you leave your country with your money. And when you can’t do that, you don’t live in a free society anymore. And I don’t think it’s very easy, they don’t want you to do that. Now I have never been tempted to do that. I think, though, that everybody has to have the right to do that because if you don’t have the right to do that, that’s what we ought to be thinking about doing it.

And right now we’re tightening borders up, but I think in the wrong way as much as anything. But we have a lot on our plate, a lot of things that we have to do. But our opportunities are obviously very, very good. Our philosophy can answer the questions, very simply, even with our imperfect Constitution, because I never consider it a perfect document. But it’s been around a bit and it’s probably one of the best ever, if that not the very best written. But I do know one thing, that if we had enough people in Washington who would take that oath of office seriously and follow it, this country would be improved a lot and in a short period of time.

The other thing about the philosophy of liberty is that – I’ve said this many times too – and that is, it’s appealing. If we can present this the right way, it is appealing to more than just us in this room. It appeals to people who considered themselves as one time just extreme conservatives or even liberals believing in civil liberties. Honest liberals who believe in limited government in a personal way or maybe will share our views on foreign policy, we can bring people together. I am absolutely convinced that freedom does bring people together. It is the way you bring diverse groups together, by saying, “Yes, your life is your own. You can do with it what you want, and the government shouldn’t be telling you what you do with it. The restrictions are you just can’t hurt people. But in addition to that, you ought to have the right to do whatever with what you earn. Whatever you earn is your right. So you should have economic liberty and personal liberty and they should be one and the same.”

It’s taken many centuries for the principles of liberty to be developed. I believe with our revolution, the industrial revolution we saw the real benefits come out, the tremendous increase in wealth and production and standard of living going up. But, you know, it’s been around for a long time. In the Old Testament the Israelites talked about not having a king and having too strong a king and then, of course, there was a Roman Republic that was destroyed by the Roman Empire. They talked about personal liberties and the importance of citizenship. And, of course, there was a struggle in 1215 by the barons to insist that King John sign the Magna Carta and recognize that every individual has the right to be told why the king and why the government is holding him. This seems to be slipping away. And when I see some of these things happening in this very country, this is a dangerous, dangerous thing.

Another great danger I think we face – and this was established in the last administration and carried out in the current administration – and that is that we now, as a people, endorse preventive war. That’s the same as saying we endorse aggression because we’re the good guys and we’ll go and push ourselves on them. We have to reject that notion of preventive war.

So so much of what we talk about is not brand new. It’s been around for many, many years. But the real experiment of the last couple hundred years has shown what it can achieve; and that is the material prosperity. What I believe has happened is that the material prosperity of our maximum freedom that we had enjoyed for so long, taught the American people to get really lazy about thinking about where the wealth came from. And we drifted over to thinking the government created the wealth, and the government takes care of us, and it was more important to pay for lobbyists than to pay for R&D research by our corporations. And there’s been so much wealth and there still is a lot of wealth that it lasted a lot longer than it maybe deserved. The truth and the belief in freedom has practically vanished for so many people in Washington. But now we’re starting to see the consequence of not having an understanding of liberty, not understanding what the rule of law is all about, not understanding about restraining the government. The Constitution was there to restrain the government, never to restrain the people.

So we now face this crisis, this crisis and the understanding of liberty. And the making sure that in the maximum number of people the prevailing attitude becomes that of liberty. Now you might say, “Well, this is a small group. We have several hundred here. But we need millions and millions.” The truth is you really don’t. You just need a lot of energetic people determined to win and they have to be in places of leadership. They can be in teaching, and they can be in journalism, and they can even get into the Republican Party and be leaders, too.

People will respond. Most people will never be in that leadership position and they will go along. But they need to be convinced it’s in their best interest. That’s the only thing. For too long now, since the Depression, people have been convinced that it’s in their best interest to go along with big government and Keynesian economics and all this. But it’s ending. It’s all over. And we’re going to see this crisis get worse and we’re going to see a dollar crisis and when it hits the dollar, it’s going to be a worldwide event. And then it will be one big issue: Are we going to live in a free society, or are we going to allow the authoritarians to take over? Are we going to allow them to expand their authority over us as individuals? Allow them to take over more of the economy and actually pretend that they can police the world? That will be the challenge. But I am more optimistic than ever, since I’ve been doing this for quite a few years, that we can win this. We can win this if we continue to build the momentum.

I actually was very shocked at the attention we got in the presidential campaign. I didn’t know all of you were out there and you were interested. I didn’t know the young people would respond. But even then I became a little bit pessimistic after it was over. I thought, “Well, I’ll just go back to being a congressman.” And yet the momentum with Campaign for Liberty, what John has done with the Campaign for Liberty and all of you who have been involved and all the staff and just what’s happening in the country in the enthusiasm I see with these young people… it’s there, and it’s growing.

Now there is one thing that I am very, very pleased with, that there is so much positive conviction with the young people and even though, like tonight I talk about all the things I think are wrong, and so many of them say, “You’re the only one that gives me hope.” And I think this is great. It’s not me, it’s the message. The message of freedom is hopeful. And I tried to figure this out; why is it that we can talk about these terrible things happening to us, the dollar’s going bust and the country is broke and we’re at war and all these things. You know, it’s sort of like an addict. The addict never is cured till he admits there is a problem. And I think that’s what we’re getting the country to do. We’re getting them to admit that this is a serious problem, we’ve recognized it, we can’t continue what we’ve been doing. And what we should be doing, we know the answer. And that is believing in ourselves, believing in what freedom can do for us, and go back to the American tradition and defend our rule of law and our constitution.

I thank you very much.


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  • Douglas

    It is quite clear that current international monetary policy is way deficient of proper ecological and biological balance in relation to their issuance.

    Ron Paul is to me a ‘Lone Star’. As a young teenager I felt so alone. One who understood the power of the money changers but yet was so perplexed on how one could challenge such a power.

    Yet, I do understand fully how evolution and creation of the universe has come to pass. No one can force this understanding upon anyone. However the process of issuing medium of exchange is the most sacred process of any given civilization.

  • Peter

    I’ve been following the liberty movemetn and Ron Paul from Australia for awhile now. We’re doing OK down under but there are some disturbing interventionist trends eminating from our political ‘elite’. I discovered yesterday it is a criminal offence in Australia to leave your car unlocked. Police justify fining ‘offenders’ as it is a preventative measure to reduce their workload and cost of catching car thiefs. Using that logic, any government infringement of my rights could be justified … including banning knives and forks as a preventative measure!

  • That was a great speech Ron Paul made in Iowa. I agree that the FLED needs to be audited and we shouldn’t be forced by the federal government to do anything we don’t want to do. He has made strong arguments for Freedom and Liberty and building wealth. I have just read your bookEnd the Fed”! It is very interesting to read. Certain things Joan said I couldn’t disagree with her more on some of the things on the second to last post. She does make a valid point though.
    I hope that Ron Paul runs for president again in 2012.

  • Todd Eads

    Hey, I have an idea! Why not just legalize ALL drugs, including marijuana, and let all of the prisoners guilty of “victimless crimes” free. Why not rid ourselves of the Food and Drug Administration. Why not rid ourselves of Ben Bernanke And Friends(bye, bye income tax). Why not just allow all Americans to do what they want, live any way that they want, good or bad, and allow them to put anything they want into their bodies, good or bad. It’s called freedom, but unfortunatly, most Americans do not even know what freedom actually is. What they believe is freedom is actually called tyranny.

    • Johnny Hempseed

      Two big attaboys on that Todd. As long as you don’t infringe on anyone else’s liberty, who is harmed other than yourself? If this nonsense isn’t stopped soon, it will lead to a banning of forks & knives because you could hurt yourself while eating. And I have never, ever in 50 years seen anyone smoke marijuana and become violent in any way. Sorry I can’t say the same for legal alcohol.

      • Roy Trueman Jr.

        So True Johnny – Pot is the most peaceful drug and could curb a lot of the violence in our society. I have seen a lot of mean drunks in my day.

      • fred the protectionist

        Libertarian say: “and I have never, ever in 50 years seen anyone smoke marijuana and become violent in any way.”

        Step 1: Take their weed away

        Step 2: wait a week

        Step 3: watch them get violent

        • Grant

          Typical childish reply by Fred the Do-Gooder

        • fred the protectionist

          *takes Grant’s weed away and dangles the bag in front of his face* HAHAHAHA! Don’t get violent now.

    • Roy Trueman Jr.

      I will agree with you, in a Free Society there should never be any Crime without a Victim. A Victimless Crime makes the charged a Victim of the State. What we choose to do to ourselves is our responsibility also and society should not be expected to pay for our bad choices.

    • Max

      I do agree that pot should be legalized and am an ardent Ron Paul supporter. There is one question I struggle with though and that is legalizing highly debilitating and addictive drugs. I am not for persecuting users but I do not think I am 100% percent behind the notion of making these drugs legal to be sold in stores. Corporations trying to market people to get addicted to heroin does not sound great to me. If some drugs are so addictive do they inhibit personal freedom if others are trying to profit by hooking you on them? It is a philosophical question that I can see both sides of. To take an extreme example say there was a pill that made one in complete euphoria but in mind control to another party, should this be made legal and sold in a 7 eleven? Should people have a right to choose to do this? With drugs like marijuana, alcohol, caffeine, adderol, and cocaine I do believe that making these legal would have social benefits. But if it came to completely mind bending and massively addictive drugs I just see a point to where a corporation pushing for their use could be considered an act of aggression. I would be happy to hear others thoughts.

      • Roy Trueman Jr.

        Maybe just Natural Drugs, a natural plant should not be illegal! If they want to make a plant illegal how about Kudzu or Crab Grass maybe those damn pricker bushes.

        • fred the protectionist

          Everything is natural, Kemosabe. All chemicals are made up with the exact same 118 elements. Plutonium, Lead, and Radium are all perfectly “natural” and “homeopathic”.

          There aint a single thing on planet Earth that isn’t natural or “homeopathic”.

    • fred the protectionist

      Libertarian say: “Why not rid ourselves of the Food and Drug Administration.”

      Oh what a great plan, let’s all start drinking radioactive water or lead lined canned foods. Lets return to the good old days where life expectancy was HALF of what it is today. Ah yes what a great plan.

  • Thomas Paine

    If Marijuana GROWN ONLY ORGANICALLY IN THE USA was legalized we would in one stroke of the pen see Mexico’s drug war put out of business. Having cheap, locally grown pot would create jobs, let good people out of prison, and have the effect of disincentivising the drug lords in Mexico!

    • Johnny Hempseed

      You talked me into it. Now pass that bong over here.

      • Arnie Rosner, Fountain Valley, Ca

        Hey Johnny,

        If it were simply politics I would not have spent the last year and a half educating myself on exactly what is involved with this issue. we are talking some serious issues involving the very principles that guarantee our freedom.

        So is this not important to you? Or do you prefer not to be involved and are willing to let others fight your battles for you?

        Here is just a little bit of history that might very well relate to this situation down the road. This guy ignored the facts until…well until…here are his own words….

        Citizen Action
        When Hitler came for the Jews… I was not a Jew, therefore, I was not concerned. And when Hitler attacked the Catholics, I was not a Catholic, and therefore, I was not concerned. And when Hitler attacked the unions and the industrialists, I was not a member of the unions and I was not concerned. Then, Hitler attacked me and the Protestant church — and there was nobody left to be concerned.
        — Pastor Martin Niemoller, Congressional Record, October 14, 1968, vol. 114, p. 31636.


        Available 24/7 – Defending freedom is no part-time job!
        [email protected]
        714-501-8247 – mobile

      • Arnie Rosner, Fountain Valley, Ca

        From: Arnie Rosner
        Date: May 21, 2010 8:07:44 AM PDT
        To: [email protected]
        Cc: Arnie Rosner , [email protected]
        Subject: The shinning city on the hill

        Dear Arnold,

        What a disappointment you have become! It was very difficult for me to accept that Jan Brewer has become the role model for the Terminator. Just think how far have you fallen from grace. I am afraid you will “Not be Back!”

        The real Arnold (not the girly man)


        Available 24/7 – Defending freedom is no part-time job!
        [email protected]
        714-501-8247 – mobile

        Fax Copy: Gov. Jan Brewer – the new American Terminator

        Begin forwarded message:

        From: Arnie Rosner
        Date: May 21, 2010 4:10:51 AM PDT
        To: [email protected]
        Cc: Arnie Rosner
        Subject: The shinning city on the hill

        Dear Gov. Brewer,

        This is a note of support! Congratulations!

        Your success at establishing the traditional American values as a baseline in the state of Arizona is an incredible accomplishment. This is especially impressive, in this politically charged period of American history; a time where progressive politicians had succeeded in making political correctness the established norm.

        Thank goodness for your strength and resolve. Speaking for many of my friends and neighbors, in California, as Americans, we salute you. Our governor should only have one-tenth a degree of your courage. However, I think he has morphed into one of his famous “Girly Men”. By his destructive actions I believe he has adapted the philosophy of that very rare and now extinct bird previously known as the Floogle Bird. A bird which demonstrated the unique characteristic of flying in ever smaller concentric circles until it flew up its own rectum and disappeared forever.

        Dear Gov. Brewer, let me add that those of us dedicated to the basic American principles and share your vision of a restored America, also advocate invoking states rights as enumerated by the Constitution. Further, consistent with the guarantees afforded us by the Constitution, and considering the federal government’ has failed to live up to its basic responsibilities to the great states and citizens of this Union, it would seem fitting to implement the following actions to recapture some of the costs we pay for federal services which have not been delivered:

        Effective Immediately

        Let us assert our respective state sovereignty and
        Redirect all W2 Payroll and other federal designated tax revenues collectable within the state of Arizona to the Arizona state treasury
        Immediately issue a challenge to the Obama Eligibility issue and demand an immediate investigation by an independent investigator. This is in light of all of the new conclusive evidence of gross wrong doing on the part of many members of the federal government.
        As I see it Gov. Brewer, there is no reason we as citizens need to tolerate a government comprised of representatives of the electorate who fail to be guided by the will of the people. This is especially true when we are being routinely defrauded when we as taxpayers pay for services the federal government routinely fails to deliver.

        By your brave and courageous actions, you have already demonstrated the incredible leadership qualities so conspicuously absent in this 111th Congress and especially this administration being directed by a person of undocumented origin. Therefore, can we, the conscientious voice of the free Americans, count on you, as a proven leader of the democratic process, help us confront our domestic enemies? Those members of government who have characterized their criminal behavior as violating their oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the rule of law. We are speaking of members of this government, who no longer represent the will of the American people; the people who elected them to these high offices.

        Can we count on you dear Governor Brewer to act on behalf of the little people?


    • Arnie Rosner, Fountain Valley, Ca

      All of this exchange is really bringing out a lot of critical points. This is a great exchange of ideas and information. Much of it very important substance from which to base the structure of our newly recovered republic.

      However, if I may be permitted the opportunity to point out, that even though we find ourselves up to our armpits in alligators at the moment, the major objective here is to drain the swamp!

      For more helpful information please see the following:

      Herein lies the opportunity to get us back on track ASAP. As intelligent American citizens still free to exercise our civil rights (well so far) let me encourage all of those so inclined, to to review the information and then make up your own minds as to how you wish to proceed.


      Available 24/7 – Defending freedom is no part-time job!
      [email protected]
      714-501-8247 – mobile

      • Johnny Hempseed

        Wow Arnie, that website is skeery with the black background. What exactly are you trying to say in 1000 words or less?

        • Arnie Rosner, Fountain Valley, Ca

          Hey Johnny here is my point (less than 1000 words)

          Trust no one.
          Vigorously Investigate
          Investigate the validity of statements for yourself
          Ask for the source of information presented as facts.
          Check into Saul Alinsky and the rules for radicals
          Someone states a fact immediately consider it as an item to confirm for yourself. Do not fall victim to Fastfact, snopes or any sites that represent they are the authority on truth. There are none. They have all been found to marginalize the truth when convenient.

          So far, it appears all of us are still in possession of our rights as granted by our constitution. There is a lot of concern on the part of us, me especially, that every day the OBAMA dark forces are furiously attacking the last vestiges of the respect for the rule of law. Soon the right to speak freely will also be completely abridged just in the same manner as our media and pundits have been marginalized.

          Now perhaps my efforts are not nearly enough, but at least for my part I have taken issue with the following:

          They know we know they know
          • Posted by Arnie Rosner on April 18, 2010 at 1:30am
          Based on the information contained within this YouTube presentation by Carl Swensson the following actions were executed.

          Attached please find the American Grand Jury presentments from January 18, 2010.
          All Counts were voted upon by the 165 jury members.
          All communications (email, chat messages, jury foreman messages, comments, and testimony)
          were conducted in written English. All communications were securely saved in a database server
          as permanent records.
          The final votes were as follows: 165 members voted “YES” to hand down the
          Presentments against Obama. The voting was unanimous.
          NOW THEREFORE:
          The Grand Jury hereby prays the Court hear said Presentments and formally charge and
          prosecute Obama under:
          Count One. Fraud against the people of the United States of America by reason of:
          That Obama is NOT eligible under the laws of the Constitution of the United
          States as provided for in Article II, Section 1.
          FURTHERMORE, the Grand Jury hereby prays the Court will formally charge and prosecute
          Obama under:
          Count Two. Treason against the Constitution and People of the United States as
          That the charge of “Treason” against Obama is before the people of the
          United States of America. That such complaint is CRIMINAL, of high crimes,
          and extremely damaging against the people.
          FURTHERMORE, the Grand Jury hereby prays the Court will formally charge and prosecute Obama,
          Pelosi and the Democratic National Convention under:
          Count Three. Election fraud and conspiracy against the people of the United States of
          America as follows:
          The Democratic National Convention in conjunction with Nancy Pelosi, Chair of the
          DNC, has committed fraud against the electorate, the States and people of the
          United States. Pelosi, in conjunction with Barack Obama and others, conspired to
          withhold the truth about Obama’s eligibility when vetting and subsequently
          nominating Obama on the DNC ticket.
          Given on this day and year of January 18, 2010 by final vote of the Grand Jury
          Said presentments are hereby attested to and verified by the Jury Foremen on this
          day and year above mentioned:
          Robert J. Campbell,
          Jury Foreman and Moderator
          AGJ Presentments – served
          Rep. Rohrabacher
          Rep. Paul
          Rep. Akaka
          Ma’am. Boxer
          Rep. Boehner
          Justice Alito
          Justice Breyer
          Justice Ginsburg
          Justice Kennedy
          Justice Roberts
          Justice Sotomayer
          Justice Stevens
          Justice Thomas
          Fountain Valley Police Department
          Thanks to the additional persistence and tenacity of Suzanne Short, we are delighted to update the list of officials served with the
          American Grand Jury Presentments. Our thanks for this conscientious effort to make those who should be acting on our behalf to
          investigate this travesty of justice. It is inconceivable that under the Constitution of the United States, the111th Congress, the judicial
          system, that Justice Department, all of the governors, all of the state attorney general’s can sit back and ignore their responsibility to
          deal with this constitutional issue.
          List #1
          Lisa Madigan….Attorney General, IL
          Channing D. Phillips…Attorney General, Washington D.C.
          Terry Goddard….Attorney General, Arizona
          Jerry Brown…Attorney General, California
          Richard Blumenthal…Attorney General, Connecticut
          John Suthers…Attorney General, Colorado
          Beau Biden…Attorney General, Delaware
          Lawrence Wasden…. Attorney General, Idaho
          Greg Zoeller…..Attorney, Indiana
          Thomas John Miller….Attorney General, Iowa
          Stephen Six…Attorney General, Kansas
          John Conway….Attorney General, Kentucky
          Buddy Caldwell….Attorney General, Louisiana
          Jim Hood….Attorney General, Mississippi
          Henry McMaster…Attorney General, South Carolina
          Gregg Abbott…Attorney General, Texas
          Roy A. Cooper…Attorney General, North Carolina
          Gary King…Attorney General, New Mexico
          Troy King…Attorney General, Alabama
          List #1 Continued
          Senator Mark Udall…Colorado
          Senator Debbie Stabenow…Michigan
          Congressman John Boehner…Ohio
          Congressman Bill Young…Florida
          Congressman Kurt Schroeder…Oregon
          Congresswoman Dina Titus… Nevada
          Congresswoman Candice S. Miller….Michigan
          Senator Jim DeMint…South Carolina
          Senator Claire McCaskill…Missouri
          Senator Roland Burris…Illinois
          Senator Patty Murray…Washington State
          Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann…Minnesota
          Senator Jim Webb…Virginia
          Senator Micahel McLachlan…Connecticut
          Congressman Nathan Deal’s Chief of Staff, Todd Smith…Georgia
          Senator Barbara Boxer…California
          Congressman Joe Wilson…South Carolina
          Congressman Phil Roe….Tennessee
          Congressman Parker Griffith…Alabama
          Senator Russell D. Feingold…Wisconsin
          Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins…Kansas
          Senator Jeff Bingaman…New Mexico
          Senator John McCain…Arizona
          Senator James Risch….Idaho
          Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis….Wyoming
          Senator Dick Durbin….Illinois


          Available 24/7 – Defending freedom is no part-time job!
          [email protected]
          714-501-8247 – mobile

        • Johnny Hempseed

          Let’s face it Arnie. Obama is our president for now. There ain’t much reason to rehash where he was born. We need to move on and figure out how to fix this situation. The fix is electing Ron Paul in 2012 if he will run. Obama is spilled milk and where he was born is meaningless at this point. Back to the point of legalizing marijuana, what do you think? Your opinion is important.

        • Roy Trueman Jr.

          Let’s face it Johnny Weed aint going to be made legal at this time, damn it should be but you are so wrong!

          We as Constitutional Americans can NEVER accept Obama as our President. He is a total fraud and has done more damage to our country than any enemy we have ever faced. He continues to do so and every day he is left in office he damages Our Freedoms, Rights, Constitution, Liberties, Economy and far beyond. It is those that give up the fight and accept the fact that our Government has failed us and lets this continue that partner with Obama in the destruction of Our Country.

          Join the fight to expose this Anti-American Muslim Terrorist Treasonist Liar Fraud Obama and move him from the Whitehouse to the Big House where he belongs.

          When he is exposed then we can cancel every Bill, Treaty, Executive Order, Appointee, Czar and Action he has committed on Our Country. We can go after Pelosi and the rest of them for Treason for their active part in this Conspiracy on Our Country too.

          I fought for Our Country and have suffered for for my efforts ever since, I will be damned if I will let this Socialist Snob Obama destroy all the efforts and waste all the Blood shed to make this Country Great.

          Pot won’t be legal in the Police tate Obama is taking us towards!

    • fred the protectionist

      Libertarian say: “If Marijuana GROWN ONLY ORGANICALLY IN THE USA”

      Hey I wouldn’t want to ruin your fantasy but if it grows then by default it is “organic”.

  • Ed C

    With all the money spent bailing the world out we could have had free health care and college for all. $1 trillion would have paid for that but instead trillions are going into the banksters pockets. Not only are they stealing our future, they’re stealing our health and education. What we have is a serious Moral Crisis and it’s in Washington on our elected officials that have conveniently forgotten their sworn duties to the people at the behest of the banksters. I’m thinking the banks are writing the new legislation including the Consumer Protection bill since our elected officials really have no economic acumen. They really think the banksters are going to write legislation to protect the citizens??! Idiots. Banks are out for themselves and to protect their profits. They got as big as they are through immoral and probably criminal conduct – it’s going to take a lot more of those same tactics to keep them that big. All the legislatures that think because the banks created the problems that they should be the ones to fix it are wrong. They’re backing the wrong horse over and above their sworn duties to the people. This really needs to be considered “global economic integration, democracy and national sovereignty are mutually incompatible. It’s possible to have any 2 but not all 3. It’s the inescapable trilemma of a world economy”. That is what the banksters are aiming for. Which 2 would you choose? My choice would not include global economic integration. Look at Greece. Dr. Paul you have my vote.

    • Joan

      Ed, I agree with you. If we used our money for education and health care for our people, we would have been able to educate everyone and give health care to everyone. Look at Haiti, Iraq, we build roads, buildings, yet look at Louisiana. It’s still a mess. Now, that massive, massive oil spill. We won’t spend money on that either. It will go to build roads and schools in Afganistan.

      I think, from what I’ve seen, people in this country do want socialism. They are all only fighting over getting SS and Medicare. The older people want to get rid of the illegals and get rid of welfare, thinking that money will go to their programs, younger people have their kids on it already and many young people are on it on disability, they want the baby boomers to die soon hoping that way they will get all of the free stuff. Everyone is fighting and fighting to get all free pensions and free health care, they want 90-100 percent state pensions, 3,000 a month from SS, free medical. People say they paid into a state pension, they were promised full pensions, they want it. The taxpayers have to pay for it. They want 3K from SS, no mone there, but they want, they want. I really think we would be much better doing a 15 percent VAT tax and funding everyone’s nanny state programs they are fighting over. No one is going to pay for their own health care, no one is going to save for retirement, most of the younger generations are kicked back living off the government, only people who can make big, big money even work anymore. We are at socialism now, younger people want to retire at 20 on disability, no one wants to raise their kids, might as well do a huge tax and pay everyone to sit around. We’re going broke over not paying taxes for the free stuff, might as well fund universal health care and government retirement and get on with it. They all want smaller government and less taxes as long as the taxpayers pay them, them, them, and, of course, only them. 85 percent of people in this country don’t have a college degree, the last three generations have deteriorated in every way there is. Might as well just pay everyone to reproduce and people will finally stop fighting.

    • Libertarian777

      while I think it’s great that everyone is starting to hear Ron Paul’s message, I feel a lot of people are not getting his complete message.

      Ron Paul is NOT saying “instead of spending $1 trillion overseas on bailouts, we should spend that $1 trillion here”.

      Ron Paul is saying “government should not spend your money. The Fed should not monetise the government’s debt. PERIOD.”. i.e. there is no $1 trillion created in the first place.

      He wants to get rid of the department of education, department of agriculture, limit Pentagon spending (ironically the Japanese are protesting a US air base on one of their islands. Perfect timing to close the base and bring the troops home).

      Ron Paul wants to give YOU the choice on where you spend your money. If the government isn’t taxing you (directly or indirectly), you have more money in your pocket. YOU spend YOUR money on things that are a priority to you (healthcare, education, transportation, agriculture etc). From those choices, prices are established (free market), and information is discovered (what do people want? where are they spending their money).

      On an off note, Obamacare resulted in a requirement for an additional 16,000 IRS agents. Yet they say it will cut costs. I’ve never heard of any Fortune 500 company say “we’re going to hire an additional 16,000 staff to cut costs”.

      • Joan

        Libertarian777, I agree with you. I see it that we should either go no income tax, unfund most of the goverment programs, no welfare, keep what you earn, that would be the best way of doing things, I agree. But, at the same time, I debate people in different political chatboards about the entitlements and every single person wants them. So, people have to decide if they want universal health care and SS and Medicare and so on, then we have to do like European countries, fund it with a VAT tax. It’s at a turning point, very interesting time in our country right now, where we either do away with the socialism and taxes or we go full speed with socialism. I see most people wanting the government programs. I guess because it is such a unique time in this country with trillion dollar debts for the first time, and states going under for the first time, the country is in crisis. But, I see most people defending the social programs they want and trying to get rid of social programs for other people. We need an honest discussion as a nation about which way people really want to go. And, we need higher paying jobs to make everything work.

        • Libertarian777

          Ron Paul has recognised though that you can’t change overnight.

          He isn’t proposing removing social security entirely. He wants to stop its growth, and give younger people who aren’t on soc sec. the choice of whether to contribute to soc sec. or to contribute to some other non-government run savings plan.

          I’m imagining he’d increase 401k or IRA limits.

          But yes, keep what you earn is his philosophy.

          It’s the classic ant and grasshopper story. Ants scrimp and save, grasshoppers spend. in 40 years time when ants and grasshoppers retire only the ants have food, the grasshoppers have none. Then the politicians get involved and lament how the grasshoppers are starving while the ants are eating to their fill. so they propose to tax the ants savings.

          Obviously the grasshoppers vote for those politicians

  • Steve

    @ Joan, Thank you for the explanation. It is a bit clearer. I agree that total disability needs to be redefined. Did you know a person can go on disability because they are an alcoholic? And they use the money from SSDI to buy alcohol? I see this as being quite ridiculous. So redefining total disability is the 1st step. But…to implement the rest of it, the 2nd step would have to be the creation of jobs. Without this crucial step, the gradual phasing out could result in chaos if those taken off the welfare rolls don’t have a job available for them. Bringing the jobs that have moved overseas back to America should be a major goal, as well as the creation of new jobs to make room for a expanding workforce. Perhaps Medicare and SS can be saved, but the solutions are not easy ones and depends on the creation of more jobs. I also think that if more jobs are available, then there is possibility of creating a negative unemployment figure like -6% and perhaps encouraging another mini baby-boom keeping the SS and Medicare solvent? LOL j/k

    Author: Joan
    Steve, I think the social programs would be gradually cut out. I saw a report from the Cato Institute that said that every household pays $550 a year to pay for Section 8 housing. It costs billions of dollars, creates nothing but crime and problems. They could give everyone on free taxpayer money housing two year notices that they will have to find another way to live, move home with family members, get a job and pay rent, give them time to move on. There are a lot of things that could be done to keep some of the programs in place, but only for indigent people who worked and paid taxes. For example, they are now going to do a means test for social security, they do not have the money to give out, so they are going to see how much you make retired, and start only giving SS to indigent people who worked and paid into it. There are about 35 million people on disability, 99 percent of them are not disabled, it’s all a scam because when Clinton ended permanent welfare, they all moved over to permanent disability, and hit gold because they found out they can get their children on it too, big bucks. They need to redefine who is totally disabled, anyone who can raise children and drive a car and go to a health club is not disabled. They need to gut disability benefits for alcoholics, obesity, drug abuse, AHDD, OCD, most of it. Go back to the old days when it was for blind and deaf people. It’s become a way of life for the younger generations, most couple SSI with welfare cash and food stamps and free housing and make a lot more than the middle class does. They can do things like make a law that no one can apply for welfare unless they have worked for five years first, a pay-in system like Social Security, or like here in CA, one of the candidates for governor is now running on making people work or welfare, no welfare for illegals, they just cut a lot of free stuff because the state went broke over it. There’s more people living off of the state, counties and feds than working in CA, so it went under.

    SS and Medicare is a ponzy scheme. While the politicians handed out all the free money and free health care to the WWII generation who paid almost zero into both programs, the politicians raised their payments from $200 a month, a small supplemental income, up to as high as $1,500 a month to get their votes. Young people saw wow, 1,500 a month for free, free health care, free prescription drugs, so many make it up they are disabled to cash in on the big free money. How many young people can work and get full health care and prescription drugs for free, and take home 1,500 after taxes with no education and no effort? SS was paid for by the 75 million baby boomers all working and paying 6 percent of their income into it. In those days, 41 people paid in for 1 person receiving it. Now that this huge generation wants to begin to retire, the younger generations have gone back to women not working, getting their kids on disability, getting themselves on disability and welfare, there is no large, hard working, educated generation to pay into SS to pay the baby boomers. Now it’s 4 people paying in for 1 person who receives it.

    It only worked for one generation as long as there was a huge working generation behind it paying for it. Now, they took 500 billion out of Medicare to gut it and make rationed care. That’s the only way they can try to save it. The Republicans and the Cato Institute have come up with plans to privatize it, pay people 12,000 a year to purchase medical insurance themselves, which would save the program. The way it is now, people pay 5K or so into it in their lifetimes, and the government pays for every doctor appointment, surgery, test, meds and so on. It would take 100 trillion (with a T) to hand out all the free health care to the baby boomers. People say they paid into it, yeah, 5K or 10K max and want full health care for themself and their spouse for 25-35 years. It’s not even socialized medicine, it’s basically free after the first few months. Same with SS. There are 75 million people on it now, with another 75 milllion baby boomers wanting to go on it. For decades the government paid filthy rich old people all of that free money, so now they are going to means test it, if you have a large pension, other incomes, you won’t get it for very long.

    I don’t agree charity or churches will pick up the slack that is needed to solve these problems. False gods are not real, not one thing will get accomplished with that type of thinking. It’s an easy escape route for people to get rid of social programs and feel good about it. These things need to be phased out slowly in order to get dependent people off of them safely. There are generations in this country who have never worked one day, so it makes sense to do a phase out system that includes job training and that gives people fair warning that the free ride is over. I do think the welfare, SS and Medicare programs should be kept in place, not dependency on charities, but disability needs to be redefined, SSI should be done away with, 99 percent of it is welfare fraud, SS should be means tested and only given to the payee to make it fair, Medicare should be privatized, it’s either that or rationed care.

    The other thing we have to all look at is the expense of advanced medicine. The only real way people would be able to continue to get expensive tests and procedures is if we did do universal health care and do a 10-15 perent VAT tax. That would bring in trillions per year, which is how much you need to give the finest health care to 320 million people. Private insurance can no longer make a profit because it counted on larger populations of young people not getting sick. Today, young people are obese, have autism, most families have at least one child on disability, the biggest generation is old now, so private insurance has no young, healthy market to offset a large aging generation. I think people will have to either decide on lower care, rationed care, or become willing to pay a big VAT tax if they want to continue to have expensive surgeries and tests. It’s up to the people, but the days of it’s all free, Medicare is free, Medicaid is free, Medicare has 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and Medicaid is bankrupting states as I type. So, the days of no one pays for medical care and it comes from outer space and it’s all free are over. Unfunded liabilities means the government added up how much money they gave out to the WWII generation in Medicare, they multiply it by the 75 million baby boomers who will go onto it, and they come up with it would cost over 100 trillion dollars to give the baby boomer generation Medicare. It took in less than 1 trillion, and would need 100 trillion to pay for surgeries and tests and meds and doctor’s appointments for 75 million people. It’s a ponzi scheme that would have continued working if the next generations were larger, healthy, educated and working, but that’s not the case.

    • Joan

      Steve, you are so right. The corporations took so many jobs overseas for cheap labor. All of these people doing disability fraud is largely a result of lack of jobs in this country, and lack of living wage jobs. You see the whole picture. There are cities all over the country where people can’t get minimum wage jobs, of course they are going to go on government programs. How funny, people go on disability for being alcoholics, and then use the money to buy booze. So, social security helps them continue to do their addition. Oh my. Yes, in my day, you might see one blind person every 5 years or so who was on disability. Today, every child who gets hyper from not having physical ed classes at school is labeled totally disabled, everyone having 4-10 children on welfare, who can drive and shop and buy expensive clothes and fake hair and fake nails, they can do everything except work for the money, they are all called totally disabled. I meet people every day who are on full disability. One guy here told me everyone in this city is on it. I tell ya, they all think they are Paris Hilton. They all join a health club and sit in hot tubs and talk about how they went to Las Vegas and travel here and there. Paris Hiltons doing welfare fraud. They all feel entitled, they had it so hard, poor them. I’ve seen places of 250 unit apt. complexes of all white people on free goverment rent, full disability, free health care, free dental, free prescription drugs, people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, all intelligent, able bodied people sucking the life out of the taxpayers, and they’re all looking for the next free thing, a free vet because they have all of these pets and want free vet care, they go to the food lockers, try to get on food stamps. This is why most people in free food lines today are obese. We have obese panhandlers where I live. LOL. Welcome to America.

  • Sam

    ” We Have To Reject the Notion of Preventive War!!! ”

    Right On Ron Paul

  • Mark Hovila

    Great speech. But since he was in Iowa, I wish he would have mentioned his Industrial Hemp Farming Bill, which would legalize hemp farming, create jobs and perhaps even solve the energy crisis. I read on the Daily Paul that hemp produces 10 times as much methanol per acre as corn! Ethanol subsidies is always a big issue in Iowa. Let’s dump the subsidies and allow the farmers to produce 10 times as much ethanol on a free market basis. I think he should mention this in every speech he gives in Iowa and other states that get ethanol subsidies.

    • fred the protectionist

      And this makes you any different then a Green-Commie, how?

      • little freddie

        What is a green-commie daddy?

        • fred the protectionist