Ron Paul Returns to Iowa

Ron Paul returns to Iowa tonight to kick off the Campaign for Liberty’s Iowa Regional Conference and Forum on the Future of Conservatism in America!

John Tate provides the details:

At 7:00 pm tonight, Campaign for Liberty will kick off its Iowa Regional Conference and Forum on the Future of Conservatism in America with a free and open to the public Freedom Celebration!

Congressman Ron Paul and WHO’s Jan Mickelson will be our featured speakers.

The Freedom Celebration will take place at the Embassy Suites on the River in downtown Des Moines. Click here for more information on the hotel.

And don’t forget that our Saturday Forum on the Future of Conservatism is free and open to the public as well! This is your chance to hear Tom Woods, Jan Mickelson, Bob Murphy, Bruce Fein, Doug Bandow, Dan McCarthy, C4L Senior Consultant Kirk Shelley, and Virginia C4L Executive Director Donna Holt for free!

Although online registration for our other Conference activities is closed, you can still register at the door for the Freedom Celebration After Party with Ron Paul, Tom Woods, and Bob Murphy (starting at 9pm tonight), our grassroots training sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings (for only $59 – including lunch on Saturday with special guest Mark Mix), and our Saturday evening private reception with our Forum speakers.

For more information on the Iowa Regional Conference, visit our Conference event page here.

I look forward to seeing you tonight in Des Moines as we kick off our Conference, take a stand for the principles that made this nation great, and continue organizing to reclaim our Republic and restore our Constitution!


  • Ben is a complete IDIOT who thinks that Ron Paul does not represent values and sound monetary policies. Ron Paul is a very smart Conservative that I am looking forward to voting for because he says what he believes and he doesn’t take sides.
    I bet if You were on Dick McRomney’s, Sarah Failin’s, or Fright Huckabee’s website You would be praising their supporters and not have any doubts. You’re just this stubborn Troll who can’t stand people who are for common sense. If I were I wouldn’t go away mad I would just “GO AWAY” period.

  • I openly wonder if Ron Paul could take Iowa in the 2012 election. What a huge boost this would be for the cause if he could do so!

  • Frank Boulay

    Ben if you were as well informed as you think you are you would realize that despite how hard you neo-cons are trying to keep us down, we’re getting stronger. The party is over for those who distort the views of the founding fathers and tout America as god’s weapon against evil at the expense of its 2nd class citizens. The constitution was created to protect us from an out of control government,not from men who want to get married or a woman who wants an abortion. And it doesn’t give us the right rationalize the slaughter of innocent people as long as the end justifies the means.This is the arrogance that has brought us down from the top of the list of great nations.

    • fred the protectionist

      “out of control government” is a postmodern political cliche, how could the “constitution was created to protect us from an out of control government” when “out of control government” wasn’t in the 17th century vocabulary?

      • Frank Boulay

        Fred I wasnt even going to justify what you said with an answer, but this is exactly the problem with america today! How could you make a statment like that? Im not trying to put you down or call you ignorant or stupid but this country needs your help. Ask yourself why then did englishmen flee england? The weather? They were sick of drinking tea in the afternoon? Or was it the patriarchical government of england complete with a parliament (congress) who no longer represented the people. Case in point:british parliament gave a huge tax break to the east india tea company the largest multinational corporation in the world at the time, extremely profitable with everyone involved at the top living well. At the same time they raised taxes on the smaller traders like John Hancock, sound familiar? This is what led to the public backlash causing the boston tea party. After the revolution the founders penned the constitution, please read this document especially article 1 sections 8-10 and you will realize you have a lot to learn.

        • fred the protectionist

          Stop bringing 21st century political mantras back into the 16th-17th century. It’s embarrassing. Colonists never used the phrase “out of control government” and neither would did a similar thing cross their mind.

          From slavery (which required slave patrol police state where every man was drafted) to the puritans who tried to set up collective farms with Christian laws that was extreme for the TALIBAN, “out of control government” was not a prime concern for colonists.

      • Frank boulay

        Oh and fred, the 1700’s was the 18th century, not the 17th

        • fred the protectionist

          I think it’s pretty much random.

        • frank boulay

          Fred i cant bring things from 2010 to the 1500’s its impossible i dont have a time machine, and there werent any european colonies in the 1500’s when you learn how to count ill stop replying to your comments even tho youve tried to block me from doing so. and what is a “slave patrol police state” where “men were drafted from” ? this was in the 15th century? 8 years after columbus discovered the new world? Are you just learning to speak english? It would make sense…your doing very well for an illegal immigrant english is a tough learn for foriegners. And no the centuries are chronilogicaly ordered , they are not random im sorry , cant wait to hear from you frederico you ever hear of rossetta stone?

        • fred the protectionist

          Every southern male, of military age, was drafted to join the Slave Patrols. All dah way up to 1860.

          Guess what, psssst, the state payed for it. OMG! The Neo-Confederates, STATISM! OMG OMG OMG!

  • F

    Libertarian, you are an example of my ‘ramblings’. So thanks for supporting my hypothesis.

    Keep in your dominating mode of mind that what has atracted me to comment here is the ‘political tag’ of liberty, which I agree with in more than theory, it has to apply in real life. So that is what I am questioning and deciding who and what you really stand for. My vote is not for sale.

    Got a problem with that? I don’t. And maybe you are an e-clone.

    YOU read my comment objectively (no political brainwashing garbagge attached) , inform yourself about your population without invading personal space and then go onto the arena with bare hands and polished thougths that mean well and DO well.

    I know, we have problems, big time, and is not my fault. I then get out of your way, keep going to what counts in reality.

  • F

    The way I see it:

    Political parties are just associations of people around a consensus of ideas or goals for the purpose of advancing their agenda, which could be genuine and benefit many or just themselves. That is why platforms are put together and promoted. You can call it any way it suits better the purpose of the org. Then degeneration of the basic ideas and motivations takes places and words and meanings are changed, and so their applications to real life with the end result being an expected one: a messy ‘evolution’ of ideologies and a waste of what really matters and has already been advanced, a reset! with great loss.

    People should think about the meaning of ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’, make a list of all that comes to your mind about them, then see if in real life you are applying concepts of the ‘enemy party’. My bet is that you do find contradiction in the political tag, your own life, and what really benefits your society. If so, you are normal, ok, intelligent, and a responsible individual.

    For the party leaders their job is to represent the party consensus, and the country’s best interest, just like when working for a bussiness you follow the rules but in the context of what is legal and ethical so that you generate the best product that stands the test of time.

    The problems we see now are in part forgetting the core issues and engaging in endless confrontations that actually miss the points!

    Curiosly, my grandparents were of opposite political ideologies, yet lived productive and peaceful lifes with a large number of descendants gather around the core consensus. So what is going on now is something else, totally unexpected if you assume that ‘like minded’ people work and live together best.

    Very few are being fooled, we just can’t get out of the vicious trap.

    • Libertarian

      Having a hard time deciding what you think there F? Say what you think and mean what you say. Your lengthy rambling says nothing although it made you feel better to type a bunch of nothing. It is time to engage or just sit on the fence. Obviously you’re are interested in Ron Paul’s ideas so read a bit more and think before you type. This is constructive critique and not meant to attack you personally. Ron Paul supporters need to come on as well informed and strict Constitutionalists.

      • Ben

        Ron Paul supporters need to come on as well informed and strict Constitutionalists.”

        Good luck with that. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Paulbot who was either.

  • Frank Boulay

    That bill was to audit the fed, the reason why he works with grayson is because there are only a few reps left who arent in the pocket of wall street.The “consevatives” I assume you speak of are the popular gop incumbents that have so far slipped under the radar of ignorant republicans like you ben. I bet you you love guys like john boehner and eric cantor, hmmm.. did you know these guys were some of the many republicans who voted with the “socialists” to pass medicare part d? In fact you mindless bum, Ron Paul is one of the only right wing politicians who has voted nothing but conservatively, not once on the side of the left even close to the center since he’s been in office. Its conservative voters like you ben that are ruining our country, if you studied more than whats spoon fed to you by the media you could help us vote these corrupt, bought and paid for consevatives out of office.

  • Ben

    Why was Ron Paul invited to a forum on the future of conservatism?

    This is the same guy who co-sponsors bills with known socialists Dennis Kucinich and Alan Grayson.

    “But Ron Paul represents real conservatism!”

    Yeah, now try saying that with a straight face.

    • Archie Bunker

      Shut your pie hole Ben. If Ron Paul signs onto any bill you can bet it’s in America’s best interest. If you kept quiet half the time, people would only know you were half as stupid as you really are.