2010: Year of the Outsider

Ron Paul and Rand Paul appeared on Fox News to comment on Rand’s overwhelming victory in the Republican Kentucky primary for U.S. Senate.

Channel: Fox News
Date: 05/19/2010


Fox News: Last night Senate candidate Rand Paul secured the nomination in Kentucky’s Republican primary.

Rand Paul: I have a message, a message from the Tea Party, a message that is loud and clear and does not mince words: we’ve come to take our government back.

Rand Paul along with his father Republican Congressman and former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul join us live. We invited Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway to appear this morning but he did not get back to us. Good morning, gentlemen.

Rand Paul: Good morning.

Ron Paul: Good morning.

Fox News: Congratulations to you, Rand. It seems to me in 2010 that to have no political experience seems to be a positive thing. Your thoughts.

Rand Paul: Yeah, I’ve always said my best asset is that I’ve never held office or run for office. I always said that this was going to be the year of the outsider and I think it probably will be.

Fox News: Congressman Paul, you of course have been seen by many as an outsider from time to time, not afraid to speak your point of view. There was an establishment favorite in this race who was opposing your son, Trey Grayson. What were your thoughts as your son decided to enter this race and facing the GOP establishment?

Ron Paul: Well, I was very pleased but I was also concerned because I didn’t know how far along we’ve moved with the Freedom Movement. I thought it was an overwhelming task and as a parent I kept thinking, I don’t want to see him to put a lot of energy into it and be hurt and this sort of thing, so I would say that what he has done was way beyond my expectations, and that is a very pleasant thing that has happened. So we’re very pleased with how the campaign turned out.

Fox News: Rand, immediately the DNC Chair Tim Kaine issued a statement about your victory saying that, “Ordinary Americans are unlikely to be receptive to extreme candidates like Rand Paul in the general election this November. Rand Paul’s positions fail to resonate beyond the far-right Republican segment of the electorate.” How do you respond to Mr. Kaine?

Rand Paul: What I’d recommend to him is he needs to attend a tea party. The Tea Party message is actually a very mainstream message. One of the things we talk about is term limits. If you poll term limits in Democrats, 70% to 80% of Democrats are for term limits. Another thing I talk a lot about is that we should be forced to balance the budget by law; a balanced budget amendment. If you poll that with Independents and Democrats, 70% to 80% are for it. I think these are very mainstream messages, but you know what I think is extreme is a $2 trillion deficit. I think deficits that have grown so large that they may become unmanageable, that’s what’s really extreme and that’s what the Democrats will have to defend.

Fox News: Congressman Paul, is this an example of how important and how relevant the Tea Party Movement is just one year into its infancy?

Ron Paul: Oh yeah, I think it’s much bigger than any of us ever dreamed. Bigger even than what I thought was happening a couple of years ago. But what I find fascinating, those who want to criticize us, they go and attack us because we’re on the right. Well, what is the opposite of the right? That’s the wrong. So I would say that this kind of talk and rhetoric about trying to undermine people by calling them names, it just doesn’t work. I think we have to look at the message and we have a freedom message and the American people are for it and we need it more than ever before. The condition of this country is such that everybody’s responding to this, and so I’m very pleased the Republican Party is responding, but the Independents are responding too, and many of the Democrats like this freedom, limited government movement too. I think the momentum is tremendous and it’s going to continue to build and we’re going to see a lot of changes here in November.

Fox News: Well, Rand Paul, congratulations on winning the Kentucky Republican Senate primary. Congressman Ron Paul, thanks as well for joining your son. I appreciate it.

Ron Paul: Thank you.

Rand Paul: Thank you.

  • Lilia

    People, people, people….Rand Paul is not the same as his father. He is libertarian-ish on some issues, but definitely conservative on others. While he’s a better option than the even more conservative incumbent he ran against, don’t expect him to live up to his father’s principles; their principles are not always the same.

  • Forest

    Nice! At least Sarah Palin is backing Rand now with the sage-like comment of: ‘And that’s what it evidently appears to be that they did with Rand Paul’. Just what we needed – a Paul/Palin combo!

    Too bad Rand quit his intentions of going on ‘Meet The Press’, Palin needs someone to forget her legendary Couric interview.

    “Well, let’s see. There’s, of course, in the great history of America rulings there have been rulings, there’s never going to be absolute consensus by every American. And there are, those issues, again, like Roe v Wade where I believe are best held on a state level and addressed there. So you know – going through the history of America, there would be others but….”

    Man, that never gets old! Come on Rand, we need more ‘Gotcha’ moments, like, when you simply… open your trap.

  • JohnGaltSpeaking1981

    Congrats Rand Paul!! I’m sure you’ve made your dad & many many libertarians very proud!

  • ziggenzify

    The pro-life issue is effective in herding liberals into the “democratic” arm of government. And away from the libertarian.

  • fred the protectionist

    I don’t give a crap about Rand Paul, I just want McCain OUT!

    • longshotlouie

      Yeeeeeeeah, right

    • You’re just contradicting yourself.

  • ppana

    You can just see on Ron Paul’s face how proud he is of his son. Well done Rand Paul.


  • grevantime

    Also term limits are voter limits. If we had term limits, then Ron Paul would be long gone. The voters are angry and for good reasons. That’s great, however The Tea Party Movement seems to be playing into the hands of the elite. Before someone gives me an emotional knee-jerk response, stop and ponder what I posted. I’m for real solutions, not just a different colored band-aid.

    • Lilia

      I agree. It bothers me that so many people seem to think that Rand will be like his father. He won’t. He’s far more conservative, and a true libertarian would not want term limits – they have the potential to prevent the people from electing the candidates they truly think would do the best job. If 70-80% of the people are in favor of term limits, those 70-80 % can just vote out the incumbents every once in a while. Limiting terms just encourages politicians to be reckless at the end of their last term.

  • grevantime

    The talk of making a law to balance the budget unnerves me a bit. A Balanced Budget Amendment was the main thrust for a Constitutional Convention push, especially in the ’80s. If they try for an Amendment via Congress, that’s okay, but the Constitution doesn’t allow for an unbalanced budget, except in time of war.

  • thefredsays

    Government can be used as a tool for corporations or a tool for the common good provided we have the common people not influenced by propaganda such as Fox News, CNN, etc. Government regulation can hurt corporations thats why Banks are lobbying against the financial regulations bill.

  • thefredsays

    now that government can be diminished, corporations can take all the power without going through a middleman.

  • F.Y.I Forest Ron Paul did not trust the Bush administration either. So do some research and find something that you can say that will change our minds and why should we support Nancy Pelosi. Until then do more research with your theories.

  • Dr. Paul did not take part in the status quo nor did anything for special interest that’s what makes him an outsider and not a typical politician. & he raised his son to be an Independent thinker and to not take part in any special interest. Forest I bet you like the status quo huh now?

  • shad

    Umm because he’s been telling everyone this would happen for years and nobody listened? Because nobody in washington ever took him serious? That’s an outcast or outsider. Like you for example, Nobody on this website believes anything you say, yet you say it. So although you are in attendance you’re an outsider. how does it feel to be an outsider. good job proving my point . epic fail

  • Charlie

    Forest, you obviously don’t understand what is happening before your eyes. It is irrelevant of party or being an outsider or insider. It is how our congressmen performed according to their constituants. House and Senate members who voted for TARP or healthcare are in deep doo doo regardless of party. It isn’t even about socialism since the Constitution when viewed not as a “living breathing document” but the law of the land until ammended will keep socialism in check. Some degree of regulation by the federal government is necessary and that is why we allow it to exist. However, when the size of the government grows to the point of strangling the country, there must be a remedy. Until we lose it that remedy is to vote our conviction.

    • Forest

      “Forest, you obviously don’t understand what is happening before your eyes.”

      Yes, actually I do… It’s called populist rage at the incumbent party (granted the ‘rage’ has been more creepy than at times past) – but come on, do you think this is some magically new concept that was just invented in the past 2 years? Did Texas rewrite EVERYONE’S history books already?

      Libertarians: Once again proving history ‘started’ 30 years ago.

      By the way, nice call on the Civil Rights act Rand. Democrats must be laughing so hard they pooped themselves.

      • EndtheFed

        “It’s called populist rage at the incumbent party”

        No, it’s called populist rage at the realization that our representatives are not representing us. It’s populist rage at the socialized losses and privatized profits of wall street. It’s populist rage at the fact that our wealth has been stolen, re-distributed and squandered by the government via inflationary monetary trickery.

        How come you have not realized these facts? Pay attention.

        • Forest

          “No, it’s called populist rage at the realization that our representatives are not representing us.”

          Sort of, it’s a realization by Republicans/ex-republicans. 54% of tea partiers STILL view the Republican party as favorable, 92% view the democratic party as unfavorable.

          The fact that you have deluded yourself into thinking you speak for anything other than a minority, might want to keep that Truman bus from running you over again:


          But that did happen more than 30 years ago, so in no way could something that has happened before… Happen again… Cause you know “This time is different! Take your country back!!!”

        • EndtheFed

          Not really sure what you are getting at, but thanks for the non-applicable reply, nonetheless.

          Maybe you should edit your posts, or at least re-read them before you submit them in order to make sure you aren’t leaving out words or being incoherant.

          We all make mistakes, no big deal, it’s just hard to derive a point out of a lot of the things you post.

        • Forest

          Fine, I’ll simplify.

          Despite all this rhetoric about ‘taking the country back’ and people feeling empowered it isn’t anything special, this is just the first ‘Ross Perot’ of this decade. It will have a marginal impact, just as Perot did, but then it will fade into the annals of history – just as other populist movements have.

          I mean, if it is ‘Year of the Outsider’, Rand Paul sure got off to a horrific start, eh? I mean, I am no political strategist but I do have some advice:

          Note to ALL politicians, no matter what you may think if anyone asks you “Do you think lunch counters should have remained segregated” you say “No, of course not.”

        • EndtheFed

          No, you didn’t “simplify”, you “clarified” your mumbo-jumbo, and did so poorly.

          Have you glimpsed the future of the Ron Paul revolution in Bernanke’s crystal ball? Or are you simply making bogus predictions based on nothing aside from your dislike of Ron Paul?

          “it will fade into the annals of history – just as other populist movements have.”

          Just like the revolutionary war, huh?

        • Forest

          Wow, solid Bernanke namedrop. Good to see your personal boogeyman still haunts every aspect of your life. *facepalm*

          There you go again, “Revolutionary War”?!?! Really? You would even half-heartedly compare the REVOLUTIONARY WAR AHAHHAHAHAHAHHA *wheeze*

          I was thinking more Ross Perot, Joseph McCarthy, and Robert Welch. But hey, to you i am sure it is nothing less than:

          “The paranoid spokesman sees the fate of conspiracy in apocalyptic terms–he traffics in the birth and death of whole worlds, whole political orders, whole systems of human values. He is always manning the barricades of civilization.”

        • EndtheFed

          Your fall-back plan of firing off accusations of boogey-men and conspiracy theories whenever you don’t agree with someone simply highlights the lack of substance in your posts.

        • Forest

          Ah yes, cause you were bringing it STROOOONG with an utterly random ‘Bernanke’s Crystal Ball’ comment! Well played!

          Or is it that you suffer from Bernanke Tourette’s? *pats head*

        • EndtheFed

          Ah, yes, more unsubstantial mumbo-jumbo.

          Thanks for making my case.

        • longshotlouie

          Forest is waving in the distance, while standing on the track.

          [train whistle]

          [fade to black]

        • Forest

          *watches the Rand Paul Express pull away from the station… then immediately explode in a spectacular fashion*

          Hey, “accidents happen”.

        • SS

          totally weak

          as expected

          get a new hobby, forest

      • Charlie

        Normally I don’t respond to TROLLS. And you remind me why not to. You have nothing to add except nonsense backed up by more nonsense. Contrary to popular belief, there does exist a few fiscally responsible Democrats. Some will be elected to replace the idiots in office now. So its not about party anymore. That is what you just don’t get nor does the news media. It’s about cutting the spending before we reach critical mass and implode. You must really hate this country my friend.

        • Forest

          Awww, accusing me of hating this country?

          Why you hating on me? Where’s my honeymoon period?!?

        • longshotlouie

          Wouldn’t it be best to schedule your honeymoon between periods?

  • ME

    What’s this? An interview in an elevator shaft?


  • Van Wilder

    Wow this is amazing! I can feel the hope in the air! Im also smelling Ron Paul pres Rand VP in 2012!!!! That would help counteract Ron being older and you know they would be a great team.
    Im also thinking about about running for Governor in a completely viral campaign. The idea behind the campaign is you dont have to be a wealthy political insider to run for office. Ill be able to get my message out via the internet! Here are some of my campaign ideas

    Immediate reduction of governor salary by 30%… slashing the budget starts at the top!

    Elimination of the CT income tax and to cover the expenses raise the sales tax to the appropriate level. This way everyone has to pay thier fair share regardless of if you are on the books or not.

    line by line audit of the state budget

    – here is a sample – the Department of Correction inmates get paid up to 3000 dollars a year to do landscaping around the jail. Not only will they be doing that for free but will be put on chain gangs to clean all state highways as well. This will create more DOC jobs for the extra care to move them from place to place but it will also save the Department of transportation time and money so they can actually fix roads rather than landscape them.

    Create a website like this one that allows blogging and has room for polls so that the people can give immediate feedback on important issues. Plus candidate will have facebook and twitter accounts so the voters can see what im working on in real time. Voter feedback is priceless! (im working on this now)

    Balance the budget! Once the budget slashed tax rates will be able to be slowly reduced. Tax payer money will then fund infrastructure projects like high speed trains from major urban center, smartgrid and wireless technology statewide, and finally alternative energy that is made at a comperable rate to oil – solar, wind, nuclear. All of the projects will be produced by private companies and put out the bid so the private sector and free market can work! Posting these contracts on the net!

    Anyways the campaign is going to be completely free and the only way for the message to get spread is by the voters. Everyone tells me im “crazy” but i think every great man has to be a little “crazy” and travel the path first!

  • Forest

    Is it only people from Texas that consider it, when the son of someone who has been a politician for DECADES gets elected, that they are an ‘outsider’?

    *shrug* I guess even Dubya was an ‘outsider’ when he was first elected…

    • That’s what we need more people like Ron and Rand who are outsiders from Washington, but I guess you wouldn’t understand the words anti-incumbent HUH FOREST?

      • Forest

        Uhhh, because Ron Paul hasn’t been in Washington for what… 30 years? How is he more of an ‘outsider’ than Nancy Pelosi – who has been sucking on the government teat for nearly a decade less?

        Ohhhhhh, because you support his policies and not hers, that is why.

        • shad

          foreigner: someone who is excluded from or is not a member of a group
          a contestant (human or animal) not considered to have a good chance to win
          Umm because he’s been telling everyone this would happen for years and nobody listened? Because nobody in washington ever took him serious? Because he’s not part of the establishment? That’s an outcast or outsider. Like you for example, Nobody on this website believes anything you say, yet you say it. So although you are in attendance you’re an outsider. how does it feel to be an outsider. good job proving my point . epic fail

        • longshotlouie

          Why all of that whining?

          You must have the world’s largest collection of broken sticks and dead horses.