Ron Paul: Stop Bailing Out Foreign Governments!

Ron Paul addressed a joint hearing of the Subcommittee on International Monetary Policy and Trade and the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology today. The hearing was entitled “The Role of the International Monetary Fund and Federal Reserve in Stabilizing Europe”.

Date: 05/20/2010


  • I feel like sometime when I watch these hearings with Mr Paul in front of the Fed & these boards, that nobody pays a bit of attention to Mr Paul. It’s like they’ve crafted these rebuttals up to his positions that most of the time give no answer. Just a bunch of double speak, and vague jargon. You can tell Congressman Paul was trying to get a point across when he was going back and forth there at the end, but ends up struggling to the point his point got blurred.

    Ron Paul > *

  • Right on Ron!!!

  • James Hinton

    The issues Mr. Paul brings up necessarily move about a vast and complex landscape that has been created by historical conditions and maintained by political expediency. Or, I could just say, Mr. Paul is putting his fingers on the problems that are historical circumstances.
    To a large degree, there is no one to blame for aggregate human behavior. It is called historical forces. I admire Mr. Paul for having the capacity to look at the big picture, and in fact leading me through them, but these historical forces are quite complex, and there is always an so called Ancien Regime looking to keep the status quo.
    We are probably getting paid a lot of money by overseas powers to be, granted, a little more than mercenaries.
    And, many people in the system are there just because its a job. Most are there because they want to solve problems. Mr. Paul is one of those who wants to solve problems.
    So I do not see how your hysterical statement adds to the very big, very dangerous task of trying to address historical problems developing, due to fear of short term sacrifices leading to unpopularity: anathema to career politicians and party ad copy. What happens can eventually lead to civic unrest and destitution. There is nothing special about anyone in this situation. It is history as usual, and there is always some people stepping up.
    Unlike most of this political posturing, for entertainment or belonging purposes, I do believe Obama is a good president, but I think Ron Paul sees farther, with greater clarity. He has the courage to lose because what he is doing is not wrapped up in being a winner.

  • The entire world’s fiat system is governments spinning error (fraud) and pushing paper around.
    That’s why in China 10,000 gold customers are buying physical gold per day.
    Even a common Chinese citizen is more intelligent than the entire US government.

  • The government is a den of thieves & criminals.

    Our government intended to protect our life, liberty & property endangers all three and has resulted in economic chaos.

    The best way to protect life, liberty & property is to allow economic freedom. Abolish the State. Allow individuals to interact voluntarily & face the natural consequences of their actions. This would provide much greater incentive to act responsibly. Just allow freedom to exist, and the world would be a much more stable place.

  • Empty benches, traitors on their yachts as usual. SHAME!

  • agree…soon, the government will start buying up all the monopoly board games and issue monopoly money as legal tender…300 million inept, incompetent morons in this country trading worthless paper for valuable services and goods…pathetic.

  • This guy answering Ron Paul is a total joke. You think the bank in Europe will repay the USA you are foolish

  • I wonder what the magic number is on the number of time saying something will finally bring that something into existence. “a little less talk and alot more action”. Everyone by knows these things. The majority? They will never know. They never have. So what purpose then is Congress. Or Government? A sounded board of what is already known? Certainly Paul hasnt made any real difference compared with the amount of energy expended. The days of Government are soon over, it is obsolete.

  • Total ponzi scam – fraud – fiat money system is toast – no confidence.

  • Yes it makes poor and the middle class get wiped out because rich bankers and large corporations get the money first and buy up real assets before the poor and middle class know what hit them.

  • Yes it makes poor and the middle class get wiped out because rich bankers and large corporations get the money first and buy up real assets before the poor and middle class know what hit them.

  • trade and commerce with all nations entangleing alliance with none

  • they will have no choice but to stop printing money once the dollar is worthless.

  • The nod at the end of the person B/S’ing Ron Paul told it all!

  • I agree with Ron Paul but what he doesn’t know or understand is what makes the debt good is what makes the money good. And large government and corporate bonds that fail means that the money goes bad.

    Don’t get me wrong I want them to stop bailouts, however, they will not stop because they have no choice, if they want to keep the ability to print money.

  • terr547

    Ron Paul has seen right through the oligarchy’s plan, and he has destroyed it by informing people and questioning the oligarchy in the public’s eye. He has saved us from a future of complete dominion of the oligarchy. Whether he would admit it or not, or accept it, Ron Paul truly is a hero amongst men.

  • shakaama

    Hello do we need any other proof that we need to vote out BOTH democrats and republicans? Keep Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Rand Paul and throw all the rest out. I guarantee you, even though you might like your congressman / senator, he’s taking money under the table like the rest of them.

    A storm is coming, it’s called the 3rd party. Get on the boat.

  • MoCityDon1508

    the only government i want is a government that wants us to live free and control our money and give us safety we dont want you to control everything because FOR THIS
    we should be calling for votes you shouldent be making all these laws that we never even hear of its we are not a free country anymore the government is in control

  • Citizen

    The FED has simply become our Government’s counterfeit currency distribution agent.

    Their attitude is, the American Tax Payer be dammed it’s no longer Tax Payer MONEY, it’s PULP FICTION!

    Now our Government routinely ignores both the Citizen AND the Rule of Law.

    Absent FED ACCOUNTABILITY our economy is doomed and hyper-inflation isn’t far behind.