Our Foreign Policy Is Making Us Less Safe, Not Safer

Ron Paul discusses upcoming military expenditures, foreign policy and our economy.

Date: 5/25/2010


Ron Paul: This week we have a couple of bills potentially coming into the House dealing with foreign policy. One will be the DOD budget, which is over $700 billion, then there’s going to be a bill for the supplemental, which is the war budget.

The previous administration always brought all the supplemental war budgets up as emergency and they were highly criticized for it. But we’re still continuing that process. I have no idea how much that’s going to be, probably be a lot of pork stuck in it as well, so that’s going to be controversial.

But obviously we don’t support these wars in the Middle East and the potential of spreading these wars, it’s not a very good expenditure.

Matter of fact, the $707 billion so-called defense budget is not a very good investment as well from my viewpoint. $700 billion is support for the military-industrial complex is what I call it. There should be a distinction made between defense spending as well as military spending. Just because we put it in the DOD, it’s military for sure but it is not necessarily going to help us in defense.

With all these sums added up, what we spend it’s well over a trillion dollars a year in so-called “making us safe”. And it looks like it’s never ending. Today, we are dealing with the crisis that has been brewing over in Korea, and that is certainly a dangerous spot. But for us to be in the middle of that doesn’t make any sense to me. To jeopardize American troops in a situation like that just seems like we’re going out of our way to look for trouble.

At the same time, we have two wars going on. One in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. There’s so many shortcomings with that, as well as the provocations with the Iranians. Looking for sanctions, and the Iranians right now have agreed to accept the proposal made by Brazil and Turkey to do exactly what our government asked them to do a few months ago, and our government now doesn’t want to deal with it.

They’re willing to turn their nuclear refinement over and let Turkey take care of this, so I just don’t know what the purpose of this is. Instead, we have five aircraft carriers supposedly in the Persian Gulf and in the area around Iran. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The money is going to run out, and that to me is probably the end point for this, because empires tend to come to an end for financial reasons, and even though we are not suffering quite like Spain, our condition is not any better than Spain and Europe. And Europe’s in trouble with these financial problems, and someday this whole crisis, the financial crisis, will limit what we do.

Not only overseas, internationally and this war spending as well as the domestic spending. So this week, I’m not sure, I’m making this little report on Tuesday, and maybe by the end of the week we’ll have one or both of those bills on the floor, but since there’s no money in the bank, it’s all going to be debt, it’s all going to be borrowed, it’s all going to be printing press money, whatever.

But it will not be a good investment because quite frankly, that type of spending will not make us safer. I am convinced the foreign policy that we have been following for so many years makes us less safe, not more safe. So until that day comes when we can look at our foreign policy and decide that a non-interventionist foreign policy is better than one where we decide to be the policeman of the world, to get involved in internal affairs of other nations, and get involved in all the nation building… until we decide that’s not a good policy, we’re going to continue on this path of bankruptcy and actually a great more danger to the American people.

The founders had it right. We ought to mind our own businesses and live within our means. That would be our best road to peace and prosperity for all our citizens.


  • sniper6081

    Who was that guy behind you? Was it a fan?

  • chjoezen

    Congressman Paul – I have a problem with the birthright citizenship policy you propose. I don’t think it is the right time to do it. You need to get the deficit under control. With the ever increasing deficit we need an ever increasing workload to come to try to keep it sustainable. If you cannot control the increasing deficit, then the birthright policy will hurt our economy. I do not have a problem with it otherwise.

  • Phil Humphries

    It is difficult to agree with reducing or eliminating the support of a partner SUCH AS Israel. “Such as” means some nation that has a similar strategic interest as that of the USA. Not only that… but, they will put skin (and bones) into “the game”. In that, they are an unusual ally and have been dependable in a very volatile region. The region was volatile before the State of Israel was established and I personally do not think they have added to it since 1948. The support of Israel may be the best use of our defense dollars as these dollars are Co-op.ed by Israels’ blood sweat and shekels. Name me a better partner..? If we want to reduce foreign aid… get energy independent (if you get my drift).

  • karategirl96

    Again, spoken like a true Patriot! Keep fighting the good fight Dr. Paul!

  • You’re one of the few members of congress who acually has alot of sanity when it comes to our foreign policy. We continue to be overly generous giving more foreign aid and blindly contine to support Israel and these celebrities care more about helping people in other countries. You sir, are absolutely on the right side of our foriegn policy. & I think that we should not only abolish the fed, we should abolish the foriegn affairs committees in both houses.

    • Citizen

      Unfortunately, Foreign Aid is directly linked to the FED easy money machine.
      We don’t have the tax revenues to fund all this “generous” Foreign Aid plans so the FED just prints it…. not really they simply key in the numbers and hit “Enter”

      Isn’t cyber-cash just grand!

      Our Government is addicted to the Keynesian heroin money press, just create it out out of thin air!

      I like to think of Federal Reserve Notes as “Pulp Fiction”, you know… BOGUS PAPER aka counterfeit money backed by nothing

      • The foreign aid and affairs will not end soon, unless “We the People” elect Ron Paul to be commander-in-chief. & if we fail then the Fed will continue to be the ultimate decision maker.

  • keggs1961

    God Bless Ron Paul

  • Phil Humphries

    Right On, Ron…!. Isn’t it better for the US Congress to make the choice now to Not Spend, rather than go head-long into bankrupcy which will cause our navy to be ‘docked’; the airforce to be grounded; and the ground troops to be unpaid and disgrntled on the streets? What are these “pork-addicts” thinking? Most of those 525 idiots in Congress need to be thrown-out in November. May God Bless American Voters in November and get them to Vote these bandits out of office (with minor exceptions) – they have literally looted the American People’s Treasury and Future.

  • fishontuesday

    This is something that all people of all viewpoints should be able to agree on!

  • Allamericom

    Obama makes Bush look good
    The Obama plan to spread the wealth is very crude as he plays Gulf
    Do you really want health care? Bring home our troops DemoRepublican war mongers
    America Under siege –
    inside WTC ploys – building C and the pentagon.
    Wake up America take a closer look – Scared to? another conspiracy waters . 700,000+ barrels a day! Obama and it’s supporters are the terrorists – Black on Black is not very bright America.
    WE are (14) Rich

  • mercenarybdu

    Just bring our guys home. We don’t need them over there. We need them defending both ends of the border as we should have been doing before we were tricked into going half way around the world for a pair of phantom wars.

  • Killer1rock

    You sir have broken it down how it is. Thanks Ron Paul for keeping it real!

  • Intervene

    Go Ron Paul!!

  • ExhibitMan

    Socialism it self will collapse. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!

  • byrdinflight

    Ron, I live right down the street. Next time you’re gonna do one of these videos, let me know, and I’ll come hang out with you for a bit. I’d even buy you lunch!

  • katsfanman


  • MooseOfReason

    People should look at the $700 billion we’re spending on “defense” the same way they look at the $700 billion we’ve appropriated on the TARP bailout. It’s a massive transfer of wealth to a select few, powerful companies.

  • anarchylogic

    Thank you Ron Paul for keeping us in the loop on the spending. You are a real hero to America, wether anyone understands that or not.

  • tomperanteau

    It’s too late to save this mess. We need to prepare for the worst.