The Federal Reserve’s Biggest Nightmare Is Coming True!

Ron Paul talks with Alex Jones about the political realignment, the Tea Party, the failed War on Drugs, the Federal Reserve being concerned and scared about the people becoming aware of its shenanigans, the CIA and its involvement with fake propaganda videos, the Audit the Fed bill, private property, illegal immigration, why he refused to attend the disgusting speech by the Mexican president, the Afghanistan quagmire, the Korea crisis, and more.

Show: The Alex Jones Show
Date: 05/26/2010

Rush Transcript

Alex Jones: Well, so much is going on we only have him for about 20 minutes or so. Congressman Ron Paul, I don’t know how he does it. Legislation, lobbying on the floor, doing ten, fifteen media events a day, writing books, running campaign for liberty, supporting Rand Paul with the incredible realignment we’re seeing politically, but he does it and God bless him. He’s Congressman Ron Paul, I want to talk about Iran, North Korea, the economy, the border situation. I want to talk about so many issues with Ron Paul. Congressman from Texas joining us today. Congressman, first off, the political realignment. Every incumbent, whether a specter or Democrat, or whether it’s a Republican for the first time in 20 years winning in Hawaii, for the Congress to your son Rand Paul a thirty point defeat of the establishment Republican, have you ever seen a realignment like this? Because generally, it’s one political party or the other that is seeing massive losses, but what I’m seeing is across the board incumbents and establishment candidates are being annihilated.

Ron Paul: I think that’s absolutely right. This is different. I think there’s been periods of time when people get very frustrated like you indicate, they might shift back and forth from one party to another. But right now they’re unhappy with both parties. The real tragedy is that we don’t have a good, and I say this word cautiously, a Democratic process, the Democratic election, the ability of parties to compete. There’s a monopoly controlled by the Republicans and the Democrats since philosophically they’re not too far apart, they sort of gang up on anybody who wants to offer an alternative. So if we had a very strong third party, so here people talk about the Tea Party as if it’s a party, but it really isn’t a party. It’s an alternative. And that’s why the mixture comes up, because sometimes Democrats are in trouble, sometimes Republicans are in trouble, but there’s no one party to fulfill the role that is necessary. I don’t think that’s going to happen soon because the laws make it very difficult to get on ballots, and the media doesn’t allow people to get into the debates and this sort of thing. So they’re very very handicapped. I just think that we’re going to see this messy situation. But I think it’s just great that people are unhappy, they’re very active, they want changes, and they’re picking and choosing, and they’re sending a loud message, and both parties are getting a little bit upset. I mean the Republicans, you know in one sense they say “Well these Tea Party people, they’re a little bit nuts. We can’t deal with them”. But then when they find out that the Tea Party is a political force, I guess we’d better deal with them. They’re in a dilemma too. I think it will work out as long as the people who are unhappy stick to their guns and stand and try to agree on some basic principles. We either have too much government or too little government. We either spend too much money or too little spending money. We have a lousy foreign policy or we don’t have it. So I think those are the kind of things we have established and stick to our guns and be as consistent as possible and see what we can do to contribute to a positive change in this country.

Alex Jones: There’s no doubt, Congressman. I want to get right down on this, that the establishment is scared though, and they’re going to pull out all the stops to try to demonize any type of true grassroots constitutionalist candidate. I mean, we’re seeing them savior against the health care bill. You must be a racist. But I think they overplayed their hand by running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Ron Paul: Yeah, that’s been around, it’s around now a whole lot because the Tea Party movement is so much bigger. But I can remember in 1996, and I don’t know what you were doing back in 1996, but when I was trying to get back to Congress, those Republicans and Democrats thought “Well this guy’s crazy. He’s even critical of the Federal war on drugs. Anybody who’s critical on the war and drugs must mean he wants to give drugs to kids.” You know, they tried real hard to demonize me then. But I came back with honest answers. Not the war on drug stuff, I don’t want to use drugs, I don’t want to use drugs on my kids, I take care of women and deliver babies. I emphasized on the evil and the harm of drugs. You know, we won that argument. So they will always try to demonize individuals but more so today than ever before. Because like you say, they were trying to turn it around and just because we oppose something Obama proposes, oh, you must be a racist. It’s the demagogues, it’s the demagogues that really fought me.

Alex Jones: Well 1996 I was interviewing you when you were getting back into office, and I do remember that and a few years ago had your head floating out around in space always trying to make you look like the outsider. But as many newspapers have reported, your views, the Constitution, my views are now the majority view and the establishment is desperate and is very very afraid. What else do you see them from your years of research in experiencing this in Congress. What else do you think the big central banks and others are going to do to try to keep control of the people?

Ron Paul: Well I think whatever they think is necessary and I have some information passed on to me, sort of inside information, somebody who knew somebody that was well tuned to the people at the Federal Reserve, and they say they are really really concerned about our movement to expose the Fed for what they’re doing. Not so much that they think tomorrow we’re going to have a victory and have a thorough audit and the Fed is going to end. But what they’re upset or worried about is the fact that more and more people are aware of the Federal Reserve now like never before and exposure is the most important thing. Then the changes will come and reform will come. So they know exactly what we’ve been talking about. I think that’s where we’ve have such tremendous success in the Freedom Movement in the last decade or so, is that people have become aware of the power of the Federal Reserve and I’m so delighted when I go to the universities and the next generation will know about the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve was something you never really learned about in college. I mean, they just fluffed over this, it wasn’t important. They took care of us, they knew how to run the economy. That has ended, and I think even those who defend the Fed are very frightened about it.

Alex Jones: Did you have the chance to see the Zbigniew Brzezinski’s speech to the CFR last week? Because he said for the first time in world history, the planet is awake to us and our move for global government and he basically said we are in trouble.

Ron Paul: I didn’t see that, but I hope he has some real reasons to be worried about that. But was it by that said something the other day that Brussels should be used as the capital for the free world or something like that.

Alex Jones: Yes, they’re really coming out in the open with their world government because we’ve exposed it. I want to run rapid fire now on a bunch of different issues while we have you. We’re very honored to have comment from Ron Paul with us today live on the 26th day of May 2010. You mentioned the war on drugs. I saw an interview with you back in the late 1980s. You were talking about the CIA who’ve been caught shipping in heroin then. And a few months ago, he gives a speech that there’s been a CIA who, in America. Since then, it’s been on the New York Times, the Washington Post, AFP, French news agency, and even Rivera on Fox, they go “Yes, our troops are helping grow the opium for the farmers because if they don’t, Al Qaeda will get it and sell it.” What an amazing move to go from denying that they’re producing it and shipping a lot of it in to saying “Oh yes, we have to or Al Qaeda would get it.” Well, if you just decriminalized it, that would take the money out and Al Qaeda as they call it wouldn’t, I mean, that was the excuse on the crack cocaine. We got a ship of cocaine in and the Communist will get the money. Can you speak to that sir.
Ron Paul: Well, I don’t have the absolute proof of it but my suspicion is, and just because of the stories you hear, I think they really want drugs to be illegal because I think that’s the way they raise money for their government, it’s off the books. You know, they own banks, they can get involved in enterprise, and they have to get their cash. It never comes through, well not all of it. Some of it will come through a procreation and legally, though we don’t know where it goes or who controls it. But they need even more money because they’re doing so much. There’s so much activity going on. So in many ways, they are very very powerful and it is in their interest to keep the drug war going. It’s a bit of an irony that some very very sincere church believing people who want to take care of the kids believe that we have to keep this war going. At the same time, their allies inadvertently allies which they drive dealers who want the drugs to be kept illegal. And then you point out well that the government and the CIA’s involved as well.

Alex Jones: Well Congressman, I know you’re super busy and none of us can be on top of everything but would you like us to send you a packet of mainstream news where they just calmly admit “well okay our troops…” I mean they had an older Rivera with a Marine Corps commander with the troops explaining why they helped the farmers grow the opium. I mean, they’re now basically bringing this out of hiding and in plain view.

Ron Paul: Well, I’ve seen some of that, but I can always look at more material when it’s available.

Alex Jones: Well here’s one more issue on that subject. Did you see that Washington Post two days ago? CIA unit’s wacky idea depicts Saddam as gay? And then in the article, it quotes them as admitting that the CIA put out at least 1 fake Osama Bin Laden video. That sounds like that should be a Congressional investigation.

Ron Paul: So many things that should be Congressional investigations that sometimes though it becomes difficult. If you hear of a real problem “Well I guess I ought to report this, where should I go? The FBI, the CIA, and they’ll investigate this for me?” Well, who’s going to investigate the investigators? That’s our job, and that’s what our responsibility is, to hopefully wake up enough people to find out who to believe and who not to believe.

Alex Jones: Congressman, getting into what’s happening on the economic front, we read your quotes a few weeks ago about Bernie Sanders paraphrasing you, basically he sold out, or he flip flopped, and then Grayson running around saying “We beat the Fed”. I mean you’re the real expert in Congress recognized on this. What really happened?

Ron Paul: Well, we got 1207 passed into the House reform bill and that bill passed on the House floor before the big vote was in the committee. So that’s in there even though it isn’t a very bad bill. When it got to the Senate, Bernie Sanders was the one who introduced 1207 and 604 I believe to the Senate, and at the last minute he changed his mind and took what the establishment agreed to, another severely watered down version of it. It wasn’t really an audit, it was just a glimpse of what’s been going on for the past 2 years, which I had already agreed to. But it passed I think like 96 to 0, the administration agreed to, Obama said he’d sign it, and Democratic and Republican leadership agreed to that. And then the 1207 version was brought up by Veter, and that got to the Senate floor, we only got 37 votes. So I think people should pay attention to those who did not vote for the real audit language in the Senate, and this to me is a bail out for the system and for the Federal Reserve. But now they have finally passed that version in the Senate and it’s going into conference so I’m trying to keep an eye on that very closely and see if we can influence the conference and you know, I just don’t know if it will be modified or what will happen, but I think right now the cards are stacked against us. But we’re going to keep fighting because the more attention we get, the more the people know, I think we can be proud of how far we’ve gotten on the radio and how much people know about it.

Alex Jones: Well that’s right Congressman. 25 years ago you didn’t get one co-sponsor when you were first in Congress. Now you passed it in the House and it went to the Senate. I saw a headline where you were saying that those that voted against your Audit the Fed bill will be held accountable though by the voters.

Ron Paul: Oh yeah, they should be and every time. I mean, you think the Republicans will retaliate against Republicans. We saw that in Utah. These folks are very important and you know the bail out vote was crucial in a lot of this stimulus for the Tea Party movement. So this is just another vote that we can use and help alert the people.

Alex Jones: We’ve only got about 6 minutes left with Congressman Ron Paul so it’s time to pressure . We’re going to give you some websites before he leaves, you can get involved in the Campaign for Liberty or Rand Paul’s campaign, which was so important. But looking at the border situation, the Deputy Homeland Security Director said last Friday that they may not process illegals referred to them from Arizona. I’ve already seen previous reports of where sheriffs and others release illegals for serious crimes out of jail and the Feds won’t pick them up. I mean, is this not serious dereliction of duty or treason by Homeland Security?

Ron Paul: You know, so much can be solved with our use of our Constitution and the principle of private property. If you have somebody walking your house and they’re trespassing. They might not have even committed a crime, they might not have shot anybody or stolen anything. They trespassed, just trespass. And they walk in your house and they have no right to be there. We call the police and the police call them and they prosecute them. But they don’t apply that to people who are walking across this land, walking across these ranches. As a matter of fact, if you do anything to stop trespassers you can get into trouble, you take the law into your own hands, the state’s going to do what they should do, and when the states finally get totally frustrated, they have to pass a law that then is argued about. I have some reservations about that law, but not about the intent and what they’re trying to do and the dereliction of duty of the Federal government. I would like to see more approach to this. If they can’t get them at the border and stop the influx, then as soon as they apply for benefits then that’s when we should deal with them

Alex Jones: I agree. Deny them the welfare benefits and that will stop, but the government again wants this dependent group. Were you in the chamber when Calderon lectured and said re-pass the assault weapons ban, effectively taking semi-automatics from American people?

Ron Paul: No, I wasn’t there, and that’s a personal thing with me. There’s a limit to what I can actually tolerate someday. So I did listen to it on TV and all, but I didn’t feel like I should be present there.

Alex Jones: I mean, did that disgust you?

Ron Paul: Oh yeah. It disgusted me, but I knew what it was going to say, and why do we give, I mean, a couple of years ago they had carside down there. I mean, carside is you know, just our henchmen that we have hired guns. And they have the mayor down there as the head of the state talking to the joint session of Congress, I mean, that’s more than I need.

Alex Jones: Well his brother is admittedly even in the New York Times the top opium king.

Ron Paul: One of these days, we’ll depose him. Something will happen, he’ll be gone. You know the big thing over there right now is this balance about the start in Afghanistan. There’s no guarantee even with all our military might that we’re going to have a military victory there. We will not have a political victory, it will be a political defeat because it will just further stimulate hatred and all the other problems that you get by occupation of foreign countries. But militarily whether this battle can be won is not a question.

Alex Jones: Well Congressman, that’s part of my last 2 questions then I’m going to let you go. Specifically, with the entire geopolitical situation, North Korea on a war footing, the Pentagon saying they’re ready for war, meanwhile our own government helped give the reactors to North Korea as you know, you’ve got the Israel saying they may strike Iran, Obama saying he would support them if they did, you’ve got the predator drones a thousand of them now going in to Pakistan which many experts say is an act of war, you’ve said the Iraq sanctions are an act of war. I mean, it looks like the build up to World War I and World War II. You speak to the overall atmosphere and does the system have a desire to have world crisis? And finally, what do you see with the EU meltdown?

Ron Paul: Well you know, it sort of blows my mind when I think about our financial crisis and not only the meltdown of the European nations but ours as well. And that they hardly blink an eye that they can talk about spreading this war in the Middle East into Iran and continue the civilian CIA bombing of these various countries. But this thing in Korea, it is way out of proportion to what we should be doing. I resent the fact that a generation or two ago we have signed this treaty, been involved and have troops in Korea all that time and we’re just sitting there, if there is ever a problem we get dragged into it. But this week we have a resolution on the House. Three of us voted against it. The resolution was essentially an authorization to go to war. Do whatever is necessary. And the circumstance that we live today, you never come to the Congress and make a declaration of war, we have these so-called promises. But how can one generation promise the next generation that we will deliver all the money and all the soldiers that will be necessary? We should just bring ourselves out of those situations. But this thing is just overwhelmingly passed and it was billed as expressing our concerns and our condolences for the people who died there. And then at the bottom it gives the authority to say “We did authorize whatever force and whatever is necessary to take care of this problem.”

Alex Jones: Well it’s the same thing with the finances in Europe. Same thing that happened here. Taking the pension funds, raising the taxes, VAT taxes. Europe is now sinking into the Central bank designed trap. In closing, you’ve been talking about a total global meltdown for a long time based on your evidence, Dr. Paul. Now it looks like we’re approaching the vortex.

Ron Paul: Yeah, we’re getting awfully close and people try to get me to say when I think it’s going to happen. I don’t know exactly when it’s going to happen, but I know it’s unsustainable because the dollar is still being trusted and that is a subjective event. People subjectively still say “Well we can trust the dollar, it is the world currency.” But eventually they’ll lose trust in the dollar. And I think if they look at the devaluation of the dollar against gold, you’ll realize that something big is going on right now because up until a month or two ago, the gold and the dollar always related to the stock market and the currencies and commodities. But right now more people are seeing the devaluation of the dollar against gold, which is the ultimate measurement. And that means that the time is getting much closer to the rejection of the system. I mean, the Europeans are broke, we are bailing them out with dollars. But the cities, they’re broke. Are we going to let cities and states fail after bailing out Wall Street and bailing out Greece? There’s no way. They’re always going to come to the rescue, print the money, and they’re going to inflate to the point where the people are holding the dollars overseas and we’re spending them. The Chinese are pretty smart people. They’re spending those dollars, they’re around buying natural resources around the world with dollars they earned from us. At the same time, we think we have to protect our natural resources by invading countries and occupying and protecting our oil. We have lost our way.

Alex Jones: Clearly we have a revolution of liberty and freedom, a restoration of the Republic led by yourself and Rand Paul. Give us the websites for people to get involved with your campaign, with Campaign for Liberty, with Rand, with everybody, and putting out the alternative to the New World Order.

Ron Paul: Well, my websites can be found by and I think Rand’s is will get you to about 6 of my websites.

Alex Jones: Congressman, thank you so much for the time. We look forward to speaking to you in the future. God bless.

Ron Paul: Thank you.

Alex Jones: Alright, there goes Congressman Ron Paul.

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