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  1. longshotlouie

    Who are the real “crazies” in our political culture?


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    1. Forest

      Well for one I would nominate the author of the Ron Paul newsletters – those were for SURE crazy and hate filled.

      Any politician who endorses that garbage is a crazy for sure!

      Did Ron ever say who it was or is it still assumed to be him?

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  2. Liberty Planet

    Observation about the Rand Paul propaganda:
    I’m not surprised to see the countless articles stemming from mainstream corporate media slamming and distorting the reality of Rand Paul; that was to be expected – but what is surprising is the amount of “anti” Rand comments. I suspect that the same dynamics driving the propaganda within these articles are also at work in the comments.

    It’s just sad to see that there is so much paid influence on the web nowadays, and unfortunately a lot of it spreads beyond just corporate media sites – it infects even RonPaul.com (see Forest’s comment) and other libertarian, and alternative news sites.

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    1. Forest

      So people that disagree with your viewpoint are naturally ‘paid’ to do so?

      You must be a real peach to employ. I could just see you getting all wrapped up in your Gadsen flag and claiming “you are getting paid to say that!” When your boss tells you that your presentation was baseless and awful.

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  3. Yvonne

    I’m pretty sure Rand Paul is not on the wrong side of the civil rights argument. i don’t know what the hoopla is about. he was answering a question about personal and private rights. i agree with what others have said. i WANT to know if the coffee shop guy is a crazy nazi. people should be free to say what they want and be who they are in their private live. good lord can you imagine if some nazi hater was FORCED to hire someone who you loved…maybe black or jewish. they hide who they are and your loved one is unaware of the underlying hate and subjects themselves as an employee.
    i would have a heart attack. i don’t want some hater having my business or to be employing myself or my loved ones.
    What is so important is that the government CANT discriminate because they are run with tax dollars.
    Rand is NOT in favor of public discrimination with tax dollars.
    That is what matters. the army discriminating is criminal and rand is against that. also public facilities should not discriminate. of course not. all americans are taxed and should all get equal access and treatment.
    the free market can weed out the fools in the private sector.

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  4. Forest

    Funny. Rand is now a victim? Wow, guess he just isn’t cut out for politics – two days into his campaign and Rand is whining about having a ‘honeymoon period’ and now his dad has to complain that ‘everyone’ is ‘attacking him’?

    No thoughts that he… Might be on the wrong side of the Civil Rights argument, huh?

    Keep it up, Rands! Will be interesting if y’all are known as the family that killed Libertarianism!

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    1. Citizen

      As usual you’ve missed the entire point of Ran Paul’s statements.

      He is FOR Anti-Discrimination legislation for ALL GOVERNMENT (public) operations, Federal, State, County, City.
      But the Government has NO right to force private individuals to be Moral, only to be law abiding Citizens. Even I respect your right to say stupid things on this here RonPaul.com site, That’s YOUR RIGHT!

      The Boy Scouts don’t want Gay Men becoming Scout leaders, they are a “Private” organization and they have a RIGHT to discriminate against the threat of sexual exposure.

      Hooters hires women with large breast to serve food, they have a RIGHT to discriminate and not hire men to serve food.

      The NFL hires big powerful men to play football, they too have a RIGHT to not hire wimpy men (like you?).

      An all woman’s college has a right to not allow men in if they want…

      In other words, Private American Citizens have the RIGHT to own and run a business without YOU telling them who they have to Serve or Hire!

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      1. Forest

        You are so right Citizen. I totally missed the point that Rand Paul made over and over again – that private business should be allowed to disciminate.

        Please continue to educate me on how the civil rights act of 1964 was a treacherous piece of legislation that allowed the government to manipulate the already-efficient free markets by outlawing racial discrimination?

        It must be scary learning that dogmatic application of libertarian principles is doltish, harmful, and universally rejected, no?

        Go ahead and respond though, and start digging a hole to China like Rand did. If you need some advice on how to do so, keep worshipping at the Altar of Ron or maybe you could hook up with Rand’s ex-campaign manager?

        Warm regards.

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        1. Yvonne

          This is amazing! The interaction between you and Citizen is like a microcosm of our political system of the day.
          Your attempt to twist the meaning of his post is so obvious and transparent. When did he asy the 1964 Act was a treacherous piece of legistlation?
          You’re just silly.

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        2. Forest

          Did you not miss where Citizen asserts that the government has “NO RIGHT” to prevent businesses from actively disciminating?

          Ignore the part where he calls me “wimpy” and instead focus on how the comparison is drawn between the NFL and the boy scouts to the institutional racsim that was occurring in the south. Clearly the same. Clearly.

          Pickrick drumstick anyone? I’m hungry for one.

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        3. Yvonne

          Before we begin let us define our terms. Didn’t some famous guy once say that. Anyway, I’m sure I agree with you that it is morally wrong and un- productive to judge people unfairly and to behave badly or hurtfully toward them based on those unfair judgements. Let’s take the Hooters example. How hurt do you think women feel after being told ”sorry your not full figured enough for this position”?
          But the question is ”How far should government be allowed to go when it comes to dictating behaviour?
          Here’s how I look at it:
          If I’m down south and some retard who doesn’t like my skin color decides to deny me water when I’m clearly about to die from thirst then I want laws ;such as the laws against homicidal neglect (i think that’s it) to enable me or a loved one(after I die) to sue him. We have those laws.
          On the flip side:
          If I’m wanting a cappacino and some nazi is holding a kkk meeting at his coffee shop then I want the heads up. I don’t want to stroll in and ask for a 12oz all because some federal law prevented Jedadiaah from putting the
          ”no tan foke aloud” sign 10 yards in front of the entranceway.
          Doesn’t that make some sense to you?

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        4. Citizen


          I feel your pain, I understand that racism, bigotry and blind discrimination is ugly and down right stupid.

          Surely you can see that we can’t LEGISLATE stupidity out of existence, instead we have to EDUCATE it out of our American culture.
          We have to EVOLVE beyond DIVISIVE race bating politics that seeks every opportunity to pit African, Indian, and European Americans against one another. The Arizona Mexican border is just such a Race Bating issue, accusing ALL of being racists because we want our borders secured against an invasion of non-US citizens… ILLEGALS!

          My apology for your misunderstanding (wimpy?), I was questioning your level of thin skin sensitivity; no offense intended.

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  5. Edward Rizzuti

    I agree with Ron on many of his points and I do think that we are headed for trouble in this country if we continue down our current path (on the Road to Serfdom!).

    I am a lawyer myself and do believe that rule of law is critical to a ensure political and economic freedoms. However, the level of regulation and reactionary legislation I see today does not make sense to me.

    There is no balance anymore.

    Ron should definitely run in 2012!!

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