Press Conference: Cut Wasteful Military Spending!

Reps. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), Ron Paul (R-Texas), Walter B. Jones (R-N.C.) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.). held a press conference to call for an open discussion about the efficacy, the extent, and cost of overseas U.S. military commitments.

Date: 05/27/2010


  • 321lawc

    Ron. This is not 1776. The US is a superpower. Superpower implies sustaining military force and having vital interests all around the globe. More military the better.

    • Tim

      No a superpower, The Superpower. Just like Germany from 1890-1914, and on the same course.

      The more we impose our will by force the more aggressive reactions we provoke. The more we occupy, the greater our exposed surface area. Remember the USS Cole; it doesn’t take a massive army. In addition this generation of swine has made the USA one of the 2 greatest violators of UN laws that their parents championed.

      We are being destroyed from within, with a lot of help from our allies. The military protection of those nations that we fostered and that now compete directly with us is no longer required. The reliable precision ICBM changed everything.

      Our elementary education system is the worst in the technological world, while our military is the best. I blame corrupt, selfish, stupid, shortsighted politicians who have retarded 2 generations in order to anchor their power. In Amewrica we work 60-70 hours a week to almost pay the bills, with the banks at our heels; all this is to distract us from the usurpers.

      Our allies who have the best educational systems have no military expenses, because we protect them. Now that they are prosperous in part due to our protection, its time for them to bear their own defense costs. I’d be happy to determine exactly how much this is for each nation and to arrange mutually agreeable terms of payment. My position is: start paying us what it costs or we pull out and if you side with our enemies we’ll sic the CIA on your political structure. Its not unreasonable.

    • Boozie

      US is dieing a slow death. Bad foreign policy and bad economic policy. We are still a superpower due to our military but how can that be sustained when we have massive debt that is only going to get worse. Things need to change in this country in big way we are circling the drain my friends.

      • Tim

        Not a slow death, its more like we got the clap from aforementioned sleazy scumbag politicians and their cronies. It sucks but we’ll survive, and hopefully learn in the future not to let stupid, unscrupulous, diseased sociopaths make our collective beds.

  • iwillspyonyou

    Don’t believe Barney Frank. He is merely doing this to be re-elected. He is an agent of the Federal Reserve.

  • TovChaver

    funny how Barney Frank has been taking sides with Ron Paul on issues like this and like Audit the Fed. I do not like Barney Frank at all, and think he should be prosecute for Fannie May and Freedie Mac deal, but I will say he is smarter then I thought. He can see the writing on the wall how Ron Paul is gaining so much popularity and now that Ran Paul won the Republican senate nominee in Kentucky. Frank is strategically joining the Ron Paul cause to secure his reelection. That is all.

  • oculist2020

    Wow, and I mean WOW! Barney Frank endorsing limited government spending. More like volunteering to be a mole to undermine legislation.

  • djdnauk1977

    sounds like a good start, the more you spend on military the more unnecessary wars/death there will be… the gov needs reducing in size massivelly

    ron paul by far the most sensible man in politics right now

  • justonemorename

    it doesn’t matter .. what does matter is when Obama told congress he wants to send more money to Israel Barney Frank clapped ..cheered ..yeah give money to Israel!!

  • demios99

    Not many of them, except from RP, advocated this policy 20-30 years ago. They’re jumping on a wagon, because they see this is the way to go in future. As someone said, I don’t think they’re as honest as RP.

  • Dave

    As the old saying goes; the best offense, is a good defense.

  • nativeveteran70

    Thanks Ron Paul for all that you do and our veterans/soldiers who fight to preserve our Constitution. The government is responsible for caring for Veterans. But the National Healthcare is whole other issue – should be retracked because its unconstitutional. The 1000’s of puppet strings attached to the rest of the career politicians blinds me, all I hear is — blah blah blah. Ron Paul needs a pocket knife to cut the strings and rubber boots for all the b.s. – just move around the room…lol

  • imgdumpprep

    barney frank talks sense but he hardly ever acts on it.

  • continuityofliberty

    “It is foolish in the extreme not only to resort to force before necessity compels, but especially to madly create the conditions that will lead to this necessity.” (Benjamin Tucker, 1886)

  • capitalist4life

    I want to strap Sean Hannity to a chair and make him watch this. I guess it wouldn’t work though. This isn’t very convincing, it’s really just preaching to the choir.

  • TheErmitano100

    Is this the same bill that Rep. Alan Grayson recently spoke about? “The war is making you poor act?”


    Ron Paul is the ONLY PERSON worth an applause out of these other politicians
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • sharinganclan213

    Ron Paul s the best. He is a modern day founding father in my eyes.

  • d3vnull

    Walter Jones was my representative when I lived back in Eastern NC. Ron Paul is my hero. 🙂

  • Perceiving

    Seems to me that they should start reducing spending somewhere else before they start taking away money from the military. It doesn’t seem right to give money away by the bucketful to illegal aliens, foreign students, bank and car company bailouts, cash for clunkers, cash to prop up housing sales, pensions…..then take it away from our soldiers.

  • Leavon

    More modern and capable systems also helps deter military action against us and our allies, if we rely on aging weapons systems however capable we can virtually guarentee that agressor nations will challenge us in the future. We need to continue R and D and continue to field cutting edge technology to maintain in offensive and defensive lead in every area of our defense.

    • fred the protectionist

      R and D is entirely targeted towards absorbing IED’s. If we find ourselves fighting an enemy that isn’t comprised entirely 3rd world terrorists then sure I bet our Humvees will do great against landmines but there are too few of them and they aren’t armored against armor piercing bullets from the SIDES!

      Against China we have a pre-WW1 military.

  • Leavon

    One area that we just can’t cut back on and is the failing of these type of efforts is the modernization of our forces since a more efficient and capable system allows us to reduce expendatures. Listening to the Forces and working on their needs, for example the Air Force has said repeatedly that they don’t need C-17’s but congress continues to fund more for the military.

  • ronpaul2008rocks

    No more war!!
    No more rendition!!
    No more bank bailouts!!