Obama Should Waive Federal Regulations To Help With Oil Cleanup

Show: Imus in the Morning
Channel: Fox Business
Date: 06/03/2010

  • Machine

    “President Obama has been given a choice: Serve the people or be subservient to corporate interests. The corporate interests of BP are in irreconcilable conflict with those of the people of the Gulf Coast and of the United States”,(seizeBP.org).
    This “choice” to serve the people, is one that is more often compromised, than not, by our political leaders (and Obama is no different) in that their intrests are within the corporations by the way they do the bidding for them, rather than protect the lives of the working class.
    To put the trust within BP to pay the claims of all those who have been finacially devistaed by the oil spill is like trusting a child molester to baby-sit your children, just because a councilor says he is cured and he says he says he likes children. What BP will do with thses claims is pay a few out of good faith and then tie up the rest in litigation, which as we all know will take decades, and for those who fall into this legal web, the friuts will not be worth the wait. Mean while all those chair members and upper Corp. excecutives are off sipping mamosas and smoking cuban cigars on their yacht. It stinks of black gold! This is just one more drop in the bucket (er Gulf of Mexico) that proves the BIG oil industry has become a monster we need to quill.


  • Machine


    Ho ho! Well since I am not running for office – and no longer a millitary drone – I’ve nothing to hide!!!

    I gotta tell ya…those jar heads sure do love that…nevermind you didn’t ask!

  • Machine

    I am a Florida gulf coast resident and live just 15 minutes from one of its many beautiful beaches. Like all areas of the country, my town has some pretty unique and fasinating aspecs, one of them being the delicate balance between economy and enviroment. In my town we bring in over 400 million in tourist dollars each summer and $800 million during the winter months when the “snowbirds” (tourist) come down to stay. For the most part the locals are very much conservationist and support and encourage our elected officials to maintain strict enviromental standards. Even with a large service industry, we do not allow those with money to compromise the area for their own intrest by cutting corners. And when someone or some company does ( large or small) they are held accountable, i.e. when a long time local developer and realestate holder breeched asbestos laws and tried to cover it up, he was tried in criminal court and upon being found guilty was sentenced to 1 yr in prison, a $750k dollar fine and lost his contractors license. It is my opinion that because we, the locals, encourage and support high standards, and are not only strict but also swift in pursuing justice, we very rarely have anyone get away with – not to say there aren’t those who try – such criminal acts when it comes to that enviromental and economic relationship.

    The off shore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is a very sensitive and highly debated topic. All those involved agree that we must tap our own resources. However, we MUST NOT tollerate any company that cuts corners to save a few bucks while jeapordizing the enviroment and economy. That being said, having high standards and strict regulations doesn’t fix the problem we are experiencing today. We could bubble wrap a rig with safety and higher regulations yet it still does nothing to guarentee that another devistating disaster will not occure. In the case of Deep Water Horizon/ BP, there is a really frightening truth that goes well beyond economics, beach restoration and justice…We are looking at a catastrophy so horific, that even if the leak source were to be completely stoped today…the negative impact, both enviromentally and economically, that this oil leak has caused will be felt for many decades to come.

    In my opinion, the only way to keep such devistating disasters from REOCCURING…We have the knowledge, and technology to swiftly begin getting away from being dependent on oil as a main source for energy.

    As for dealing with the current situation…The Federal Government should play their role from the sideline when it comes to the clean up, back up the States affected by the spill by communicating with each States govenor and see that they get what they need. Then, asI have said in previous posts, conduct a full criminal investigation involving BP for their neglagence and fraudulant buisness practice. As well, it is in the best intrest of those greatly affected by this tragic disaster that BP’s assets be frozen until all questions are fullfilled, and we are fully aware to the degree of the economic impact that this has caused for those along the Gulf coast .

    • fred the protectionist

      Are you running for Congress, Sodomite? There’s no need to be so diplomatic and wordy here, you’re not running for office.

      • Machine

        Too funny…I am always entertained by your “over the rainbow” replys!


        • fred the protectionist

          lol, well maybe you shouldn’t have admitted here on this site that you like to give it to your girlfriend up the ass. Sodomite.

          Ever hear of this concept of don’t ask don’t tell? lol.

  • fred the protectionist



    You guys going to defend BP after they went on a billion dollar worldwide Green brainwashing campaign that now has people like Neil Cavuto, Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, everyone in the Libertarian Party, and Christine saying we “need” to “diversify” the “energy”? Weak minds are so easily propagandized.

    Don’t defend BP, let the socialists strip them of their profits to teach other businessmen out there a lesson that if you brainwash people with Green slogans you will find no allies.

    If Libertarians can see past their own jargon, never mind. I say, sic the socialists on BP until there no longer is a BP.

    (I cannot find a single original Beyond Petroleum Green Propaganda commercial that was running night and day just a year ago, so this satire is all I found.)

    • 1111cb

      Even without green reasons and BP- we need to diversify. The oil industry killed the electric car 20 yrs ago. I rarely travel over 10 miles a trip- for me it would be great especially if powered by solar and I would have I no cost if not connected to the grid.Why keep paying energy costs to others. Our goat farmer friends are totally off grid. In a natural disaster when our expected earthquake hits or the grid fails- they will have power. Why is that such a bad idea? Why be so dependent on others for daily needs? What do you have against self suffciency?

      I am not buying into the “energy savings” of solar tied up to the grid. But I have gas heating my house. In an earthquake, then cause house fires. Oil heat?- our last underground tank sprung a leak and caused an expensive repair to clean up the spill. Why do I want these fossil fuels when greedy companies don’t take the care they should to be safe?

      • fred the protectionist

        “we need to diversify.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwu6JM0l6vQ

        Oh no! 1111cb has been brainwashed. He’s one of ‘them’.

      • fred the protectionist

        In economics, is the goal of “diversification” to mix success with failure so you come out even? Well that’s what you do with “alternatives”. They are expensive and unprofitable, that’s why they need government subsidies.

  • 1111cb

    its more infuriating- there are no regulations preventing us from getting help. This falls under Homeland security laws which have the power to scrap all rules already. It was the reason everyone including myself was concerned about these laws. But they exist now. What we are choosing to do is pretend BP and Halliburton) are the only ones with the expertise to solve this. They are not the only ones. Why we believe a group that has its self interest at heart is beyond infuriating. BP is in charge of deciding who can help and what resources internationally we can ask for. That is what we need to keep demanding that is changed- who asks for help- the US or BP.

    The ability to use explosives I realize now is not possible due to the potentially explosive dissolved methane gas in the plumes in a Gulf filled with rigs. BP sabatoged any hope of an immediate fix to the leak.

    I would normally report someone for the language you used, but for the first time in my life- your words are the most appropriate available.

    This is 25 % of the fish supply for the US , loss of a key food chain, loss of endangered species – no amount of money will bring that back. No one knows the effects of the plumes and technology only exists to deal with surface oil. But BP wants to hide the volume of oil under the ocean rather than allow help to clean it up. Because the help might contradict the messages BP has given the US about what was and is possible.

    With the resources available and volume of help offered, there was NO REASON the Gulf coast had to have this much damage from the spill.

  • CodexAlimentarius1

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  • longshotlouie

    On 12 April 2010, just over one week before the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, Halliburton bought Boots & Coots, an oil well control company.

    BP’s prepared testimony briefing notes that the Hydraulic Control System on equipment designed to automatically seal the well in an emergency was modified without their knowledge sometime before the explosion.

    Goldman Sachs dumped 44% of its shares in BP Oil not long before the BP accident.

    Before the accident, Wachovia, owned by Wells Fargo, sold 98% of its shares in BP and Swiss bank UBS sold 97% of its BP shares.

    As reported by the London Telegraph on June 5th 2010, Tony Hayward, the chief executive of BP, sold £1.4 million of his shares in BP weeks before the spill.

    The Obama administration is renewing talk of a carbon tax and has created the opportunity to reintroduce the idea of nationalizing oil, which the Democratic leadership has long sought.

    hmmmm …..

    • 1111cb

      like your post. hate the facts. follow the money to find the truth

  • Jellyg00se

    “Ron is clearly the man America needs to survive this century.”
    Well said.

  • 1111cb

    BP is so wealthy- they calculated the cost of cleanup. its a drop in the bucket to them. So they are sacrificing the Gulf Coast to capture the oil and hide the volume of oil spilled to limit liability. Undersea oil and damage from dispersants do not count as needing reimbursement. They KNEW cutting the well would worsen the spill, but killing the coast is OK with them. I do believe they plan to pay out large sums of money- but they do not realize that what was lost forever cannot be fixed with money. so all decisions by BP are based on the paradigm they can afford to fix it later and capturing the oil, preserving the well for later use is the priority. Don’t believe it- listen to their comments to British shareholders about us Americans who care so little about their investments and are treating poor Hayward badly. They understand nothing about the people and devasting loss to marine life for the world.

    This means they refused outside resources who have dealt with spills successfully and the workable plan of a non nuclear bomb at the well to stop flow today is out of the question. I am stunned by the resources refused still, the reliance on BP, and the fact that resources and technology to clean up the spill exist and have been used elsewhere but are not in place NOW. Since none exist in adequate quantities- all must be deployed now.

    add to this- the plume contains dissolve methane gas likely which is explosive and they believe with the dispersant is causing some of the odd behavior of the oil. So a plume of potentially explosive gas is underwater and cannot be seen floating on the gulf. The dispersant use needs to stop now.

    I read the Homeland security acts- this is a national disaster and we have the right now to do something and override BP today. As much as martial law seemed like a bad idea back then, it fits now.

    Please act and call/email every Congress person you can involved and your state ones to demand BP be pushed aside now.

  • TheOnetrueself

    @prayfortruejustice agreed

  • sharinganclan213

    do you guys think this was a way for BP to make more money? i mean, now every time a politicians says something about offshore drilling, they are going to point teh fingers to this inident. Too abd prices won’t go down. O well.

  • CouldBawake

    @ROBdeLIS The feds are on there way to your home as we speak lol

  • Wolffanator


    Man, that sounds like a Utopian Paradise. Ron Paul must be a Prophet.

  • Wolffanator

    It’s not that Obama is suppose to know everything about oil leaks. Everyone keeps making this thing way too much about Obama, that’s for sure. If Ron Paul thinks the oil company isn’t going to try to get out of paying everything it owes with out some authority coming down on them, telling them exactly what they have to do (the Government) he’s as dumb as the communists were. Were talking about a liability in the billions here, they aren’t going to do the right thing. Gimme a break.

  • ROBdeLIS

    @CouldBawake You sound like Barack Obama.