Ron Paul: U.S. Shouldn’t Support Israel’s Gaza Blockade

Show: Imus in the Morning
Channel: Fox Business
Date: 06/03/2010

  • Kayla

    Dear Everyone,

    I know you all have strong feelings about Israel I do too, but if you want to do
    something about it don’t just write your comments on this website. GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Those whom wants to support Israel, let them do it from their own pocket not with my tax money or others. I support Ron Paul view which he once stated that he would treat Israel just like any other nation.

    To those whom support Israel must see these videos. Very eye opening

    and the last one “The most harmful place for Jews is in Israel”


    But does this mean that Ron Paul doesn’t want to be an ally with Israel?

  • TherealShea

    I neither support or deny support for a foriegn nation. All other nations will not be put before my own. As far as I am concerned, Israel could disappear tomorrow and I would not care. They got some fine women though, so I would invite all of them here.

    • Danno

      6000000 jews livin in israel surrouded by antisemites n u dont care. If only u could be forced to live there

  • Adam Blackburn

    Jews are great people.Nobody can match their sense of smell.MONEY.

  • david

    I can neither forget nor forgive the attack on the USS Liberty or the Pollard case. Israel sold our nuclear attack plan to the Soviet Union at the pinnacle of the cold war, risking the lives of millions of Americans in order to get a few Jews released from the USSR.

    They are in no sense of the word our allies.

    The idea that we send them money is a deep national disgrace.

    • Douglas

      Hi David, this is a tough subject for me because I love all the original tribes comprising Humanity. It is hard for me to see how some tribal dispositions have failed to see the benefits and progress made through ‘Freedom of Religion’.

      Freedom of Religion is a great Hallmark that has made a huge impact on the entire Planet. I was born in the ‘Key Stone State’.

      I am very happy to be at the forefront of fighting the Unconstitutional aspects that have desecrated the US and thus infected many other Nations. This desecration is indeed a great lesson for America and the rest of the world will just try to have to understand our short fall as a Nation controlled by Unconstitutional Monetary Policy.

      This is a great hard lesson for US. I see and respect your knowledgeable stance against this force of ludicrous economic expansions through current fractional reserve banking. However, like I tell my business partners and co-workers, “The value of the knowledge we have is worth more than the fake money they print.” It is our knowledge of how to do things and get things done that makes their ‘issuance’ worth something.

      Individual knowledge is precisely how some Unions have fought back and why Patents, Copyright and Trade Marks have been able to sustain systems without being totally taken out by the private control of monetary issuance.

      Just think how wonderful the world would be right now without Unconstitutional Monetary Policy. Currency issued through the proper representation of ‘We the People’ who are what make the currency valuable in the first place. Through our EFFORT!

      Terrifyingly, these Unconstitutional International Bankers have once again created a ‘Beast’ that they are losing control of every day. Do not worry, we knew this would happen, it happened before and this time they are going to get what they deserve.

      What is important is that we have knowledgeable individuals who understand the great lesson and can help Humanity evolve a proper constitutional monetary system from this lesson. David, after reading all your post I know you are very aware of what needs to change.

      Establishing a Constitutional Monetary System is within our grasp right now. Because we have so much evidence in our faces to prove we are right. The fact that the US has lost 100 years of Constitutional Monetary evolution is a problem. However, it has provided us with valuable adverse facts that we need to use to convince Americans and all the Nations that what the Federal Reserve is doing is wrong. That what they have done is only create complete economic chaos.

      David, keep fighting for proper Constitutional Monetary Policy. Ron Paul has been a greater relief for me. Before I felt little hope cause I never went to collage or have come from a political family. So, when I found Ron I knew this is our chance to get back to what the US was originally support to be. This is a hard lesson for all of US and it is going to be a challenge to get through this. However, sometimes we need to learn the hard way to fully embrace what is right.

      I need to touch upon some additional aspects of ‘Tribal Conflicts’. This I feel is necessary because many might wonder about the evolution of the US and the eradication of the ‘American Indians’. What I want too make sure of is that you have an introduction to the influence that ‘ The Great Iroquois Confederacy’ had on the establishment of the United States of America.’ This from ‘The Key of David’ and shows how much influence the Unity of American Indians had on the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

      There was a great American Indian named ‘Deganawenda” who talked of a peaceful way of existence and harmony among all the tribes. Deganawenda joined with Hiawatha and they taught that Humanity was one great family. They eventually joined many tribes together. My point is that, this Union of American Indians had a great influence on the Founding Fathers of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence. What killed the American Indians was greed for ‘Gold.’

      Gold is a non corrosive rare substance. That is why it has been made to be a standard. However, the original colonies of the US printed and invented the first economy based on a paper unit of exchange that was backed by a contract agreement. What we need to evolve to is a currency that represents the genuine effort of an individual as a contract of payment backed by EFFORT.. The Central Bankers have figured this out and are making a killing off the backs of ‘Billions’ of people. See how much power they have! They have stolen “The American Dream.’ However, without proper representation they have only created chaos.

      Hey, I can do this all day, but I have got to go now so I will come back later.

      It is good to be posting with you once again David.

      • David

        Hi Douglas;

        Just letting you know, this is another david, i always spell my name with a captal D. LOL there’s an awful lot of David’s in this world, and i guess this is one way to differentiate. Good discussion from both of you as well.

        BTW, i don’t know if you’ve seen our latest in terms of public action, but i think this has a good chance of working. James McGuire motivated the train of thought and i drafted the Declaration and Demand. It does have a very good chance of exacerbating the terror of the American people in our current body politic to possibly get them to turn on the banks and act in our interest in order to save our own asses. I understand the mentality at work here and the only thing greater in the minds of these lunatics than their insane craving for power and control is their fear of those they would inflict it on and we still have the means within our hands to pose the threat and they know it too.

        Here’s the link (instructions posted underneath):

        We’re asking that everyone send the demand to their senators and congressmen, and email it into circulation so that others can act on it and post and promote it anywhere they can. If enough people get this into circulation most who receive it will act on it, and it will have an effect, we need to try to get that number into the tens of millions any way we can.

  • Douglas

    Although the separation of Church and State should easily define the US involvement in this issue, I see to much how the ‘Zionist’ has taken so much power over the US government that my disposition is as an advocate.

    The “Tribal War’’ is a very complex humanitarian problem. One that even the most powerful ‘Archangels’ responsible for evolving our solar system have very patiently been tiring to help humanity solve. There is so much to cover, I will try and simplify this as best I can. However, I will only scratch the surface.

    Israel is an Ancient word that means ‘Mankind’. Israel is not a piece of land occupied by the tribes of Judah, Levi and the perverted ‘Zionists’. Israel is an ancient word that means ‘Mankind’. That means ‘Every Tribe of Humanity’. The original twelve tribes of Humanity comprise twelve ‘distinct’ tribes. Each that evolved ‘distinct’ characteristics suitable to their environments way before they were united into the ‘’‘First Nation’’’ and far after the ‘Stone Ages’ that followed the ‘‘Destruction of Eden’’.

    I am going to take a super quantum leap now cause there is too much to cover here and what I am about to say I feel will work in this effort The United States of America is the ‘’’Seed’’’ for the New Jerusalem, the New Israel were ‘all’ tribes comprising Humanity can come together and live in peace and prosperity, all simply through The Constitution of the United States of America. The ultimate goal is the’ Melting Pot’. We all become one race of humanity on planet earth so we can each be left alone to fulfill our personal spiritual advancement without being disabled by violent fanatical religious tribal dispositions.

    There is much ‘evil’ trying to destroy this right now. Please ‘World’ do not believe that what the ‘American Media’ shows represents what the ‘Majority’ of America is all about. The ‘self-styled‘ tribes that control the media have a diabolical agenda.

    Those ‘Tribes’ who arrogantly break the US Constitution have historically done so many time before and to this day have not learned their lessons. I am going to make a riddle out of this to see if anyone here can name the Archangel who is at the center trying to end this ‘Tribal War’.

    The Archangel who exiled the tribes that refused to unit with all the tribes of Humanity because they insisted that they alone be secretively in control of the Nation. The ‘Archangel’ that exiled these ‘tribes’ because they seductively attempted to infiltrated the ‘First Nation’ and seize private control.

    The Archangel that chose these tribes out of their exiled Nomadic spiral, because they had become such a nuisance to civilization and needed to be brought back into the fold. The one that lead them into Egypt to civilize them so that they may learn the way to build a Nation because the ‘Lord’ was concerned that the evil that turned the Pharos into Puppets could caused a great loss of knowledge. What better tribes to be ‘Chosen’ to keep civilization going than the exiled nomadic self-styled tribes that were so exiled from the first Nation. Counter intelligent maybe?

    The one that told Moses to give them these commandments because they were not ready for the first set of tablets (teachings).

    The one that took over the body of Jesus at baptism and allowed this body to be crucified so that these tribes could feel vengeance after their very, very long nomadic exile and more importantly, be told that we are all Gods Children and that the Kingdom of God is coming to Earth.

    And lastly, the one who gave Saint John the Revelation of exactly how this Archangel planned to solve this complex ‘Tribal War’. Please, someone here name this ‘Archangel’.

    Hint, he ate bread and wine with ‘King David’.

    Down side, if you Google this ‘Name’ you will only find ‘imposters’. This accounts for my statement about my ’only scratching the surface’.

    • Douglas

      I need correct the last statement. Using the internet through Google can find genuine references to this Archangel In keeping with this political stand as to separate Church from State I will not reveal direct links. However, you can find this Archangel through the ‘Key of David’.

      It is just that my research has found that this ‘Archangel’ has many enemies among certain portions of the ‘New Egos’ assigned to this Planet.

  • Rick

    How about Palestinians lobbing missiles into Israel, Dr. Paul, would you consider that an act of war?

    • Rich FDNY

      If you look at the missiles they were lobbing, they we 50 year old Russians with no guidance.
      While the Israelis were using state of the art American made guided missiles killing 15 Civilians to get on supposed terrorist. Collateral damage. If the Jewish people are so religious why do the keep killing Palestinians. Look at the comparisons.
      See for yourself

  • kerry

    Israel and all who support her are responsible for the most evil crimes of the 21st century. The slaughter on a daily basis of countless innocent children, mothers, fathers and young adults is an outrage so audacious it is consistantly ignored by all those paid off by the slimy jews who run the biggest scam in history…the right to exist…the race card….and the comical “holocaust cartoon” . Israel is a rogue state,and should be treated like one. Dismissed, annihilated, ignored and certainly excluded from any so called comical “peace-talks”…they wouldn’t know what peace is if it fell off a truck….Jews want no peace in the middle east, it defeats the purpose of their victim status. Real history supports the meddling of jews in all world wars, all recessions, and certainly all communist infiltration, through their mafia cartels and intrusions into positions of government. The world would do well to confine them to an island like the galapagos so they can breed themselves into extinction.

    • Ben

      For the record, I do not support giving any money to ANY foreign nation, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, etc. Nor do I support the blockade of Gaza, or the overreaction by Israel to Hamas/Hezbollah. I do support the construction of the Ground Zero Mosque/Community Center. As an American Jew, America is what I care about. The nation where my ancestors were able to come and live and worship freely.

      What saddens me is some of the hypocrisy by those who post on this website. Muslims shouldn’t be judged by the actions of a few. Nor should Christians. NOR SHOULD JEWS. Jews are responsible for neoconservatism/communism? Jews also began Christianity and inspired Islam. Jews control too much money/power? If that was true, do you think Israel would be the size of New Jersey? Don’t have polio? Thank Jewish doctors.

      The point is, like any other people, Jews are imperfect. We have contributed greatly to the soceities in which we lived, and we have had individuals who have done wrong. Joseph Stalin was responsible for killing millions of Ukranians during the Holmodor but he wasn’t Jewish. Should all Russians bare responsiblity? NO!

      I support Ron Paul and his positions, but the fact that many of you don’t live by the principles that Dr. Paul defended in his support of the right of Muslim citizens to build a mosque saddens me.

  • Jordan nemer

    BOB with all due respect i got my info from this book called start up nation the story of israels ecenomic miracle. Very accurate sources in the book and its facinating.

  • Yvonne

    And so ends the boredom.
    OK what about the fact that a person who committed murder obviously believes that it is alright to murder.
    If I kill my neighbor then I am obviously not opposed to murder.
    So I am not someone who has chosen to live under the ”murder is wrong” rule.
    So if I don’t play by that rule then why should I expect others to play by that rule?

    • Yvonne

      This is an answer to Machine’s post below. It didn’t show up in the right place.