Ron Paul: U.S. Shouldn’t Support Israel’s Gaza Blockade

Show: Imus in the Morning
Channel: Fox Business
Date: 06/03/2010

  • Citizen

    Jewish Americans typically vote 70% support to Liberal Democratic candidates, yet its the Republicans who consistently support Israel. Ironically its the Dems that are threatening to cut the Israel support and they get most of the Jewish votes.

    Our military and financial support of Israel is probably the single biggest reason that Islam in the middle east is waging Jihad against America.
    Add to this, Obama is a professed Muslim in word and deed.
    The battle lines are being drawn, , Armageddon isn’t far off.

    • erky

      Supporting the far right in Israel is not the same as supporting Israel.
      Israel gets 6 billion dollars a year, with which they have created a welfare state. They get the best weapons in the world, all free, AND they have nukes when nobody else in the region does.
      What else do they want?
      People keep repeating that Hamas doesn’t recognize the right of Israel to exist. So What, they are powerless to do anything about it, so why keep repeating it.
      They have sticks and stones, Israel has F16’s. The argument is over. Hamas managed to kill 4 people in 4 years after 2700 rockets. Israel killed 56 people with 10X the number of rockets. More people die in Israel after slipping and falling in the shower. By all measures Israel has won.
      It would be like me saying I don’t recognize China’s right to exist.
      I think it’s time for America to cut the apron strings from it’s spoilt child.

  • O Jerusalem, take heed. The current situation in Israel is untenable; there is an unending conflict between the Palestinians and the Jews. Jewish inhabitants distrust the Palestinians, and vice versa. The age-old struggle between them has cost many lives, much hardship and untold sorrow. The conflict has generated tremendous anger, hatred and distrust – forcing them to live under a single umbrella has proven to be a formula for unending friction.

    In order to allow a chance for peace in the Middle East, something has to give. Wars will not bring an end to it, as they have been going on for centuries with no resolution. Negotiations and mediations between the parties have not worked either.

    The two peoples cannot continue to be forced to live together in the contrived single state of Israel. THEY NEED TO BE PERMANENTLY SEPARATED. A new state needs to be formed for the Palestinian occupants of Israel. The only practical solution is to have the new state created with continuous borders and a sea port.

    The Gaza Strip is already populated by Palestinians, and it has a sea port. The West Bank is also populated with many Palestinians, so the two should be connected with land. This means that there should be no reason for a citizen of the new Palestinian state to have to cross into Israel to reach some part of his or her country. Likewise, there should be no reason for Israelis to need to cross the Palestinian borders to reach any part of Israel. This will eliminate much of the friction at the borders.

    Also, neighbouring countries should consider granting some land to the Palestinians, so that the new state has enough land to reasonably house its people and become a viable nation state.

    Jerusalem is a major sticking point in regard to a two-state solution, which affects not only the parties, but peace in the region. Both sides have long-standing reasons to be inflexible regarding the city. Both sides have long historical, cultural and religious reasons for their intransigence regarding Jerusalem. This has led many people to insist that the two-state solution have a shared Jerusalem. That is, severing Jerusalem in twain, part to one nation and part to another, or granting co-ownership of the city to both nation states. Are either of these proposals wise?

    The twentieth century saw what happened when secular powers divided up Berlin into sections. The situation was so bellicose that the Berlin Wall was erected to section off the city. For decades, the Wall divided the people and caused tremendous misery until it was finally demolished.

    The same mentality of erecting “Berlin Walls” is very active in modern-day Israel, as is seen by the walled-off sections of the West Bank. Fencing off sections of Berlin did not work, and it should not be encouraged in Jerusalem. Further, if there are national borders running through the city of Jerusalem, it will guarantee that there will be continued friction and bloodshed in the city.

    It is understood that neither party wants to relinquish all rights to Jerusalem, but, in reality, to have lasting peace in the area, is there any other choice? I suggest that there is not. Many centuries of conflict support my position. Therefore, in my opinion, Jerusalem should either be wholly within the nation of Israel or wholly within the newly created Palestinian state. To accomplish this, one side or the other would necessarily have to relinquish Jerusalem voluntarily, if it is to be settled amicably. It should be realized that the side that vacates Jerusalem should be amply compensated for it when boundaries for the two newly-formed nation states are drawn.

    Clearly, both parties’ claims to Jerusalem are heavily based on religious grounds. If neither side will voluntarily relinquish the city, then, after solemn prayers, a lot should be cast over which nation state will house Jerusalem. Those who sincerely believe in the Divine should accept that the lot will result in the Divine’s will being carried out.

    I have seen the future for the area presently known as Israel if a two-state solution is not soon implemented, with one of the nation states having exclusive control and ownership of Jerusalem. The future will certainly be filled with many more tears and much more sorrow for everyone in the area. This future can be changed if Jerusalem is given over to one side or the other, and two separate and independent nations are created soon. If this does not happen, I have foreseen that one, later to be known by a name that sounds something like “Ahmad Mahmud” will emerge and take Jerusalem down, and nobody will have it ever after.

    Amitakh Stanford

  • James

    This is why I love Ron Paul. Not sure if Rand Paul shares these views, haven’t heard much about his foreign policy stance. I think Rand is holding back on non-intervention talk to appease Tea Partiers.


    • cliff

      i do believe rand supports israel. goood.

  • Jim Thompson

    While I certainly agree that the U.S. should not get involved in this mess, I must disagree with Rep. Paul on his overall view of the situation.

    Hamas and the Israelis have been at war for several years and this is only one facet of the ongoing battle. To suggest that this was simply an attempt by well meaning people to help feed starving Gazans is naive in the extreme. Israel offered to dock the ship and, after searching the contents, forward any humanitarian aid to Gaza under International observation. This was refused in favor of a confrontation.

    Many of the participants, as well as the organization that organized the effort, are known internationally to have ties to, or be fronts for, extremist and terrorist groups. Israel was well within its rights to stop the ship.

    • Rick

      Exactly correct Jim. I’ve been a RP supporter since he first ran for President as the Libertarian Party candidate, and still have an RP sticker on my car, but Dr. Paul couldn’t be more wrong here. Hamas and the Palestinians refuse to accept the very right of existence of Israel. Israel has every right to defend itself from its enemies.

  • John Murdoch

    It has been long overdue that we reconsider our unilateral blind support of Israel. All Israel has done is take our money to bombard the Palestinian people into the stone age, and tarnish our reputation in the world by creating a whole new generation of people that hates our guts for supporting this ridiculous Israeli government.

    • Israel is posing as the victim in all of this. The more our money is pouring into that country the more they could be more powerful. I urge that we cut all foreign aid.

  • You’re right we shouldn’t stick our nose into other countries business, what we should concern about is the well being of our own country.

    • fred the protectionist

      The well being of our own country, uhhuh.

      The protectionists built America, now you free traders tear everything down again.

      • Citizen

        Seriously Fred…
        You support Isrial?
        I guess Protectionism and Interventionism go hand in hand but makes for a lot of enemies.

        At least your consistent with your Big Government National Socialist (NAZI) perspectives.

        • fred the protectionist

          No, protectionism and isolationism go hand in hand.

          Free trade and interventionism are inseparable, and Ron Paul looks foolish when he tries to claim he’s a non-interventionist and anarcho free trader.


    Israel might be democratic, but they are a terrorist state.

    • Citizen

      Judaism and Islam have been at each others throats since Isaac and Ismael, brothers full of hatred.

      A terrorist state surrounded by terrorists!

      • erky

        Citizen. It’s not as simple as that. For the most part, Jews flourished in the Muslim Ottoman Empire. They were given refuge there by the Sultan, when all Jews were expelled from Spain or forced to convert to Catholicism. The Jews were some of the most loyal subjects of the Turks, not once did they revolt or cause any trouble. Turkish Jews speak a dialect of Spanish called Ladino, and have had a profound effect on Turkish culture and Music. (A Turkish singer called Tarkan is hugely popular in Latin America, even though they can’t understand him. Go figure) At the same time in Europe, they were being persecuted by the inquisitions by the Catholic Church. This continued after the reformation as well (Martin Luthers later writings were highly Anti Semitic). Ironically it was the Palestinians that revolted against the Turks, and butchered Turkish soldiers in their sleep. The British had promised them freedom from the Turks (Lawrence of Arabia). Unfortunately things didn’t work out too well for the Palestinians. They have made a series of historical blunders, however we cannot lose our humanity by treating people like animals.

    • cliff

      israel being a terrorist state??


      look at iran, palestine, etc.

      the people hiding on that floatilla were not peace activists, they were terrorists waiting toambush israel.

      by the way, that ambush was set up by bill ayers, his wife, code pink.
      this group formed the group, free gaza.

      they give thousands of dollars to those terrorists.

      do your research….it’s true..

  • LightsEShadows

    I very like Ron Paul but definitely not on this one. The gaza blockade is necessary for the continuos smuggling of terrorists and weapons into Gaza, things that going to hurt Israel not us in our dining rooms.

  • prayfortruejustice

    U.S. citizen killed in Israeli raid

    A U.S. citizen was among the nine people killed when Israeli commandos raided a flotilla attempting to deliver aid to Gaza, ABC News reports.

    • & is Israel suppose to be our ally? Give me a break! I think that it’s practicing terrorism.

    • cliff

      there are so many ignorant people on this online chat….

      they do not understand israel, the revolunists bill ayers and his group wanting to kill israel, u.s.

      people… your eyes up.

      don’t make your decisions by watching CNN, please…

  • prayfortruejustice

    Next time we’ll use more force’
    By YAAKOV KATZ, AP AND JPOST.COM STAFF 06/01/2010 13:41
    Navy prepares for expected arrival of 2 more activist ships.
    Israel will use more aggressive force in the future to prevent ships from breaking the sea blockade on the Gaza Strip, a top Navy commander told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.
    “We boarded the ship and were attacked as if it was a war,” the officer said. “That will mean that we will have to come prepared in the future as if it was a war.”

  • NMFarrier

    I have to say Ron Paul is wrong on this one… the red cross and many other organizations supply many things to Gaza… Hamas is a terrorist group.. the USA is in war against terrorists… any American supporting terrorists should be charged with treason.

  • NoamTube

    I liked this guy until now. His view on Israel completely turned me off to him. The U.S. should back up the only democratic country in the whole Middle East.

    • erky

      Turkey is a democracy. Their foreign policy reflects the passions of their people. They will not stand by and let 1.5million fellow Muslims suffer.
      When Turkey was less democratic, the generals would never have allowed the flotilla.
      So make up your mind America, do you want democracy in the middle east or not? Or only when it suits you apparently. Ron Paul is right, let people sort out their problems, trade with them and engage them. Business communities are far better at achieving peace than politicians.

  • Nexus974

    I LOVE this guy!!!

  • airborne373

    Israeli’s attacked U.S. Flagged vessels in international water shooting a U.S. National four time in the head.


    Palestine is a concentration camp period. israel are hypocrites. pure lying evil.

    • cliff

      no….you speak untruth.

      Israel is an ally.

  • nt109

    should have sanctions against Israel after all they are the ones in the middle east with the nukes and they are the ones destabilizing the middle east.

  • drywater2k

    A true mark of a politician is a leader and teacher. That is why Ron Paul is so great.

  • kixdirtsevin

    you can not stop what will come we are not as brainwashed and clueless as we once had been .

  • CheekyMonkey888

    Israel, on its own, should thank the US for its support , but politely refuse it, at the same time as insisting that foreign aid to Islamic countries, which is actually greater, also be stopped

    • erky

      Israel gets the same amount of foreign aid as the rest of the world put together. They have 5.6 million people, versus billions in the rest of the world. Not to be insensitive or play into stereotypes, I just don’t see Israeli’s turn down free money, do you?

  • Raimunelar

    Right on Dr. Paul. Hope some clueless/ brainwashed Americans listen to what you just said. $4 Billion plus per yr in foreign aide to Israel.

    • cliff

      if you’re indicating that those who support israel are clueless and brainwashed.

      think again……

      you are one of those who are clueless and brainwashed.

      please stop watching cnn.

      usa must support israel.