Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

This poll is now closed. It was open from June 9 to July 10. The results are as follows:

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (94%, 17,724 Votes)
  • No. (3%, 640 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (1%, 191 Votes)
  • It depends. (explain below) (2%, 327 Votes)

Total Voters: 18,882

  • Doug

    I’d vote for Ron Paul but I’d rather vote for Gary Johnson. Ron Paul should heartily endorse the younger, more charismatic Johnson for President in 2012. Either way though, I’m in.


    • Kathryn Danner

      Gary Johnson is NOT more charismatic than Paul. No one is. Paul is so dynamic and his hands are waving in a passionate rant whenever he speaks! It is crazy and awesome! He FEELS what is wrong with this chaotic and backwards bureacratic corptocracy, and he is URGING Americans to correct the problem! I have never heard a man speak with such passion, and I want him for it! Literally… LOL! I have heard Johnson speak live…he has some great ideas, but all he focuses on is drug legalization, he is not dynamic. Despite its importance, there is more to the liberty movement than that! Take this for being charismatic! “I DON’T want to run the World – the Constitution doesn’t GIVE me the authority to run the world; We OUGHTTA MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS – THAT’S WHAT WE OUGHTTA DO!”

  • GP

    Ron Paul got my vote in 08; and he will get my vote again in two + more years.

  • Citizen

    ALL Freedom loving American Patriots SHOULD vote for Ron Paul

    I will vote for Ron Paul…

    But WE, through the Republican National Convention, need to get him to the Top of The Ticket.

    I agree Judge A. Napolitano would be a great VP!

    MY DREAM TICKET! >>Paul / Napolitano 2012 <<

    Fred the P., who is your dream ticket?
    Sorry, Adolf and Benito aren't available, try another.

    • fred the protectionist

      booooo booooo booooo hissssss boooo, no more free traders, no more guest worker lovers, more more slave labor.

      • SS

        We should get you a larger box to stand on.

        • Citizen

          “larger box to stand on”???

          Maybe IN a box to be “protected” from the Free World!

          We don’t want TAX Slave, we want Free Citizens Fred

          Control the border! Document the Workers!
          Enforce e-verify and punish Employers who hire UN-documented

        • SS

          Aw, come on. I was trying to be troll friendly.

          There has never been more traffic here since the trolls showed up after Paul’s early straw poll victories. Just trying to be a good marketer.

        • fred the protectionist

          You guys live in a dream world. You actively promotea neo-feudalist society where the top 1% own 100%, and the bottom 99% are slaves, and then pretend you’re for the “little guy”.

  • Dr. John

    I voted maybe. Dr. Paul is not a young man and I admire him very much for his unwavering stand on liberty both personal and economic. He is the guiding light of our philosophic and political thought. He may decide due to his age and the travails of campaigning not to pursue the presidency, I would honor that wish and not be one to be overly strident in protesting that decision. I feel there are many that Dr. Paul would trust to endorse as his standard bearer for the cause. I would state Dr. Paul is our guide and follow his wants and recommendation. If he runs then I would support him but we cannot force someone to do our bidding, are we not all agreed that is what we all truly believe?

  • Zaher Ocsi

    Yes, he must run.
    If he choose a young energetic conservative person for VP. As we know Mr. Paul a libertarian. He never win with out the conservatives votes. The best he can do for America in the congress, try to start a third party. If he can put together just about 30 or 40 congressman, and 4 or 5 senator(think about all of those blue dog democrats,and some republicans), that is the only way to turn America back to the constitution. Today even the Tea Party members vote for republicans!?!? If the leaders of the republican party don’t change, nothing going to change. Remember, the republicans loose in 2006 becouse their leaders are the same same anti American trash as the democrats. God Bless

  • danterola

    I agree with Shawn A. If Dr. Paul runs he needs to run as an independent…To many people will immediately dismiss you if you run as a Republican. The independents are the one’s that swing elections, so he should swing them the right way by running without the GOP. The republicans that are true conservatives will seek you out no matter which way you run..

    • Citizen


      Dr Paul needs to be on the Republican ticket, this country does not govern with a “coalition” style.

      We need to purge the Republican party of all those spend thrift RINO element.
      As example South Carolina’s Nikki Haley who displaced the incumbent RINO Republican. People want a CONSERVATIVE in office, not Progressive Liberals.
      People want SMALLER GOVERNMENT, and less intrusion into our lives.

      Support Ron Paul as a REPUBLICAN candidate!

  • cque

    Only if he intends to win this time. Let’s not forget he voted for Obarky, despite the facts. Pink slip for Ron Paul

  • Shawn A

    DR. Paul should run and has a responsibility to run if not then support a candidate that shares his understanding of the constitution which made this country unique! Run Mr. Paul but if you run you should run third party distance yourself completely from the established government democrat republican all a bunch of corporate cock suckers with no care for 80% of working America! Let America hear your message and when they do they will make the right decision. END the FEDERAL RESERVE end the IRS end the DEPT of EDU. Bring this country back to the light of reason. SOUND MONEY SOUND COUNTRY! get rid of the financial elite who have enslaved us all to endless wars and consumerism!!! RON PAUL 2012 GIVE ME FREEDOM OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abso-freakin’-lutely!!!
    Ron Paul is the first politician that I’ve truely respected & supported completely. I’ve especially loved his candidness on Bill Maher’s show. He’s honest, and unfortunately, that may work against his favor in an election, but he has the people’s respect and that matters more in the long term.

    Best of luck to Ron Paul. I’m sure he could be a leader that we can be proud to have.

  • I don’t think Ron Paul should back away from running for President, because he is sincere, always right on the money, and he takes the situation that we’re in real seriously.

  • Danterola

    Is Ron Paul going to take the heat if he runs and wins, and then the economy really gets hit HARD with all of Bush and Obama’s failures snowballing? That is my only concern.
    If the November elections look really good for liberty minded people (for example Rand wins, Sharron Angle beats Harry Reid etc) then I think he should run…if not I think it would be better for him to wait until more people get fed up and then run in 2016. I realize that by waiting the US will probably be Greece by then, but maybe that is what it will take to wake enough people up? Just some thoughts….I really appreciate Dr. Paul though, and all he does for the United States.

    • 1111cb

      and that is why he needs to run. Someone who cares about truth over politics needs to get elected and tell the truth to the American public. They will not like it, but that is what integrity is. That is what Ron Paul has demonstrated by being laughed at all these years as he told the truth. Yes he will be a one term president. But if someone doesn’t get elected with courage, then we may not have a country left to worry about.

  • Boushaki

    Ron Paul will run in 2012 because he knows he has to. He has become a powerful public figure, and he has brought to the table several issues that the status quo believed to be buried for good. His exposure couldn’t have been timed better.

    Whether they hate him or adore him, the whole world will be watching a Ron Paul 2012 Campaign.

  • Peter M.

    Maybe Dr. Paul should stay in the House? He’s definitely made an impact with all the legislation he’s brought up. Choose another liberty minded candidate, and keep him in the House. Or is Dr. Paul our best chance to get a liberty candidate in the Oval Office?

  • Adam Pearlstein

    Ron Paul is the greatest educator of my generation. And I beleive he is extremely effective as a critic, and it’s showing a strong impact on todays political movements. Having said that, we are entering the second great depression, and the only way to get out of it would be to lower taxes, cut spending, and scale back our presence overseas. These are not politically feasable tasks. Therefore, I am skeptical to support Ron Paul for president, because these policies are going to be enacted whether we vote for them or not, and I don’t want the unpopularity of those actions to fall back on capitalism, liberty, and peace. I’m skeptical.

  • John

    No other person in politics has EVER inspired me the way that Ron Paul does. So, yes, Ron Paul should most certainly run for President in 2012. I will support him in every way that I can.

    Judge Andrew Napolitano is my preferred VP for Dr. Paul.

  • Sarah

    He is the only politician that doesnt care about his pocket, he says what he believes in…no matter how it will effect him financially. He stands by the Constatution 100%… he is the ONLY HOPE FOR AMERICA!

    We believe visit his channel on youtube,

    RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • B.D.Harper

    Absolutely, he should.
    Either he wins or I leave the country within the next ten years.
    Remember the mantra of ‘patriots’ regarding the initiation of the Iraq War, “if you don’t like America, then you can get out”?
    Well, I love the U.S. I love it for the Constitution and the upholding of our republic, the sole intention of which is to protect our civil rights.
    But I do NOT love what we’ve done for the past few decades. We have perverted our Constitution, if not completely ignored it in many cases. We no longer even reference this document in legislating. People continue to elect lying fools into office, whose only leadership quality comes from the wealth and catering to private interests they’ve used to become elected.

    I don’t want to be here for the collapse of our monetary system.
    No other prominent politician will try to freeze the value of the dollar – this is absolutely necessary.

    Ron Paul will repeal the Patriot Act. He is one of very few who voted against it.
    He will strengthen our weakened military force, by rescinding troops that are stretched so thin around the world that they cannot protect us adequately.
    He will end and not initiate senseless ‘World Building’ wars that cost us trillions of dollars – wars that do not have the interest of the United States at heart.
    He will work toward abolishing the income tax and the IRS. The income tax is an un-apportioned tax that is not supported by our Constitution.
    He will reform immigration, secure our borders and not provide amnesty under any circumstances.

    He will NOT legislate morality. He won’t take anybody’s rights from them regardless of who they are or where they are from or what they look like.
    He will NOT impose further taxes and regulations on the private citizen or business. The only things we should be regulating are fraud and malpractice.
    He will NOT use preventative force or use war as an instrument of policy.
    He will NOT fool you by declaring openness of policy, then turn around and write a thousand page Keynesian “stimulus” garbage package which is passed before it’s even read.

    Ron Paul is THE ONLY WAY the United States will ever get out of this massive hole. If voters don’t wise up, we will inevitably be screwed. The dollar will crash in the world, and in our weakness – in our inability to pay our debt to the world, we will be picked apart from the outside as the rest of the world feasts on us in relation to the way we have squandered for the last hundred years.

  • rob

    it depends on if rand runs for president or not, if not, than yes!

  • janet

    Ron Paul is too old to be taken seriously as a real candidate.

    • SS

      Aren’t you missing your shows on the WB?

    • Adam Pearlstein


      • SS

        ¿Cuál es el problema?

  • david

    I support former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson over Ron Paul. That being said, I fully support a Libertarian/Liberal Conservative as a candidate over Sarah Palin.

    I would actually probably vote for anyone/anything before I voted for her or anyone sharing her views on what America means, and what direction it should go.