Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

This poll is now closed. It was open from June 9 to July 10. The results are as follows:

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (94%, 17,724 Votes)
  • No. (3%, 640 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (1%, 191 Votes)
  • It depends. (explain below) (2%, 327 Votes)

Total Voters: 18,882

  • Village Idiot.

    We are living in the last days of the Roman Empire. Our boarders are being overrun. We are over taxed. The economy is in shambles. We are fighting wars with no end. Our government is run by people who only answer to Wall Street.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who has any understanding of the damage being done by our incomprehensible debt, our never-ending printing of fiat money, our lax immigration policy and our endless bailouts.

    I fear if we do not elect a reasonable person who has an understanding and willingness to address these problems now, we will eventually elect someone who will take much more drastic measures to make the trains run on time again in the United States.

    Not only is Dr. Paul the best choice for President, he is our only hope.


  • Roger Davies

    I’m remembering, and just looked at the .gov site, the elections of ’00 and ’08. Had the LBT candidate gotten behind Bush, I believe we would not have had such a feasco. I’m just thankful that Nader was in the race. Just imagine what it would have been like if Algore had been in the Oval Office on 9/11.

  • Patrick Carmack

    Reagan was 70-78 when President, and despite many flaws, was probably the best President since Andrew Jackson. Ron is sharp as a tack, and wiser with age, as we all ought to be.

    Edmund Burke, was correct: “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.” It is not necessary for Ron Paul to win – though the rapidly declining economy will also rapidly increase his dedicated base and swing the rest towards him – his message will get vastly more attention and draw more supporters whether he wins or loses. He will also shift the arguments, the debates, in the right direction and off the banksters’ reservation. Perhaps later Rand can carry the torch – a Presidential run by Ron now would aid that too. Virtually no one supports these three wars any longer (Iraq, Afganistan, Terror); Obama is falling like a stone along with the economy; the Republicans in general are completely clueless. Only Ron has the economic solution, the integrity to draw voters, and an established base. He could definitely win in these times.

    So I hope he runs. If he doesn’t there is really no one out there with those advantages, but there are plenty of phonies with false messages and Wall Street money that will run. The times are serious, and as Ron knows without a steady hand at the tiller our Republic could shipwreck. So yes, run Ron!

  • kim segar

    Anyone who thinks Ron Paul or his son is a pussy cat and you are worried about the leftie’s attacks etc. think again. HIs age doesn’t matter, and he is smart as a tac, and is Total Constitutional, Declaration of Independance. Bill of Rights the whole thing that made America great. Some think a third party doesn’t have a chance. but they do.. yet him going on the Rep run, means nothing. they will never influnce him to do wrong , not even a dot or tittle. I look forward to elections. HE WILL WIN. WE WILL drill, we will close the borders and we will bring our troops home. We will again BE A Republic. look up Republic in your dictionaries. then look up Democracy. a Republic votes and Ron Paul will serve US..we the people are the government , remember??? and a Democracy , something the tratiors are selling around the world, is where we vote and the administraion does all they want to and forgets who they are to serve while pocketing our money. Our Constitution one in gov has a right to send one penny to any other nation without our vote much less sale our ports or out source our jobs and leave our borders wide open for Jihad and illegals , it will stop. the fence goes up and anyone who threatens us it will be rewarded by FORCE so the enemy will know they best not try it. We are a Judeo Christian nations, nothing but, and other religions are welcome except the ones who think like Obama we best become muslims and let them take over..NO,,and drill. we can drill and always have CLEAN..and have seven staates that if we drill, no more dam middlle east oil,,and back to 35 cents a gal. and we will become rich again, bring G-d back in our country and throw out the evil, the lawless, godless and those who want to destroy and rule us.. my gosh, even our troops can’t shoot till the enemy shoots at them. hello, so many kill themselves, knowing if the get caught as one muslimis in with every two troops, who wants to have their head cut off, these troops are very young. lets put some of these blow hards on the front lines. WE speak English. take our the dial for one and two and three and G-d knows what else, and remember to thow out illegals, many immigranst are waiting in line and get by passed, you know the ones who love America, and our flag and learned English..they are waiting while all the rest come over with drugs, disease and murder. take the US back this time or kiss it bye, Rone Paul will do it and all the wonderful ladies and gentilment who we know are good and honest. do it today..

  • Scott

    Ron’s age is against him and of course his politics. I do not mean that he would not be physically or mentally capable of the job but the enemies against him from both parties would display such a level of loathing and hate, the likes of which probably had never been seen before in politics. I fear for his emotional, psychological, and physical well being not being able to withstand such an onslaught. And of course, that would be exactly what his seditious opposition would also be out to destroy.

    He is by far the most complete and worthy candidate America’s has but Rand must be moved quickly into the position of relevance his father now has.

  • Rick Sheldon

    Since when are we talking about principle? Why do you believe Ron Paul would give in to the establishment , or to the special interest? I don’t believe he would! If all those who were fed up with the Dems and Repubs voted for Ron Paul plus the Libertarians such as yourself, and the Independents we would have a trusted President who would not owe the special interests, big corporations, big oil, etc. anything but honesty and fairness. We would have our Constitution and Representative Republic back. Unless this is done this way, we are sure to lose our country. I am interested in results.

  • Patrick Connolly

    The Libertarians and Republicans need to vote for the same man or woman. If we divide our votes then Obama could win on minority vote and were done. We must stay united to save Liberty and freedom. If not for us, for our children. Think about it Republican/ Libertarian 60%, divided 39% and 21% leaves Obama at 41%. Our only hope to take the country peacefully is by uniting.

    God Bless and In God we trust.


  • Matthew

    Ron Paul needs to run as a Libertarian.

    This would be the real change that Obama promised. I’m sorry, but voting for Ron Paul as he runs as a Republican is voting for the Republican party (an all their interests) which would put too much influence on how Paul governs his office.

    Come back to the Libertarian Party, please, Dr. Paul.

    • B.D.Harper

      How do you figure?
      Ron Paul has never blindly sided with the republican party.

  • Bob Tallon

    He should run the bottom line is even if he gets 75% of the vote he will not be allowed to be president it does not work that way anymore but it would be worth it to send a stronger message. Wall Street the Congress , Senate , Banking, Corporate
    would never allow the American people to put in a canidate to represent them in a power position. It is foolish to even entertain that the political process allows citizen representation. Sorry folks as much as I would like to see him president it would never be allowed. Sarah Palin could make it she can be bought and sold, power would allow her to be president.

  • Rick

    I would like to see Ron Paul as our next president. I am a practical person and therefore believe Ron Paul should run as a Conservative Republican. The last independent I voted for got us/me Clinton.. I believe the Independents, the Libritarians, the followers of Tea Party are strong enough to put the right people on the Republician ticket… Only then will we be able to take back our country.

  • richard steward

    I would vote for Mr. Paul if he were to change his stance on the war against terrorism, and depending whom is running against him. No way in hell will i vote for the current administration. And it depends on who the GOP back. Pawlenty&Rubio would be a winning ticket

  • Francis

    Of course , if it were up to me alone, I would put Ron Paul in the president’s office immediately; however, it is not up to me. Here are the unfortunate facts (which belong to the American people):
    Because of his mannerisms….looks, speech,voice…..all of which the American people concentrate on too much, he won’t win. Ron’s camp needs to pick a dedicated , true clone of Ron who looks like Clarke Gable or James Dean and who can speak with a beautiful voice. Actually, Rand Paul would do, I believe.
    This point is serious….not a joke because this is why Ron was not elected.

    • Scott

      Ron is not electable because of his politics; which are totally not what the establishment will ever want to come to fruition. It is not because of his looks and speech being the reason even though to the majority of shallow minded voters this may be an issue just like a myriad of others, from health care to abortion. Ron knows his mission and that is to wake the populace up. He can’t do that by being one of 400+ Congressmen making one-liners to the press. If he really wanted to be merely ‘electable’ he would have sold out many of his principles long ago, but his 20+ year congressional voting record truly shows his very, very rare honest, liberty minded, consistent, and constitutional ethics. If the USA had a 100 million of him with his drive, ethics, and libertarian knowledge, this country would be the envy of the world economically and once again truely FREE!

    • B.D.Harper

      To the contrary, people thought Obama was some kind of messiah. I mean, he’s attractive, well spoken, seemingly “has a plan” and delivers campaign slogans like he’s been training for years.

      They won’t vote on looks next time. They’ll vote on issues like health care, deficit spending, and war, and increasingly we’re becoming interested in the honesty and integrity of our candidates. This will give Paul a tremendous leg up – Obama has fallen through on everyone one of his promises – the Democrats hardly even like the guy anymore, because he hasn’t fulfilled his promises to them.
      Face it, the ticket in the general election is going to be Obama (D), and Paul (R).
      Obama can talk all the game he wants, but people are going to look at what they’ve done, not what they’ve said. They said before about Obama, “He hasn’t really done anything yet, let’s give him a chance.” When they see he hasn’t done anything after four years at the highest office in the U.S. they’ll no longer have that excuse.

  • Linda Bell

    Corruption is so horrific in D.C. Ron Paul would not even stand a chance. What are people thinking of. There is no way he would even have a slim chance of changing ANYTHING. Come on…he has said on numerous occasions that giving talks around the country is the best way to reach the people.

  • Kale R.

    This poll is stupid, as were the last ‘Should Ron run for President’ polls. The results here are obviously going to show a huge number of positive votes.. this is like me putting a poll on asking if you like cheeseburgers.

    Don’t get me wrong, I voted yes and totally support Ron Paul.. but I mean, who else is honestly taking this poll seriously?

    • B.D.Harper

      I like the discussion it inspires.

  • David

    Well I want to see Ron Paul for our president in 2012 as well, for the simple reason that he is the single and only one in our political system who has come out on the right side of freedom on every issue, and for the benefit of the American People. The simple fact of the matter is though, that unless we as a population take this matter into our own hands and take some tangible mass action to make this happen, we will have no more chance of voting for him in 2012 than we did the last time around. This is simply due to the fact that the American political system is owned and controlled lock stock and barrel by America’s banking system and anyone who thinks that we actually have a democracy here is an absolute fool. Yeah, you all get to vote, but they choose who you can vote for, and short of mass action by America’s entire population this is not going to change, ever !.

    I was watching the straw polls prior to the last presidential election and Ron Paul was coming in with over 40% of the popular support, which was more than 3 times that of any of the other candidates. The Republican party knew full well that if they had run him for president they would have won the greatest landslide victory in American history, with full control of both the senate and congress. The Republican party was told by the banks however that they were going to throw the election rather than let him run, and that’s exactly what they did, and with the Banks manipulation of the media during the presidential debates, most of the sheep were not even aware he was a candidate even though he hung in right till the very end.

    A country and economy simply cannot sustain itself when the majority of its productive effort is being bled off by parasites who contribute nothing to it, and it has long been past the point where they are consuming our sustenance faster than we can create it. Short of mass action by America’s population to destroy America’s banking system and restore a government and economic system by and for the people, America will not survive beyond the next couple of years, if we even have that long. Until this is done, everything else which is being discussed here is a moot point, and if anyone here actually wants to elect Ron Paul for our president, and does not want to wake up homeless in the land that their fathers conquered within the next very short while, then this has to be accomplished first, and you will have to do it as the politicians “they” elected on your behalf never will.

    We’re trying to get something like this organized on the sound money blog, so if anyone agrees, then get on there and help is try to make it happen. Contribute if you like, and if not, then just scroll back through the many posts there and start forwarding the ones you like to the people on your email lists and let them circulate. Once people have been exposed to enough information that they have figured out whats been done to them, we can propose a plan of action.

    • fred the protectionist

      “I was watching the straw polls prior to the last presidential election and Ron Paul was coming in with over 40%…”

      Just like 2007 straw polls.

  • TDizzle

    I say don’t run. Continue to be the influence you are. Keep the pressure on.

    • B.D.Harper

      Presidents are able to create more pressure through addressing the congress. They don’t have their time nearly as limited, and can basically drone on with political speak forever. He wouldn’t do this, but just the ability to address issues to congress directly at length and be nationally televised and listened to by most people would help tremendously.

  • Ross

    I had my doubts a year ago,but now is your time. You are but of a few who have the integrity,courage and wisdom to stop this insanity.We are headed for a global war unless people like you, take the reins and stop these lunatics driven by an egotisical lust for power.

    Meglomanics like Hitler abound across all societies.They are nothing special.They will destroy themselves and us to achieve their aims.

    We must all stand up and stop these madmen from creating war and chaos.

  • jim

    Just my 2 cents from afar. I’d like to see Ron Paul run again. I posted before I’d like to see Ralph Nader as his running mate. I got voted down on that idea on a previous blog. But hear me out. He is a progessive that believes in the constitution and doesn’t believe in foreign intervention. He doesn’t believe in goverment subsidies. He is totally against the FED. In the big areas they are generally the same. (I know healthcare is a big exception. But if you listen to Ralph talk there is no BS … same as our main man Dr. Paul. And he also speaks using historical instances as examples. He too is an educated morally centered man.)

    With this ticket the Bill Maher’s of the world couldn’t be screaming,”RIGHT WINGED, TEA BAGGING, CHRISTAIN, CAPITILALIST KOOKS” all the time. And both could browbeat anyone they had to debate. It’d be fun to watch.

    • fred the protectionist

      Apparently you haven’t been watching the Rachel Maddow show, on Rand Paul.

      You know, the lesbian on MSNBC? MSNBC….2 girls going at it…

  • Adam Pearlstein

    There are so many hypocrites on here. You don’t even get the philosophy, if all you want to do is smoke pot and be safe then move to the Netherlands. You do not understand the principles of liberty. Don’t silence anyone, don’t tell them how to think. Ron Paul is my hero, and being a unquestionably loyal fan is contradictory to the philosophy. Question authority, and question those questioning authority. Because that is the message. A beleif in ideas, not people.

  • Adam Pearlstein

    We need to vote strategically. Keep the establishment in office, let them freeze spending, let them raise taxes, let them fail in their search for empire. Then big government, and socialism will get the same reputation communism has today. Vote on history. If Ron Paul is in office, then the natural correction the economy so desperately needs WILL be blamed on too much liberty. Suffocate the establishment! Do you think Spectar was expecting to get reelected? They want to leave office! Suffocate the establishment at their own game.

    For Liberty

    • Citizen


      Evil wins when good men do nothing!!! We can not afford to let them hang themselves, they will hand us with them.

      Suicide Politics with Barack the O’Bomber as fearless leader.

      • Adam Pearlstein

        To Citizen,

        Fair Enough. I couldnt agree more. Promoting liberty does a number on you though, its all I think about, and sometimes it gets so frustrating you want to just say to people. “ok, I’m wrong, have fun.” But your right its not worth giving up the fight for. Imagine arguing with someone who want to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, and heal the sick, and your over there trying to explain to them how unemployment can be a GOOD thing, and wanting to be the richest man in the world can be a compassionate dream. It’s difficult! Because no matter how many times their proven wrong, and no matter how many times we are justified, the pendulum always swings, and the opposition is nevery loyal. But I’m with you buddy, I consider everbody on this page to be a friend, and I’m looking forward to fighting the good fight with all of you.