253 responses to “Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?”

  1. Richard

    I’d like to see Ron Paul where he can be most effective. I don’t know if he’s got the showmanship to get elected for president, but if running gets his message out to more people, then I’m all for it. Good Luck!!


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  2. Wuzzy Warbler

    Palin is dumb as a rock and would be led around by the same corporatists as McCain, Obama, Clinton, Bush.
    For the time being we must narrow our focus, we have to get past the world trade center and other false flag operations. The first step to revealing the truth is to get people into congress and the senate who understand the money scam of the world bankers. Then get someone to run for president that also knows the scam with Ron Paul as Chief of Staff or in the Cabinet. If Ron Paul runs for president I don’t think he’ll make it alive. If “they” have gotten away with the world trade center do you think “they’ll” let Ron Paul become president? We have to start with congress and the senate.

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  3. Ron Loeber

    “It matters not who we vote for, but rather who counts the votes”. This becomes even more important with today’s electronic pre-programable voting machines. If Ron Paul is going to make a serious run for President, he must be prepared to challange the vote count… otherwise he should stay home and not waste our time.

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  4. Danno

    I remember the year 1989 when my long lost friend and I reunited at a phoeni, Arizona poolside and we were talking about his past political expjloits. “politics is a dirty business”, he said and we laughed. But today, after the corrupt 90’s that led directly to the still uninvestigated 9/11 attacks, all the government abuse that followed and our present debt difficulties under the Obamabots it is not only a dirty business it is no laughing matter.
    Run for President Congressman and all of the modern Americans who would have gladly fought at the Alamo will come to your support in droves.


    Book em’ Danno, Murder One.

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  5. Jeff

    I think Sarah Palin should go away. She supports McCain for senate again. Yes, Open borders McCain who supported the bailout, TARP and amnesty. He is Sarah Palin’s idea of a good senator. GO AWAY SARAH !

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  6. cecil

    to prepare the way for honest men like ron paul, we must continue to build an informed electrate. also we need to end the control of candidates after they are elected and arrive in washington. they are treatened by party leaders that if they will not support the party cacus they will not receive party support for re-election.before we vote party establisment state only canidates who who support party above country loyality. others receive no party money or exposure .when both parties do this you only get to vote for the same-same rather than constitutional conservates who will pruvide real solutions. for this real it is vital that we vet and select only men who put country above p rty. this why the establishment fear an awaken public. ron paul is real but we must roll up our sleeves are build an informed electrate to support real americans after they are elected. it will take time but with men like ron paul we will again becme a constitutional republic.

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  7. Thomas Wilson

    I’ve been a Ron Paul fan, fairly recently compared to partisans that have known of him for years. I voted for him in the Republican Primary in 08, and I think that Palin would make a good VP candidate. Now, don’t go and say “She’s a loser, or a jinx,” She was John McCain’s running mate. Personally, I don’t think that he gave everything to the election that he could have. Perhaps even “taking a dive,” as some have asserted. Whether McCain threw the election in 2008, is a moot point now. We’ve seen the “Change we can’t believe in.” SOCIALISM. I say that a Paul/Palin ticket, would be extremely formidable, and is worthy of our consideration. Without a doubt Sarah Palin, has her detractors, but she’s a force to be reckoned with. Personally I think it would be a stronger ticket than what ran for the GOP in 2008. We, American Citizens deserve better. It’s not going to happen if we pick the “same old, same old.” Many would cite Dr Paul’s age. I challenge the falsity of this assertion, when we consider the relative ages, of the two house leaders, Harry Reid, is 70 something. And Nancy Pelosi just turned 70, recently. Ronald Reagan was the oldest sitting president when elected in 1980 at 69. SO, it has a precedent. In summation, it’s about fielding the strongest ticket possible, not what we personally think of the two of them. They’ve got a lot of expertise between the two of them. No doubt, some Palin partisans would say she’s the one with more executive experience. TRUE, no argument there. HE”S the ONE, with the economic acumen, and historical perspective that we need. And that trumps any amount of executive expertise. Because we’re headed for the worst period in America’s Economic History, we need a man with the fiduciary will, to lead and make the tough decisions.

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  8. cyndi Shisara Feigenbaum

    I must say I agree as a libertarian with Ron Paul. His emphasis on the war on terror and foreign policy bringing the troops home ending the security state first. How can you not love Ron Paul!!!!! Endless war. The war on poverty, the war on drugs, the cold war, dessert storm, covert action wars, nation building, the war on terror. When will it end? Been a libertarian since 1988 or perhaps earlier. Well America is waking up. Obama woke me up. Ron Paul woke me up. Murray Rothbard woke me up. Michael Badnarik woke me up. We are change.org woke me up. Alex Jones woke me up. Out of my mental sleep. Yes it is hard to see for many that we do better with little to no government! Choose Freedom. Why can’t we all wake up! Ron Paul is a mental giant would can destroy Obama Geithner and rest of them in a debate. We are maybe perhaps there is a chance that America will wakeup!

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  9. Manuel

    Ron Paul should run , I will vote for him, I believe america need a president like Him , i dislike that idea that maybe Palin run, we need flesh idea and somebody willing to do the correct thing to america.

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  10. Olga

    I have faith in Ron Paul. He brings out things, when he speaks in Congress
    that no other politicians think of. He knows his history and the outcomes. He
    doesn’t want bad decisions to surface again. He seems like he strongly wants
    this country back on its feet, again as the NO. 1 NATION IN THE WORLD.
    Only 1 thing. He wants no government. Does that mean that the “Powers to
    Be” have no rules to follow? I know they don’t follow them now. But we should
    have government departments like a trusting FDA, etc. Also Ron Paul will fail,
    like Carter had no backing in Washington, if the same ones are in Congress.

    NowI guess I sound a little selfish. I would rather keep Jan Brewer in Az. She is doing great for this messed up state.

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  11. Bink

    I can’t think of a better man for the job, but I can’t think of a worse situation for him personally. Without constitutional support from other Congressional and Senatorial members I am afraid he would be overwhelmed by the existing corporate fascist who would make a case of his inability to fix what they are hell bent on destroying. He would be there example of why our Constitution is outdated and used to continue there scheme with Ron’s scape goat blood as proof. It is fanciful to think about Ron as president until you realize the vastness and power the corporate globalists now hold. Remember Kennedy and how quickly they got rid of him. We must have others to gird him up and support him in OUR fight to retain OUR republic. What are YOU doing to help the cause? Support your local constitutional interlopers with finances and your labor if you want liberty for yourself and your progeny. Get off your ass and do something!

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    1. pam

      “If you want to know who is going to change this country, go home and look in the mirror”- Maude Barlow

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  12. Rocky Venti

    If Jan Brewer from Arizona or Sharon Angle don’t run for President in 2012 I will be glad to vote for Ron Paul again. Ron Paul will NOT draw as many people as Sarah Palin. Everyone should read her book before they pass judgement on the woman. obama had zero experience and he won a job he is incapable of handling. Maybe between the four people I mention here we can get a candidate card that will appeal to all people. i.e. Tea Party members….

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  13. Carolyn M

    The most pressing problem of the day is fiscal irresponsibility. I would vote for the person most likely to aggressively address this issue. As of today, that is Mr. Paul. No Sarah Palen, please. As much as I admire her approach, she did not fare well with Republican supporters due to her lack of experience/knowledge on important issues.

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  14. Jeff B.--

    Gary Johnson should run in 2012. I think he would have a better shot — executive experience, conservative record, articulate, not hated by the Republican base.

    That said, Ron Paul would be a great Vice President. And like Sarah Palin did for McCain, he’d draw people to Johnson’s rallies.

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    1. Samael

      For those who would question Dr. Paul’s ability to lead this nation citing execute experience and all the other qualifications so often looked for in a President, haven’t we had enough of the same thing? All these other presidents have had some form of executive experience and yet look where they’ve landed us. You would have a proponent of major corporations in the Oval Office instead of a proponent of the people. This government is for the people, by the people, of the people not corporations. We need a normal person in the Oval Office. Someone who relates to the common man. Someone who understands the plight of the average citizen.

      As for those talking about left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, did you ever listen to yourself? It is not about those things. They have absolutely NOTHING to do with America. What does matter is the People. We, the people, have gotten so wrapped up in the paradigm of party based politics that we have forgotten the real reason our government exists. Open your eyes and pay attention to the real issues.

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      1. Carolyn M

        Samael, you are correct that parties are not the important issue, however, the reality is that you need the support of people who identify themselves as Democrat, Republican, or other. Mr. Paul would first have to deal with the policits of getting elected before he can serve the public.

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      2. Jeff B.

        Samael, You didn’t mention Gary Johnson at all. What disqualifies him from being a good President?

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  15. Deborah

    Maybe now that Americans have smelled the stench of tyranny, they will recognize that we need Ron Paul to step in……..do a major house cleaning, End The Fed, abolish the IRS and restore our republic. Pray for America people!

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  16. Brent

    Ron Paul is an all around great guy. He is a credit to the human race; rational, courageous and civilized. I sometimes wonder if the guy is just too good for government work. If he thinks he can do something, great, but whoever gets the presidency next is going to inherit what I fear will be an impossible job and will get all the blame for not being able to fix it. Oscar Wilde once said, “nothing was ever accomplished by a reasonable man”. Good luck, Paul, you will need it!

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  17. Patriots Network

    No matter what the outcome he ALWAYS speaks the truth.That might be the thing to keep him from the presidency.To many of us don’t know what liberty is,maybe they will before time runs out.

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  18. Bill

    I would only vote for Ron Paul if I truly believe he is the right candidate and it is too early in the campaign to know that yet. I will make a determination after
    I hear all of the issues and all of the proposals.

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  19. Tom Adams

    I am right wing and have been since the first Bush. I am sick and tired of deceit in our government. If our congress and senate are mostly christian then why is there so much corruption. I do not agree with everything Ron Paul represents but he seems to represent all Americans not just republicans. I never realized what a constitutionalist was until I discovered Ron Paul. I will vote for the person and not the party. I don’t care which party he runs with, he has my vote. As a anti-republican I think this man should be my next president.

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  20. Grama Ahbee

    I would love nothing more than to see Ron Paul run … and win … which I think he would. But I am also scared that he would end up like JFK !!!

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  21. Charlie E

    I am a disillusioned and disheartened democrat and after 8 years of W, can’t stomach the thought of voting for a republican either. I will vote for Ron Paul, he is the only person I will vote for.

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  22. steven

    ron, i would love to see a man; who represents the freedoms that has been written on, by such men like: thomas jefferson, patrick henry, james madison, benjamin franklin, ect…….

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  23. George Harrington

    The ability to prepare with insightful knowledge to our current problems will determine if he is capable to run. ie-debt, crossing the border, states rights etc. Then there is the problem of the inherent third party of corporations/special interests…who should be a fundamental part of the decision making process yet carry either a no vote or become a third branch of the government process. What about the current electoral process which is not representative of current populations. I have had no input for current candidates in NY which is disgusting and it was done behind closed doors by special selected people of like mind..sound familiar.

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  24. kevin

    Why on earth would Libertarians and Republicans team up? They are almost polar opposites.

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  25. Freedom4America

    HELL yes Dr. Ron Paul MUST run in 2012!!

    Don’t forget to watch Freedom Watch on June 12th starting at 10:00am EST on Fox Business Network.

    Will also be re-broadcast at 8pm EST as well as on Sunday, June 13th, at 8pm and 11pm EST.


    Dr. Ron Paul/Dr. Rand Paul 2012

    “ONLY Doctors WILL HEAL America”

    “Switch to Gold, the Fed WILL Fold”

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  26. felliottlong

    If Dr. Paul and the Palinists unite, God help the cause of liberty. Ron Paul is a paragon of advocacy for freedom, thus, justice for all. Those other pukes are are plutocrats, as absent of intelligence as they are devoid of soul.
    God Save These United States,

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  27. IWGJ

    We all would be extremely fortunate to have such a patriot and honest man as President. I’m not sure it would be so fortunate for Dr. Paul to be saddled with this position. The campaign itself would be huge undertaking, but, he obviously does not mind a good fight. He seems to be in excellent physical condition. The timing is perfect for his message , with the world economy collapsing, the ridiculous expansion of the military and world governance. Of course, he is probably discouraged no one listened earlier. With the inevitable monetary collapse and the expansion of government by 2012, the Executive Branch won’t have much left to work with by then.

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  28. Samael

    I would love to see Dr. Paul run in the next Presidential Election. I would gladly vote for him then as I did in 2008. Dr. Paul is one of a very select few politicians who seem to truly care about our nation and its well-being. So few politicians remember whom they actually work for and forget that they are merely employees of the People. Unfortunately, so few people realize that they are the boss of this enterprise that is the United States of America and thus they never utilize the power that they have. The politicians have only the power we give them or in today’s age the power we let them take from us. A great evil is upon this nation and this era… it is not from foreign threats but from within. This evil is complacency and ignorance. The people have grown ignorant about the role of the Federal government and have allowed themselves to become complacent when it comes to what that government does. Dr. Ron Paul is perfectly suited to cure the disease that is complacency and ignorance in this nation. He has the right tools, knowledge, and skill to restore this nation on the course the Founding Fathers intended. Supported by the enlightened public and a small cadre of fellow leaders, like his own son, Dr. Paul will turn this nation into a shining light for the world to see. I pray that he is employed in the Oval Office before this flickering candle that is our current nation extinguishes.

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    1. S.D

      Well put, Samael. Too bad Ron Paul is not well known, and people are too ignorant to understand he is the only candidate willing to address the real problems we have, the others only talk about what people want to hear.

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  29. John

    @ Roger Pervere – The news was never intended to be a reliable source of education to the masses. Thomas Jefferson said “Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.” and it remains true to this day with televised news. If people wish to be educated they have to do it themselves. The press exists as a group incentivized by cash to blow the whistle on things. It is the public which makes news stations popular by contributing viewership, not the news stations that educate the public to view the correct things. Education grows from the ground up.

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  30. Roger Pervere

    If Ron Paul is to win we have to get the Major News Media out of the Zionists/Communist hands and get real factual news reporting. The News Media in the United States is run just like they were run in the old Soviet Union. The people never got the truth. When was the last time that anyone heard news from South Africa or Zimbowie where over 1500 white farmers and their families have been killed and taken over by those that either don’t know how to farm or are to lazy!!!

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  31. Village Idiot.

    We are living in the last days of the Roman Empire. Our boarders are being overrun. We are over taxed. The economy is in shambles. We are fighting wars with no end. Our government is run by people who only answer to Wall Street.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who has any understanding of the damage being done by our incomprehensible debt, our never-ending printing of fiat money, our lax immigration policy and our endless bailouts.

    I fear if we do not elect a reasonable person who has an understanding and willingness to address these problems now, we will eventually elect someone who will take much more drastic measures to make the trains run on time again in the United States.

    Not only is Dr. Paul the best choice for President, he is our only hope.

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  32. Roger Davies

    I’m remembering, and just looked at the .gov site, the elections of ’00 and ’08. Had the LBT candidate gotten behind Bush, I believe we would not have had such a feasco. I’m just thankful that Nader was in the race. Just imagine what it would have been like if Algore had been in the Oval Office on 9/11.

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  33. Patrick Carmack

    Reagan was 70-78 when President, and despite many flaws, was probably the best President since Andrew Jackson. Ron is sharp as a tack, and wiser with age, as we all ought to be.

    Edmund Burke, was correct: “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.” It is not necessary for Ron Paul to win – though the rapidly declining economy will also rapidly increase his dedicated base and swing the rest towards him – his message will get vastly more attention and draw more supporters whether he wins or loses. He will also shift the arguments, the debates, in the right direction and off the banksters’ reservation. Perhaps later Rand can carry the torch – a Presidential run by Ron now would aid that too. Virtually no one supports these three wars any longer (Iraq, Afganistan, Terror); Obama is falling like a stone along with the economy; the Republicans in general are completely clueless. Only Ron has the economic solution, the integrity to draw voters, and an established base. He could definitely win in these times.

    So I hope he runs. If he doesn’t there is really no one out there with those advantages, but there are plenty of phonies with false messages and Wall Street money that will run. The times are serious, and as Ron knows without a steady hand at the tiller our Republic could shipwreck. So yes, run Ron!

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  34. kim segar

    Anyone who thinks Ron Paul or his son is a pussy cat and you are worried about the leftie’s attacks etc. think again. HIs age doesn’t matter, and he is smart as a tac, and is Total Constitutional, Declaration of Independance. Bill of Rights the whole thing that made America great. Some think a third party doesn’t have a chance. but they do.. yet him going on the Rep run, means nothing. they will never influnce him to do wrong , not even a dot or tittle. I look forward to elections. HE WILL WIN. WE WILL drill, we will close the borders and we will bring our troops home. We will again BE A Republic. look up Republic in your dictionaries. then look up Democracy. a Republic votes and Ron Paul will serve US..we the people are the government , remember??? and a Democracy , something the tratiors are selling around the world, is where we vote and the administraion does all they want to and forgets who they are to serve while pocketing our money. Our Constitution says..no one in gov has a right to send one penny to any other nation without our vote much less sale our ports or out source our jobs and leave our borders wide open for Jihad and illegals , it will stop. the fence goes up and anyone who threatens us it will be rewarded by FORCE so the enemy will know they best not try it. We are a Judeo Christian nations, nothing but, and other religions are welcome except the ones who think like Obama we best become muslims and let them take over..NO,,and drill. we can drill and always have CLEAN..and have seven staates that if we drill, no more dam middlle east oil,,and back to 35 cents a gal. and we will become rich again, bring G-d back in our country and throw out the evil, the lawless, godless and those who want to destroy and rule us.. my gosh, even our troops can’t shoot till the enemy shoots at them. hello, so many kill themselves, knowing if the get caught as one muslimis in with every two troops, who wants to have their head cut off, these troops are very young. lets put some of these blow hards on the front lines. WE speak English. take our the dial for one and two and three and G-d knows what else, and remember to thow out illegals, many immigranst are waiting in line and get by passed, you know the ones who love America, and our flag and learned English..they are waiting while all the rest come over with drugs, disease and murder. take the US back this time or kiss it bye, Rone Paul will do it and all the wonderful ladies and gentilment who we know are good and honest. do it today..

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  35. Scott

    Ron’s age is against him and of course his politics. I do not mean that he would not be physically or mentally capable of the job but the enemies against him from both parties would display such a level of loathing and hate, the likes of which probably had never been seen before in politics. I fear for his emotional, psychological, and physical well being not being able to withstand such an onslaught. And of course, that would be exactly what his seditious opposition would also be out to destroy.

    He is by far the most complete and worthy candidate America’s has but Rand must be moved quickly into the position of relevance his father now has.

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