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  1. Eric

    I am an independent who leans to the left only because I feel the people propping up the Republican Party care more about corporate interest than genuine American progression. However, I think if Mr. Paul could keep his and his buddies hands out of the corporate cookie jar, then he would be the best leader this country could have by a huge margin. He would be a two-term president, a lot of Democrats would become Republicans, and I would have my faith restored in the American system.

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  2. AK

    Ron Paul MUST run in 2012. If he doesn’t run, we’re sc***d. Its scary what is out there, fighting to get into the White House. I think Ron Paul is not interested in the power but he is genuinely interested in improving his country. Ron Paul is a true American, in the most positive way, in the way America became the great nation it was, but is no more. He’s our modern day Abe Lincoln or George Washington. He is the only one I can think of who deserves his seat in congress.

    Unfortunately I don’t have voting rights, although I spent 90% of my life in the U.S. I am worried about the future of ‘my’ country. I think Ron Paul is the only hope left for America. His understanding of foreign policy is also excellent, a very important quality for a politician and which few in Washington possess.

    Americans have to be extremely cautious who they vote for next. The U.S. will become a third world country within the next 30 years if people are not careful, and don’t make more effort to understand what the candidate they vote for stand for.

    On that note, I simply can’t believe I am supporting a republican!…


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  3. Brenda tylor

    We would like to have Ron Pauls Yard Sins, please. We are for Ron and he is all that we have left to stop this Gov.

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  4. Steven Smith

    Ron, America needs you, we need a nation that upholds the constitution and doesnt keep secrets from the people. With the last 2 disasters in the house and now Obongo, our nation needs some major work. Your popularity really is increasing. With you in the office, how can we fail?

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  5. Darius

    Ron Paul,

    Get your act together! The World NEEDS YOU!! The world and America need a president who walks his talk and NOT one who promises people to do certain things, only to realize afterwards that he does the exact opposite, like we have it now.

    My mother always told me,

    “Be a man of actions, not just of words…” and I know that YOU are such a man!
    You’re honest and you fight for peoples’ rights, instead of being a puppet by the corrupt bankers cartel who stands behind of the past governments.

    The world needs a REVOLUTION, a revolution of LOVE and Ron Paul is the man!

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  6. Manuel Ferrer

    If i were you i´d vote for Ron Paul, i´d like to have someone like him in my country, Spain, but all our politicians are less intelligent than a fly and they don´t have principles.

    Be intelligent, don´t trust anyone and vote what you think is better for your country not what is better for you, keep yourself reported, listen to the candidates, watch their videos on internet, read about them and think about your government´s behaviour during the last decades… i´m afraid it´s too late for us but you ´re still in time… keep awake!

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  7. Steve

    This should be a shoe-in. Congressman Paul is exactly what real Republicans and real-moderate middle of the road Democrats want but noone in those parties will have the guts to nominate him or elect him since most people vote like drones

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    1. fred the protectionist

      Libertarians are not Real Republicans, they stand for the exact opposite of what Real Republicans stand for. Go back to the Democratic Party, slaver and pervert.

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      1. Samael

        @fred the protectionist – So what you are saying then is that “Real Republicans” advocate the revocation of individual freedoms and liberty, big government, and a welfare state? Libertarianism is advocacy for individual liberty, minimal Federal Government, strong state governments, and is considered to be centrist politically therefore neither republican nor democrat. This philosophy coincides with what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin and so many other of our Founding Fathers believed in. Thus, by your own declaration, “Real Republicans” are against every principle this country was founded on. If I were you, I’d be careful where I went trolling.

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  8. Jo Jo

    I believe that to restore our republic we will have to start by getting involved with our local communities. Although Ron Paul would represent the Executive Branch beautifully. We have to take back our local precincts, revoke the 17th amendment and get our states sovereign again. Without the strength to nullify the Federal government and whittle it down to size, Ron Paul will not have much to represent. This would mean everyone would have to turn off their T.V’s and get to know their neighbors. Washington should be answering to our Independent States, not the other way around. Take responsibility, organize and nullify unconstitutional laws or lose your liberty and property. They will take it, even with Ron Paul as President.

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  9. adrian

    you really think that ron paul will ever be president? naive americans… even if by some remote chance, he’ll get there what makes you think he won’t be assasinated just like kennedy if he doesn’t play by the rules..the average american has no idea about the real distribution of power in their country and i don’t really think they even care that much. as seen from abroad, your country looks more and more like post-depressionist 1929-1933 germany. nevertheless, i pray for ron paul and hope he will eventually change your mentality and put an end to your arrogant & deceiving wars against so called ‘terrorism’.

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  10. jason evans

    Ron should run in 2012, but not waste money, because i don’t want him to become a pattsy presedent like all the others, but i do like the recognition he gets just for running. . . i mean, look what it did for that idiot, Hillary.

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    I shoulf be on your campaign committee. we need our mairanda rights back in our constitution.

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  12. Jose

    We really need an American President;

    We really need an American President.
    Someone to reorder the Washington Central Government back to being a representative American Government. Ethnocentrics do not a representative government make, ditto for monied lobby groups.Ron correctly states American Foreign Policy is an abject failure making more enemies for the United States, then friends.Ron has 26 votes in this American family..

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  13. manny

    I am 45, and have never voted or even registered to vote at any time in my life. if Dr. Paul runs in 2012. I will be the first to vote for him!
    Take back our country! Enough with this BS!

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    1. Chris

      It is because people like you refuse to do your one and only civic duty of voting, that we end up in the mess we have. Every vote counts every time.

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  14. SELLS

    The last time he ran they wouldn’t allow him to continue the debates (unless he changes his views), that loop hole show me that the process has a hidden hand.
    What will be different this time.
    We first need to address the problem that resulted in DR.Paul dismissal.

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    1. Forest

      “We first need to address the problem that resulted in DR.Paul dismissal.”

      You mean, other than the fact that he came across as batsh*t crazy? Use Rand Paul as your 2010 equivalent – he won’t even open his mouth in public if it isn’t scripted anymore – see a pattern?

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  15. Anton Parnassus

    I would only vote for Ron Paul if he ran, say, against Palin or Satan, Prince of Darkness. So it does depend.

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  16. leftovervictim

    I made a Ron Paul Revolution 2012 banner the other day and hung it at busy intersection next to us-1 so everybody would see it, I think everybody should do the same, Make some stencils and spray paint some banners and hang them around your towns. Spread the truth people, Dont just sit back now and wait, get inspired and go Hang Some Ron Paul Revolution 2012 Signs!! Knowledge is power, We The People will take our government back in 2012!

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    1. Forest

      “take our government back in 2012!”

      Ahhh, yes… That ol slogan. You mean, Paulians and his white, older, ‘Mericans will take it from those… White, older, ‘Mericans.

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  17. Hawk Yoho

    I voted the last time.
    Elections seem to be fixed.
    I pray that you run, we need an HONEST man .

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  18. ben

    How about Ron Paul for president with Rand for vice pres? I cant wait to buy my Paul Paul 2012 bumper sticker, haha.

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  19. Vince

    I’m a huge Ron Paul fan, but I voted “no”. Not only that, but I think he should only serve one more term in Congress. I know I just angered many of you, but let me explain the strategy.

    At this point, Ron Paul would be more effective OUT of Congress than he would be IN Congress. Can you imagine what it would be like if Ron Paul had the time to tour the country with Campaign For Liberty, inspiring people to come out and get involved? Furthermore, every liberty-oriented group in the country (Mises, FFF.org, Reason, FEE.org, RLC.org, Free State Project, probably Cato, etc.) would want to be a part of his tour also. These other groups would add even more strength to his objective.

    Many of you have probably received e-mails and letters from the good Dr. asking for money for his new project. He wants to focus all of our time, energy, and money on 10 winnable Congressional races. This is politically smart because the liberty movement has very limited time, energy, and money (sorry, it’s true. Try to run a local, pro-liberty group, get people to come out, and raise money. It’s damn near impossible.).

    Anyway, I could go on, but you get the idea. Imagine Ron Paul spending his time working towards getting 10 Ron Paul’s in Congress? Every 2 years we’d have 10 more Ron Paul’s in Congress!

    I love Ron Paul with all my heart. I gave time, energy, and money to Ron Paul 2008. I continue to give it with many liberty groups. He has changed my life forever. But I don’t think he should run for president in 2012. At this point in his career, he’s popular enough to do more for liberty out of Congress than in.

    However, if he were to run in 2012, you can bet I’d stand by his side. I’d give my life for Ron Paul.

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  20. Ken

    It depends on if he does the right things after he becomes president. What he stands for today is awesome but my question is will he remain that way after lobbyists start their persuasions. The problem starts when the hard working intelligent (rationally thinking) American begins to become mistreated. Who in their right minds want to work for minimum wage? I’m talking about the one’s who bust their ass to take care of their families and can’t even afford vacations without worrying about if they can get the money back. I know everything isn’t about money but people need health care and a proper diet (not canned foods and processed meat). When those things become hard to get it’s time for a change. Robert, I agree with you because a lot of people act like animals and destroy themselves and their own community. You give them something and they tear it apart. Why? because of lack of education, you have Muslims who think it is ok to kill you if you do not serve their god and you think that doesn’t need to be controlled? Like Robert said, some need to be controlled. Too many(even in our own government) value material things and forget about the young ones that are struggling to establish themselves in this current money stealing economic climate. I have a car and after I pay my car insurance, gas for work and eat a proper diet, I’m near broke. Something needs to be done and FAST. Career politicians need to be removed and there should be caps on salaries and length of terms that people serve. We also should impeach the president we have now. I’m done for now.

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    1. Jacob

      Dr. Paul would face one problem if elected, and that would be the threats of the powerful… Ron Paul has not sold out EVER in his career as a politician… That is why they will never allow him to be elected. If you even think for a second that lobbyists would stand a chance at corrupting him, then you don’t know him.

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  21. Dustin

    I voted it depends because it depends on if Rand Paul runs :D

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  22. Der Rot Baron

    Ron Paul should run for president in 012 if he decides not to run on either of the two major parties tickets, ie if he runs as an independent, or creates another party, or joins another party, and develops a sane policy platform and ticket. He should run, but not as a republican. Dr Pisstoff

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  23. Samael

    “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others that have been tried.” -Thomas Jefferson

    “No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” -Winston Churchill

    Democracy is government by the people. When was the last time the people mattered? The majority of the people didn’t want the health care bill. It passed. The Federal Reserve does not answer to the people in any way. The bailouts were not wanted by the majority of the people, but those passed too. Our nation is not a democracy and never has been. Originally, our nation was a democratic republic. Now our nation is a plutarchy. Throughout history all republics have fallen into tyranny, despotism, and other forms of oppressive governments. The longest lasting republic managed to survive 250 years before falling into a dictatorship. The United States is roughly 234 years old depending upon when you start the counter. 1776 is the birth of our nation but the 1780’s were when our government was created. Our “elected” officials have forgotten some very important and essential parts of their job description. “For the People, by the People.” They work for us. The People have forgotten something very important in their job description, something the founding fathers knew we’d need and made sure it was there for us; “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” Pay close attention to the last part of that. We are charged with the duty of ensuring our government does its job and, should it fail to do so, we are responsible for “repairing” the government.

    Ron Paul has sparked a revolutionary concept in the hearts and minds of the People. He is the perfect man to continue to lead this movement. While I doubt that he would be able to fix any of the damage done to this nation, he would be able to put us on the right track and give us a good start. The first step when fixing a broken damn is to stop any new leaks from starting before you try to fix the ones that are already leaking. Ron Paul is the man to stop the new leaks from starting and slow the current leaks. The biggest step in the right direction would be the abolishing of the Federal Reserve and the return to a gold standard or some similar valuable and stable commodity.

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  24. Scott

    This is a ludicrous statement to make for support of socialist, totalitarian state control of a people. You try to compare a totally lawless state with a corrupt, abusive, murderous totalitarianism form of control to replace it? Who benefits, the ones that aren’t starved, imprisoned, mutilated, or murdered? Who’s left to really benefit? Sounds as a very glorious and enlightened alternative to individual freedom of one’s being; the most important natural law throughout human history.

    Did the Chinese destroy themselves, or any other non-democratic nation for that matter, before being completely and abusively ruled? You should ‘educate’ yourself of where this destruction originates before, you say, democracy or totalitarian rule provides the peace, happiness, and sanctity of life for the masses. It has always been the groups in control that have the ability and wield the power to control other peoples lives. Whether it is ruthless, bloodthirsty tribe rulers or so-called modernistic, progressive forms of humanistic state control.

    And what is this hallowed, delusional love affair we have with the word ‘democracy’? As though it embraces the very definitive definition of freedom itself. You certainly give the impression that it is the ultimate achievement of the state, but only first if the people are educated in the proper studies. And what are these areas of education deemed necessary to enlighten the ignorant majority of these backward, primitive states? It is obvious you are equally ignorant in its definition and impact throughout history, especially of its destructiveness. Demagogues, corruption, coercion, violence, and the destruction of the rights of the minority have have been the results of unbridled democracy. The ‘educational system’ is a major problem all nations face, ESPECIALLY in totalitarian, or would-be totalitarian states like the way the U.S is rapidly progressing. America has a state-controlled education system and a revisionist form of history and an appalling education in reality economics. Do you really think yourself, or the mass of Americans, are being properly educated toward democracy and self-rule as you define it? Or are we, day by day, year by year,continually losing our individual freedoms and devolving ever more rapidly into a progressively more totalitarian state? Common sense is one’s level of rational reasoning and is influenced strongly by education, but education is a double-edge sword that can be done constructively or destructively for the human mind.

    And this goes to the heart of the educational question. You say these poor, stupid countries do not have the education to rule themselves or to have a peaceful, social interaction with each other. Of course education is crucial but the question begs WHO is doing the educating and WHAT is it they are educating ….closet to the facts and truth or some form of revisionist, propagandist, brain-washing? America’s Department of Education espouses the latter and we have an appalling state of affairs with our education system that has rapidly declined because of government control, regulation, and mandates. Particularly, the American people are softened up by their government education and are being mass brainwashed to have the ‘correct’ established opinions, particularly, in regards to government, economics, banking, and current social issues. This American ‘DE-educated’ majority believe the propagandist rectitude, necessity, and correctness of their government’s every whim of legislative fancy without even looking at the simple destructive economic and financial havoc that government policies and regulations have had in sowing the seeds of EVERY government proclaimed ‘panic’ and ‘crisis’ we have faced in the last 100 years. And allowed to continue with this rogue administration we can be assured of more and much worse of the same.

    Unfortunately, Robert, you sound eerily like the propraganda that the ruling elite would give to justify their oppression of others. How do you judge the educational level and the peaceful or violent nature of every individual of these countries. Of course, you wish to subject all to oppression for the betterment of the collectivist whole. Their are thousands of well-educated Chinese, for example, that see through their propandist education and desire true freedom but are even more brutally oppressed because of their non-conformist beliefs.

    Your statement, ….”the only way you will put a democracy in place that will work is by slowly moving the rigid controls out AFTER pushing an education system that puts them on par with the average person in a free democratic society”…., is also utopian with no reality of application. How many countries throughout history evolve peaceably and commit internal suicide to the betterment of the people as a whole? The West has always used and continues to use the reason to do business with China, for example, that they would see the benefits of ‘democracy’ and capitalism and change their ways. But the results we have seen do not convey this and the communist Chinese weren’t so stupid and so easy to give up their control, power, and lucrative positions to capitalism. They have enjoyed the fruits of economic power made possible via our technology and our commercial and consumer demand, but they continue to oppress their people even more … physically, and particularly, psychologically. And glasnost and perestroika has not been the freedom revolution for the Russian peoples or changed the power or political structure to any large extent. Russia is still a totalitarian state in essence. Again, who, and what kind of education, and in what areas of study will bring about this progressive change for a people toward democracy who, at present, still need to be ruled by government as you state? And do you believe that the ruling government is simply going to benignly allow this to progress; let alone trust them to influence and provide such needed education? A whimsical fantasy at best in my opinion.

    Celibraty status should not hold any more political legitimacy over another’s opinion than coming from anyone else who is less popular. What is Jackie Chan’s education in the areas of freedom, governments, and economics? And what is his political philopsophy? Maybe he is just apologetic to China and self serving because I am sure his popular status has been measurably increased in China amongst the ruling elite. This will undoubtedly bring Jackie much more publicity and financial reward from China itself. In reality, he has sold out the hopes and beliefs of those millions of Chinese people wanting freedom and prosperity for themselves rather than their ‘sacrifice’ of their physical and economic resources for some nebulous personal security the regime provides.

    You say you support RP but I seriously doubt whether you understand what he stands for. The principles he states and stands for are not just for the privileged, properly educated few of freedom-loving, social-interacting Americans, or their counterparts of other ‘modern-states’ , but is the basis of human rights and are the basic natural rights for ALL people and they do not simply exist because they are handed down and regulated by some bureaucrat whom the masses delusionally follow thinking have the right of intellect and fairness to rule over them.

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    1. Scott

      Sorry, for the above reply being in the wrong place.

      This was in response to Robert’s July 2nd comment below for justified, country specific totalitarian rule as a necessity for primitively cultured, uneducated populations. The last point on uneducated would make a case for our own country; and, alas, we all can see that this country is rapidly headed in that direction because of this deliberate propagandized ‘de-education’ of our youth…..and adults!

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  25. JustaPatriot38

    Well, AJ, spoken like a true bilge drinking Obama patriot. I didn’t feel like taking up the bandwidth to go into every president that has screwed this country. That would go back further than I’ve been alive, and that’s quite a while. The real push began back in 1954 when the Bilderberg Group got its start, but I’m not going there at this time, you can Google them if you wish. As for G. Bush, he is almost as bad a fiscal socialist as Obama, and I never said he was any good. And yes, I would like to clear the Congress out completely and start over. So would a lot of other citizens of this country. But to get my meaning, you might go back to my original post and re-read it a bit more carefully. Have a nice Independence Day!

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  26. AJ

    Hi JP,

    As an independent and true patriot, I find your one-sided criticism of Obama naive and typical of duped “US Citizens”. Ultimately, Is George Bush any different than Barack Obama?? You know what’s identical about them? They spend our money. All of it, and then keep on spending.

    I’m not disagreeing with you about Obama, but please include all the presidents that left a worse economic mess than when they entered office. The beauty of candidates like RP is that they educate us to how D&R are all the same, and in cahoots with each other. So when you bang one side of the trash can lid, don’t forget to turn it over and bang it again.

    Did you notice how we now need 60 votes to enact majority rule. Combined with the filibuster, the Democrats AND Republicans have locked down congressional change for the foreseeable future – unless you plan on replacing all the career immoralists in congress and coming up with 60 independent senators.

    You’re worried about a couple of trillion dollars here and there? Do you know what the real debt of the US is? Including all our liabilities – Social Security, Veterans benefits, IOUs, etc??? Try around 100 TRILLION. Gee, where’d all the money get spent? Well, the democrats spent some, and then the republicans out did them, and then the democrats did them one better, and the republicans upped the ante, and this might come as a shocker – but George Bush has them all beat by a mile, but before you blow your stack, Obama is quickly catching up.

    Speaking of 100 TRILLION dollars, guess where the majority of it went. Ironically and literally, up in smoke. Billowing from the ground of every country we’ve attacked in the last 50 years.

    I’m assuming you’re for small government AND small military. If so, then you’re a real patriot.

    Happy 4th!

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    1. Jared Price

      The American public stands on the precipice, forced to the edge by a massive number of factors that only few could ever have predicted. Although they’re hard to quantify, there have been changes. Heads are starting to turn, detecting something different in the philosophical landscape. Political forces are pulling the masses in contending directions, as U.S. leaders seek to quell the rising fear of a nation. Even in the midst of an economic downturn of massive implication, those at the reins have consistently sought to misleadingly reassure the wary multitude that all is indeed A-Okay. Just a couple weeks ago, Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, confirmed that our economy is indeed back on track (Silverstein, 2010). While the U.S. was at the height of its commitment in Iraq, brazen denial of its own shortcomings in the decision-making process characterized the military involvement there (Starr, 2006). This lack of forthrightness about the U.S. invasion of Iraq has endured and influenced Alan Greenspan (2008), former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, to comment in his recent memoir, “I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil” (p. 463).
      Here at home, government expanded. Failure of the current administration to repeal the Patriot Act and fruitless pursuit of the ‘War on Drugs’ are a couple harsh reminders. Each and every citizen of the United States must ask him or herself whether or not the political system in the United States is broken. The refusal to admit the ineffectiveness of and, at times, detriment brought about by this nation’s own assumptions, inability to, or rejection of, reform, has compounded the domestic and international suffering brought about by initial shortcomings and misjudgments. Like an addict, this nation must admit a problem, before it can even begin to redress it.

      There is a revolution in the United States of America, a peaceful uprising that has brought about renewed interest in the ideals upon which this great nation was founded, principles that still ring true for a popular movement seeking to change the ideological landscape of American politics. The participants in this resurgence, a renaissance of conservative ideology, go by many names, the most recognized organization of which is the ‘Tea Party’. Its members come from all backgrounds and take offense to broad-brush claims about their party affiliation (Von Drehle, Newton-Small, Jewler, O’Leary, Yan, and Malloy, 2010, p. 3). Members of this revolt swear loyalty to no single, rigid platform, only agreeing on a few, crucial issues. Our problem is about money. The flawed monetary system is at the root of the problem, by extension inflicting the domestic and international spheres of U.S. politics. There exists in the United States an expanding, optimistic, perception that the looming, economic collapse can still be prevented.
      The economic woes are irrefutably the major impetus behind the recent surge in political involvement, as represented by the grassroots Tea Party campaigns (Von Drehle et al., 2010, p. 1). Within the movement, this anguish is largely viewed as a result of the ill-advised and reckless monetary management policies of the Federal Reserve (Paul, 2009). Under Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve has increased the money supply by trillions, the exact amount being unknown, since the Federal Reserve stopped publishing M3 statistics in 2006 (Schiff and Downes, 2009, p. 105). National Debt has reached more than $14 trillion, and according to Williamson (2010), “If governments did follow normal accounting practices, taking account of future liabilities today instead of pretending they don’t exist…[we'd] call it $130 trillion or so” (p. 29-30). All of this is occurring at a time when the nation is suffering from an unemployment rate of 9.7% nationally (Department of Labor, 2010).
      The U.S. government’s overwhelming control of the market has become more of a threat to the average American than terrorism. Our economy is witnessing a climate in which every market failure becomes a pretext for increased government trespass. While many economists perceive the current market failures as a result of irresponsibility and runaway greed on the part of businesses, many times it is a by-product of the misinterpreted signals that superficially low interest rates, like those presented by the Federal Reserve, indicate to the market (Mises, 1963, p.257; Schiff and Downes, 2009, p. 112). When these commercial ‘too big to fail’ monsters are subsidized by the government, it only perpetuates the cycle of government and corporate complicity that led to the problem in the first place. In his book End the Fed, Dr. Paul (2009) blames GSEs (government sponsored enterprises) like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for the insurance market crash (p. 137). It was the government subsidization and promise of rescue which discouraged a traditional, guarded, long-term, fiscal policy that organizations who don’t have an inexhaustible source of funding must assume. In the aftermath of the bursting insurance bubble, the government took the incentive to expand its holdings throughout the economic sector, bailing out banks, insurance companies, and the automobile industry alike, to the tune of more than 5 trillion dollars (U.S. Debt Clock, n.d.). All of this economic turmoil may seem distant, not worthy of concern, but what many people in the U.S. don’t understand is that the savings in their bank accounts is being devalued with every Federal Reserve note that is printed (Schiff and Downes, 2009, p.1). The economic path plotted by the U.S. cannot and will not persist indefinitely; our model is simply not viable. Millions have already been affected to some degree, and very few will emerge unscathed if the U.S. persists on pursuing this ruinous course.
      The American foreign policy is a logical extension, a mirror image of the bloated, ill-advised economic policy just outlined. With defense spending that has doubled since 9/11, our own Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, asked, “Does the number of warships we have and are building really put America at risk when the U.S. battle fleet is larger than the next 13 navies combined, 11 of which belong to allies and partners?” he asked. “Is it a dire threat that by 2020, the United States will have only 20 times more advanced stealth fighters than China” (“Our view on defense,” 2010). If the U.S. was unsafe prior to 9/11, it only stands to reason that the “bull in a china shop” approach to its involvement in the Middle East has only created more resentment. The global war on terror, including operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, had cost the U.S. taxpayer, including unrevised appropriations for fiscal year 2010, roughly $944 billion (Belasco, 2009). Moreover the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as reported by the Washington Post, have cost the U.S. the lives of 5,492 service members (“Faces of the Fallen,” 2010). Even on the off-chance that everything the international coalition, which really means the United States, is trying to do in the Middle East is motivated by philanthropy and a desire to spread democracy, it doesn’t change the fact that we can’t afford it. Congressman Ron Paul (2008) points out that it’s now costing the United States a trillion dollars a year to fund its global empire (p. 36). That was two years ago. Does that statistic even hold true today? Regardless, a trillion dollars in the defense industry contributes nothing to our national progress, only our ability to conduct war. There has to be another way.

      An infinite flow of cash allows for an infinite expansion of the federal government, slowly encroaching on our freedoms, legislating behavior, protecting us from ourselves. At home, Americans fail to realize that purportedly temporary measures to protect the layman from “terrorism” are becoming permanent fixtures in the American lifestyle. President Obama, of all people, extended the provisions of the Patriot Act that were set to expire earlier this year (Doherty, 2010, p. 8). This onerous, 342-page piece of legislation allows, in Section 505, Miscellaneous National Security Authorities, government access to telephone toll and transactional, educational, and financial records, as well as consumer reports, without providing a warrant or demonstrating probable cause (U.S. Congress, 2001, p. 246-250). In this flamboyant, judicial invasion of privacy, there is also a provision which forbids the individual investigated from ever speaking about the transfer of information. Every American is erroneously asked to believe that these regulations are his only safeguard against large-scale, domestic, terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslim extremists, at a time when someone of Middle Eastern descent can hardly board an airplane without raising the suspicion of every passenger. This thought-process mocks the American public, painting them as impotent, apathetic idiots.
      So what’s to be done? For a start, the Congress needs to reform the monetary process. That means at the very least auditing the Federal Reserve, so the tax-payer can know what he or she is being signed on to pay for over the next century or more. The call for a dissolution or complete restructuring of the Federal Reserve has been entertained by members from both sides of the aisle. A bill calling for audit of the Federal Reserve has enjoyed support, as well (Barkley and Crittenden, 2010). An ever-increasing number of Ron Paul supporters believe that a return to a commodity-backed currency is the only true solution for our economic floundering. Suspending any unplanned increase in the monetary supply would go a long way toward persuading the powers that be to implement real reforms.

      It is Congress that has reneged on its obligation to ensure the integrity of the currency, and Congress must rectify this by asserting its right to provide oversight. In order to survive, the federal government must rethink its role. In an era of wanton entitlement, the American public must learn to rely on its own ingenuity, restating the innovation that this land of opportunity was once famous for. As altruistic and attractive as many government welfare schemes may seem to be, they represent a burden that the American economy is in no position to shoulder. It is this dreary understanding of their future that has inspired so many Americans to take up the cry of “End the Fed” (Paul, 2009, p. 4). If the gargantuan, financial network of corporate-government collaboration can be halted, by audit, reform, or dissolution of the Federal Reserve, the resulting government misadventures can also be brought to a standstill.


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  27. JustaPatriot38

    It has been an interesting read down through these comments. I would like to commend you all for some rather intelligent commentary for a change.

    I think you are overlooking a thing or two, however. Ron Paul would be a good choice, but he can’t now, nor will he be able to in the future, “fix” the massive mess that former presidents have unleashed upon this country by himself.

    One of the first things we must do is purge the Congress of all the miserable milksops that reside there as “career politicians” and replace them with honest and intelligent people who believe in the Constitution of the United States. They must be able to read and understand it, in English, and then be willing and committed to abide by it. We also need to have term limits and salaries commiserate with performance.

    I am not sure we can do anything about the Judicial for a long time, but a good many of them, not all, are the best Justices that money can buy. This is also true in the Inferior Courts as well as State and Local courts. In the SCOTUS group, due to the lifetime appointments, it sometimes takes generations to make a change. Their job is to review and decide if a case is within the Constitutional boundaries or not, not to promote their philosophies or agendas nor legislate from the bench.

    A small point I would like to make is that we need to be more united than we are. Due to the political correctness and the diversity programs we have been suckered into in the educational system and the media, by the progressive Alinskyist Democrats is very divisive to the country. All the hyphenated titles such as Mexican-American and African-American tend to set people apart and tells me that they are ‘something’-first and American second, which hinders proper allegiance to this country. It just keeps everything stirred up all the time. I am a United States Citizen before I am an American. Being an American is a good thing, but every legal citizen of every state or province of the North American and South American continents is an “American” including trash like Hugo Chavez. I would prefer to be referred to as a United States Citizen, which leaves no doubt that I am a Patriot with an allegiance to this country and our flag. If you don’t subscribe to this feeling, you just aren’t a real citizen of the USA.

    At any rate, what we need to do is get started in rebuilding Congress in 2010. If we succeed with this cleanup, then we can worry about getting our Virtual President the hell out of office. Hopefully, we can get this done in time to keep the country from being completely bankrupt by this madman that has used his Alinsky training to infiltrate and take over the highest office in our land. BO is well beyond his level of incompetence, and is a narcissist living out his dream, but it is turning into our nightmare. Who in their right mind, with a smattering of management skill, would send a lawyer to the Gulf to plug up a hole? Fix the problem and then worry about whose fault it is! He is a real Weapon Of Mass Distraction with his blunderbuss approach to problem solving and presenting large numbers of hot-button entitlement programs to keep the public from focusing on what he is really doing to this country; changing us to pure socialism. Remember, we are a Republic, not a Democracy. Democracy never appears in the Constitution since our Founding Fathers, white elitists or not, considered democracy to be a very dangerous path. I believe they were correct.

    Don’t vote for incumbents who are career politicians, and study the candidates VERY carefully. Be very wary of electing lawyers, preachers, or career politicians; many have agendas that are more personal than they should be. Require IDs to vote as well as run for office to ensure voters and candidates are really eligible to vote or run. We certainly screwed up last time. Ballots should only be in English, since a legal immigrant is supposed to have learned English. Then vote for the one you feel is best suited for the office. Vote with your head, not with your heart; the heart has no brain.

    It will take a miracle and a great, great effort to overcome the number in the sea of fools who voted BO in, and if he, and Congress, grant amnesty to eleven million illegals, who will certainly vote for the party that GIVES them the most in benefits, this country is doomed. The government cannot give anything away that has not first been taken from a taxpayer, or borrowed from a foreign country that the taxpayer has to eventually pay for! This country should put itself first, not last, instead of being the golden tit for the world.

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    Ron Paul should renounce his allegiance to the two ruling political parties because the majority of these lawmakers are little more than unprincipled lackeys for narrow (ruling) interests (AIPAC). Indeed, unless and until we people can find and persuade ‘America First’ loyalists to run for and win the presidency, this country is going to continue its downward spiral on the domestic and world scene. Terrorism will continue to evolve and the brave old men who survived the Israeli assault on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5), June 8, 1967 will continue to be emasculated and rebuked when calling for a congressional hearing of their grievances by the current crop of milksops in congress. There’s little doubt that a vote for Ron Paul would be a vote to return control of government to the people, but realistically, this is well-nigh impossible! You see, the ideological editing and censorship of news by narrow (Jewish) interests in this country for last sixty-five years has changed our personality and core beliefs. Most of us are no longer who we think we are. In simple terms we’ve become victimized (brainwashed) by the most sophisticated indoctrination techniques known to man. This systematic attack on our thought processes has enabled this group of ideologues to have it their way when it comes to whom we elect to public office and to war and peace. Indeed, I am convinced that this nation is dangerously close to insolvency and obscurity unless we can get an American Jew with the integrity, grit and affection FOR JUSTICE AND TRUTH like Judge Judy “don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining” Sheindlin to run for and win the presidency. There simply is NOT enough mettle (character, loyalty and resolve) in the hearts of celebrated white Anglo-Saxons now in congress to bring about change!

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