Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

This poll is now closed. It was open from June 9 to July 10. The results are as follows:

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (94%, 17,724 Votes)
  • No. (3%, 640 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (1%, 191 Votes)
  • It depends. (explain below) (2%, 327 Votes)

Total Voters: 18,882

  • Ryan

    Looks good!
    Ron Paul’s numbers are getting better!
    The last poll, in February, had 92% yes, 4% No, 2% Don’t Know, and 2% Depends.
    … So the “No” category has dropped from 4% to 3%, good news, and the “Yes” category has increased from 92% to 95%, great news, and the “Don’t Know” and “Depends” groups seem to be making up their mind in favor of Ron Paul. 🙂

    Just win, baby!

    Ron Paul in 2012!


  • SoldierofVerity

    As much as I would love to have Ron Paul elected in 2012, the man IS 76 years old (though he looks to be in great shape, but the media can work wonders on-screen).

    Are we sure that he could handle all of the pressure’s that acompany a presidency at his age, especially one of this magnitude? He would likely have many enemies to fight there. Food for thought…

  • Bob Vondruska

    Our nation needs Ron Paul in 2012. As a supporter of Dr. Paul’s campaign in 2008, I had the priviledge to be part of something that I thought I would never see in my lifetime; the start of a new Revolution, and the framework for a return to a Constitutional government that would make the Founders proud.

    We need Dr. Paul more than ever to lead this nation out of the mess created by years of bad decisions by less than stellar leaders. We need Ron Paul in 2012!!

  • McCoy

    We need Ron Paul. His ideas on the Federal Reserve, immigration, foreign intervention, our borders, the military and states rights seem radical to some. I think they seem radical because the political views of those in power have moved away from the principles of the Founding Fathers. I believe the Founding Fathers would think our current government is radical.

    In the past, I looked at those who talked about a global government and conspiracies as alarmist and just plain weird. The more I read and observe, the more I believe that special interest groups are unduly influencing the government, if not directing it to some extent. These special interest groups are not out to preserve the country and the culture of the Founding Fathers. When I say special interest groups, I am not referring to the lobbyist for a specific industry. I am referring to the influence from powerful, wealthy, groups that are promoting a global government and culture change that is sometimes referred to as a “new world order”. Two books that changed my thinking and opened my eyes are the Culture of Critique and The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. We need to stop this march to the NWO and return to the “Old World Order” and Ron Paul is the person to do it. There are those that are qualified to lead that share his (and my) philosophy, but few, if any, have Dr. Paul’s respect and recognition. He is our best hope. He may be our only hope.

  • Dion Makris

    There is no one better suited than Ron Paul to lead our country out of the mess that the last administration created and this one is perpetuating. Tough economic decisions need to be made to save our country’s future. The Republicans always rely on phony patriotism and social issues for their voting base. We need a sensible Libertarian/Conservative who values the rights of all citizens and puts our country’s economic stability as a top priority. Hopefully, there are sufficient sensible republicans to carry the primary, the national election should be much easier.

  • Woopa
  • Steven U. Leitner

    Last time you ran I gave you $5,000 and that money was wasted on a totally incompetent campaign. The idea of a campaign for President is to get elected, not to make a lot of foolish statements and alienate potential financiers and voters (e.g. negative opinions about the State of Israel!). When you get elected then you can make decisions that are good for the Country and good for the citizens. When you run for public office you need competent planners and psychologists and pollsters. KEEP TO THE OPINIONS OF THE MAJORITY, because they are the people who have to elect you.

    • Jeff B.

      Isn’t there a contribution limit of $2,400?

      • glen


  • craig

    Ron, please run and win,our country need your ideal’s and guidance you have stood the test of time and seen much others have missed. Our country is in a crisis, needing a mam with strong values for the american people and it land. I will stan up and VOTE. RON Paul you have my vote.

  • Ray T.

    I believe Ron Paul should not run for President simply because he would never get anything done in Washington. He would run into so much opposition from both the democrats and republicans that his time in office would be a complete waste. Can you imagine the democrats agreeing to abolish the income tax? Or the republicans agreeing to a non-interventionist foreign policy? As unfortunate as it may sound, things are only going to get worse in this country with the politicians that we have, and will continue to have, as long as the majority remains uninformed, ignorant, and demands one entitlement after another.

    If there were more people like Ron Paul in both houses, then maybe we would have a chance at a better, more hopeful future.

    • Brett

      Thats like saying you should never vote for third part. Comments and thoughts like this destroys the chance of a third party ever winning.

  • Tina

    I think he should run but right in the beginning have a strong vice president pick announced such as Michelle Bachmann or Judge Napalatano.

  • If and only if this rising “people’s peaceful rEVOLution” increases and matures its own strength each year, and right now I am very encouraged, my fear is that – like when Ronald Reagan was elected in the wake of CAOS agent Carter’s treasonous damage – so many of our current “conservative” activists will simply disengage from the many battles that will lye ahead – especially when a good person wins the Presidency in 2012. Those of us who remained and continued to sound the alarm bells were derided and marginalized by the ignorant and duped within that day’s DemoPublican machines. When Reagan chose H.W. for VP, I knew the Reagan revolution would NOT be the revolution we had hoped for. CFR/TC members must be kept out if there is to be a true people’s revolution.

    My point? The Democrat Party and the Republican Party need to be invaded by today’s “Tea Party” activists. There are ample numbers to do this and it has already begun within the GOP. We all know that there are “bumbs” running both parties. If that is not corrected I smell continued trouble in making the needed progress down the road.

    I have looked carefully at this. Consider that if just one (1) solidly patriotic person per precinct attended the GOP state convention in say North Carolina, there would be 2,700 patriots sitting in delegate seats. In 2008 there were only 750 total delegates including us Ron Paul supporters (125).

    We must continue to raise civic involvement within today’s machines rather than be divided by creating third parties. If we do not, they will continue to betray and defeat in the primaries those who seek real reform. The elite we so roundly condemn and criticize are heavily invested in maintaining control of both political parties. We need to take that ground as well as Congress and the Senate.

    God bless you, Ron Paul, America and freedom for all people who will fight for it.

    • B.D.Harper

      Yes, I want the Trilateral Commission out of legislative power.

  • I just got Ron Paul this year seeing him at CPAC. Should he run, it’s his call>He has put in so much, someone needs to pick up the ball and run for him. His contribution will never be overstated, thank god for Ron Paul.


  • pam

    Once you know the truth
    you can never go back…

    Ron Paul for President
    America’s Patriot!

  • Bill Pierce

    Although I like Ron Paul and agree with him on the majority of issues, I don’t think he is electable at this point in time. We need more people in both houses of Congress who believe in and will fight to protect our constitution. Election of more people with those beliefs in the mid-term elections would be an indicator that Ron Paul’s elect-ability in 2012 would have gotten a nice boost.

    I’m a firm believer in our Constitution and abhor what is happening to it and our freedom. Our Constitution is NOT a living, breathing document as the Statists would have us believe. The wisdom of our founders in their crafting of that document is mind boggling. Thomas Jefferson was an important part of that process. I’m reminded of JFK’s remark re Jefferson – something to the effect that “the greatest gathering of brain power at a dinner in the Whitehouse was when Jefferson dined alone”. (Not a literal quote – just a paraphrasing.)

    My current favorite conservative I believe has shown the spine and belief system we need is Congressman Paul Ryan. Also, a dark horse who recently started raising my eyebrows is Governor Chris Christie of NJ. I really like that guy – but….. is he electable? Too early to tell.

    I would like to see Ron Paul make a run for the Republican nomination in spite of my personal doubts about his elect-ability. We desperately need most of the reforms he advocates, and I have NO doubts re his spine!

    • B.D.Harper

      Ron Paul is electable.
      I’m voting for him, and I know many who will, if he runs.

  • Jeff

    Pamela Esther Golightly Marshall, you are a whacko. Find another site to peddle this religious nonsense. We were talking about Dr. Paul and American politics. Unless Yahweh votes in the U.S. from Australia, I don’t really give a sh*t, got it?

  • Oscar DeGrouch

    Though I’d love to see him as Prez, it seems unlikely in 2012. However, has anyone considered the real possibility of a Republican House majority occurring this November? I think it would be more realistic, and possibly more influential, to have Ron Paul as House Majority Leader, or better yet, Speaker?

    Think about it… the Republican party at this point would have to be stupid not to vote Paul as either if he were a choice. Not voting for Ron Paul would tell America that the Republican Party chooses to remain entrenched in establishment politics and isn’t truly concerned with liberty and fiscal responsibility.

  • Quincy

    If Ron Paul runs for president, I hope Peter Schiff, or David Walker would be his running mate. This would put all principles, and responsibility back to Washington. I have voted for Ron Paul, and I hope, and pray he will run for president. I do not think there ever be a good leader for this country ever again.

  • Fallon T Gordon MD

    We’ve had war during most of the 20th century and now into the 21st century. It is costly in lives and families and money. It is primarily for the monetary benefit of the progressives, including the federal Reserve. They want us to fight wars continuously, to their benefit. We have not declared war via the congress, as required by our Constitution, since WW2. The Founders of American Federal Constitutional Republican government asked us to stay out of wars and the affairs of foreigners. I say lets return to our Constitutional government. Ron Paul can lead us back to Constitutional government, real money [Gold and silver] and a stable economy. We should stay out of wars for a few years and see if we miss them.

    • JESUS CHRIST/YAHWEH IS IN AUSTRALIA, HE AND THE ELECT KINGS AND QUEENS WHO ARE true Davidic lineaged, and from the Tribe of Judah take over. The 144,000 from the Tribe of Judah, are the Saints, of whom some are chosen to be Kings and Queens, as they have been in the past. There will be no more U.S. Presidents. The various governement’s world leaders will have to step down, plus other changes. The sounding of the 7th. Trumpet of the 7th. Angel has occured. The people who are doing Evil in the world, who are in leadership roles have been warned, that if they disobey Yahweh they will be vaporized, by the Heavenly Spiritual Realm of the Angels. Yahweh has sent his notarized decree to take over the throne of England, to Queen Elizabeth, who is not Davidic lineaged or from the Tribe of Judah. Yahweh’s sites: You Tube @ Michelle Nye;, www.;; condensed Revelations/Prophecy @ [email protected].

      • pam

        Go away …no one wants to hear your dribble.
        God help us all with your babble.

        Ron Paul 2012. This is OUR revolution.

      • B.D.Harper

        I say this is an obvious and offensive farce, and if God disagrees he may strike me down.

        • B.D.Harper

          Looks like I’m still here.

  • Tyler Torres

    I would love if Ron Paul ran, if it wasn’t for his views on war. :/ I believe in supporting the Fight Against Terror.

    • Jeff B.


      “Instead of more free trade with our potential adversaries, we are quick to slap on sanctions that hurt American exports and help to solidify the power of the tyrants, while seriously penalizing innocent civilians in fomenting anti-America hatred.
      “… There is no evidence that this policy serves the interests of world peace. It certainly increases the danger to all Americans as we become the number one target of terrorists.”
      “Conventional war against the United States is out of the question, but acts of terrorism, whether it is the shooting down of a civilian airliner or bombing a New York City building, are almost impossible to prevent in a reasonably open society.”
      November 17, 1999

      Also, in 1978, Ronald Reagan endorsed Ron Paul and campaigned for his re-election to Congress. So, if Reagan can agree with Paul’s foreign policy, why can’t you?

    • B.D.Harper

      You can’t fight terror. Terror is an emotional reaction.
      You can only fight and kill people.
      It was said that “Osama Bin Laden” was responsible for the September 11th, 2001 attack. The only military force that was authorized since that incident have been in pursuit of Osama Bin Laden and his affiliates.
      Eight years later, we have 650,000 dead Iraqis to show for it. These people are not all terrorists. They were not all a threat to us or anyone else. Why did we kill them?

      I don’t like terrorists blowing shit up either, trust me, but this “War on Terror” is a stupid mess. Killing over half a million people does not right the wrongs of Sept. 11th.

  • Rod

    Yes I think Ron Paul would be the best candidate with the least number of establishment around to influence him to make decisions not in favor of the electorate. Sarah Palin on the other hand is just another politician who is of the same mold of all the other liars we have been convinced to elect over the last forty years.