Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

This poll is now closed. It was open from June 9 to July 10. The results are as follows:

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (94%, 17,724 Votes)
  • No. (3%, 640 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (1%, 191 Votes)
  • It depends. (explain below) (2%, 327 Votes)

Total Voters: 18,882

  • Yes, YES, YEESSS! We need a return to the Constitution!

  • gander

    we need to go back to the original constitution and repeal every amendment after the tenth one. reinstitute 3/5, no more women voters, etc. all of you hypocrites who claim to support the constitution and the founders need to stop pretending. you all don’t like the constitution. you’ve all been duped by propaganda.

    this country was founded with the knowledge that democracy is a bad idea and that propertied white males should be the only voters. alas, the founders’ dream died long ago.

    • Tom

      Well, I know that Ron Paul is who we NEED in office because I can smell the fear coming off of you a mile away and that tells me that WE are on the RIGHT track! Ron Paul terrifies the left and rightfully so. If I wanted to destroy the Republic, I’d attack the Constitution as the left is doing. Going back to a strict adherence to the Constitution is exactly what we need and exactly what we will get with Ron Paul.

      REMEMBER NOVEMBER, people!

      • gander

        it seems like all of you guys here think that i am being sarcastic when I say return to the original constitution. I am 100% serious.

  • Mary
  • Ryan Moon

    Yes he should run in 2012, he will win.

  • Yvonne

    Everybody loves Ron Paul.
    Everyone recognizes the name and has something positive to say about him. Everyone.
    The wicked media tries to hypnotize us into thinking he is some sort of outsider that can’t win. It’s ludicrous. Of course he can win and everyone loves him.
    He should absolutely run in 2012!!

  • Brian S

    Ron Paul ABSOLUTELY NEEDS to run for president, this country is going down the pipes FAST, our constitution is being whittled away line by line, we’ve become weak apologists, we elect corporate pitchmen for the big bankers, the FED hijacked our gov in the early 1900’s, our currency is on the verge of collapsing, our property is in danger of being swooped up by the big bankers, our freedoms have gone from being god-given to man-made (socialism), one-world government is on the verge of becoming a reality and our freedoms will be gone before we know it!

    If people like Ron Paul back out and don’t run, it’s akin to throwing in the surrender towel to the real criminals of the world, the big bankers and wall-street.


  • B.D.Harper

    Ron Paul as President of the United States.
    Peter Schiff as Vice President.
    Andrew Napolitano appointed to the Supreme Court.
    Rand Paul as President pro tempore.
    Get the country moving in the right direction.

    • matt

      sorry, but VP and pres pro temp have no actual power, plus peter schiff would be better as treasury secretary or fed chairman (LOL)

      • B.D.Harper

        I would like Schiff as VP because I am assured that he is liberty-minded, so if something were to happen to Ron Paul we would have a solid back up president who wouldn’t bend to special interests or bad economic policy. I don’t doubt that he would be an excellent treasury secretary.
        While president pro tempore is more of a formal position, they do have weight in the senate. It would simply establish to the people, as well as to elected officials, that the liberty message is at the forefront of the political spectrum, as it should be.

        The VP does have power, but only that allotted to them by the President, which could really be anything. For example, Gore didn’t have any power because Clinton despised him, but Cheney was obviously a political force, and he acted as a chief adviser and a consultant for many positions, as well as for the military efforts in Iraq.

  • rastaman

    Make pot legal brah.

    • Cannabis Smoka

      He would legalize it rastaman, because Ron Paul knows the War On Drugs is a complete and utter failure, and also Unconstitutional. Ron Paul Revolution 2012!!!

  • Clay Capps

    ‘Honesty’ is something never spoken in Washington until Ron Paul got a chance to speak. I firmly believe that Ron Paul is the ‘ONLY’ possible candidate to save our Nation. He will need our support & courage to turn this Nation around & give it back to Americans. I intend to ‘Spread-The-Word’ to elect Ron Paul for President of “OUR” United States of America. …………. Good Luck Dr. Paul!

  • IWGJ

    Fred the troll spends a lot of time on different sites being disruptive. It’s his job. Try not to feed the trolls, they will never go away.

    The Libertarian principles that Ron Paul has promoted consistently for decades would provide for an exceptional executive branch of our government. Meanwhile, if the States do not use their tenth amendment rights and disallow Federal intrusion on our sovereignty, Dr. Paul will have nothing to work with when he gets in office in 2012. This means everyone will have to get involved with their local communities and precincts and turn off their TVs. The President’s office can not save us, protect us or take care of us. I think we have proven this point. Just think of what would happen to Ron Paul as President if we do not decentralize the power currently in Washington. We have to support his principles actively on a local level for him to meet our goals.

  • anti palin

    I want Ron Paul but he really does need to stay away from SP, she’s making ALL repulicans look bad. Why is she still around? She had to read notes written on her hands (and she can’t read)…why wasn’t that the end of her career? Ron Paul yes, SP oh hell no! God help us if the far right keeps pushing her, the media messiah ob1 will win again! Get her out of the picture people, she is irrelevant and none to smart.

    • I agree, but…

      I agree with your comment. I lost whatever respect I had for Sarah Palin when she resigned her position as governor. The people elect her and she quits? Why should anyone elect her to ANYthing in the future? But anyway, back to the comment. I think your message would carry more clout if you do a little speel cheekin’ and prufreadin’.

  • Brett(wrote):”Thats like saying you should never vote for third part. Comments and thoughts like this destroys the chance of a third party ever winning.”

    Brett, I appreciate your feelings on the matter, rooted in disgust with the two party system in this country. Been there, done that. The current rising tide should be directed into the current parties who, like third parties, can be infiltrated by anyone claiming to be a republican or democrat or patriot or anything else. If sufficient numbers are brought into the parties at the right time, the strong hold on can be quickly broken and sanity more at hand without going through the huge task of establishing a nationwide, fully certified, third party. Not even the majority of “Republican” Tea Party activists will vote third party. Sadly, many will not engage their own party by becoming delegates and officers.

    If age and experience matter to you, just know that this old coot has been in the trenches for 34 years, since I was 22 years old without a letup. I am excited to see the internet having such great impact. We must keep it open and unregulated. All of you wonderful folks keep “hope” alive for me too!

    • Times’a’changin’ though, my friend. This may very well be the year after your 34 years in the trenches and 22 years unscathed! 2012 may be the year of the THIRD PARTY INDEPENDENTS! But hey! I don’t know! Ross Perot received 1/5 of the votes in 1992! And things are BAAAAAD now! Ron Paul could do it! 32%+ of the nation identify themselves as independents currently. This is expected to increase between 2010 and 2012 because of the Obama Admin.

      In Liberty,


  • Derek Ehrmantraut

    Ron Paul would be the best choice for president. However, he needs to keep Sarah Palin far away from his administration. She would undermine everything he stands for. She is a prettier, less intelligent George W. Bush.

  • Jonathan

    I like the Speaker of the House idea.

    I say Rand Paul should run for President. As a senator (he’s pretty much guaranteed to win) he will have a MUCH BIGGER platform to win the Presidency.

    A member of the house hasn’t won the presidency in a century. But Senators win all the time. Plus Rand Paul doesn’t have the baggage that his father does (as far as 9/11 and right wingers despising him because they were trained to). Rand almost plays the neocons a bit, but when he gets into office you can bet he’ll do a libertarian shake up.

    He’s a bit more practical than his father and Rand would definitely NOT make so many gaffes as his father does.

    But as long as Ron is still out there shaking things up, his followers won’t consider his son. Thus I must reluctantly concede and say Ron Paul 2012!

    I’ll still back him, it’s just the media’ll hit on him harder than ever. Luckily most of his skeletons got aired out last election cycle, so this time around he’ll have less spots to attack and more strength behind him!

    PLUS IF RON RUNS AGAIN, I know a bizillion college friends of mine who were torn between him and Obama. Regretfully many of them voted Obama. This election cycle, ALL of that energy would go towards Paul, as most young people feel obama is a sell-out.

  • Larry Wilson

    Ron Paul is the best choice for anyone who is paying attention to what is happening to this wonderful country. We need to control our borders,stop the deficit spending, return to sound money principles and support the constitution of The United States in its entirety.

  • Pastor:Paul M.Featherstone

    Ron Paul would be a great cannidate for president,but remember
    God is still in controll. Everthing is happening according to His plan.
    I also think Rush Limbaugh,Glen Beck& Shawn Hannidy would be good canidates as well.

    • Machine

      Now there’s a fast way to flush the rest of the middle class down the drain, all while lineing the pockets of the rich white elitist.
      Limbaugh, Beck, Hannidy…White devils, that speak with forked tongue. Vote NO!!!

      • fred the protectionist

        That’s funny, I always considered the Neocons and Libertarians to be the same in policy, bazzpecially when it comes to flushing the middle class down the drain.

        • Not shocking…

          you are utterly confused about a great many things.

        • To: fred the protectionist,
          Hey “Fred” – Q: Do you read… or just post unfounded statements on the net because you can? You either don’t read factual material or maybe you’re just trying to stir up some “action” – like me for instance. Either way, your post serves no purpose and reveals your lack of knowledge.
          To inform your discretion: Neocons and Libertarians have little in common. Libertarian political thought is rooted in real history and thus know that it is American style freedom for individuals that has in fact been responsible for the enlargement of the middle class everywhere it is practiced. Neocons embrace, abide and often expand collectivism which makes middle class expansion difficult at best by taxing their production and reducing the accumulation of wealth.
          When you tax something, you get less of it. As middle class taxes go up, the middle class shrinks. I recommend a reading of Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt. Good day!

        • fred the protectionist

          “Neocons and Libertarians have little in common. ”

          Neocons are former Republicans who adopted Libertarian principles such as free-trade, open borders, globalism, white guilt, Judaism, Islam, Atheism, or paganism.

          “or maybe you’re just trying to stir up some “action””

          Nah, I just flat out hate you guys for tricking me into voting Libertarian/Neocon in the 1990’s. I was first a dittohead, then a Libertarian, now i’m a paleo-Republican (Pat Buchanan type).

          I was young and stupid.

        • That’s funny I always thought that little troll named Fred would’ve given up by now. Because his arguments are weak and sounds Pro-Obama.

        • B.D.Harper

          “Neocons are former Republicans who adopted Libertarian principles such as free-trade, open borders, globalism, white guilt, Judaism, Islam, Atheism, or paganism.”

          1. Neoconservatives aren’t former Republicans, they are current Republicans. Philosophically they share almost nothing with the party, but that doesn’t keep them from being members.

          2. Neoconservatives did not adopt any Libertarian principles. The principles they do share with Libertarians (of which there are very few) they have because they originally had Republican views which are primarily Libertarian in essence, and they didn’t completely stray from the platform. So some Libertarian ideas remained in their platform, while most were changed.

          3. Open borders, globalism, white guilt, Judaism, Islam, Atheism and Paganism are not Libertarian principles. More than half of these things are religions, not principles. Judaism can’t be a “principle.” If you need help with your English there’s a website you can visit (

          4. Free trade is a Libertarian principle, but not in the way it exists right now. Not in the form of NAFTA, either. Libertarians oppose NAFTA because it trifles with our sovereignty. Free trade is supposed to exist unhampered by the government – in other words, the government can’t give tips to some businesses and leave the others out to try, or have the Federal Reserve loan to some businesses or banks and leave out others, or have the government deciding who gets funding for research and what type of research they have to do… There are many other examples of unnecessary, harmful regulation that should not exist in a real free market system.

          5. Libertarians believe in strict border control and no amnesty. This is pretty cut and dry. There’s no way you can say our platform is about open borders. It’s simply untrue. Educate yourself.

          6. Judaism, Islam, Atheism, and Paganism are religious or scientific preferences. They have nothing to do with politics. The only relation Libertarians have to these things is that they believe in complete freedom of religion, so anybody who wants to believe in these things can, as they should be able to. I don’t know what kind of tyrannical world you want to live in where people can’t choose a religion to believe, but I don’t want any part in that as a Libertarian.

          As far as “white guilt” what the hell is that even? Libertarians don’t believe in reparations if that’s what you’re talking about. Otherwise I can’t really connect this to anything political.

      • gander


        whats wrong with rich white elitists?

        they are the ones who wrote the constitution.

        • Hey gander, I think you are onto something! Since it was a bunch of rich white elitists that founded this nation and wrote the Constitution, logic would follow that the Constitution is bad and must be destroyed. When that happens, you will become a slave again, to the state. Don’t forget that it was Democrats that enacted Jim Crow laws and a Republican that freed the blacks in our country. Hummm, Republicans for liberty, Democrats for demigods… which side are you on? Since you hate rich elitists, you seem willing to execute them all! Does that go for rich elitist blacks too? On second thought, you’re just another ignorant racist. Since you offer such great wisdom and insight into the problems ailing America, perhaps you should run for President! You couldn’t do any worse than our present one!

        • gander

          i think that you misunderstood me. i like rich white elitists because i am one.

    • David Aiello

      We are in control of ourselves, pastor. Blindly postulating that we have a predetermined fate driven by a supernatural deity breeds laziness in humanity.

      Faith is a belief in lack of evidence. It is a travesty that the concept has been granted any merit whatsoever in our society. Ever since humans began fearing the inevitable exit from consciousness that we call death, religious dogma has been instilling false hope of afterlife and the existence of an omniscient and omnipotent overseer(s). Thereby, religions breed unproductive members of society who are born into accepting such dogma as fact; severely lacking in intellectual freedom and the capacity for productive scientific inquiry.

      • Citizen

        David Aiello
        You are correct, “we are in control of ourselves” but your woefully discount the spiritual dimension of the human condition.

        We humans are much more than our mere physical and mental condition and you’d be well advised to look beyond you material existence for higher order understanding.

        Our nations founding Fathers (elite white guys) had a deep faith based convictions. In that FAITH they saw fit to create a “more perfect union”.

        OUR RIGHTS COME FROM GOD, not from puny corrupt governments

        One Nation Under God,
        Don’t Forget

        IN GOD WE TRUST!

        • Povlovich

          “Our nations founding Fathers (elite white guys) had a deep faith based convictions.” One, you can’t put together a sentence. Two, that is a complete fabrication. Freedom isn’t about kneeling to an imagined god.

  • IWGJ

    Ron Paul would be great to represent us. But we have to take government back to the State and local precinct level as the Constitution intended in order for Dr. Paul to do any good. Which means everyone needs to get involved with their local community and turn off their televisions. The executive branch is not supposed to save us and take care of us. That kind of behavior is why we are in this position. If you think the Bush Admin. took advantage of 9/11 to enact control with the Patriot Act, wait till you see what the Obama’s Admin does with this oil spill. We will see Cap & Trade legislation that will establish the groundwork for world governance and taxation that will eliminate our Republic. Ron Paul can not repeal Treaty law as President. People have been complacent for too long. There will not be anything for Ron Paul to work with in 2012 if people do not get involved locally. Everyone sat on their ass while the Medico Drug Cartel took over 30% of our economy and, I believe, they will sit on their ass while the government takes over the energy sector. I am more interested to see if people will take back their State rights than I am in Washington. What do you think they will do to Ron Paul if Washington remains disproportionately in power?

    It will probably take a catastrophic natural disaster to motivate people to organize locally. The good news is that by 2012 there is a good probability of natural disaster…the bad news is that by 2012 there is a good probability of natural disaster.

  • Monica Marie Jones

    This country cannot withstand another president who turns out to a be a liar and a fraud. Ron Paul is the ONLY man who is capapble of fixing the problems within this country. Ron Paul is the ONLY man who speaks of the issues that are ACTUALLY important, not like Obama, or other democrats. God, please let this man run for office. Ron Paul is the ONLY man who can turn this country around. God save this country. Ron Paul, please save our country!

    • Machine

      Wait…Is God to save us or Ron Paul!?!? I need to know when I go to vote!!!

      If it is God you put your faith in than it doesn’t matter who runs this country…God will sort it out in the end.

      Me personally I don’t think God is much of a politician!

      • B.D.Harper

        I’m pretty sure he’s just using it as an expression.

        • Machine

          Thanks for clearing that up…I wasn’t sure.

    • Citizen

      I’ve followed Dr Paul since the 1980′, before he ran under the GOP banner.
      But throughout those years, Dr. Paul has consistently spoken the PLAIN TRUTH.
      He met ofter with Ronald Regan and knows that Government is the problem.

      Keep the faith and seek a COALITION of forces, WE Paul supporters need to get him to the top of the GOP ticket. IT CAN HAPPEN

      Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012

  • steve hanisch

    god bless ron paul.i first read about dr.ron paul in “the new american”magazine some years ago.since ron paul believes in the constitution,bill of rights,national sovereignty,and getting america the hell out of the u.n. i back him all the way.when it comes to the constitution ron paul has always been faithful. semper fi ron,from a former marine

  • Chip

    What about Speaker of the House in 2011?