Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

This poll is now closed. It was open from June 9 to July 10. The results are as follows:

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (94%, 17,724 Votes)
  • No. (3%, 640 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (1%, 191 Votes)
  • It depends. (explain below) (2%, 327 Votes)

Total Voters: 18,882

  • Ray Culp

    The question is wrong. Ron Paul should not only run for president in 2012. He should run for president for however long it takes him to become president.


  • Serpent

    America is not Ready for Ron Paul. Dont you know what is going to happen… ?

    • AJ

      We need Ron Paul to run for president so he can teach Americans during the campaign. US Politics is a war of ideas, as well as lies. WE need an injection of antithesis (Alternative Thinking) in our country / mindset. If Obama is impotent to shift the corporate-military machine an inch, what to say of Ron Paul. However, his ideology will fuel a third-party uprising in the US. That’s what will happen. The corruption in congress has grown so parasitic that it is about to kill off its host (us). The only way to fight back against a machine like that is to rebel. AND I DON”T MEAN GUNS! What fools would talk about using guns over a war of corporate wealth. Juveniles. See my posting below – we need to cut off money mongering at the source. STOP paying taxes. Move your money into community banks and credit unions, STOP paying loans (that are mostly interest payments to corporate Banks), STOP using Credit Cards, STOP investing in the Stock Market, STOP thinking you’ll die without maximum profits on your investments. Start living healthy instead of thinking you need better health insurance, STOP your mesmerization in front of the TV, and attend community organizing events where intelligent people are gathering, support Ron Paul, Support the intelligent Tea Party AND oppose the stupid ideas of the Tea Party being injected by pissed off morons. Become EDUCATED so you are not duped, and can teach others…… for starters. Or, just sit back and wait for your Tea Party candidate to to change the face of world corporate power(gag).

      God help us.

  • Yvonne

    This definition of the bilderberg group says it all. It says that liberal leaders and conservative leaders of all the nations have more in common with each other than they do with us.
    ===========The original conference was held at the Hotel de Bilderberg, near Arnhem in The Netherlands, from 29 May to 31 May 1954. It was initiated by several people.
    ………. with the aim of promoting atlanticism – better understanding between the cultures of the United States and Western Europe in order to foster cooperation on political, economic, and defense issues.
    ………………………….[2] The guest list was to be drawn up by inviting two attendees from each nation, one of each to represent conservative and liberal points of view.
    ===========================================================Just picture these world leaers breaking bread together every year.
    Are you a liberal? Has your liberal congressmen ever given you the time of day?:
    Are you a conservative? Does your conservative congressman give a hoot about you?
    Well they hang out with each other and with other world leaders…talking about the economy, defense issues.
    Do they talk to us about the economy?
    If you voted conservative then just remember that your conservative representatives will discuss our money and our currency with liberal leaders of other nations while shutting us out and keeping secrets from us.
    There is no difference between liberal and conservative when it comes to politicians. They are all the same.

  • American Patriot

    He is our only chance to get OUR country back to what it was before

  • Kristofer Wempa

    I would definitely vote for Ron Paul in 2012. After reading both “End The Fed” and “The Revolution”, I’m convinced that he would be a very positive change for this country. One thing that I like especially is his stance on foreign policy. I never realized how wasteful it was for us to have troops in so many countries. I like the idea of reducing this presence and using that money to solve problems we have here at home.

  • Thomas T

    I will vote for Ron Paul (RP) in 2012. This is strange because I am a progressive, Michael-Moore-style liberal. RP has integrity, honor and intelligence. We desperately need that. Our enemy is corruption, not ideology. People with integrity will fight for what’s right, regardless of ideology. For example Obama-idiot-Care. It ignores cutting costs, and keeps for profit incentives to keep people sick. How stupid is that? It is not Right vs Left.

    I hate both Obama & Bush. Their differences are rhetoric, not substance. They both support socialism for bankers, they both support incompetence and irresponsibility, etc.

    There are smart, honorable people on the left side of the political spectrum. Please believe me. WE MUST UNITE IF WE ARE GOING TO WIN. And Ron Paul has a far better chance to win. It is fighting corruption both our sides have in common. Please reach out to the left and unite us all. The left is not your enemy. It is not a team sport. It’s about fighting for the future for ALL Americans.

    • Jake_nonphixion

      +1 Thomas

      The only difference between left liberals and right libertarians if the theory of economics. I too fancied myself a hard leaning left, but you should try and expose yourself to the libertarian theory of economics, Austrian economics. Please go to and read around a bit. It will open your mind to the inherent flaw in all interventionism regardless of altruistic intent. Freedom and liberty are immeasurably powerful agents of progress. Thank you for being open-minded enough to listen to Ron Paul’s message.

  • Michelle McWatters

    AJ hit the nail on the head! I’am still trying to figure out how to get through to people. It seems like, all my friends know America is screwed up but no one wants to sacrafic to change it. What can I do to help them?

    • AJ

      Thanks Michele,

      For starters,
      (1) Get out of debt, however you can. Reduce your cost of living as much as you can. Then, if getting out of debt is no where near, then just do what every senator and representative has taught us since birth – STOP PAYING YOUR LOANS! Drop the keys off. That means living with no credit. You don’t need a credit score if you don’t need a loan. I pulled my money out of the bank, and “stuffed my pillow”. Start using cash, or better yet, start a barter network of people who want to share talents and skills with each other. You pay the banks 3% every time you use your credit card. (And don’t think the merchant is paying it…Duh). (2) Get off the credit addiction. Save up for your next purchase. Don’t buy anything you cant pay cash for. Cash out any IRA you have, and don’t pay the penalty. (2) Start a business for $200. Then run it in the red, like every business does, including the biggest business of all, the FED-GOVT, Inc. Claim everything as an expense. (Ok, for the moralists out there, “Don’t break the law more than any congressman or CEO teaches us to”). (3) Ween yourself off a W2 job and work off the books, like 20 million undocumented workers. (4) Stop filing tax returns (like 20 million undocumented workers). In fact, BECOME an undocumented worker!

      • Povlovich

        why would i want to do that?

        • Yvonne

          Because undocumented workers do not pay any taxes and eligible for entitlement programs.

  • AJ

    Looking For Change In All The Wrong places –

    I’m frustrated, and find myself more so every day. I’ve been waiting for representation like Ron Paul is giving us for 40 years. Unfortunately, one man amongst thieves and wolves in congressional clothing is of no use. It’s the people that must bring the change we are waiting for, and not our government. How many of you who oppose the FED still have money in banks or invested in the stock market? Howe many of you opposed to GMO foods shop in multi-national agri-business food stores, or do you shop at local food markets and farmers markets. How many of you who oppose government spending still pay your taxes? And how many of you opposed to “Big Government” support a “Big Military”?

    When are we going to wake up from our addiction to government, and waiting for the messiah and start taking action? As long as we are at war, THERE WILL BE BIG GOVERNMENT’. Duh.

    Nap time is over. Get Real.

  • Vince Dees

    I like Ron Paul…but I hope he does not run as a third party candidate…we do not need to throw votes to the Democrats….
    perhaps he would be a good VP choice for a mainline candidate….

  • Tech

    Ron Paul is a decent American with plain old common sense and we could use some of that here. Got my vote. Now the truth is the government doesn’t have much power today as the real power lies in who controls the economy and money and credit and that was given to the private FED/IRS scam back in 1913 and since then we have been involved in foreign wars, booms and busts, and played by these loan sharks for fools. They are the old ruling elite in America like the Rockefellers, Mellons, Warburgs, oil banksters and Wall St. tycoons and they are just going to hand over their power because decent people are getting the shaft they view us as peasants to be used, fleeced and controlled. John F. Kennedy tried to end the FED, corporate subsidies to US steel, big oil’s welfare, the CIA idiots and the crazed Generals who wanted to nuke Cuba knowing half our cities would have been turned into glass ashtrays. Now you can talk and try and get concessions but you are dealing with pretty ruthless people who live very nice lives and have all the power. The Rothchilds backed these boys through front banks in Cleveland, Ohio-the robber barons and they’ve been up to no good ever since. That’s who you are dealing with, the shadow government which controls all the money and business in the west. We used to have our own country but I figure that went out after Andrew Jackson who shut them down. He was the hero of the battle of New Orleans against the British and the British burned down our capital-everything in the war of 1812. My family led troops against them back then but we lost in the end I guess.

  • Robert

    Who cares if a soldier is gay or lesbian as long as they can carry their own load and be relied on when in battle? What about the soldiers that are closet cross dressers, or wife beaters, or democrats, or republicans? Where do you draw the line on personality restrictions? As long as they are good soldiers, it really doesn’t matter what their belief systems or sexual orientation might be. The whole gay in the military thing is way over blown and needs to go away.

    Ron showed a progressive mindset in his vote and I think that is what really matters. The whole liberal/conservative and democrat/republican mess needs to be abolished. They have gotten us where we are today and that is not a good place.

  • DallasOrf

    See what happens in November, then determine if there is support from the Republican’s and Tea Party. If you have that – you likely have a win

  • Chuck Downs,Sr.

    I liked most of what Paul represented until he sold out by voting in flavor of QUEERS serving in the Military. That done it for me. Just another LIBERAL .

    • Woopa

      Fred, one of these days i’m going to reach through my computer screen and punch you in the face.

    • Jake_nonphixion

      Actually that would make him a libertarian who doesn’t suppose to tell anyone how to live their lives. You are just as bad as all the other bureaucrats who’s bloated egos cause them to force their sense of right on others. You are an ignorant hate-filled neanderthal who should go back to the lonely cave that spawned you. You are probably just scared that your gay, why else would you care so much?

  • Robert

    I know this is going to sound terrible, but not all countries should be thrust into democracy. Many countries like Iran, China, Russia, and others have people that genuinely need to be controlled by a restrictive government. The general population of countries like that lack the fundamental education and common sense required to make a democracy work. They are a people of knee-jerk reactions that react through passion without ever engaging their brains. Communism and dictatorships rely on masses of uneducated people that are eager to please the all providing masters. The only way you will put a democracy in place that will work is by slowly moving the rigid controls out AFTER pushing an education system that puts them on par with the average person in a free democratic society.

    Jackie Chan recently caught a lot of flak for saying that Chinese people need communist rule because they would go nuts and destroy themselves if they were not controlled. He had to back peddle and save face, but he is correct. The average American does not appreciate how primitive thinking a lot of cultures are on this planet and even in the US…well, until you turn on Jerry Springer, but the point is that some people need control because they do not have the education required to be free.

    I think Ron Paul would be an Excellent choice for president. I think he needs to polish his interview skills, but I think he would be the best choice available in the coming election. People are showing they are ready for a change and Ron can be that change.

    • Scott

      This is a ludicrous statement to make for support of socialist, totalitarian state control of a people. You try to compare a totally lawless state with a corrupt, abusive, murderous totalitarianism form of control to replace it? Who benefits, the ones that aren’t starved, imprisoned, mutilated, or murdered? Who’s left to really benefit? Sounds as a very glorious and enlightened alternative to individual freedom of one’s being; the most important natural law throughout human history.

      Did the Chinese destroy themselves, or any other non-democratic nation for that matter, before being completely and abusively ruled? You should ‘educate’ yourself of where this destruction originates before, you say, democracy or totalitarian rule provides the peace, happiness, and sanctity of life for the masses. It has always been the groups in control that have the ability and wield the power to control other peoples lives. Whether it is ruthless, bloodthirsty tribe rulers or so-called modernistic, progressive forms of humanistic state control.

      And what is this hallowed, delusional love affair we have with the word ‘democracy’? As though it embraces the very definitive definition of freedom itself. You certainly give the impression that it is the ultimate achievement of the state, but only first if the people are educated in the proper studies. And what are these areas of education deemed necessary to enlighten the ignorant majority of these backward, primitive states? It is obvious you are equally ignorant in its definition and impact throughout history, especially of its destructiveness. Demagogues, corruption, coercion, violence, and the destruction of the rights of the minority have have been the results of unbridled democracy. The ‘educational system’ is a major problem all nations face, ESPECIALLY in totalitarian, or would-be totalitarian states like the way the U.S is rapidly progressing. America has a state-controlled education system and a revisionist form of history and an appalling education in reality economics. Do you really think yourself, or the mass of Americans, are being properly educated toward democracy and self-rule as you define it? Or are we, day by day, year by year,continually losing our individual freedoms and devolving ever more rapidly into a progressively more totalitarian state? Common sense is one’s level of rational reasoning and is influenced strongly by education, but education is a double-edge sword that can be done constructively or destructively for the human mind.

      And this goes to the heart of the educational question. You say these poor, stupid countries do not have the education to rule themselves or to have a peaceful, social interaction with each other. Of course education is crucial but the question begs WHO is doing the educating and WHAT is it they are educating ….closet to the facts and truth or some form of revisionist, propagandist, brain-washing? America’s Department of Education espouses the latter and we have an appalling state of affairs with our education system that has rapidly declined because of government control, regulation, and mandates. Particularly, the American people are softened up by their government education and are being mass brainwashed to have the ‘correct’ established opinions, particularly, in regards to government, economics, banking, and current social issues. This American ‘DE-educated’ majority believe the propagandist rectitude, necessity, and correctness of their government’s every whim of legislative fancy without even looking at the simple destructive economic and financial havoc that government policies and regulations have had in sowing the seeds of EVERY government proclaimed ‘panic’ and ‘crisis’ we have faced in the last 100 years. And allowed to continue with this rogue administration we can be assured of more and much worse of the same.

      Unfortunately, Robert, you sound eerily like the propraganda that the ruling elite would give to justify their oppression of others. How do you judge the educational level and the peaceful or violent nature of every individual of these countries. Of course, you wish to subject all to oppression for the betterment of the collectivist whole. Their are thousands of well-educated Chinese, for example, that see through their propandist education and desire true freedom but are even more brutally oppressed because of their non-conformist beliefs.

      Your statement, ….”the only way you will put a democracy in place that will work is by slowly moving the rigid controls out AFTER pushing an education system that puts them on par with the average person in a free democratic society”…., is also utopian with no reality of application. How many countries throughout history evolve peaceably and commit internal suicide to the betterment of the people as a whole? The West has always used and continues to use the reason to do business with China, for example, that they would see the benefits of ‘democracy’ and capitalism and change their ways. But the results we have seen do not convey this and the communist Chinese weren’t so stupid and so easy to give up their control, power, and lucrative positions to capitalism. They have enjoyed the fruits of economic power made possible via our technology and our commercial and consumer demand, but they continue to oppress their people even more … physically, and particularly, psychologically. And glasnost and perestroika has not been the freedom revolution for the Russian peoples or changed the power or political structure to any large extent. Russia is still a totalitarian state in essence. Again, who, and what kind of education, and in what areas of study will bring about this progressive change for a people toward democracy who, at present, still need to be ruled by government as you state? And do you believe that the ruling government is simply going to benignly allow this to progress; let alone trust them to influence and provide such needed education? A whimsical fantasy at best in my opinion.

      Celibraty status should not hold any more political legitimacy over another’s opinion than coming from anyone else who is less popular. What is Jackie Chan’s education in the areas of freedom, governments, and economics? And what is his political philopsophy? Maybe he is just apologetic to China and self serving because I am sure his popular status has been measurably increased in China amongst the ruling elite. This will undoubtedly bring Jackie much more publicity and financial reward from China itself. In reality, he has sold out the hopes and beliefs of those millions of Chinese people wanting freedom and prosperity for themselves rather than their ’sacrifice’ of their physical and economic resources for some nebulous personal security the regime provides.

      You say you support RP but I seriously doubt whether you understand what he stands for. The principles he states and stands for are not just for the privileged, properly educated few of freedom-loving, social-interacting Americans, or their counterparts of other ‘modern-states’ , but is the basis of human rights and are the basic natural rights for ALL people and they do not simply exist because they are handed down and regulated by some bureaucrat whom the masses delusionally follow thinking have the right of intellect and fairness to rule over them.
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  • I am a fan from the Netherlands. Ron Paul is a source of great inspiration to me.
    If he is fit and willing , I love to support him in his choice to run for President again!

  • B.D.Harper

    Now more than ever, he needs to run.
    The country is not being represented.
    If 80% want a full audit of the Federal Reserve, yet a minority of the House votes for this, representative government is failing. We need to vote out the fools who either have no idea what they’re doing, or vote in line with special interests, and we need to vote in a President like Paul, who will not abuse his power and only do what is necessary for the country to prevail.

  • Pliny

    Dr. Paul,
    I greatly admire you and your principled stance on Constitutional issues. I wish the rest of the Congress would follow your lead. However, I have become convinced that our struggle against the Islamist forces in the world is too important for us to scale back our military or discontinue all of our overseas operations. Europe is caught in the grip of a swelling muslim population that threatens to overwhelm their societies. Nations like Pakistan and Turkey are sliding back from modernity to the Dark Ages. America has no problem exporting jeans, rock music, and fast food, but there is one important export that we haven’t been sending to foreign lands; our belief in limited, representative, and constitutional government of separated powers.

    We can and should win the war in Afghanistan by tossing out the U.N. rulebook and using our military power to control the country by force. We can send our special forces to cut off terrorist leaders and cells in the hinterlands of places like Waziristan. We can be forceful to terrorist states like Iran who hate us, not just because we’ve interfered with them, but because they’re tyrants and like all tyrants have an endless appetite to dominate those around them.

    If you choose to run for President again I hope that you will not focus on foreign policy, but instead on domestic policy. Our greatest threat is internal; the burgeoning big government state that sloshes money around to rich and poor alike. The welfare state is destroying the general public on one end with soul crushing, dependency inducing welfare, and corrupting our market on the other end by giving money to big business who deserve to go bankrupt. No amount of military expansion or retrenchment abroad can save this country if we destroy ourselves from within with big government. That is the message that the nation needs to hear. If you run, I’ll vote for you again, but I hope you’ll consider what I’ve said.



    • Cliff

      Freedom is not a good that can be exported; it’s not an idea that can be spread through the barrel of a gun. Freedom is the only political philosophy that cannot be spread through force. The continuing military presence overseas is the greatest threat to our constitution. Offensive force is never justified only rationalized. Freedom also protects the Muslims right to spread their message peaceably, even if you disagree with them. If Muslim population is forcibly acting on Europe then they may forcibly defend, however if the swelling Muslim population is through peaceful means then what is your complaint? The constitution and freedom does not solely protect Christianity. It defends all religions, and if the growing Muslim population is evidence of anything, it is the need for more Christian witness.
      The constitution obligates the government to protect and defend, whether it be against terrorists, tyrants, or armies, no more or no less. And protect and defend only American citizens. Fear of terrorists or any other threat is never justification for aggressive military action and suspension of the constitution.

    • “I have become convinced that our struggle against the Islamist forces in the world is too important for us to scale back our military or discontinue all of our overseas operations”

      ************ISLAM-PHOBIA***********COMPLETE PARANOIA***********
      First you say you admire Ron Paul’s principled stance on Constitutional issues but then you open your mouth with trash about Islam. Doesn’t the constitution of the United State give the freedom to believe any religion you chose to?
      If Europe has more Muslim living there then most likely their religious tolerance is maybe greater then United State. Wouldn’t you think so?

      Here is a few good example of Christian/American/Spanish/African-American who turned to ISLAM. Some of them are well known and admired by most Americans.

      This will be my next research and studies “ISLAM”

      RON PAUL for President 2012.

      • Povlovich

        are you kidding me? every terrorist that attacks our country is a muslim, but we should love islam? i don’t think so.

        • Yvonne

          Povlovich you certainly have a point. I don’t want to embrace a people whose own constitution tells them I am a dog. But I do want our troops to stay the heck out of their land and I want to seal off our borders. Do you agree?

        • Povlovich you wrote – “are you kidding me? every terrorist that attacks our country is a Muslim, but we should love Islam? I don’t think so.”

          Which country attacked us? 911 terrorist were all Saudis and some Egyptian. how come we are in war with them?
          Oh yeh because we already have military bases there or we already installed a corrupt government for them to brutalize their own citizens.

          Just before 2001, How many Muslim country were on some type of sanctions? Did you know that the sanction are prelude for war? What happen when we place sanction on Japan in 40s? WAR – that is what happened. I hate it when history tells me that the Japanese attack was a surprise on Pearl Harbor.

          Just because of children molestation occurred by Catholic church, does that mean we should be in WAR with every Catholic nation?

          I’ve just rented the movie of Malcolm – X who used to be a pimp but when he became Muslim he became the leader but unfortunately a segregationists Muslim. Latter in his life when he took a trip to Mecca for Muslim pilgrimage he saw the unity of every race, color, culture, country, continent – he couldn’t believe how Muslim lived. When came back to United state, He changed his view of being segregated from any religious, ethnic or color populace

          I am going to continue to study more about this religion because It started to become more and more interesting subject to me.
          I believed I’ve been Tunnel Visionized for too long.

          RON PAUL for 2012

  • Ira Gillum

    The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday in its first-ever case involving genetically modified crops. The decision in this case may have a significant impact on both the future of genetically modified foods and government oversight of that and other environmental issues.

    “The big issue here is how much deference should be given to a regulatory agency and its expertise in doing its job versus how much access or deference should be given to the public in having the ability to challenge the agency in court,” he said.

    Doug Gurian-Sherman, who wrote several expert opinions for the earlier cases in lower courts and is a senior scientist at the food and environment programme of the Union of Concerned Scientists, which has also filed an amicus brief, pointed to the need for the type of citizen oversight of the government’s own oversight that is granted by statutes like NEPA.

    “The issue here then becomes how amenable is the Supreme Court going to be in terms of allowing citizens to bring suit against an agency that is not doing its job, and that I think is the gist of what this decision may be,” he added.

    I have not read the legislation but, I’m sure Ron Paul is not confident in the ability of the government to provide meaningful oversight. They have proven regulation only hinders the citizen and promotes Corporatism. We already have regulations in place which should protect us. We need citizen oversight of these monsters.

    • B.D.Harper

      All we need is the free market decision of the consumer to educate themselves as to the nature of the company or product and make a decision. A company that doesn’t disclose information, or is known to make bad decisions regarding their products, will suffer if it is the will of the consumer. Bad companies will be replaced by good companies or they will be forced to evolve as the market demands.

      It’s really very simple.

      I also agree that Ron Paul likely isn’t a cosponsor due to his lack of faith in government’s ability to regulate.

  • calif









    • Scott

      Yes, this would be disappointing coming from a person who believes in total individual liberty.

      However, not co-sponsoring a bill is not the same as saying he would vote against the bill when brought to the floor. Also, what does the bill actually say and are there not other ‘add-ons’ so typical with bills that have nothing to do with the original subject matter of the bill?

      So, let’s not be too rash about passing judgment on Dr. Paul until we hear from him in his own words his position on the issue. The constitutional voting record of Dr. Paul has always been exemplary and to state he is ‘bought and sold’ is off the mark.

    • B.D.Harper

      1. The assumption here is that genetically modified food is bad for you.

      2. Another assumption is that we can feed our entire population without using this and other recently discovered methods of achieving greater crop yield.

      3. People don’t have a “right” to know what is in the product they purchase.
      Your rights are outlined in the Constitution. Go read it.

      4. You do have a ‘right’ however, to not purchase products from companies that do not disclose the nature of their processes and the contents of their products. The market evolves to suit consumers. If you are smart, you will receive better products.

      5. Government oversight, as has been said, does not guarantee safety. I do not want the government doing anything more to protect me, because every time they protect one person they harm another ten people.

  • Rich

    I know there are a number of factors that have helped millions of Americans wake up these last few years, but personally, I believe it mostly had to do with Dr. Paul waking them up during the debates. It wasn’t about “winning” for him in the sense that he thought he could actually become President, he knew the kind of leviathan he was up against. The most important thing to him, was to have that kind of a platform to teach the people from.

    If he were to run for President again, I think he could do that same amount of good, most likely a whole lot more good, considering the economic calamity we are facing. We will be needing someone like him to help us as a country understand where this came from and what to do now that we are in the state we’re in.

    So my answer to the question if he should run again, is absolutely! Let the media laugh, let them ridicule, let them even ban him from certain debates again, he will again reach the people, and I say run Ron, run.