BP, Big Government and Crony Capitalism

Channel: Fox Business
Show: Nightly Scoreboard
Host: David Asman
Date: 06/22/2010


David Asman: White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel made it clear over the weekend that he’s going to try to sell the voters on the idea that Republicans are actually responsible in large part for the oil spill. He even targeted the son of our next guest as one of those who’s in his sights.

Rahm Emanuel: Rand Paul, running for Senate in Kentucky. What did he say? He said the way BP was being treated was un-American. Other members of the Republican leadership have come to the defense of BP and attacked the administration.

David Asman: Joining us now from Washington, the father of Rand Paul, Republican Congressman Ron Paul. Well, there they go again, beating up on your son. How does that make you feel?

Ron Paul: It’s part of politics and people who are insecure have to go and attack somebody else and make up stories. I have no idea what Rand said or what they’re talking about. But that’s the way, I guess, the game is played.

David Asman: The irony, Congressman Paul, is that you and Rand have been very critical of all of the benefits that BP has been getting in their relationship with working with the government, and specifically with the Obama administration.

Ron Paul: Yeah, BP is a big government corporation and they’re in bed with government. We provide a lot of protection for their oil rigs in the Middle East. And, of course, they’re for Cap and Trade.

David Asman: That’s right.

Ron Paul: I think this whole thing about setting up this fund satisfies both the politicians and BP because they’ve agreed to this and this sort of is a PR stunt as far as I’m concerned. BP hah already been making a lot of payments to people who have been injured. My point is…

David Asman: Hold on. Before you go any further let me just ask, because a lot of people would say, “Wait a minute, 20 billion dollar payout, that doesn’t sound like much of a benefit for BP.” How does that benefit BP to have this fund?

Ron Paul: Well, they have to pay, everybody knows that, and I think they know that, too. So they might as well concede to this. But I don’t think BP is being a good example of the free enterprise system. You know, I think that they’re very much in tune with big government, and here the process is sort of suspicious. Under what law have they done this? There’s not even an executive order, not even a congressional approval, and here they’re dealing with 20 billion dollars. I think they should pay 100 billion dollars if there are a 100 billion dollars worth of damage.

David Asman: They should pay… by the way, isn’t there an actual provision in this supplemental bill that they’re trying to push through Congress, a 100 billion dollars, or whatever it is now, to force some of the cleanup that BP should be paying? Aren’t they forcing some of the costs of this on tax payers instead of BP?

Ron Paul: That’s right. And that’s exactly the opposite of what it should be. It should be the corporation that did the damage that should pay for this. So I just don’t like the process; I think they should pay and there are legal ways of doing this. But I’m very suspicious of how this has come about. And this whole idea that somebody defends the rule of law and says that you shouldn’t beat up on a corporation and drive them into bankruptcy, yeah, they should be dealt with in a legal fashion and hopefully they don’t go bankrupt. Fortunately, they are a wealthy company.

So they should pay the bills and I think they’re capable of doing this. But this whole idea that you have to close down all oil wells in the Gulf, and that means it will hurt BP even more plus all the oil companies, plus all the people who now are going to lose their jobs in addition. And this is absurd to say that because Obama issues an order, closes down all the other oil rigs, that they make BP pay for that damage. They have enough to pay for.

David Asman: Well, they do, although again, they are forcing some of that on taxpayers by putting it in the bill because of their cozy relationship with the administration. If Cap and Trade passes, because they’re the largest producer of natural gas in this country, they could benefit many times over what they’re paying out in that 20 billion dollar funds through Cap and Trade, right?

Ron Paul: Oh yeah. And I’ve heard talk, and we don’t know exactly what the tax ramifications will be. Maybe they’ll essentially get all their money off their taxes or something. Maybe they’ll consider this a donation or who knows what. But I suspect there is a lot about the agreement that we don’t know about and probably will never know about. Somebody asked me what did I think about the conversation they might have had. Well, I can’t characterize it, I wasn’t there, I’d like to see the transcript. What do you think the odds are that we’ll get to audit that transcript? I don’t think we will.

David Asman: Probably not. It would probably be easier to get the minutes from the Federal Reserve board, as you well know.

Ron Paul: Yeah, find out what they’re doing.

David Asman: Final, very quick question: next time Rahm Emmanuel starts pointing his fingers at you and your son as being friends of BP, why don’t you just point it right back and say, “You are the guys who were more friendly than we are?”

Ron Paul: Well, I think that’s a perfectly good answer, and that’s one thing that I’ve been fighting against for a long time.

David Asman: You certainly have.

Ron Paul: And I think you essentially agree with me on this that the partnership between big business and big government is not capitalism.

David Asman: That’s right.

That’s crony capitalism or, you know, interventionism of the Keynesian type, which I strongly disapprove of.

David Asman: We do as well. Ron Paul, good to see you, thank you very much for being here.

  • guitarland

    Wow fox news being polite to Dr. Paul…..i guess they finally have to admit he has been correct about everything all along. Rom E just increases Obama’s already off the charts slime factor.

  • BradNC11175

    Ha… Ron and even more Rand Paul have the socialist and neo con progressives at the highest levels running scared and it’s good to see!!! It’s like what happens when one turns on the lights and sees the cock roaches and rats running for their lives.

  • abskebabs

    Fox business disapproves of crony capitalism? That’s news to me!

  • P0LICEstateWATCH

    Man, Rahm just looks like such a scuzzy mafia thug. I can’t imagine that the public ever voted for such a man

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  • anarchylogic

    Thank you Dr. Paul for your time on TV and on YT. Please run again in 2012 so we can try to restore liberty here and get gvt out of the way.

    Best regards.


  • ndfootballch

    go ron paul!!! they love him on FBN!! stuart varney and david asman!!! this is great to see.

  • tomperanteau

    Rahm is the Socialist side of Barry Soetoro’s Whitehouse. He is an ass, but a temporary ass. He will be out when Barry goes.


    They try to lie about the Paul’s…everyone know Rahm is a liar!!! Not much new News there.

  • RebelRouserMC

    Rahm needs to go back to Israel!

  • 1shabuti1

    Why is this Israeli so hight up in power? We should have Americans that served in the US Military and are loyal to the US constitution in such high office. This fella along with his zionist lovers should all go to jail or be deported to Israel the country of their loyalty.

  • 1shabuti1

    To all you Paul bashers.. I challenge you to come up anyone as reputable no nonsense as this man is. Dr. Paul I will follow you anywhere Sir.

  • 02Geezy

    I’m no fan of Rahm but a president needs someone that IS an Insider to get the Movers and Shakers to Move their Asses!!

  • truthfreedom4all

    Ask the little zionist freak Rahm who was paying his rent! BP!

  • highwaysong007

    Rahm should step down voluntarily before EVERY american knows his name.

  • oldwarhorse1865

    I heard BP has been pay for Rohms luxury apt for quite some time now.

  • MooseOfReason

    Salazar should have had his “boot on the neck” of the Minerals Management Service.

  • sdfkjllshadflhadfshl

    The $20B BP gave to Obama is already in the bank account of the SEIU. I bet they start demanding more in a week and no one in the Gulf sees a dime.

  • focus21x

    Pick up Glenn Beck’s phrase “Crime, Inc.”–the Democrats in bed with BP and Soros and the Brazilian oil co. etc. It’s not the Republicans, let alone Rand Paul.

  • Sideshowbobx

    This found is a payment cab for BP on the spill so that they won’t be forced in court to pay for each item of damge.
    Dr. Paul is right on as always!